外研版 高一 (
  3) Module 2
Cultural corner and writing
山东 姜妮娜
Read the passage and answer the questions:
  1. Where are Oxford and Grenoble? Oxford in the UK and Grenoble in France.
  2. What are the similarities between the two countries? They’re both medium-sized towns of between 100,000 and 200,000 inhabitants. They both have universities and industries. Tourism is important to both
of them, and they are both close to some of the most beautiful countryside in the region.
  3. What’s Town Twining? It’s an agreement between towns and cities of similar size and age, and which have similar features such as tourism, industry, culture and entertainment.

  4. What’s the significance of the agreement? The agreement encourage people from the two towns visit each other. The agreement are perhaps most useful for students and people who want to practise speaking another language.
Language points
  1. similar: alike be similar to:和…相似 和 相似 be similar in:在…方面相似 在 方面相似 这辆车和那辆车在颜色方面相似。 这辆车和那辆车在颜色方面相似。 This car is similar to that one in color.
拓展: 拓展:

  1). similarly adv. 相似地 相应地 相似地; ① The first letter she wrote me was less than a page long, and her second letter was similarly brief. ② The cost of food and clothing has come down in recent years. Similarly, fuel prices have fallen quite considerably.

  2). similarity u.n.相似 相似 类似;相似 ①. u.n.类似 相似 类似 The similarity between the two reports suggests that they were written by the same person. 相似点; ②. c.n.相似点;相似之处 相似点 Bees and wasps both sting, but they have other similarities too.

  2. be close to
  1) 与某物在距离上近 His house is close to the factory.
  2) (指关系 密切的,亲密的 指关系) 指关系 密切的, My brother and I are close (to each other).
  3) 接近,快要 接近, ① We’re close to clinching the deal. ② She is close to tears.

  3. exchange

  1). vt.交换 调换 兑换 交换;调换 交换 调换;兑换 常用搭配:exchange sth. with sb. for sth. 常用搭配: 用某物和某人交换某物 ① I’d like to exchange some pounds for dollars. ② We’ll have an opportunity to exchange views tomorrow. ③ At the end of the game, players traditionally exchange shirts with each other.

  2). c.n.& u.n.交换 交流 交易 交换; 交换 交流; ① An exchange of opinions is helpful. ② What is the rate of exchange between the pound and the mark? ③ I’ve offered to paint the kitchen in exchange for a week’s accommodation.

  3. This is because living with a foreign family for one or two weeks means that you have to speak their language and as a result you improve fast. 这是因为和一个外国家庭住一两个 这是因为和一个外国家庭住一两个 星期意味着你不得不说他们的语言 星期意味着你不得不说他们的语言 , 意味着 因此,你会进步的很快。 因此,你会进步的很快。
Result 常见短语小结 as a result 因此,结果 因此, as a result of +名词 因为,由于 名词 因为, result in 导致(某种后果) 导致(某种后果) result from 源于,起因于 源于,
试题演练: 试题演练:

  1. hardly made Allan pay any attention to his mistakes. A. Scolding; correcting B. Being scolded; correct C. Being scolded; correcting D. Having been scolded; correct

  2. 翻译 苏珊坐在一个靠近窗户的位置上。 ① 苏珊坐在一个靠近窗户的位置上。 Susan sat on a chair close to the window. 他用黑茄克换了一件蓝色的。 ② 他用黑茄克换了一件蓝色的。 He exchanged the black jacket for a blue one.

  2. 用result 的合适短语填空 的合适短语填空: He runs everyday. , he has As a result lost weight. She was late for school as a result of the heavy snow. His failure resulted from his carelessness. Their carelessness resulted in that terrible accident.
Writing 美国是当今世界上最发达的国家之一, 美国是当今世界上最发达的国家之一, 它所走过的发展道路对于我们来说既有 经验也有教训。试就其中的一个或几个 经验也有教训。 方面如气候、工业、地理位置、旅游业、 方面如气候、工业、地理位置、旅游业、 交通等进行比较, 交通等进行比较,找出适合当今中国经 济发展的经验和教训。 济发展的经验和教训。



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