1. China's entry into the World Trade Organization has as important a meaning to China as the U.S. A. which does to C. it does to B. it has D. what it is up with suggestions for resolving the economic crisis. D. gave

  2. After a lengthy discussion, the experts finally A. came B. set C. caught

  3. You know that you were driving at 100 kilometres per hour, don't you? No, officer, I A. mustn't have been. This car can't do more than
  80. B. shouldn't C. may not D. couldn't

  4. Mr Black, I just can't get my car started. I think there's something wrong with the engine. Oh, let me see. Ah, that is not A. why B. when it is. Actually, your car has used up all the petrol. C. where D. which

  5. What are you reading? Some books on children. A. / ; / B. the; / C. the; the D. /; the late for his lectures. education, I'm now interested in education of young

  6. Although punctual (守时) himself, the professor was quite used A. to have students C. for students to be B. for students' being D. to students' being

  7. Oh, it's you! I didn't recognize you. I my hair cut, and I dark glasses.
A. had; was wearing C. had; wore
B. have had; am wearing D. have had; wear

  8. Studies show that the things that contribute most to a sense of happiness cannot be bought, a good family life, friendship and work satisfaction. A. for example C. in case of
  9. All things A. considered C. considering B. in view of D. such as , the planned trip has to be called off. B. be considered D. having considered up to half will be from overseas.

  10. The course normally attracts 20 students per year, A. in which C. with which
  11. A. Were; sold these periodicals (期刊) B. Are; selling B. for whom D. of whom well? C. Are; sold ?
D. Have; sold

  12. He had little idea that it was getting so late, A. didn't he B. wasn't it C. did he
D. was it

  13. Jose de San Martin was born in A. which B. what C. that
today is Argentina, on February 25, 17
  78. D. where
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  14. A teacher must see to it that every one of his students develops A. extremely B. fairly C. hurriedly D. properly

  15. Are you sure you can help me find Of course, but not now. I'm heading for A. a; a B. a; / C. the; a
bed for my new house? bed and a good sleep. D. a; the

  16. It's five years since I lived in San Francisco. --? B. Where are you living now D. Are you going to stay here longer a man. B. ran to; knocked upon D. ran for; knocked at
A. Were you used to living here C. How long have you been here
  17. The boy A. run to; knocked into C. ran for; knocked into
  18. the ball and
full preparations, we decided to put off the meeting till next week. A. We did not make C. We had not made B. To have not made D. Not having made he found he thought was the correct way

  19. It was not until dark to solve the problem. A. that; what
  20. A. How; for
  21. Smoking, if A. continuing
  23. A. Being ill
B. that; that C. when; what proud the Wangs were B. What; of
D. when; that their bright son!
C. How; of
D. What; of
, will do you great harm. B. to continue C. continued D. continues
, so she had to be sent to the hospital. B. She was seriously ill
C. She being ill D. Having been ill
  24. Which of the following can not be used to complete this sentence: Is this the book A. that B. which you borrowed from the library? C. / right. C. insisted D. was proved before lunch. D. being done D. the one

  25. As time went on, Einstein's theory A. suggested B. proved

  26. I like to get up early so that I can get plenty of work A. done B. to do C. doing

  27. I'm sorry I can't hand in my composition today. But you me you to hand it in today. B. promised; were going D. have promised; are going that my children are taken good care of while I'm away? B. yourself C. me D. it
A. have promised; were going C. had promised; would
  28. Will you see to A. them
the window, my finger was cut unexpectedly.
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A. Cleaning
B. To clean
C. While cleaning D. While I was cleaning ?

  30. Tom, you make bed before breakfast, All right, Mum. A. don't you B. doesn't he
C. will you to, David or me? C. have speak
D. do you

  31. Whom is it that you'd rather A. to speak
  32. B. have spoken
D. speak
as the best one in the city, the school was praised by the government. A. Regarding B. Regarded C. Being regarded D. Having been regarded

  33. This is Li Ping speaking. Hi, Li Ping, please stay at home, I'll cinema together. A. call for
  34. It was nearly 11 p.m. A. that B. wait for C. look for D. care for you at 7 o'clock and we'll go to the
he arrived there from his office. B. when C. until D. while

  35. Do you have any idea what Hawk does all day? I know he spends at least as much time watching TV as he A. does writing
  36. John's mother bought her a A. Chinese beautiful blue silk C. beautiful blue Chinese silk
  37. the reporter come in and A. Shall; would
  38. When are you leaving? My plane A. takes off at 10:
  45. B. took off C. will take off 2,000 yuan is B. paid; very worth D. paid; good value for milk? I used to like sugar. C. and; but D. or; but I expected. D. is about to take off the money. B. Will; will B. writes C. is writing skirt on her birthday. B. Chinese blue beautiful silk D. beautiful blue silk Chinese you give an interview to him right now? C. Can; would D. Need; can . D. spends to write

  39. The washing mashing for which I A. spent; worth C. cost; well worth
  40. Sugar
Only milk, please, A. and; and
  41. The reason A. why; that B. or; and
he explained is not at all B. that; that
C. that; what D. which; that true.

  42. The theory Einstein stuck to A. was proved
  43. We doubt A. that; carry out C. that; insist on
  44. Realizing that his mother wouldn't B. proved Jack will
C. prove his promise.
D. proving
B. whether; carry out D. whether; insist on up until one o'clock, the boy had to prepare lunch
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his own. A. come; of
  45. Who would you rather A. have to go
  46. The cook A. lied; laid; lain
  47. A. For B. appear; by C. get; for with you to the cinema? B. have go the egg B. lied; laid; laid C. have gone D. go on the table was C. laid; lay; lied by him. D. lays; lying; lain D. turn; on
we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work. B. Now that C. Ever since D. By now

  48. Don't be disappointed. Have another go, OK? --. B. My pleasure when she told a lie. B. away . B. to get such a chance will be difficult D. such a chance might never come again C. up D. out C. No problem D. Good idea
A. With pleasure
  49. Her face gave her A. off
  50. Once lost,
A. it's hard to get such a chance again C. we can never get such a chance again

  51. The disease she suffers from is not easy to cure. I know, but is she A. much B. little better? C. even you had dinner with me yesterday D. any you

  52. Could it be in the restaurant in left behind your keys and your wallet? A. that; which B. which; that
C. where; that here?
D. that; where

  53. Are all the names in your class Yes, all A. listed; include mine.
B. listing; includes C. listed; including D. being listed; being include on the platform of freezing cells without

  54. In the 1940's a group of scientists in England damaging them. A. worked B. were working
C. had been working
D. have been working

  55. I always look out when crossing the street. You're right. You can't be too A. nervous
  56. How did you B. careful the movie last night? . C. hurried D. careless
Oh, both interesting and instructive. A. find B. consider C. think D. feel the students all love and respect. D. that

  57. As far as I know, Miss Han is such a good teacher A. whose B. as C. which

  58. I'd like to go to the cinema with you, Dad. Sorry, my darling, but the film is A. admitted B. promised for grown-ups only. C. permitted D. intended
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  59. We should prevent pollution A. from living
  60. is it B. to live
happily. C. from being lived D. to living he is today?
has made Peter
A. What; that; that B. That; that; what C. What; what; that D. What; that; what
  61. Did you check the progress of the project yourself? --A. Yes, I had . B. Yes, I checked C. No, I had it checked D. Yes, I had it checked

  62. It is weeks since he was drunk. So it is. . B. He has been drunk for weeks D. He had been drunk for weeks. . D. to be disappeared
A. We haven't seen him drunk for weeks C. He has never been drunk
  63. Where is my umbrella? It seems A. to have lost
  64. All the pop stars A. flied
  65. She A. should be
B. to have missed C. to have disappeared to England or the USA for free. B. were flown C. were flied
D. had flown
on her way to school. I just called her home and got no answer. B. might have been C. must be D. could have been

  66. Does your brother always work so hard? Yes, A. whenever he catches a cold or has a fever sometimes. B. no matter how C. although D. even though left in the basket. C. all D. no one

  67. He wanted some more apples but there was A. none
  68. He must be B. something at his failure, for his
expression can tell us. B. surprising; surprised D. surprising; surprising the Chinese won. C. since D. after
A. surprised; surprising C. surprised; surprised
  69. The war with Japan lasted eight years A. before
  70. The old cloth has a A. sign
  71. Out B. until
of red and white squares and it can be made into blouses. B. signal C. form D. pattern
after the door was opened. C. the dog ran D. had the dog run
A. did the dog run B. ran the dog
  72. I when you rang me up last night. A. must be sleeping C. must have been sleeping
  73. Kate is always two hours late. What A. can have happened C. should have happened
  74. Is this village A. the one you once stayed? B. where
B. must have slept D. should have slept to her? B. may have happened D. must have happened
C. which
D. that
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  75. When you read books, you'd better make a mark A. at which B. at where
you have any questions. C. the place where D. where music," it doesn't mean he is

  76. When someone says, "Well, I guess I'll have to face planning to go to A. the; the
  77. She will not join us, concert. B. a; a the case. C. the; a
D. a; the
A. as well may be B. as may well be C. as well as is
  78. Don't get that ink on your coat, for it A. isn't washing out .
D. as well as may be
B. doesn't wash out C. won't wash out D. won't be washing out

  79. Shall I tell Mary how to improve her English? Yes, but A. a too long list
  80. Please wait for me of suggestions may discourage her. B. too long a list the two roads meet. C. where D. there where C. list too long D. a list of too long
A. the place where B. at the place which
  81. The wining team was A. offered
with a silver cup. B. presented C. awarded . D. supplied

  82. The situation is worsening. In my opinion, such means A. is worthy of consideration C. is worth considering
  83. The weather here is pleasant, A. whenever B. however
B. are worthy to be considered D. are worth to be considered the season is. C. whatever D. whichever

  84. Where can I get this medicine? At A. any
  85. You cannot be A. very
  86. Chinese A. add up chemist's. It's on sale everywhere. B. each C. some D. certain
careful when you drive a car. B. too C. so D. quite
the largest percentage of the population of Macao. B. hold up C. set up D. make up

  87. How is the wounded worker? He A. had died though the doctor made every effort to save him. B. died C. was dying D. would die

  88. You are not worried about your English, are you? No, certainly not. Not Chinese, not maths, and A. as far as
  89. Who can you imagine A. was locked B. at the least C. best of all in the room? B. locked C. to be locked D. be locked English. D. least of all

  90. The meeting is to begin at 4:00 p.m., and we are A. invited
  91. The way you thought of B. communicated C. supposed
to be there a bit earlier. D. determined
the river clean made very good sense.
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A. making
B. to make
C. how to make . C. worth doing
D. having made

  92. Spend your time just on the things you find A. them worth doing
  93. B. worth being done
D. are worth doing
called you just now, but she didn't tell me her full name. A. A Miss Brown B. Miss Brown of them? C. The Miss Brown D. That Miss Brown

  94. Do you know
No, I know Mr and Mrs Johnson. A. both
  95. We can't get the car A. to go; to help B. all . We need someone B. going; to help C. either us. C. going; helping D. gone; to help D. any

  96. Are you about to have dinner? Yes, it A. is serving in the dining-room. B. serves C. is being served D. is served "No Parking". D. reads English language. C. the; / D. / ; /

  97. The driver has just been fined $10 for parking his car at a sign that A. is read
  98. Here A. the; the
  99. The boss got A. angrily B. is written C. writes
most people like talking about B. /; the
when he found the man had lied to him. B. unhappy C. excited D. cross
  00. The research is so designed that once A. begins B. having begun
, noting can be done to change it. C. begun D. beginning
  01. Which of the following can not be the right choice to complete this sentence: I was so t



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