Lesson Plan
? For Senior Book 1B Title: Unit 13 Healthy eating (warming up &listening)
? Teacher: Wang Linlin ? Course: English
? Textbook: Senior English for China Student’s Book 1B ? Lessen Type: Warming up & Listening ? Class: Grade one students of Guangxi Normal University Affiliated Secondary ? Date: January 11, 2009 ? Teaching aid: Computer ? Analysis of the Textbook
This book not only pays attention to students’ improvement of language knowledge and language skills but also focuses on their cultural awareness, emotion and attitude. Unit 13 is about “healthy eating”: Warming up introduces junk food and healthy food; listening part gives us a dialogue between doctor and patient. It is closely related with students’ daily life, so students can have strong interest in it. The teacher should not only practise and improve the students’ listening and speaking abilities but also enlarge the students’ knowledge about diet and eating habits.
? Analysis of the Students
Students in high school are very sensitive about the surroundings, they have their own opinions and attitudes toward something. The knowledge in the textbook is not enough for them, so the teacher should relate the information in the textbook to their daily life. Therefore, students’ interest and attention can be aroused.
? Teaching Objectives
After learning this lesson, students will be able to: First, distinguish what is junk food and what is healthy food. Give advice and making suggestions by using the sentence pattern they’ve learned. (Knowledge & Skill Objectives) Second, know some common sense about diet and form a healthy eating habit. (Emotion and attitude Objectives) Third, know the different eating habits of people in different countries. (Cultural awareness Objective)
? Teaching Focus and Difficulty

  1. Teaching focus: know the differences between junk food and healthy food and learn how to say in the clinic.
  2. Teaching difficulty: catch the important points in the listening part
? Teaching Methods:
Communicative Teaching Approach: students can acquire knowledge and English by communicating with others. Task-based Teaching Approach: doing things with language.
? Teaching Procedures
Step 1 Warming up
  1. Greet the whole class and talk about Mcdonald’s and KFC (The purpose of this part is to stimulate Ss’ interest and call their attention to the topic.)
  2. Show some food pictures and do pair work discussion: The teacher will show students how to describe the food shown in the pictures, using the pattern “I think that … is junk / healthy food because … “(This pattern will be shown on PPT). Then ask Ss to tell what is healthy food and why these are healthy food while those are junk food. The teacher will give an example first and then ask some pairs to share their opinions.
  3. Individual work: make a survey on three of his classmates of their eating habits and then ask two students to make a presentation. name breakfast snacks lunch dinner
Step 2 Listening

  1. pre-listening Discuss about stomachache.
  2. While-listening Listen to the tape and answer the questions.
  3. After-listening: Role-play:
  1) How important is it to control the amount of food for your meals?
  2) How to keep a balanced diet?
Step 3 Homework

  1. Review the new words and expressions.(individual work)
  2. Make a dialogue between a customer and a waiter / waitress.(pair work)
? Teaching Reflection (made after class)



   Lesson Plan ? For Senior Book 1B Title: Unit 13 Healthy eating (warming up &listening) &f Teacher: Wang Linlin &f Course: English &f Textbook: Senior English for China Student’s Book 1B &f Lessen Type: Warming up & Listening &f Class: Grade ...


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