Earthquake in Wenchuan
The definition of Volunteer
People who help others in their community or outside their community would be called volunteers. However, they would not be called volunteers if they help their parents, other relatives or friends.
Act out
Just do it!
If everybody offers a little love, the world will become more beautiful.
Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Do you know where PNG is?
巴布亚在马来语中意为“卷发人” 巴布亚在马来语中意为“卷发人”。 16世纪中叶 葡萄牙人来到该岛时 见当地 世纪中叶, 世纪中叶 葡萄牙人来到该岛时, 居民和自然景观很像非洲的几内亚, 故称之 居民和自然景观很像非洲的几内亚 为新几内亚。 为新几内亚。
极乐鸟) 巴布亚新几内亚国旗和国徽 (极乐鸟 极乐鸟
? 首 都: 莫尔兹比港 Port Moresby ? 面 积:
  46.2万平方公里 万平方公里 ? 人 口: 430万人 万人 语 言: 英语 ? 民 族: 美拉尼西亚族 ? 宗 教: 基督教新教、拜物教 基督教新教、 ? 货 币: 基那 国庆节: 月 日 国庆节 9月16日 ? 时 差: 比北京时间早 小时 比北京时间早2小时 ? 气 候: 热带雨林气候
Look at the photos and answer the questions.
  1. What kind of student was in Jo’s class?

  2. Describe the classrooms?
The classrooms are made with wooden poles and have bamboo walls and grass roofs (except for the new science lab which has a metal roof). The floor has bamboo matting on it. The walls do not reach the roofs (except the walls of the science lab). There is no glass in the windows.
Differences from my classroom 1 Some of the walls are missing. 2 There is a pole holding up the roof in the middle of the room. 3 There is no school uniform. 4 The students have no textbooks. 5 There is no glass in the windows. 6 The students have no repair the classroom themselves.
Choose the best answer.
  1. The purpose that the author wrote the A letter is that . A. she wanted to tell Rosemary her teaching life in the high school. B. she wanted to tell Rosemary her learning life in the high school. C. she wanted to tell Rosemary that she couldn’t get any money by teaching the poor students D. she wanted to tell Rosemary how happy she was in the small village.

  2. In a chemistry experiment the boys jumped out of the windows because they A . A. were frightened by the bubbling mixture B. couldn’t stand the terrible smell of the mixture C. didn’t like doing chemistry experiments D. knew chemistry was not relevant to them

  3. Which of the following is TRUE about Jo’s attitude? C A. She is sure that all the boys will go to college in the future. B. She believes that chemistry is very useful to the boys. C. She is wondering if she can make any difference to the boys’ lives. D. She doesn’t like the simple life in the mountain village.

  4. Which of the descriptions is NOT right about Tombe’s house? A. It was a low bamboo hut with grass sticking out of the roof. B. It was dark and there was a fireplace in the centre of it. C. C It was round-shaped, with small windows and a narrow doorway. D. There were only a few possessions in it.
A proverb to enjoy
Roses given, fragrance in hand.
赠人玫瑰, 手留余香。 赠人玫瑰 手留余香。



   A land of Diversity The First Period Reading California 1. Which flag is American flag? A. B. C. 2. Which city is the capital of the USA? A.New York B.Washington D.C C.Los Angeles 3. How many states are there in the USA? A. 47 B. 48 C. 49 D. 50 4. ...

高二英语 Unit2 《Robots》Reading课件 新人教版选修7

   Reading There are many types of robots and they can do different work. Can you name some of them? 机器猫 Entertainment robots Industrial robots 工业机器人 Domestic robots家用机器人 家用机器人 The robot which can play with children. The robot which can play football. ...

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   八年级人教新目标下册 Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived? Reading bell flight Word study earth playground hero I’m a hero. You’re a hero, too. terrorist 恐怖分子 murder 谋杀 凶杀 谋杀;凶杀 destroy 破坏 毁坏 破坏;毁坏 kill 杀死 致死 杀死;致死 World Trade Center September 11, ...

中考英语Unit 1 Reading

   1. 学英语对我们来说很重要 学英语对我们来说很重要. for It is important us learn English. to 更多资源 更多资源 2. 我决定放学后去打篮球 我决定放学后去打篮球. I decide basketball after school. to play 3. 我害怕在课堂上讲英语 我害怕在课堂上讲英语. I’m English in class. afraid to speak 4. 我现在喜欢学英语了 我现在喜 ...


   初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语 专题名称: 〖 Reading〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Reading〗 【教学目标】 1. To develop students’ reading skills (skimming and scanning) 2. To get the useful information of the text 3. To guess the meaning of words and expressions in the text 4. To ga ...

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   How Daisy Learned To Help Wildlife Let‘s leave our children a living planet. planet. -- World Wildlife Fund Read & answer: 1.Which animal is being protected? (elephant and rhino) 2.Which animal is likely to disappear altogether? 3.Which animal ...

牛津初中英语8B Unit2 Reading

   牛津初中英语 8B Unit2 Reading Teaching aims: 1. To read a letter about a holiday in Japan. 2. To expand vocabulary to talk about traveling. 3. To identify specific details by answering questions. Background information: Sanrio Puroland is a multi-level i ...

牛津初中英语8B Uint1 Reading 1

   牛津初中英语 8B Uint1 Reading 1 【教学目标】1.了解掌握本课出现的重点单词和词组。 2.理解课文内容(The changes to Sunshine Town)。3.能用本节课所学知识,简单描述周围变化。 【重点难点】1.训练学生阅读理解能力。2.部分词汇: used to..; dump…into ; get married (to sb) 【教学过程】 Step One Pre-reading Teaching new items by pictures Past P ...

初一下学期英语学案Unit4 ReadingB

   初一下学期英语学案 Unit 4 Reading B Things at home 学习目标:1. 阅读常见家用电器的使用须知,了解各种能源之间的转化,学习 电器名称以及如何使用祈使句表达指示。 2. 词汇目标:advice ( ), pot ( ), housewife ( ), careful ( ); metal ( ); leave…on… ( ); free…from… ( ); be careful of… ( ); on the safe side ( ); make sure ...

译林牛津英语Module10 unit1 Reading 11课件

   Give a man a fish Michael Jackson Bob Geldof Give a man a fish Listen to the record and answer these questions. 1. When was Live Aid held? On 13th July, 1985. 2. What does WFP stand for? The World Food Programme. 3. How many people has the WFP help ...



   Unit1 My story Lesson1 Learn to say 1. Hi! I’m Li Ming. I’m 13 years old. I’m 160 cm tall and weigh 45 kg. I’m growing fast. I will go to middle school in September. 13 years old 13岁 ; 160 cm tall 1.6米高 cm?centimeter 厘米;kgkilogram 千克 weigh v. 重; we ...


   (一) As we know, Xiao Shenyang and Liu Qian did wonderful jobs in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Now many people are crazy about these two persons. But how much do you know about them? Xiao Shenyang was born in a poor peasant family which is in diff ...


   当前最流行的 100 个英语句子 1. How are you doing?(你好吗?) 。 2. I'm doing great。(我过得很好。) 。 3. What's up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?) 。 4. Nothing special。(没什么特别的。) 。 5. Hi. Long time no see。(嗨,好久不见了。) 。 6. So far so good。(到目前为止,一切都好。) 。 7. Things couldn't be better。(一切顺利 ...


   形容词、副词 四、 形容词、副词 (一) 知识概要 形容词的用法很活跃,在英语中用处也很多,但英语中修饰可数名词和不可数名词的修饰语和词组有时 不同,要特别加以注意。下面将初中学习阶段中遇到的修饰可数名词的词和词组归纳如下:many, no, several, some, a few, a lot, lots, plenty, plenty of, a lot of, a large number of, enough。而修饰不可数名词的词 或词组如下:much, no, some, ...


   2008 年 12 月大学英语四级听力真题 MP3 下载 Short Conversations 11.M: I just received an Email from one of my former . classmates. I was surprised, I hadn’t heard from him for ’ ages. W: Well, I’ve been out of touch with most of my old friends, only one or two st ...