? ? 4444444444 ? ? By Blair 777777777777777777 ? If you think you can,then you can Book 5 Module 1 Grammar 咿呀咿呀咿呀呀

  1.(06 辽宁)The father as well as children every Sunday afternoon in winter. ( 辽宁) A. is going B. go C. goes D. are going
  2.(06 上海 Send my regards to your lovely wife when you home. 上海) A. wrote B. will write C. have written D. write
  3.(08 湖南 ? Do you have any problems if you this job? 湖南) ? Well, I’m thinking about the salary…. A. offer B. will offer C. are offered D. will be offered
  4.(06 辽宁 I think it is necessary for my 19-year-old son to have his own mobile phone, for I 辽宁) sometimes want to make sure if he home for dinner. A. come B. comes C. has come D. will come
  5. According to the time-table, the train for Shanghai at 7 o’clock in the evening. A. leaves B. has left C. was left D. will leave
  6. (06 四川 Look at the timetable. Hurry up! Flight 4026 off at 18:
  20. 四川) A. takes B. took C. will be taken D. has taken
  7. Galileo collected facts that proved the earth around the sun. A. moved B. moves C. has moved D. had moved
  8. ??Can I help you, sir? ??Yes, I bought this radio yesterday, but it . A. didn’t work B. won’t work C. can’t work D. doesn’t work
  9. (06 浙江 This machine . It hasn’t worked for years. 浙江) A. didn’ t work B. wasn’ t working C. doesn’ t work D. isn’ t working
  10. (06 全国 The house belongs to my aunt but she here any more. 全国) A. hasn't lived B. didn't live C. hadn't lived D. doesn't live
  11. Every few years, the coal workers their lungs X-rayed to ensure their health. A. are having B. have C. have had D. had had
  12. Barbara is easy to recognize as she’s the only one of the women who evening dress. A. wear B. wears C. has worn D. have worn
  13. The palace caught fire three times in the last century, and little of the original building now. A. remains B. is remained C. is remaining D. has been remained
  14. The wet weather will continue tomorrow, when a cold front to arrive.? , ? A. is expected B. is expecting? C. expects D. will be expected ?
  15. Have you seen my e-mail about our TESL, project? Yes. Luckily, I checked my e-mails yesterday. Normally, I my e-mail-box for days. A.haven’t opened B.didn’t open C.hadn’t opened D.don’t open . . . .
  16. He will come to see you the moment he his work. A. will finish B. finishes C. would finish D. had finished
  17. If their marketing plans succeed,they their sales by 20 percent.? , ? A. will increase B. have been increasing
C. have increased D. would be increasing
  18. ?Shall I call at your house at seven o’clock tomorrow evening? ?I a walk in the park. So you won’t find me at home then. A. shall be taking B. shall take C. will take D. am taking
  19. Let’s discuss the question raised last night, shall we? There is no hurry for that. I for a conference. A. headed B. was heading C. am heading D. have headed
  20. Once education is made free,many children who have dropped out of school . , A. will come back B. came back C. have come back D. had come back
  21. Ring me at six tomorrow morning, will you? Why that early? I . A. will be sleeping B. have slept C. have been sleeping D. will sleep
  22. ?Is Tom still smoking? ? No. By next Saturday he for a whole month without smoking a single cigarette. A. will go B. will have gone C. goes D. has been going
  23. Look at these black clouds . It soon Sure. If only we out. A .is raining, didn’t come B. is to rain, won’t start.. C. will rain, haven’t started D. is going to rain, hadn’t come
  24. My money . I’d better go to the bank to draw some in case I none in hand. A. has run out; will have B. is running out; have C. has been run out of; will have D. is running out of; have
  25. ? Sorry, I to buy the book you need for you. ? Never mind. it myself after school. A. forget; I’d rather buy B. forgot; I’ll buy C. forgot; I’m going to buy D. forget; I’d better buy
  26. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane . A. takes off B. is taking off C. has taken off D. took off
  27. By the time you arrive in London,we in Europe for two weeks . , A.shall stay B.have stayed C.will have stayed D.have been staying . . . .
  28. Why not come over at the weekend? The childrenseeing you again. . A.enjoyed B.will enjoy C.would enjoy D.have enjoyed . . . .
  29. ?We should get together next week. ?Sounds like a plan! I you a call. A. will give B. would give C. have given D. give
  30. I pingpong quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since the new year. A. will play B. have played C. played D. play
  31. leave at the end of this month. I don’t think you should do that until another job. A. I will; you’ve found B. I’m going to ; you’ve found C. I will ; you’d find D. I’m going to ; you’d find
  32. How can I apply for an online course ? Just fill out this form and we what we can do for you. A. see B. are seeing C. have seen D. will see
  33. What are you going to do this afternoon ? I am going to the cinema with some friends. The film quite early, so we to the bookstore after that. A. finished; are going B. finished; go C. finishes; are going D. finishes; go
  34. I feel it is your husband who for the spoiled child. A. is to blame B. is going to blame C. is to be blamed D. should blame
  35. Remember to send me a photo of us next time you to me. A. are writing B. will write C. has written D. write

  36. Because the shop , all the T-shirt are sold at half price. A. has closed down B. closed down C. is closing down D. had closed down
  37. Do I have to take this medicine ? It so terrible. A. tastes B. is tasting C. is tasted D. has tasted
  38. Would you like to tell me what our teacher said just now? She said that light faster than sound. A. travels B. traveled C. would travel D. was traveling
  39. There a dolphin show in the zoo tomorrow evening. A. was B. is going to have C. will have D. is going to be 1-5 CDCDA 6-10 ABDCD 31 BDCAD 36 CAAD 11-15 BBAAD 16-20 BAACA 21-25 ABDBB 26-30 BCBAD



   停停停停停停停停停停 " " 4444444444 " " By Blair 777777777777777777 " If you think you can,then you can Book 5 Module 1 Grammar 咿呀咿呀咿呀呀 1.(06 辽宁)The father as well as children every Sunday afternoon in winter. ( 辽宁) A. is going B. go C. goes D. are going 2. ...


   一、写出下列动词的单三形式: (一) 1.go 5. do 9. drink 13.eat 2. catch 6. like 10.fly 14.read 3. brush 7. have 11.say 4. wash 8. watch 12.learn 15.sing brush (二) study stay make look pass carry come watch plant teach 二、用括号内动词的适当形式填空。 (一) 1. We often(play) in the p ...


   小学英语一般现在时练习题 一、将下列句子译成英语 1. 汤姆喜欢英语。 2. 他们看电视。 3. 杰克是个老师。 4. 妈妈在 11 点吃午饭。 5. 我们踢足球。 二、变否定句。 1. He wants a book. 2. Jimmy washes hands before dinner. 3. Lisa likes milk very much. 4. They walk to school. 5. Lingling and Dandan are 10 years old. 6. I ...

小学英语 一般现在时练习题

   小学英语 一般现在时练习题 常用词复习 Often 经常 usually 通常 always 一直,总是 everyday 每天 Every month 每月 every week 每周 every night 每晚 From…to… 从…到… From Monday to Friday 从周一到周五 From January to December 从一月到十二月 一、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1、Tom (get) up early everyday. 2、John 3、Jack us ...


   一般现在时 代词 " 第一人称: 单数 I " 第二人称: 单数 you " 第三人称: 单数 he, she, it 复数 we 复数 you 复数 they 三单: 三单: 第三人称单数 一般现在时 1.表示现在的状态: e.g. He’s twelve. She’s at work. 2.表示经常或习惯性的动作: e.g. I get up at 6:30 every day. He reads English every morning. 3.表示主语具备的性格和能力等: e.g. ...


   中考英语时态复习: 中考英语时态复习:一般现在时 一般现在时是英语中应用最广泛的时态之一,是中考复习的重点。它表示 1)经常性、习惯性的动作或存在的状态。e.g. I go to school on foot. He is very busy now. 2)表示主语的特征、性格、能力、爱好等。e.g. He can swim. I work hard. I like watching TV. 3)表示客观真理 e.g. There are seven days in a week. The ...


   量子场女生英语 www.lzcyy.net 承诺中考 115 分、高考 120 分 一般现在时 七年级英语专项讲练 一般现在时 一般现在时①表示现在的状态,如:He is twelve. Kate is in the room.②表示经常发生或习惯性的动作或状 态,如:We often write to each other. 我们时常相互通信。③表示主语现在的性格、特征、能力,如:I like English. We can speak Chinese. I.当谓语动词是 be 时 闯关练 ...


   中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家 教学内容 Chenken, Do remember: read the sentences carefully before you answer the questions~~~ StepI:检查并平讲错题 : StepII: 动词的时态(一) 动词的时态( 一、一般现在时 (1) 概念和用法 ①定义 定义:一般现在时表示现在经常反复发生的动作、存在的状态或习惯性的动作的时态。 定义 ②构成:一般现在时用行为动词的原形, 构成: 构成 当主语为第三人称单数 ...


   The Simple Present Tense 一般现在时态 一般现在时(The Simple Present Tense) 1.表示现在的状态: e.g. He's twelve. She's at work. 2.表经常或习惯性的动作: e.g. I get up at 6:30 every day. morning. He reads English every morning. 3.表主语具备的性格和能力等: e.g. She likes noodles. French. They ...

杂七杂八【资料】_七年级英语专项讲练 一般现在时_(整理)

   杂七杂八的资料,一起整理都上传了 历史无声走,潮流滚滚来。(五言律绝?潮流) 闭月偷偷乐,泥牛不进村。(五言律绝?月黄昏) 雾里看花花看月,云中游月月游云。(七言律绝?迷离境) 人遇万难何所惧,心中不灭夜明灯。(七言律诗?心灯不灭) 空山松子悄悄落,黑白盘中局局迷。(七言律绝?烂柯山悟道) 一般现在时 七年级英语专项讲练 一般现在时 一般现在时①表示现在的状态,如:He is twelve. Kate is in the room.②表示经常发生或习惯性的动作或状 态,如:We often ...



   01. account for [1]说明(原因等) His illness account for his absence from school. 他因病未能去上学. ; That accounts for it. 原来如此. [2](将保管的款项)记账; [3]对……负责.( answer for ) 02. add up to [1]合计,总计;(amount to ,count up to ) These figures add up to 117. [2]结果. 03. allo ...


   2009 年北京市高级中等学校招生考试 英语试卷 学校 学校 姓名 姓名 准考证号 准考证号 1、 本试卷分为第 I 卷和第 II 卷,共 12 页。 考 生 须 知 2、 本试卷满分 120 分,考试时间 120 分钟。 3、 在试卷和答题卡上准确填写学校名称、姓名、准考证号。 4、 试题答案一律填涂或书写在答题卡上,在试卷上作答无效。 5、 在答题卡上,选择题用 2B 铅笔作答,其他试题用黑色字迹签字笔作答。 6、 考试结束,请将本试卷和答题卡一并交回。 第I卷 (共 70 分) 听力理 ...


   able,abil =能力 ability n. 能力,才干 able a.有能力的,出色的 disable vt.使无能,使失效,使伤残 enable vt.使能够,使可能 acro = 顶端、尖端、高处 acrobat n.特技演员,杂技演员 acrocarpous a.顶端结实的 acrogen n.顶生植物 acromegalic a.肢端肥大症患者的 acronym n.首字母简略词,简称 acrophobia n.恐高症 acropolis n.城堡,雅典的卫城 act = 做、 ...


   中考英语完形填空解题技巧与专项练习 "完形填空(CLOZE TEST)"是初中英语试题中固定而重要的题型.它是一种障碍性的测试 题.在一定程度上考查考生的阅读能力,逻辑推理及分析归纳,综合判断能力.这种题型归 纳起来有如下特点: 1.在整份试卷中所占的分值较重,占 10?15%,长度一般在 130?200 个单词左右. 2.降低了对单词本身的考查要求,重点考查考生对短文的整体理解,上下文的段落衔接, 情理分析及推理判断能力. 3.针对初中学生的实际水平,一般采用故事体,尽 ...

TPR 教学法应用论文:用TPR 教学法促进小学生英语词汇教学

   TPR 教学法应用论文: TPR 教学法 教学法应用论文: 用 促进小学生英语词汇教学 【摘 要】针对中国小学英语词汇教学中的问题,笔者 认为 TPR 教学法能有效促进小学英语词汇教学。从其特点、 教学步骤和优势等几个方面进行分析,说明此教学法对小学 英语词汇教学的作用。 【关键词】 TPR 英语词汇 听力领先 一、 引言 在小学英语教学中,词汇教学是英语课堂教学的重要环 节。词汇教学的主要目的是使学生掌握一定数量的词汇,并 能够使其在语言实践中灵活运用。新颁布的英语课程标准要 求小学毕业时 ...