welcome to the wildlife world
Panda 熊猫
Golden Monkey 金丝猴
Tibetan Antelope 藏羚羊
South China Tiger 华南虎
Milu Deer 糜鹿
Koala Bear 树袋熊
Blue Whale 蓝鲸
Zebra斑马 斑马
Elephant 大象
Unit 4
Wildlife Protection
bone fur
How Daisy Learned to Help Wildlife
Fast reading for general ideas

  1. Who took her there? A flying carpet.
  2. Where did Daisy go?
  3. What kind of animal did she meet in each place? place animal part Tibet Zimbabwe Rainforest a an an antelope elephant monkey Para.1 Para.2 Para.3-4
Detailed reading Tibetan antelope animal
Part 1 sad feeling
They are beingwhy for the wool killed beneath their stomachs Their fur is being used to make sweaters for people. They’re now an endangered species. result W we need wildlife protection. hy main idea
An elephant in Zimbabwe animal Part 2 situation An endangered in the past species Both farmers and why tourists hunt them. Numbers are now increasing
With thewhy of the help government, farmers earns money from the tourism…tourists…
A good examplemain idea protection. of wildlife
Part 3
A monkey animal Rubbing itself with a What is it doing? millipede insect
A powerful why which can drug protect it from mosquitoes Pay more attention to the rainforest. result No rainforest, no animals, no drugs. Tell WWF to produce this new drug. plan What we can get from wildlife protection. Main idea
Discussion in pairs What ways of wildlife protection can we learn from each part?
We should Part1: stop man from killing them. Part2: build the protection zone. Part3: pay more attention to their habitat.
Language Study (retelling) One day Daisy went to see the animals that gave fur to make her sweater in a flying carpet. It flew away Tibet to in China first, where she saw an , whose wool was used antelope to make sweaters. As a result, they are now an endangered species.
Then the carpet flew away toZimbabwe ,
elephant where Daisy saw an excited . The
elephant said they were endangered there.
Farmers used to hunt them without mercy. protect them The farmers didn’t want to even if tourists love to see them because they
were considered to have destroyed the farms.
government’s help, farmers were Thanks to the happy paid ,so they felt and the elephants’ increasing numbers were .
Then the flying carpet rose again and almost at once they were in a thick rain . monkey forest A was rubbing a millipede insect drug which contains a powerful over his body because it could protect him mosquitoes from . So Daisy decided to produce this new drug with the help of . The carpet rose and flew home. WWF
What can we do to help endangered animals?
Measures to protect the endangered animals:
★ Protect the environment ★ Build conservation zones ★ Stop people killing endangered animals ★Collect money to protect them.
Please do remember:
Animals are our friends. Stop hunting, killing and destroying wildlife. Let’s live in harmony with all the living things. To love animals is to love ourselves!
Homework ? Read the passage . ? Newspaper: close test, reading A&B.
Thank you! Bye-bye Bye-


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