高中英语疑难句子 100 句经典 [上]

  1. Lucy Liu,conquered the hearts of western viewers by being confident,not just about looks,but also about what she is??strong, smart and sexy. 刘玉玲以她的自信征服了西方观众,这种自信不仅仅来自她的容貌,还有她 自己身上的一些特质??健康,聪明和性感。
  2.Some work to help to pay their school cost;others work to get knowledge in the jobs;still others work just to enjoy themselves. 有的 (学生) 工作是为了有助于付学费, 有的工作是为了在工作中获得知识; 还的有工作只是为了玩得高兴。
  3.The exact cause of depression remains unclear. 引起忧郁症的确切原因还没有查明。
  4.Rather than allow the vegetables to go bad ,he sold them at half price . 他将这些蔬菜半价卖掉,而不是让其乱掉。
  5.By agreement,this is the point where a new day begins. 根据协议,这是新一天开始的地方。
  6.There was a very large cross through each of my answers,and so it was with everyone else’s in our class. 我的每题答案上都有一把大叉,我们班上其他人也一样。
  7.So why none of us noticed that there had never been such an animal and how could we expect good marks for the incorrect answers? 我们都未注意到过去从未有这样一个动物, 我们怎能期望不正确的答案有好 的分数呢?
  8.Pasted inside the passport is the traveler’s picture. 旅行者相片粘贴在护照里面。
  9.If we change one part of the nature order,this will in (its) turn almost certainly bring about changes in some other part.
如果我们改变了自然界规则的一个部分, 那么这转而会带来其他某个部分的 改变。
  10.Trees protect man from the terrible heat and are also useful in preventing good and rich top soil from being washed away during heavy rains,which are so common in the tropics(热带地区)。 树林保护人类免受太阳的炙烤, 在阻止肥沃土壤在大雨中不被冲走方面也是 有用的,这在热带地区相当普遍。
  11.Little cars which are powered by gas will go 45 kilometers before needing to stop for more gas. 用汽油提供动力的小汽车在必须停止加汽油前会行驶 45 公里。
  12.Since Ford’s time,the way of producing cars in large numbers has become common in industry and has reduced the price of many goods which would otherwise be very expensive. 自从福特时代以来,这种大量生产汽车的方法在工业方面变得很普遍,从而 降低了许多商品的价格,否则会相当昂贵。
  13.They tried new recipes(配方),changing the kind and amount of flour used. 他们试验了许多新的配方,改变所使用的面粉的种类和数量。
  14.Each glacier(冰川)was a thick sheet of ice and snow that spread out from a center near what is now Hudson Bay in Canada. 每个冰川是一种很厚的冰雪层, 这些冰雪层是从靠近加拿大境内现在称之为 哈得逊湾的一个中心散布出来的。
  15.He noticed the remains of a snake which was wound round the electric wire. 他注意到一条缠绕在那根电线的蛇的遗迹。
  16.They never thought their president would serve his honored guests poison apples(tomatoes)。 他们从未想到他们的总统会用“毒苹果”(西红柿)招待他的贵宾。
  17.Beans looked much/exactly the same as gold in terms of colour. 豆子就颜色而言,看上去就和黄金一样。

  18.With a long history,bean curd is rooted deep in Chinese culture. 豆腐有悠久的历史,深深地扎根于中国的文化。
  19.He tired one coffee and experienced the “wide-awake”(彻底清 醒的)feeling that one third of the world’s population now starts the day with. 他试着喝了一杯咖啡,经历一种彻底清醒的感受,而现在世界上三分之一的 人口都用喝咖啡开始新的一天。
  20. I feel very excited at the thought that in another week I’ll be with you again on holiday. 一想到再过一个星期我将再和你一起度假,我感到很兴奋。
  21.If only I could take a trip around the world.(As long as I could take a trip around the world)。 要是我能够环游世界该多好啊!
  22.It has been proved that an old person who has always been active in the mind has a quicker mind than a young person who has only some physical work without using much of his brain. 现在已经证明, 一个思想总是很活跃的老人比一个只干体力活而不大动脑子 的年轻人,思想反应快一些。
  23.In this forest there are more or less 15 kinds of snakes,of which 5 are extremely dangerous. 在这片森林,有大约 15 种蛇,其中 5 种极其危险。
  24.Indoor exercises,however,are never as helpful as those taken out of doors in pure,fresh air. 然而,室内锻炼,决没有在有纯而新鲜的空气的室外有益。
  25.Your body is of as much importance as your mind. 你的身体跟你的思想一样很重要。
  26.You’ll never be better than you were tonight,that is,you won’t make any improvement in future. 你将不会超出你今晚的表现,也就是,你今后不会取得任何进展。

  27.Is it necessary to take off our shoes when we enter the lab? 当我们进入试验室时,有必要脱掉我们的鞋子吗?
  28.The rent of a color set is more than twice that of a black and white set. 彩色电视机的租金是黑白电视机的租金的两倍多。
  29.The bird tried to fly in the same direction as that taken by his outdoor cousins. 这个小鸟尽力朝着户外小鸟选择的方向飞翔。
  30.They kept it quiet that president was murdered. 他们对总统被谋杀的事情保密。
高中英语疑难句子 100 句经典 [中]

  31.Since 18
  40,American presidents elected in years ending in zero have been destined(命中注定)to die in office. 自从 1840 年以来,在以零结尾的年代当选的总统命中注定执政期间死亡。
  32.A hot line is a telephone line that offers a direct way of getting in touch with advisers. 热线是一种电话,它能提供一种直接与咨询者联系的方式。
  33.It gives everyone space to develop better relationships. 它能给大家提供发展良好的关系的空间。
  34.It can help your body grow strong to take care of what you eat. 留心你所吃的东西,能有助于你的身体长得健壮。
  35.Having a good eating habit with some exercise is the key to your health. 有一个好的饮食习惯,加上一些锻炼,是你保持健康的关键。

  36.That food is related to illness is not a new discovery. 食物与疾病有联系的这个事实不是一个新发现。
  37.In addition to teaching here,I also teach out at the community college in Henderson,17 miles down the freeway from where I live. 除了在这儿上课,我还在汉德森一所社区大学任教,那儿沿着高速公路离我 家 17 英里。
  38.A large hotel,which can put up three or four hundred guests, has a great responsibility. 一个能够给三、四百游客提供食宿的大旅馆有很大的责任感。
  39.Do some people take their responsibilities a little too seriously?(含责备语气) 一些人把他们的责任看得过于认真了一点吧?
  40.Though there was no man to see any of the fights,we can be told by the animal’s footprints(足迹)that fight did take place. 尽管没有人看到(恐龙)争斗的场面,但我们可以通过这种动物确实发生过 争斗留下的足迹来判断。
  41.That old bridge is anything but safe. 那座旧桥一点也不安全。
  42.A choice was soon made and they went away satisfied. 很快作出一种选择,他们离开时很满意。
  43.The thin shoes he wore had a few holes in them they did a poor job of keeping out the cold. 他脚上的一双薄鞋穿了几个洞,一点都不保暖。
  44.The power of words,then lies in their connections ??the things they bring up before our minds,in other words,the real power of words mainly lies in their joining of ideas in mind. 单词的力量在于它们和事物的联系,即单词在我们思考之前所提出的东西, 换句话说,单词的真正力量主要在于它们将我们头脑里的观点表达出来。

  45.Looking for something less dangerous to throw,the Egyptians made what were probably the first ball. 寻找可以扔掷的不危险的东西,埃及人制造了当时可能是第一个球。
  46.Try to grasp what the writer is going to tell you in the book as a whole. 尽力从整体上把握作者在书里要告诉你的东西。
  47.Through correcting the mistakes,you can do better in learning a language. 通过更正错误,你能在学习一门语言方面做得更好。
  48.Being caught in the fog ,people felt their way along the walls of houses with one hand,while they put out the other in front of them so as not to knock against something or somebody. 在遭遇到雾时,人们用一只手沿着房子的墙壁摸索着前进,同时在他们前方 伸出另一只手以便不撞着某东西或某个人。
  49.By building a dam instead of new coal plants to meet its growing demand for electricity,China will give off much less poisonous gases into the air. 通过修建大坝而不是新的煤电厂,来满足本国对电力的需求,中国将释放更 少的有毒气体到空中。
  50.The Three Gorges Dam could be considered,when it is finished in 20
  09,a new eighth wonder of the world as to size alone. 当三峡大坝 2009 年竣工时,单就面积而言,它可能称得上一个新的世界第 八个奇迹。
  51.There was an international agreement that states that the ships of all nations could use the canal in peacetime and wartime. 有一个国际协议, 声明所有国家的船舶能在和平期间和战争期间使用这条运 河。
  52.It was probably those visits that did more than anything else to convince Martin. 想来一定是那几次拜访起了作用, 比其他任何劝告都管用, 让马丁意识过来。

  53.Not only did the people name a planet after Saturn but they also name a day of the week after him. 人们不仅根据塞特恩给一颗行星命名,而且给一个周日命名。
  54.These plants are referred to as cover crops plant life of an area. 这些植物作为植被,被提及到。
  55.A US tourist who is suffering from the fatal disease Aids was flown from China early yesterday. 一个患有致命疾病艾滋病的美国游客昨天早些时候坐飞机从中国离开。
  56.How Disney treats people,communicates with them,rewards them, is in my view the very reason for his fifty years of success. 迪士尼对待员工,与他们交流以及奖赏他们的方式,在我看来,正是他五十 年成功的原因。
  57.Sometimes he seemed to break them apart and throw the pieces in our faces,that is,things in some of his pictures seemed to be in disorder. 有时他绘画时似乎脱离了他所要表达的主题, 当着我们的面将撕成的碎片扔 掉,也就是,他的一些画里面的东西似乎处于混乱状态。
  58.Words are much more easily changed when used again and again in speech than when copied in writing. 在说话中反复使用的单词,比起在书写中抄写的单词,更容易变化。
  59.A voyage can be like a mirror held up to modern life with all its variety. 一次航海好像一面高高挂起的镜子,可以反映纷繁多彩的现代社会。
高中英语疑难句子 100 句经典 [下]

  60.It also deals with some modern social problems worth our consideration. 它也论述了一些值得我们考虑的现代社会问题。

  61.The fly which Chaplin didn’t kill was not the one which had rested on his nose. 卓别林没有杀死的那只苍蝇不是先前停留在他鼻子上的苍蝇。
  62.A higher reading rate,with no loss of comprehension,will help you in other subjects,as well as in English,and the general principle (原则) apply to any language. 有较高的阅读速度,又不影响理解,会在其他的学科,包括英语在内,对你 有帮助,这个总体原则适用于任何一门语言。
  63.Canadian English has always remained very like American English, and the influence of the Indian and Inuit languages was no greater than the influence of French. 加拿大英语总是很像美国英语, 印第安人和因纽特人的语言对加拿大英语的 影响跟法语对其影响一样小。
  64.The air we breathe in supplies the oxygen that is necessary for keeping every part of the body alive,And the brain,which itself controls breathing,is the first to suffer if oxygen is lacking. 我们呼进的空气提供了氧气,这对于我们身体各个部位保持活力是必要的, 如果缺氧的话,那么本身控制呼吸的大脑是第一个受苦的。
  65.The employees they once considered as young,selfish and uncomfortable turn out to be responsible,energetic team players. 曾经被认为是年轻的、自私的、使人感到不愉快的那些雇员结果证明是有责 任的,精力充沛的团体成员。
  66.It wasn’t because his mother didn’t care, try, or there just never seemed to be enough. 并不是他的母亲没在意,也不是她没去努力,但生活总是捉襟见肘。
  67.What the family lacked in money and material things,they more than made up for in love and family unity. 虽



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