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突破词汇 掌握解题技巧
突破词汇 一词多意现象 动词的固定搭配 构词法在猜词中的作用

  1. I saw a saw saw a log in two.
  2. Last spring, I saw a tension spring spring high and then into a hot spring.
  3. The present presents will be presented to the guests present.
  4. Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

  5. Dear, that dear boy has his dearest hope to buy that dear toy plane.
  6. The lawyer in charge of the case knows his client, who was charged with charging too much for low-quality goods.
  7. The boy standing by the newspaper stand, reading a novel could no longer stand the noise made by the traffic.
  8. A big bear that can no longer bear the heat from the sun is sitting against a tree that is bearing a lot of fruit.
  9. The watch lying on the desk is lying.
Devote…to… Contribute to Pay attention to Due to Owing to Thanks to Get used to Be accustomed to Refer to Have to Suppose to Relate to Object to Rely on Leave an impression on Have opinion on Go on Depend on Fix/focus on Fix one’s attention on
Dependentindependent Arrivearrival Importantunimportant Illillness Largeenlarge Widewiden Curable incurable Approveapproval Happyunhappy Carefulcarefulness Richenrich Broadbroaden
? ? ? ? ? 把握全文的格调 利用上下文 破思维定势 把握正确的解题过程 精选试题, 精选试题,从阅读突破
完形填空 解题技巧1 解题技巧
(09浙江 浙江)…But what we actually saw simply 23 us all ?the rundown 浙江 houses, the children in rags, the people begging for money… Walking home, passing under a low bridge, we came across entire families of homeless people seeking a bit of dry ground to sleep on for the night. We had to step over bodies as we found our way through the darkness. The poverty was 27 than anything my young companions had ever imagined. Back in the hotel, an air of sadness settled over the group. Many 28 and cried.
  23.A.puzzled . .
  27.A.stronger . .
  28.A.gave up . . B.annoyed . C.embarrassed . B.deeper C.worse . . B.broke down C.set off . . D.Shocked . D.less . D.held on .
完形填空 解题技巧1 解题技巧
(09山东 山东)David was a small boy in ragged clothes. I had often wondered 山东 what kind of home life David had, and what kind of mother could send her son to school dressed so __39__for the cold winter months, without a coat, boots, or gloves.
  39. A. modestly B. naturally C. inaccurately D. inappropriately
(09全国 全国II)One of my father’s favorite sayings as I was growing up was 全国 “Try it!”. I couldn’t say I didn’t like 21 , whatever it might be, 22 I tried it.
  21. A. everything B. something C. everybody D. somebody
  22. A. until after B. ever since C. so that D. long before
完形填空 解题技巧2 解题技巧

  1)前制性设空: )前制性设空:
(09北京 北京)James shook his money box again. Nothing! He carefully 北京 counted the coins that lay on the bed. $
  24. 52 was all that he had. The bicycle he wanted was at least $90! How on earth was he going to get the _38_ of the money?
  38. A. amount B. part C. sum D. rest
完形填空 解题技巧2 解题技巧

  2)后制性设空 )
(09全国 Stevenson, a Scotsman, had lived 37 for many years in 1881 全国I) 全国 he returned to Scotland for a holiday. With him were his American wife Fanny and his son 39 . … Kept indoors by the heavy rain. Lloyd felt the days 42 . To keep the boy happy Robert asked the boy to do some drawing.
  37.A.alone B.next door C.at home D.abroad . . . . .
  39.A.Lloyd B.Robert C.Henley D.John . . . . .
  42.A.quiet B.dull C.busy D.cold . . . . .
完形填空 解题技巧2 解题技巧

  2)后制性设空 )
(09山东 山东)Weeks passed and the excitement over the coming Christmas 山东 grew into restlessness until the last day of__46__before the holiday break.
  46. A. school B. year C. education D. program
完形填空 解题技巧2 解题技巧
  3)语篇性设空 )
(09重庆 seized this golden chance to 41 him. He reacted ,trying 重庆)I 重庆 to get rid of me , but I was already producing deep in his throat. He kept sneezing(打喷嚏 打喷嚏)and his nose was running. 打喷嚏 … it was my turn to feel 54 now, for his defense system was starting an all-out attack against me. I became weaker and finally my time was over.
  41. A. injure B. bother C. attack D. destroy
  54. A. painful B. disappointed C. nervous D. ashamed
完形填空 解题技巧3 解题技巧
(09北京 had been hard working for the money, but James 北京)It 北京 knew that he valued his bicycle far more __54__ he had bought it with his own money.
  54. A. since B. if C. than D. though
(09山东 have something for you” he said pulled from behind 山东)“I 山东 his back a small box. __50__it to me, he said anxiously. “Open it “I took the box from him, thanked him and slowly unwrapped it.
  50. A. Holding B. Handing C. Sending D. Leaving
完形填空 解题技巧4 解题技巧
通读全文,掌握大意,理清各种角色和人物之间的关系。 通读全文,掌握大意,理清各种角色和人物之间的关系。 读懂作者对人物或事件的态度。 读懂作者对人物或事件的态度。 由表及里地准确把握字里行间的意思( 由表及里地准确把握字里行间的意思(read between the lines), , 特别注意描写环境气氛的语言,把握全文的格调, 特别注意描写环境气氛的语言,把握全文的格调,还要结合有 关英语国家的文化传统,风俗习惯等背景知识来准确把握作者态度。 关英语国家的文化传统,风俗习惯等背景知识来准确把握作者态度。 注意连词的暗示作用。 注意连词的暗示作用。 做完形填空需三遍完成。把正确答案填入短文熟读(少问问题 。 做完形填空需三遍完成。把正确答案填入短文熟读(少问问题)。 三遍完成
Steps students should follow when doing cloze test:
① Go through the passage briefly and get to know the general idea. 一步粗读知大意 ② Read the passage carefully and try to make the choices. 二步细读选答案 ③ Re-read the passage and check the answers. 三步复读纠错误
完形填空 解题技巧5 精选试题, 解题技巧
  5:精选试题,从阅读突破 要精选好题, 首选是近几年高考完形填空试题, 要精选好题, 首选是近几年高考完形填空试题, 其次是各省独立命制的符合高考思路的试题。 其次是各省独立命制的符合高考思路的试题。
做完形填空不在数量多,而在于精。突破阅读 做完形填空不在数量多,而在于精。突破阅读 词汇才能突破完形填空 才能突破完形填空。 和词汇才能突破完形填空。
Cloze test 拓展训练
Give a proper title after finishing the cloze-test. Try to design some reading comprehension questions. Guess the meaning of some pronouns.
文科状元经验谈(完形错1 文科状元经验谈(完形错1题,英语143分) 英语143 143分 完形填空”在高考中占分值达到30 30分 “完形填空”在高考中占分值达到30分.该试题对 语法,词汇,阅读,理解等多项英语能力都有所考查, 语法,词汇,阅读,理解等多项英语能力都有所考查, 综合性很强.我的一个小习惯帮了我的大忙. 综合性很强.我的一个小习惯帮了我的大忙.在高 考复习中,我坚持每天用固定的时间进行朗读英语 朗读英语, 考复习中,我坚持每天用固定的时间进行朗读英语, 虽然高考中没有一道试题是针对朗读开展, 虽然高考中没有一道试题是针对朗读开展,但是我 发现朗读能让我比较容易地找到对英语的感觉. 发现朗读能让我比较容易地找到对英语的感觉.而 完形填空最终考查的就是一种感觉. 完形填空最终考查的就是一种感觉.在做完形填空 试题时会选读起来最通顺的选项, 试题时会选读起来最通顺的选项,这个读起来最通 顺的选项又恰好就是正确答案. 顺的选项又恰好就是正确答案.在高考完形填空试 题只错了一个空. 题只错了一个空.这种脱口成章的语言自由运用状 才是语言学习的根本和真正目的. 态,才是语言学习的根本和真正目的.
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   英语四级完型填空: 英语四级完型填空:解题方法及技巧 文章来源:北方网 | 时间:2009 年 09 月 25 日 作者:任晓军来源:新东方 根据四级考试大纲,完型填空满分占 710 分的 10%。其主要形式是在一篇约 300 词的文章中留出 20 个空白,要求考生从每题给出的 4 个选项中选出最佳答案,使补全 后的文章意思通顺、前后连贯、结构完整。 相比较以前,完型填空的阅读量加大了。文章从以前的 250 词增加到现在的 300 词。 做好完型填空虽然也需要好的英语功底,但是我们可以列出一 ...


   1.通读全文,把握大意 既然是通过语编在语境中考语法,那么,我们在解题前,应快速浏览短文,把握全文大 意这一步非常重要。 2.结合语境,填填空格 读懂短文后,要结合短文所提供的特定的语言环境,从句子结构的完整性去分析思考空 格所缺单词的词性, 再根据句子的结构和意义, 一集句子之间的逻辑关系来确定具体要填的 单词和所给词的正确形式。具体来说,可按设题类型分为三类情况: (1)纯空格试题 首先,分析句子结构确定填哪类词。具体分析方法有: 1.缺主语或宾语,一定填代词或名词(多考代词) 2.名词 ...


   Cloze Challenge Yourself 1.Mr Black is a doctor, he works in the hospital . 2.A nurse not only works in the day, but also night works during the. no / little 3.He is rather busy, so he has time to have lunch at home. 4.We have an English test this ...


   五大绝招搞定大学英语四级完型填空解题 http://edu.QQ.com 2009 年 09 月 17 日 11:15 爱思英语 我要评论(1) 美国活力校园 MM 清纯照 美国高中有啥课外组织 翻译最失败的游戏译名 好莱坞长得超像的明星 时尚口语,最具亲和力英语频道 留学信息,速递最新鲜海外生活 免费订阅:[QQ 英语]每日精彩抢"鲜"看! 了解更多海外生活,来出国论坛 出国论坛聊聊!>>> 出国论坛 在解题时要密切注意解题步骤和技巧: 一,通读全文, ...


   英语知识点答疑之完型填空解题基本原则 万学? 万学?海文 完型填空主要考查考生对语言综合运用能力, 包括对一些语言要素 (语法、 词汇、 上下文逻辑关系、历史背景)的掌握程度,对基础知识的掌握和运用能力,在情 景中辨析词义的能力,词组短语搭配的使用能力等。要求考生有扎实的语法知识 和丰富的词汇量,同时有较强的阅读能力。一直以来,完型填空的考查都体现了 一个趋势,就是对近意词辨析能力的考查,06 年的完型填空中有七道题目涉及 到近意词的辨析,所以考生在平时复习中要有意识的积累和区分一些近意词。 ...


   成人三级英语备考系列三辩错完型填空解题技巧(绝对实用) 成人三级英语备考系列三辩错完型填空解题技巧(绝对实用) 辩错部分解题技巧 (内部资料 严禁转载) 辩错部分由 10 个单句组成,每个句子中有四个划线部分,其中有一个划线部分含有词汇或语法方面的错 误,考生对错误挑出即可,不用改正,这一部分实际上是词语用法和语法结构部分的延伸,目的是测试学 生掌握词汇、短语及语法结构的熟练程度, 重点固定搭配和句型。考试范围与第二部分相同。和其它三种 题型相比较,它和词汇和语法结构部分一样,是相对比较简单 ...


   英语考试完型填空题技巧 四级考试完型填空做题拿高分五步骤 完形填空的题目在设计时并非拿来一篇短文随便去掉几个词, 出题者要遵循一定的要求 和准则,以保证测试的效度和信度。 完形填空的测试点及解题方法从表面来看, 就是要求考生把每个句子中删掉的词恢复出 来。而实际上,四级考试中的完形填空综合了词汇、结构以及阅读理解部分的测试内容。它 不仅测试应试者在词汇和句子水平上运用语言的能力, 还测试应试者在语篇上综合运用语言 结构的能力。完形填空中所填的词是与文章的上下文紧密联系的。 因此,要做好完形填 ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 一、单纯的语法知识、固定搭配、惯用法、常用句型、词语辨异等趋于淡化。下面仅以词语辨异为例总 结如下: 1、night/evening night 指 the time of darkness between evening and morning;而 evening 指 the time between sunset and bedtime. 2、know/learn/notice k ...


   中考英语完形填空解题技巧 通常做题者从总体上把握文章主旨,接受作者所传达的信息与情感,针对完形填空,提 出了各种多层次、全方位的理解技法,其中以总体把握法、词语搭配法、语法判定法、语境 联想法、举例对比法最为重要。 这里首先讲解以下四种解题法: 1.总体把握 要通读完形填空的短文,跳过空格快速阅读,了解全篇的主要内容。切不可把宝贵的时 间浪费在个别字句推敲上。 2.弄清体裁 文章体裁通常分为四种:论述文、记叙文、说明文和应用文。中考选文以叙事性文章为 主,如:幽默故事、科普知识、童话、简短新 ...


   一,近年完形填空 的命题趋势 的命题趋势 *1,突出语篇。 ,突出语篇。 语篇 *2,试题型稳定,选项独具匠心。 ,试题型稳定,选项独具匠心。 *3,辨析词义,以实词为主。 为主。 ,辨析词义, 实词为主 *4,记叙文为主,且第一局不设空。 ,记叙文为主,且第一局不设空。 *5, 生词量有增无减。 , 生词量有增无减。 *6,长句增加,句式灵活,结构复 ,长句增加,句式灵活,结构复 杂。 1,突出语篇 , grew up in a 例 My sister and I little villa ...


新目标英语八年级下 语法 Unit 7

   Unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music? 常考短语: 常考短语: Not at all Turn down Right away Wait in line 1. Cut in line At first Keep…down Take care Put out Break the rule Pick up Would you mind turning down the music? 你介意把音乐声关小一点吗? 你介意把音乐声关小一点吗? No, ...


   大学英语写作范文 Writing Directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the given topic. You should write at least 120 words according to the situation given either in Chinese or in English: 1. A Letter of Complaints . 你发现上 ...


   General English Qualifying Test for Non-English Major Graduate Students ******************************考试注意事项 考试注意事项*************************** 考试注意事项 本考试由两部分组成:试卷一( 一. 本考试由两部分组成:试卷一(Paper One)包括听力理解、词汇与结 )包括听力理解、 阅读理解三部分, 按顺序统一编号;试卷二( 构、阅读理解三部分,共 6 ...


   英语-董进宇博士: 学习英语的七大方法 英语-董进宇博士: 标题:英语-董进宇博士:学习英语的七大方法 文章关键词:英语,英文,要领,单词,汉语,正在,时分,言语,基本,专 注 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 明确的学习目标 ??目标 目标 欲瞧 内心燃起好学的欲瞧 ??欲瞧 坚信本人一定能学会?? 信心 大脑高度专注?? 专注 肌肉高度松开 ??松开 松开 维持心情愉悦和安静 ??快乐 快乐 正确的学习要领与计谋 ??要领与计谋 要领与计谋 学习英语的七大要领 一、模仿 1 英语学习中最重要的 ...


   cet4 词汇总结(历年常考)名词篇 access n. 入口,通路,接触 97-1-47 accommodation n. 住宿,膳宿 94-1-47 acknowledgement n. 承 认 , 感 谢 , 致 谢 01-6-69 admiration n. 欣赏 94-1-52 advocate n. 提倡者,拥护者 97-1-42 allowance n. 津贴 93-6-50 ambition n. 野心,雄心 01-1-33 analogy n. 相似,模拟,类比 01-6- ...