外研版 高一 (
  3) Module 2
Listening and Everyday English
Listening and Everyday English True or false(第一遍听力 第一遍听力) 第一遍听力
  1. Beijing has a lot more inhabitants than Sydney and is much more crowded.
  2. Beijing doesn’t have as many freeways as Sydney does.
  3. There are fewer tourists in Sydney than in Beijing.

  4. Beijing is less dangerous than Sydney.
  5. Beijing has less rain than Sydney.
  6. Beijing doesn’t have as much pollution as Sydney.
  7. There are as many rich people in Beijing as in Sydney.
  8. Beijing is as lively as Sydney.

  2. Choose the correct answer. ( 第二遍听力 第二遍听力)
  1. How do you find it? means A. what is your opinion? B. how did you get here?
  2. It’s totally fascinating means A. it’s very interesting B. it’s very important

  3. as you see means A. while you see them B. in your opinion
  4. I didn’t get that means A. I didn’t take that B. I didn’t hear what you said
  5. find some of the action means A. let’s do something interesting B. let’s act
巩固: 巩固:用上张中的红字部分填空
A: I visited Great Wall yesterday. B: Really? How do you find it? A: I enjoyed it It’s totally fascinating. very much. B: Can you describe it, ? as you see it
A: Well, I can’t imagine how can they build it hundreds of years ago? B: Sorry, . I don’t get it A: I mean it is incredible. The Great Wall can be built hundreds of years ago. B: Yes, it’s really great.
Lingling: Is this your first time in Beijing, Richard? Richard: Yes, it is. Lingling: How do you find it? Richard: It’s totally fascinating. It’s so different from Sydney, where I live.
Lingling: Now I’m fascinated. Tell me about the differences, as you see them. Richard: Well, Sydney’s a younger city than Beijing. Beijing has a lot of more inhabitants and is much more crowded.
Lingling: Yes, we certainly have a huge population, like most Chinese cities. Richard: It’s very exciting, as a result. And there’s so much construction going on.
Lingling: I know, we’re growing very fast. For example, I don’t think we have as many freeways as Sydney does, but we soon will!
Richard: I believe you! I think there are fewer tourists in Beijing-at least for now. And I get the feeling that Beijing’s less dangerous. Lingling: Yes, there’s probably a lot less crime here.
Richard: What about the climate? I think Sydney has less rain. Lingling: Yes, we can get a lot of rain in July and August. Richard: I’ve noticed! It’s pouring at the moment!
Lingling: The good thing about the rain, of course, is that it washes the pollution away. Richard: I’ve noticed that too. We don’t have as much pollution as you do.
Lingling: That’s because you have less industry. The air can get quite polluted here… OK, so that covers a lot of the differences. But are there any similarities? Richard: Oh yes… for example, I notice the wealth and the energy.
Lingling: Sorry, I didn’t get that. Richard: The wealth and energy. I think there are as many rich people here as in Sydney…and I think your city is just as lively as mine.
Lingling: That’s good to hear. So shall we go out this evening and find some of the action?



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