写作范文: 写作范文:
  1. Chat Online Nowadays, Internet plays an important role in our daily life. Meanwhile, chatting online is getting more and more popular with people, especially with us young students. Like everything else, chatting online has both favorable and unfavorable aspects. Generally, the advantages can be listed as follows. First, by chatting online, we can get friends all over the world. Besides, it can help us improve our English level when we chat with a native speaker. Most important of all, we can communicate with someone that we couldn’t contact in daily life. But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. To begin with, we don’t know the real identity of the person we chat with. To make matters worse, chatting may a waste of time. Worst of all, we may be in danger if we reveal our identity to others who have had bad intentions. Now, the conclusion is self-evident. The negative aspects outweigh the positive aspects. Therefore, we must make wise use of Internet and should not waste too much time chatting with strangers.
  2. Writing a reply to refuse one’s demand for money Dear Liu, Thanks for your letter dated July 19, 20
  07. I wish I could help you. But you know, I’ve just bought an apartment which really burns a hole in my pocket as now I have to pay the loan each month and as a result even cannot make both ends meet. Now I realize that one must spend his money according to his pocket size, or he will end up eating humble pie he himself made. I’m very sorry if I let you down. Regards. Yours, xxxxx
  3. 请向小区居民宣传生活垃圾分类事宜。 请向小区居民宣传生活垃圾分类事宜。 废电池、 红色垃圾桶 废电池、废油漆等有害物 绿色垃圾桶 黑色垃圾桶 废纸、 废纸、空瓶等可再利用物 厨房垃圾等可沤肥物
Ladies and Gentlemen, Life in the residential area is quiet and peaceful and everybody is trying his best to make our surroundings more and more beautiful. Now I want to inform you that we are going to make some changes in garbage collecting. Here are three dustbins. The red one is for something poisonous, such as used batteries and old paints. The green one is for recyclable wastes, for example, waste paper and empty bottles or tins. As to the black one, it is intended to collect kitchen garbage, which can be turned into very good fertilizers. Garbage storing may take you a little more time, but it will bring about a lot of benefits. What’s more, we can save our natural resources to a large extent. In doing so, we are setting a good example to young generation. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.(146 words)
  4. What do think of the idea of studying abroad? Nowadays more and more young people are going to study abroad. Like everything else, studying
abroad has both favorable and unfavorable aspects. Generally, the favorable aspects can be listed as follows: First, they think by attending a college in a foreign country they can not only acquire useful knowledge of science but also the culture and customs of other nations. Secondly, they can take advantage of this opportunity to gain a good command of the target language. Moreover they meet different people and enjoy different culture, which may help to broaden their views. Every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. When they study abroad, they have to pay a lot of money. In order to help the financial burden, most overseas students have to seek for employment during the vacation, which can’t allow them to focus their attention on studies. What’s more, they may feel very lonely. However, in the long run, the student will discover that the benefits of self-dependence and the mastery of a foreign language often outweigh the hardships experienced in their foreign studies. BY studying abroad they will be able to learn more advanced science and technology than they do in their own country. They benefits often take the form of a well-paid and satisfying job. Through above analysis, we can see that the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones. Therefore, I am in favor of going abroad to study.(238 words)
  5.下面提供了你所心仪的南、北两所大学的招生信息,通过比较作出选择,并结合个人情 .下面提供了你所心仪的南、北两所大学的招生信息,通过比较作出选择, 况说明理由。 况说明理由。 南方大学 北方大学 学费 招生人数 优惠政策 8000 元/年 20 人 无 5000 元/年 10 人 加 20 分
Both prestigious schools are my favorite regarding their academic reputation, so it’s really a job for me to make a decision. However, the lower tuition tips the balance in favor of the north university while the preferential 20 scores is not necessarily in my calculation. I was born to a rural family of six people and both my parents have been struggling for survival since the time I can recall. If I choose the south university, it means my parents have to pay 3,000yuan more yearly, which almost equals our family’s annual income. Furthermore, the living cost in the North is lower than that in the South. I have noticed that the number of the students to be admitted to the north university is only half that to the south university, but it won’t spell a disadvantage for me as I’m very confident of my academic strength.
  6. Which do you prefer, country life or city life? Some people hold the opinion that country life is superior to city life while others argue that city life is much better than country life. Personally, I would prefer city life, because I think city life has more advantages. The main reason is that people living in cities have much more to enjoy, such as lectures, concerts, movies and museums, and plays. All these can help to broaden our horizons and enrich our life. Besides, there are all sorts of things to see in the shop windows. The means of communication in the city is also more convenient than that in the country. The list is almost emdless. However, country life also has advantages to some extent. Country people are in closer
contact with nature. They make friends with trees and stones, cows and dogs. They breathe fresh air and listen to the song of birds. People will continue to argue over the subject. We’d better keep an open mind because every coin has two sides. It all depends on one’s personal taste. 文章结构: 文章结构:引入议题;城乡生活的优越性;两者相比得出的结论。
  7. Practice: Complete the review of a favorite book with a suitable attitude word or phrase: To express an opinion: I suppose, as far as I’m concerned, to my mind, personally, in my opinion To express surprise: amazingly, curiously, strangely To emphasize: really, definitely, clearly, obviously, in fact, actually To express a generality: in general, broadly speaking, (
  1) , my favorite book is The House of the Spirits by Isabelle Allende. (
  2) it’s her best book, although (
  3) , I only read it for the first time a couple of months ago; I’d already read most of her other novels. (
  4) , I read a lot of novels by South American writers, but what I (
  5) like about this book is the atmosphere, which is superb, and plot, which is wonderful. (
  7) , after reading the book I felt that I would like to live in the world that she describes. (
  8) , it’s the most magical book I’ve read.
  8. Writing( College English07/
  9. 谈人类与自然的和谐 Harmonious society nowadays is a buzzword. It not only refers to the harmony of the society, but also implicates the harmony between humans and nature, which is definitely more important, as it serves as the groundwork of the sustainable economic development, without which the harmonious society is supposed to be out of the question. Unfortunately, while we’re taking pride in what has been obtained in economy and in modern industrial civilization, the significance of the balance of nature is unconsciously ignored and the harmony between humans and nature is gradually spoiled. As a result, man is suffering from unprecedented natural disasters, such as the pollution of air and water, global warming year after year, the depletion of resources and population explosion. Undoubtedly it is man itself who displays a great capacity for abusing his environment, resulting in the shortage of fresh water, frequent flooding, tsunamis and forest fires, extinction of rare animal and plants, outbreak of terrible diseases and even wars between nations. The earth has evidently been too much burdened. Human survival on earth is being dreadfully threatened. It’s commonly held that man couldn’t exist without nature. We in the present time have only a single planet to share and live on. Man should learn to respect all other forms of life besides itself. Man to nature should be protector and lover, instead of conqueror or robber. To achieve the objectives, we shall speed up our pace to change patterns of economic growth and reduce our overall consumption level of energy and other resources. We shall focus on the solution to the environmental and ecological problems which endanger people’s health and affect sustainable development, thus enabling people to have clean water, fresh air and safe, healthy food. We shall make new progress in building a harmonious and environmentally friendly society.
也造成了英语学习者极大的不便。对于是否该学习俚语问题,学者们有不同的看法。请你写 一篇文章表达你的看法及理由。字数约为 1
  00-120 左右。 参考词汇:俚语:slang(不可数) 地方性的:localized Slang greatly enriches the English language, and is an important part of English. However, as slang is informal, fast-changing and very localized, it often causes confusion and puzzlement to language learners. Therefore, it is no wonder that people have different opinions about whether it is necessary to learn slang. My experience of learning English tells me that slang plays a very important part in the English language, especially in speaking. Being familiar with English slang may make it easier to communicate with native speakers of English. And learning slang helps us to better understand the English culture. Like Chinese idioms, English slang is full of beauty and wisdom which well reflects the daily life of common people in England. What”s more, we can upgrade our English to a higher level simply by mastering some slang. So personally I regard slang as a necessary part of English learning.
  11. 下表为某市 1997 年与 2006 年人们度假方式的比较,请根据表中的内容,以 “How People Spend Their Holidays”为题目,用英语写一篇 100 词左右的文章,并对度假方式变化的原因加以 简单的分析. 1997 境外旅游 海边度假 爬山野营 33% 40% 12% 2006 66% 23% 48% 原因 收入增加 海水污染 回归自然
The ways people spent their holidays changed much. The table shows that a greater number of people spent their holidays traveling abroad, the rate of which in 2006(66%) doubled that of 1997(33%). And we are sure it is still increasing because more and more people can afford the journeys. The rate of people going camping and climbing mountains in 2006(48%) is four times of that in 1997(12%). The reason may be that the beauty of nature is attracting people who are eager to get closer to nature. Things about traveling to the seaside were different. The rate dropped from 40% in 1997 to 23% in 20
  06. This is because of pollution. The polluted seaside would certainly drive the visitors away.
  13. 如今大学生找工作难。长着一副好面孔有时就会变成超越竞争对手的一副砝码。最近, 你们班英语课上老师组织一次主题为“Does beauty really make much sense?”的讨论。根据 下面同学的讨论结果用英语写一份总结材料并谈谈你对以上主题的看法。字数:120 左右 学生观点 1 学生观点 2 你的观点 一副好面孔就是一块敲门砖。在社交、求职、竞争中起着重要作用 漂亮不等于胜任工作。只有追求内在美才是真正的美 ……
Last week in our English class, we had a very heated discussion on the topic “Does beauty really make much sense?”. Some students think that a good face is a letter of recommendation. Good appearance often makes a big difference in social communication, social competition, job hunting and so on. Not only can it make you become more confident but also it makes you impressive in the job interview.
Other students hold different opinions. Good appearance doesn’t make any difference. Spiritual beauty is more important. A beautiful person is not necessarily one with good looking, but one with a great talent and kind heart. As far as I am concerned, both physical beauty and spiritual beauty are very important. What I want to say is that we should never ignore our spiritual beauty training while simply pursuing good appearance.
  14. 目前,一些中学生在学校谈恋爱,遭到父母及老师的反对,请以“Love and Learning” 为题,写一篇 120 词左右的短文,内容应包括



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