Do you know the places?
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
London English
France Paris French
Italy Rome Italian
Greece Athens Greek
Potugal Lisbon Portuguese
Spain Madrid Spanish
Complete the table with the words in the box.
Athens Greece Lisbon Portugal Spanish
English France Greek Italian London Madrid Portuguese Rome United Kingdom
French Italy Paris Spain
Country United Kingdom
Capital London
Language English
France Greece Italy Portugal Spain
Paris Athens Rome Lisbon Madrid
French Greek Italian Portuguese Spanish
Check the meaning of the words and phrases. Read the information and find the countries on the map above across face (v) boot look like continental mountain range
Across Boot
On the other side of Something you wear on your foot and lower leg. Belonging to the main body of the continent of Europe To look at something or somebody face to face To have the appearance of, to seem to be A long continuous line of mountains
Continental Face Look like
Mountain range
United Kingdom France Portugal d e Spain Italy
a c b Greece
United Kingdom (London) France (Paris) Portugal (Lisbon) Atlantic Ocean Spain (Madrid)
English Channel
Pyrenees Alps
Italy (Rome)
Greece (Athens)
Language Points:

  1. across & between
across: A between:
Line A is across line B and C. swim across the river walk across the road
A is between B and C. Lie between

  2. face n. 脸,面部表情 make a face 做鬼脸 face to face 面对面 lose one’s face 丢面子
face v. (
  1) 面对,正视 face problems/difficulties 面对, face sb (
  2) 朝…,面向… My house face the park. /to the south.
  3. off the coast 指离开海岸,在海上 指离开海岸, on the coast 指在海岸线的陆地上
  4. 介词 in, on ,to 的用法
B is in the east of A . 界限以内,两者是包含关系 界限以内, C is on the east of A. 界限以外,并接壤 界限以外, D is to the east of A. 界限以外,不接壤 界限以外,

  1.Recite the new words
  2.Preview the reading part - read the text


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