Unit 1 Friendship riendship
【单元导航】 单元导航】 World War Ⅱ In 19
  33, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million.Many European Jews lived in the countries that Nazi Germany would occupy or influence.By 19
  45,nearly two out of every three European Jews had been killed as part of the “Final Solution”, which was the Nazi policy to murder all the Jews of Europe.
Section One Warming Up and Reading
  1.建议听无印良品的《朋友》和老狼的《睡在我上铺的兄弟》 ,感悟朋友的真正含义。
  2.选择下面的词语描绘你最要好的朋友 sociable,honest,friendly,easy?going,nervous,open?minded,anxious,careful, talented, talkative, nosy, thoughtful, generous, carefree, pessimistic, peaceful, optimistic,interesting,reliable,helpful,active,careless,caring,exact, adventurous, imaginative,hot?blooded,well?organised,trustworthy,patient,responsible, outgoing, kind,brave,warm?hearted,selfless,tolerant,etc.
  3.回答下列问题 (
  1)Why do you need friends?Make a list of reasons why friends are important to you. to cope with stressful situations in life;to share my worries and secrets in
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my inner world;to show my concern for other people;to let other people share my happiness;to unfold to other people the secrets in my heart (to name but few), etc. (
  2)What do you think a good friend should be like?List what a good friend should do and share the list with your partners. tell me the truth (honest);be good to me (friendly);be willing to consider or accept others’ ideas or opinions (open?minded);be willing to help others (generous or helpful);be good?tempered;think about what others need and try to help them (caring);be loyal to their responsibility (responsible);not easily upset (easy?going); be outgoing (like to meet and talk to new people);be tolerant (allow other people to have different opinions or do something in a different way);be selfless (to name but few),etc. (
  3)Does a friend always have to be a person?What else can be a friend? Answers can be various. (
  4)Do you think a diary can become your friend?Why or why not? Students’ answers may vary but must include a reason.e.g.Yes.I think it can be, because I can set down how I feel every day in my diary,and let other people read it to share my feelings some time later.Above all,it feels good to write down my thoughts and feelings on paper when I am sad or lonely. Ⅱ.速读课文, Ⅱ.速读课文,回答下列问题 速读课文
  1.Look at the pictures and the title of the reading passage.Guess what it might be about.
  2.Who was Anne’s best friend? Her diary?Kitty.
  3.When did the story happen? During World War Ⅱ.
  4.How many parts does it contain?What are the different parts about? It contains two parts.One part is one page of Anne’s diary,the other part is the
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background knowledge about Anne and her diary. Ⅲ.精读课文, Ⅲ.精读课文,回答下列问题 精读课文
  1.概括每段的大意 Para
  1:Anne made her diary her best friend whom she could tell everything to. Para
  2:Anne’s diary acted as her true friend during the time she and her family had to hide away for a long time. to do with nature.
  2.完成下列表格 The place of the story The heroine’s full name Her best friend The length of time her family hid away The time they started to hide
  3.匹配题 (
  1)Anne kept a diary because (
  2)She felt very lonely because (
  3)They had to hide because (
  4)Anne named her diary Kitty because A.She couldn’t meet her friends. B.Jews were caught by Nazis and put away. C.She could tell everything to it. D.She wanted it to be her best friend. 答案 (
  1)→C (
  2)→A (
  3)→B (
  4)→D Ⅳ.写出表达 Ⅳ.写出表达 Anne 感情的词 (
  1)Netherlands (
  2)Anne Frank (
  3)her diary?Kitty (
  4)over two years (
  5)July 1942 Para
  3:Having been kept indoors for so long,Anne grew so crazy about everything
sad,anxious,eager,excited,earnest,crazy,calm,lonely... Ⅴ.与同桌讨论、 Ⅴ.与同桌讨论、理解下列长难句并尝试翻译成汉语 与同桌讨论
  1.I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature.
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句子结构分析:If 引导的是 wonder 的宾语从句,其中含有一个强调句型,其结构是 It is/was+被强调部分+that+句子剩余的部分。be crazy about 意为对……着迷/疯狂; everything to do with nature 意为与自然有关的一切。 翻译: 我不知道这是不是因为我长久无法出门的缘故,我变得对一切与大自然有关的 事物都无比狂热。
  2.I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound. 句子结构分析:That 引导的是 remember 的宾语从句;there was a time when...意为 “曾经 一度,曾经有一段时间……” 。 翻译:我记得非常清楚,以前,湛蓝的天空、鸟儿的歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未令我心驰 神往过。
  3....it was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night face to face... 句子结构分析: It was+the first/second...time+that+ 主语+过去完成时态意 为“某人 第几次干某事”。 翻译:这是一年半以来我第一次目睹夜晚……
  4.I am only able to look at nature through dirty curtains hanging before very dusty windows. 句子结构分析: hanging before very dusty windows 在句中作定语,修饰 curtains。 翻译:我只能透过挂在沾满灰尘的窗前的脏兮兮的窗帘观看大自然。
Ⅵ.参考所提供的信息用第一人称来复述课文 Ⅵ.参考所提供的信息用第一人称来复述课文 Anne’s best friend what what kind when where what her diary told everything to World War Ⅱ Amsterdam,Netherlands hid away so as not to be caught
Anne’s feeling Time Before hiding Nature blue sky,songs of birds, moonlight,flowers Feeling never felt spellbound
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After hiding
darkness,rain,wind, thundering clouds
felt crazy,held in their power
Section Two Language Points
get.把得分加起来 看你能得多少。 把得分加起来,
  1. Add up your score and see how many points you get.把得分加起来,看你能得多少。
Add up all the money I borrowed from you. 把我从你那儿借的钱都加在一起。 If we add these marks up,we’ll get a total of
  90. 如果我们把这些分数加起来,总数就有九十分了。 He set down the weights of all the stones and then added them up. 他记下了所有石头的重量,然后合计起来。 add up 意为加起来;合计,是动副搭配;“把 A 加起来”表示为 add up+A 或 add+A +up,但若 A 为代词,表述为 add+A+up。 add to 增加 add...to...往……里添加…… add up to 总计;加起来等于 add that...补充说…… The bad weather added to our difficulty.坏天气增加了我们的困难。 Please add some sugar to the milk.请往牛奶里加些糖。 He expressed his thanks to me and added that he would come back. 他表达了对我的感谢之情并补充说他还会来的。
  1)The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather helplessness of the crew at sea. A.added to 答案 A (
  2)She gave many excuses,but what they A.added to C.added up 答案 B (
  3)All his schooling A.added up to C.is added up no more than one year. B.added to D.added B.resulted from C.turned out D.made up
was that she didn’t want to come. B.added D.added up to
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答案 A time,
  2. When he/she borrowed it last time,he/she broke it and you had to pay to get it repaired. 她上次借时,把它弄坏了,你得花钱维修。 repaired.他/她上次借时,把它弄坏了,你得花钱维修。
I must get the radio mended. 我必须把这台收音机修好。 He has got his hair cut.他已理发了。 get A done 意为叫人做 A,其中 get 意为使,过去分词 done 与 A 之间是动宾关系,即 被动关系。 get A done=have A done 让 A 被…… get A to do=have A do 让 A 去做…… get A doing=have A doing 使 A 一直做;容忍 A 做…… Get your father to come tomorrow.=Have your father come tomorrow. 明天叫你父亲来。 He got/had the light burning all the night. 他让灯通宵亮着。 We won’t have (get) anyone separating Taiwan from China. 我们不容忍任何人把台湾从中国分离出去。 I’ll get my bad teeth pulled out tomorrow. 明天我让人把坏牙拔掉。
  1)I got him to find a house for me (给我找房子). (
  2)She got the horse tied to the tree (拴在了树上). (
  3)I shouldn’t have got you standing (老站着). upset.你的朋友忧心忡忡地来到了学校。
  3. Your friend comes to school very upset.你的朋友忧心忡忡地来到了学校。
He was horribly upset over her illness.他为她的病而忧心忡忡。 I’m suffering from an upset stomach.我的肠胃正不舒服呢。 upset 系形容词,在句中可作表语、定语和状语,be upset over/about/at...意为因…… 感 到心烦意乱。 upset vt.(upset;upset;upsetting)使……心烦意乱;使……不适;打翻;打乱 Losing the necklace borrowed from her friend upset her completely.
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她把从朋友那儿借来的项链弄丢了,这使她心烦意乱。 The lousy food upsets my stomach.这糟糕的饭菜使我肠胃不适。 Be careful not to upset the bottle of ink.小心不要打翻了这瓶墨水。 Rain upset our plan for a picnic.下雨打乱了我们的野餐计划。
  1)Your choice upset him (使他不安). (
  2)Don’t be upset at/over/about it (别为这事心烦了).Just forget it. bell...不顾及铃声 不顾及铃声……
  4. ignore the bell...不顾及铃声……
He ignores my advice and goes on playing.他不顾我的劝告而继续玩。 His problems can’t be ignored.他的问题不容忽视。 ignore 是动词,意为忽视;不理睬。 ignorant adj.无知的;很无礼的 ignorance n.无知 He was driving very fast because he was ignorant of the speed limit. 他车开得很快,因为他不知道要限速。 His failure resulted from ignorance.他的失败起因于他的无知。
ignore 用 ignore 及其派生词的适当形式填空 (
  1)I said hello to her,but she ignored me completely. (
  2)I was ignorant of the fact that the boss could be so strict. (
  3)We are in complete ignorance of his plans. (
  4)He ignores the doctor’s advice and goes on smoking.
down... ...去某个安静的地方让你的朋
  5. ..and go somewhere quiet to calm your friend down...去某个安静的地方让你的朋 友平 静下来。 静下来。
Calm down;what’s the matter?镇定点,怎么了? The teacher calmed her students down.老师让学生们镇定了下来。 calm 是动词,意为镇定,使……平静下来;calm down 意为平静下来;系动副搭配。 calm 也可用作形容词或名词。
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keep calm 保持镇定 When in trouble,she is calm.面对困境,她很沉着。 The city was calm after the war.战后该城宁静了。 They sat in the yard to enjoy the calm of the evening. 他们坐在院子里享受这夜晚的宁静。 Keep calm when in danger.身处危险时要保持镇定。 单词 calm 意义区别 用于人时,指内心平静; 用于自然界时,形容风和日丽的天 气或风平浪静的海洋。 用于人时,指生性安静的; quiet 用于自然界时,指没有干扰、喧闹 或骚动。 still silent 表示暂时不动、静止,强调不作出 动作。 沉默的,主要指不说话或不喧闹。
When facing danger,one should keep calm;when taken photos,one should keep still; when someone else is asleep,one should keep quiet;in class,one shouldn’t keep silent about the teacher’s questions. 一个人面对危险时,应该保持镇静;照相时,要保持不动;当其他人睡觉时,应保持 安静;在课堂上,对老师的提问不应保持沉默。
calm,quiet, 用 calm,quiet,still 和 silent 填空 (
  1)Please be quiet.Don’t make so much noise. (
  2)Stand still while I take a photo of you. (
  3)Whatever I asked him,Kerry still kept silent. (
  4)We must be calm in an emergency. (
  5)After the storm,the sea was calm. him/her...你担心他 你担心他/
  6. ...you are concerned about him/her...你担心他/她……
We’re rather concerned about father’s health.我们相当担心父亲的健康。 I am concerned about my little brother.我关心我的小弟弟。 concerned 既是 concern 的过去分词,也可用作形容词,作表语或定语;be concerned about 意为关心……,为……而担心。
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concern v.影响;涉及;n.担心,忧虑;关心 as far as...be concerned 关于;至于;就……而言 be concerned over sth.=be concerned about sth.为某事担忧;关心…… be concerned with/in 牵涉到,与……有关 Everyone who was concerned in the affair regrets it very much. 参与此事的人对此都深感遗憾。 As far as I am concerned,I am against the plan.就我个人而言,我反对这计划。 This matter concerns the healthy growth of the children deepl


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