Language points
Read the following articles (written by two students).分词作定语
a cup broken by Tom a song sung by zhouJieLun a building built by my father a boy punished by his parents
跑 Rabbits run fast. 兔子跑得快。 兔子跑得快。 经营;管理 经营; Who is running this restaurant? Most of the banks are run by the states.
run短语 短语
run across/into 偶遇 run after追逐;追求 追逐; 追逐 run away逃跑 逃跑 run out (of )用完 用完 经典回放 Have youfood? Yes,our foodso we must buy some. out of;has run out out;has run out of out ;has run out out of;has been un out
Instead of devoting his time to studies,he wastes his timegirls. run after B.running after after D.ran after
allow允许;准许 允许; 允许
常用结构: 常用结构: allow sth doing sth Sb to do sth that allow smoking They don’t here.(允许吸烟) (允许吸烟) allow me to stay out My parents don’t late. 呆在外面) (呆在外面) allow that承认 承认) I (承认)he is an able man .
Smoking in the reading room. A.doesn’t allowed B.didn’t allow C.didn’t allowing D.isn’t allowed

  1.vt.批准 通过 计划,安排,建议)一般作 批准, 通过(计划 安排,建议) 计划, 批准 它的宾语 The minister approved the building plan.部长批准了该建筑计划。 部长批准了该建筑计划。 部长批准了该建筑计划
  2.赞成 同意; 认可(通常与of 连用) 赞成, 同意; 认可(通常与 连用) 赞成 I don’t approve of his conduct.
经典回放: 经典回放:
My parents don’t approvelate every night. A.of me and Richard staying out B.of Richard and me staying out C.of Richard’s and my staying out D.when Richard and me staying out

  1. Our club is much more than just music. (P
  18) 我们的俱乐部不只播放音乐。 我们的俱乐部不只播放音乐。 more than常置于名词、形容词、副词、 常置于名词、 常置于名词 形容词、副词、 动词及从句之前, 动词及从句之前, Her performance was more than good; it was perfect. 她的表演非常好,可以说是 她的表演非常好, 完美的。 完美的。
more than不仅仅 不仅仅

  1。他不仅仅是一位老师。 。他不仅仅是一位老师。 more than a She is teaher.
  2.图书馆不仅仅是一个贮藏书的地方。 图书馆不仅仅是一个贮藏书的地方。 图书馆不仅仅是一个贮藏书的地方 more than a place A library is where books are stored. more than +数词,相当于 数词, 意为超过 数词 相当于over,意为超过,多余 意为超过, 要拉动这辆马车,需要三个人以上才行 要拉动这辆马车, More than three men are needed to pull the cart(马车) 马车) 马车
特别提示 no more than与not more than 与 no more ... than ... 与not more ... than ... 用法和区别 no more than表示“只有;仅仅”,相当 表示“ 表示 只有;仅仅” 强调“ 于 “only”, 强调“少”。 We have taken no more than five courses this term. 这学期我们只上了五门课。 这学期我们只上了五门课。
not more than意为“不超过;不多于; 意为“ 意为 不超过;不多于; 至多” 客观地说明数量。 至多”,客观地说明数量。 He knows not more than you do. 他知道的不及你多。 他知道的不及你多。 no more ... than ...表示前者和后者一样 表示前者和后者一样 都不……, 都不 , not more ... than ... 不如 前者不如后者) 不如(前者不如后者 前者不如后者)
Jack is no more diligent than John. 杰克和约翰都不勤奋。 杰克和约翰都不勤奋。 This story is not more interesting than that one。 。 这个故事不比那个故事有趣。 这个故事不比那个故事有趣。
require需要;要求 sth 需要某物 doing 需要做某事 require sb to do sth 需要某人做某事 that..(should) 要求

  1. They require our help. repairing
  2. The wall requires(repaire) to attend
  3. All the members are required (attend) the meeting. Should pay
  4. The court required that he
  5. (pay) the fine.

The house is too old , it requires. repair B.required C.repairing
It was a little scary at first, but everyone was so nice and friendly that I soon stopped worrying. (P
  18) 刚开始时有点害怕, 刚开始时有点害怕,但是大家都如此友 因此我很快就不再担心了。 善,因此我很快就不再担心了。 so ... that ... 意为“如此 意为“如此……以至于 以至于……”, 以至于 , so 修饰形容词、副词,that 引起结果状 修饰形容词、副词, 语从句
派人去叫; 派人去叫
He is so ill that we had to send for a doctor. 他病得很重,我们只好给他请医生了。 他病得很重,我们只好给他请医生了。 The suitcase was so heavy that I can’t carry it upstairs.
so that连在一起时,意为“以便;因 连在一起时, 连在一起时 意为“以便; 此”,用来谈论目的。 用来谈论目的。 She’s staying here for six months so that she can improve her English. 她要在这儿住六个月, 她要在这儿住六个月,以便提高自己的 英语水平。 英语水平。 We got up early so that we could catch the first bus.
so与such的区别 与 的区别 such用在(形容词 )名词前,so用在形 用在( 用在 形容词+)名词前, 用在形 容词、副词等的前面。请看下面的例句: 容词、副词等的前面。请看下面的例句: The milk was so good that we couldn’t stop drinking it. It was such good milk that we couldn’t stop drinking it. 牛奶太好喝了,我们没法不继续喝下去。 牛奶太好喝了,我们没法不继续喝下去。
Suppose you are given a chance, what club would you like to run?
Starting the project Discussion

  1. How to set up a school club?
  2. How to design a poster advertising a new school club?
Designing a poster
Planning Preparing
Producing Presenting

  1. Form groups.
  2. Suggest clubs you will start.
  3. Give your reasons and have discussion.
  4. Vote to decide.
  5. Have it approved by the teacher.
  6. Write down the name.
  7. Take on responsibility for tasks. (take turns)

  1. Find one or two posters about school clubs.
  2. Discuss information about these posters.
  3. Decide what can be learned from them.
  4. Form your own idea about your club.

  1. Draft the poster.
  2. Read carefully and make suggestions.
  3. Make some changes and finalize the poster.
  4. Approve the poster.

  1. Present your poster to the class.
  2. Put the poster on display and let students sign up.
  3. Give awards to the winners. (Evaluation from both teachers and students)
Discuss the information found:
  1. What does the club do?
  2. How does it attract new member?
  3. How does it help members achieve their goals?

  4. What does the poster consist of ?
  5. How does it attract viewers? … (These sample questions will be given to each group in written form)

vote to decide be responsible for do research achieve one’s goals consist of attract sb come up with be based on

投票决定 对?负责 负责 做研究 实现某人的目标 由组成 组成 吸引某人 提出; 提出;想出 被建立在基础上 被建立在 基础上


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