DISCUSSION: What is a good writing? ? Content: everything needed included which is related to your view.(内容要完整 内容要完整) 内容要完整 Structure: * Good beginning and ending(好的开头结尾 好的开头结尾) 好的开头结尾 * Well organized and smoothly developed (结构合理 行文流畅 结构合理,行文流畅 结构合理 行文流畅) Language: * No Chinglish (避免中文式英文 避免中文式英文) 避免中文式英文 * No Grammatical mistakes (没有语法错误 没有语法错误) 没有语法错误 * With exactly used words and relatively changed sentence patterns (词语的准确运用和句式的富于变化 词语的准确运用和句式的富于变化) 词语的准确运用和句式的富于变化
Enjoy the following paragraphs: I'm very pleased to tell you the changes of my life since the reduction of learning load was brought in. Before that, I was often exhausted at weekends. I attended school and had classes the whole day. In the evening,I was often forced to do my boring homework and I could not go to bed until 11:
  30. Since the program of reducing learning load was introduced, my life, however, has become much more interesting. I frequently pay a visit to museums, drop in at computer rooms and draw pictures in my leisure time. After lunch, I watch TV, read stories and look through newspapers to enrich myself. No longer do I stay up; on the contrary, I go to bed at about 10 p.m. In short, I am quite satisfied with my life now.
使用恰当的连接词 Use proper linking words
Now in the country areas, there are many children out of school. The reasons can be listed as follow. To begin with most families are too poor , to send their children to school. , As a result they have no choice but to stay at home and make money.
as a result; To begin with ;
In addition ; However
In addition , some parents think there is no need for their daughters to go to school. Therefore, they don’t let them go to school. Finally , some children are not interested in their studies. , To make matters worse some wouldn’t like to go to school. In my opinion; Finally ; To make matters worse ; In addition
As far as I’m concerned, all the children including girls should be educated. , Besides the whole society should put great emphasis on children’s education they’ll play because an important part in the future of our country one day.
besides; However ; because ; Therefore
Avoid Chinglish! heavy.
  1) Traffic in Shanghai is too crowded. is
  2) There has a highway connected with Beijing.
  3) Though the transport is good ,but it fades next to our natural resources. left
  4) I forgot my dictionary at home.
  5) It will take us much money to buy one. cost
It built in the 1980s. was ∧ In our city ,the public order is better than∧ other places.that of Buy a cellphone is too expensive. Buying The public order is very well. good At the last ,I hope you can invest here. \ The government is like investors to come here. likes Let me introduce this city for you. to Thank you for you come. your coming I think you can happy. be To my surprised, my father agreed to buy one. surprise

  1. A lot of families are much more poor. very a
  2. I’m very happy I can write∧ letter to you. interested
  3. Some are not interest in lessons.

  4. I think every child is equality.

  5. Because of their parents don’t have enough money .
  6. I can keep∧ touch with my family. in
  7. Some parents think go to school is not good. going
  8. Every child including girls should have the chance to accept education. receive
  9. There are many families are poor.
  10.Some parents in∧ village think that girls are not important as well as boys. the
Adopt a variety of sentence patterns 使用较丰富的句式
  1. When he arrived, he gave me an e-mail immediately. (使用 使用V-ing形式 形式) 使用 形式
When arriving , he gave me an e-mail immediately. /On his arrival,

  2. Once it is seen, it can never be forgotten. (过去分词 过去分词) 过去分词
Once seen ,it can never be forgotten.

  3. To his surprise, the little girl knows so many things. (使用名词性从句 使用名词性从句) 使用名词性从句
What surprises him is that the little girl knows so many things.

  4. People suggest that the conference be put off. (改被动语态 改被动语态) 改被动语态
It is suggested that the conference be put off.

  5. He did not know what had happened until he had read the news in the newspaper. (使用强调句型 使用强调句型) 使用强调句型
It was not until he had read the news in the that newspaper he knew what had happened.

  6. I passed the physics exam because of your help. (用虚拟语气) 用虚拟语气) 用虚拟语气
I couldn’t have passed the physics exam but for your help.

  7. I won’t believe what he says. (使用状语 使用状语 从句) 从句
No matter what he says, I won’t believe. Whatever

  8. The girl is spoken highly of. Her composition was well written. (用定语从句 用定语从句) 用定语从句
whose composition was well written The girl is spoken highly of.

  9. If you study hard, you will make rapid progress. (用并列句) 用并列句)
Study hard, and you’ll make rapid progress.

  10. He had no sooner come back from Beijing than he was sent abroad. (使用倒装句 使用倒装句) 使用倒装句
No sooner had he come back from Beijing than he was sent abroad.
Hardly …. when..
Please learn to
Your composition when you finish it from now.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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