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  1. You cannot imagine that a well-behaved gentleman be so rude to a lady. A. might B. need C. should D. would
  2. Wang Tong a lot of English by playing with the local children. A. took up B. picked up C. turned up D. made up
  3. There is a new problem rising from the popularity of private cars road conditions need . A. that; to be improved B. which; to be improved C. where; improving D. when; improving
  4. Sarah, hurry up or you won’t have time to before the party. A. get changed B. get change C. get changing D. get to change
  5. They worked long hours for several weeks before everything returned to . A. usual B. right C. normal D. ordinary
  6. ? Mum, I’ve cut my finger. It’s bleeding. ? A. What’s that? B. Oh, really? C. Be careful. D. Let me have a look.
  7. Never before in greater need of modern public transport than it is today. A. has this city been B. this city has been C. was this city D. this city was
  8. The man is being questioned in relation to the murder last night. A. advised B. attended C. attempted D. admitted
  9. He has always insisted on his Dr Turner instead of Mr Turner. A. being called B. called C. having called
  10. Recently I bought a second-hand car, was very low. A. the price of that B. the price of whose C. its price D. the price of which 二、完形填空 Parents have the great responsibility of not only providing for children’s needs but also training is them to have a proper view of money. One thing that is never too early to start teaching 11 how to separate needs from desires. Children often think that their wants are actually 12 . Many parents will just give 13 to their children’s begging to buy themselves some peace, but in the long run, this approach will just teach children that 14 and crying is an acceptable their desires. behaviour. Parents must kindly but firmly train their children to 15 Parents can also teach children the value 16 budgeting, showing by example the fun and pleasure 17 in family picnics, hikes or long walks in the park. Giving birthdays presents that are 18 in meaning will teach children that the thought behind a 19 is more valuable than the cost. As parents teach children by their good example, 20 will learn to value people more than money.
  11. A. days B. children C. costs D. problems
  12. A. money B. desires C. requirement D. needs
  13. A. in B. up C. away D. out
  14. A. giving B. begging C. buying D. teaching
  15. A. pay B. wait C. prepare D. control
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  16. A. in
  17. A. found
  18. A. interesting
  19. A. value
  20. A. children 三、阅读理解 A A tourist was once traveling around Egypt, visiting small villages to learn about the lifestyles of local Egyptians. One day, as she started to take a photo of a group of students, suddenly all the children began to point at her and shout. The young lady was very embarrassed and quickly went over to the children’s teacher to explain. “I’m so sorry,” she apologized. “I know there are some places where people believe they will lose their souls if they’re photographed.” The teacher opened his mouth to say something, the tourist rushed on. “You see,” she continued, “this is a camera.” She went on, explaining how the camera operated and trying to convince him that everything was safe. Finally, she was sure that the teacher understood and let him speak. “It’s OK,” he said, smiling. “The children just wanted to tell you to take the cap off your camera’s lens!”
  21. The children shouted when the tourist was taking pictures of them because . A. they didn’t want to stop playing B. they didn’t want to have their pictures taken C. the tourist was not operating her camera well D. the tourist forgot to take off the cap on her head
  22. The tourist apologized to the teacher because . A. the children would lose their souls B. she had stayed in the village too long C. she didn’t take a picture of the teacher first D. she thought the children were afraid of her camera
  23. Which of the following is NOT right? A. The tourist misunderstood why the children shouted. B. The tourist knew something about people in their countries. C. The children wouldn’t mind if the tourist took pictures of them. D. The teacher was afraid that the tourist’s camera would hurt the children. B I was a teacher, but more importantly, I am a mother. Over the years, as I’ve compared both of my roles, I’ve concluded that a good education is not just the responsibility of teachers but even more that of parents. An education is not just the acquiring of facts but is rather the training of a mind in how to view the world. That training comes from a child’s home more than from school, whether the parents realize it or not. A parent should always be ready to listen to his child, no matter what. Of course, foolishness
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B. of B. finding B. cheap B. picnic B. parents
C. on C. sought C. rich C. present C. they
D. from D. seek D. meaningful D. fun D. people
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cannot be rewarded and success should not be over-praised, but the lines of communication should always be open. What a child who is constantly told he is lazy or stupid will find no joy in learning and will, as an adult, criticize and insult others to get what he wants. A parent will teach a child most powerfully through his own approach to life. Parents who love TV should not be surprised when their child does not learn to love books. Teenagers who hear their parents discussing problems will learn that real solutions require thought rather than finding someone to fix it with no personal effort. As parents consider how to raise their children, their first and most important thought should be to consider who they themselves are and how they live their own lives. A parent’s example will go farther toward educating a child than any memorization of facts ever will.
  24. What is the passage mainly about? A. Parent’s role in good education. B. Teacher’s role in good education. C. Encouragement in children’s education. D. Children’s independence in good education.
  25. The underlined part “success should not be over-praised” (Paragraph
  2) means that it is also important . A. for children to praise their parents B. for parents to praise their children a lot C. for parents to praise success just as much as it deserves D. for children to know their parents’ opinions and feelings
  26. What does the writer suggest parents do for a better education of their children? A. Give their children plenty of housework. B. Do difficult homework for their children. C. Be good examples to their children of how to live. D. Encourage passive pleasures instead of active ones. C In 2004, Ben Saunders became, at the age of 26, the youngest person ever to ski solo to the North Pole. It was his third attempt since 2001 to reach the North Pole alone without receiving supplies from anyone throughout his journey. He pulled his supply sled himself, covering hills of rocky ice to reach his goal. It was quite a change from the Ben Saunders of high school. As a child, Ben was the class fat kid, shy and always the last to be chosen for sports. When he turned 15, however, everything changed. He got a mountain bike for a birthday present. He learned to love it, riding alone in the forest near his home and then, after a while, with a friend who was a runner. As Ben continued to bike, he became determined to build up his body, his speed and his strength?and by 18, he ran in a mountain for the first time. Shortly after finishing school, Ben met a man named John Ridgway, who ran a school of adventure in Scotland. Ridgway hired Ben to work at his work at his school. There Ben became interested in the North Pole and began to think of finding his own adventures there. Since then, Ben has made exploration of the North and South Poles his life goal. He pushes his body to the limit, just to see how far his endurance can be pushed. He has made several expeditions to the North Pole and in October, 2008 plans his journey to the South Pole, the first
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expedition to return there on foot.
  27. What change happened to Saunders after he was 15 years old? A. He joined a sports team. B. He became good at maths. C. He began to build up his body. D. He made friends with a runner.
  28. The underlined word “expeditions” (Paragraph
  4) is closest in meaning to . A. journeys B. studies C. adventures D. operations
  29. Which of the following is the correct order of the events that happened to Saunders? a. He ran his first marathon. c. He rode his bike in a forest. b. He skied alone to the North Pole. d. He planned an adventure to the South Pole. A. a-b-d-c B. b-d-a-c C. a-b-c-d D. b-a-c-d
  30. What does the story mainly tell us about Saunders? A. He is the best skier. B. He is Ridgway’s best student. C. He is a good instructor at school. D. He has become a success in adventure expeditions. 四、短语填空(其中有两个是多余的) consist of assist in on purpose contribute greatly to squeeze out get absorbed in by accident prevent from fall ill defend … against concentrate on make no difference

  31. She works hard all day long, which will surely her success in the future.
  32. This province which thirteen counties and three coastal cities is gradually quickening its pace of economic development.
  33. You’ll be required to Mr Smith preparing a report.
  34. He reading a book, so he didn’t hear the doorbell.
  35. If you don’t more your work, you’ll be fired.
  36. The tall building can’t be an air attack.
  37. That mistake of his was not accidental; he just did it .
  38. It to you whether you like it or not, because you never listen to me.
  39. The mother was the juice of an orange to give to her baby.
  40. He didn’t come to school yesterday because he . 五、完成句子
  41.他清楚地表达了自己的观点。 He clearly expressed .
  42.陈老师病了;简老师替她代课。 Miss Chen was ill, so Miss Jian her.
  43.他发现自己选修历史主要是受了同学的影响。 He his classmates to choose history as one of his elective courses.
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  44.因担心这次旅途,我好几天都坐立不安。 , I was unsettled for several days.
  45.他从来不曾测验不及格,因为他很勤奋。 in an exam because he is very hardworking. 六、语言结构 Did your parents make you take music lessons? Recent research has shown that people (
  46) studied music as a child are able to remember words (
  47) better than people without musical training. One experiment was done with sixty female American college students. A similar study (
  48) carried out with ninety boys in Hong Kong of China. In (
  49) cases, students had to memorize words and pictures. Then they were asked how many they remembered. Scientists found that students who studied music were better at remembering words, (
  50) both groups remembered the pictures equally well. Perhaps (
  51) is easier to use your imagination to associate pictures with things in your life. (
  52) , you can make up stories for pictures. Scientists explain the difference (
  53) saying that both musical memory and verbal(语言)memory are located in the left side of the brain. Since verbal memory is very important for success at school, researchers now think that taking music lessons can give you a real academic advantage. In fact, (
  54) the students were tested a year later, the students who had stopped taking lessons (
  55) did well on verbal memory. Maybe it’s time to give music lessons a try! 七、书面表达 每年九月二十二日为“世界无车日” 。你所在的班级将要举办一次主题为“Everyone is a winner on Car Free Day!”的英语演讲比赛。请写一篇英语演讲稿,要求从以下几个方面阐述 推行“无车日”的必要性。
  4.提高环保意识。 注意:
  1.词数:不少于 1
  2.开头和结尾已经写好,且不计入总词数。 Hello, everyone! It’s a great honour to speak about Car Free Day here, and I think it is a good idea.
Thank you for listening!
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