1. Alice is in the office. Please take the newspaper to . A. she B. her C. he D. him
  2. Work harder at it and success is . A. his B. hers C. your D. yours
  3. She taught Japanese when she was young. A. herself B. hers C. his D. he
  4. Excuse me, is this watch ? A. you B. your’ C. yours D. your’s
  5. Our room is on the second floor and is on the third. A. their B. theirs C. they D. them’s
  6. of the two boys are clever enough to work out the problem. A. Either B. Both C. Some D. Many
  7. Some of the students are playing on the playground. But where are ? A. the other B. others C. other ones D. the others
  8. do you like better, apples or oranges ? A. Which B. What C. Who D. How
  9. is he ? He is an engineer. A. Which B. What C. Who D. How
  10. of you will go with me ? I have the experience to do that work. A. Which B. What C. Who D. Whom
  11. Have you decided you will invite when your birthday comes ? A. what B. whose C. who D. that
  12. The population of Shanghai is larger than of Hangzhou. A. one B. it C. what D. that
  13. It is a rare chance. of us wants to have a try. A. Every B. Each C. None D. All
  14. ? What do you think of the performance? -- interesting. It was just a waste of time. A. Anything B. Something C. Nothing D. Everything
  15. Most of us don’t know about how a hurricane is formed. A. many B. little C. few D. much
  16. Haven’t you forgotten , boy ? Oh, I’m really sorry. I’ve forgotten to turn off the water. A. what B. everything C. nothing D. something
  17.Mr Smith bought three T-shirts for his three sons. Each of them got . A. it B. one C. those D. them
  18. I need some red ink badly, but there’s at hand. A. none B. a little C. nothing D. not
  19. ? Only Mary is here. Where are girls ? --They’ve gone home. A. the other B. other C. others D. the others

  20. Your essay is written very well. I think it is better than . A. anyone else’s B. any of these C. any of us D. anyone’s
  21. ? Is this short-wave radio ? -- No. It belongs to . A. yours; me B. yours; his C. her; him D. yours; her
  22. ? Have you read the paper? -- Yes, but I don’t think there’s new in it. A. something B. nothing C. anything D. what
  23. is hoped that one day some more research centres will be set up in our city. A. Everyone B. What C. That D. It
  24. Animals do not “talk” with words . They use smells, sounds and movements to communicate with .. A. any other B. each other C. another D. the other
  25. Mary and John were talking so happily that of them noticed Tom’s absence until they got to the theatre. A. none B. neither C. both D. either
  26. ?Why didn’t you dare to tell them you thought of the project at the meeting? --I’m no coward, but, at that time, I was really not so sure about my idea. A. which B. how C. what D. that
  27. In order to support , some of the foreign students there had to do odd jobs at weekends. A. themselves B. them C. theirs D. their
  28. The housing of teachers used to be worse than of today . A. those B. ones C. that D. the ones
  29. live on land; sometimes you can find snakes in water . A. Not all snakes B. Not every snake C. All snakes D. No snakes
  30. I hate when people talk with their mouths full. A. these B. that C. it D. them
  31. ? When was Jazz was born in the United States ? -- Around 18
  90. A. it that B. it C. time D. that
  32. It was terrible. One passenger was killed in the accident, and was badly injured. A. everyone B. nobody else C. the other D. the rest 数词
  1. In this school , classes begin at in the morning. A. half past seven B. thirty seven C. half over seven D. seven and a half
  2. There are about five workers in our factory. A. hundreds B. hundred C. hundreds of D. hundred of
  3. May is month of the year. A. five B. the five C. fifth D. the fifth
  4. people in the world are sending information by E-mail every day. A. Several million B. Many million C. Several millions D. Many millions
  5. The Winter Olympics are held . A. every four year B. every fourth year C. every fourth years D. every three years
  6. It’s not rare in that people in fifties are going to university for further education.
A.90s; the B. the 90s; 不填 C. 90s; their D. the 90s; their
  7. ? I’m going to see Mr Smith after school this afternoon.. -- All right! I’ll wait for you at . A. ten forty B. ten past four C. half to four D. two ten
  8. They said that they would leave for Shanghai . A. in one and two days B. in a day or two days C. in a day or two D. in one day or two
  9. The lecture is likely to last , so I’ll be back at 9:00 p.m. A. one and a half hours B. an hour and a half C. an hour and half an hour D. half and an hour
  10. Mrs Green is already in , but she still studies law at a college. A. her fifty’s B. his fifties C. the fifty D. her fifties
  11. of the earth made up of oceans. A. Two ?third; is B. Two-thirds; is C. Two-third; are D. Two-thirds; are
  12. Since 1964, satellites have been put into space. A. dozens of B. four dozens C. dozen of D. several dozens
  13.The People’s Republic of China was founded in . A. the year in 1949 B. year 1949 C. 1949 year D. the year 1949
  14. ? Which was the bus he took? -- It was . A. Bus Thirty-two B. Bus thirty-second C. thirty-second bus D. the bus thirty-two
  15. The old fisherman cast the net , but still caught no fish. A. the third time B. a third time C. three time D. the third times



   高中英语语法练习-动词的虚拟语气 一、基础练习 1. I’ve bought a box of chocolates for our daughter. Oh, how good a dad! But she doesn’t like sweet things, that? A. Don’t you know B. Haven’t you known C. Didn’t you know D. Hadn’t you known 2. Have you decided already?Yes, ...


   高中英语语法专题指 导课件: 导课件:状语从句 时间状语从句 时间状语从句 原因状语从句 原因状语从句 地点状语从句 地点状语从句 目的状语从句 目的状语从句 结果状语从句 结果状语从句 条件状语从句 条件状语从句 让步状语从句 让步状语从句 比较状语从句 比较状语从句 方式状语从句 方式状语从句 引导词 when whenever as while before after until (till) since as soon as once each/every time next ti ...


   练习、 练习、定语从句 一、把下列每对句子合并成含有定语从句的主从复合句: 1. The fan is on the desk. You want it. 2. The man is in the next room. He brought our textbooks here yesterday. 3. The magazine is mine. He has taken it away. 4. The students will not pass the exam. They don’t ...


   高中英语语法 组成句子的各个部分叫句子成分。英语句子成分有主语,谓语,表语,宾语,宾语补足语,定语,状语等。 顺序一般是主语,谓语,宾语,宾语补足语,而表语,定语,状语的位置要根据情况而定。 1、主语 主语表示句子主要说明的人或事物,一般由名词,代词,数词,不定式等充当。 Helikeswatch'ingTV.他喜欢看电视。 2、谓语 谓语说明主语的动作,状态或特征。 1),简单谓语 由动词(或短语动词)构成。 可以有不同的时态,语态和语气。 Westud'yforthepeo'ple.我们为 ...


   1 (see ,hear ,notice ,find ,feel ,listen to , look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the whole world 整 ...


   初中英语语法大全 一、词类、句子成分和构词法: 词类、句子成分和构词法: 1、词类:英语词类分十种: 、词类:英语词类分十种: 名词、形容词、代词、数词、冠词、动词、副词、介词、连词、感叹词。 1、名词(n.): 表示人、事物、地点或抽象概念的名称。如:boy, morning, bag, ball, class, orange. 2、代词(pron.): 主要用来代替名词。如:who, she, you, it . 3、形容词(adj..):表示人或事物的性质或特征。如:good, rig ...


   初中英语语法总结 1 一般现在时的用法 1) 经常性或习惯性的动作,常与表示频度的时间状语连用。时 间状语: every…, sometimes, at…, on Sunday。例如: I leave home for school at 7 every morning. 每天早上我七点离开家。 2) 客观真理,客观存在,科学事实。例如: The earth moves around the sun. 地球绕太阳转动。 Shanghai lies in the east of China. ...


   Revision English for Mid?exam Mid? 正贤英语中考英语复习 形容词、 形容词、副词 形 名+动 副 特例: 系动词+形 特例: 系动词+ 易混淆的副词、形容词 易混淆的副词、 ★ alone(客观独自一人) =by oneself 客观独自一人) lonely(心情孤独)可作表语、定语 心情孤独)可作表语、 He lived alone, but he didn’t feel lonely. 努力地) ★ hard(努力地) hardly(几乎不)否定副词 几 ...


   Revision of Junior English 初三英语复习 Adjectives and Adverbs 形容词、副词 形容词、 区别几组易混淆的副词、 区别几组易混淆的副词、形容词 ★ already 常用于肯定句、个别疑问句 常用于肯定句、 yet 常用于否定句、疑问句 常用于否定句、 * The train has already gone. * They haven’t come back yet. yet. 修饰形容词、 ★ such 修饰名词 so 修饰形容词、副词 *I ...


   Revision of Junior English 初三英语复习 Adjectives and Adverbs 形容词、副词 形容词、 区别几组易混淆的副词、 区别几组易混淆的副词、形容词 ★ already 常用于肯定句、个别疑问句 常用于肯定句、 yet 常用于否定句、疑问句 常用于否定句、 * The train has already gone. * They haven’t come back yet. yet. 修饰形容词、 ★ such 修饰名词 so 修饰形容词、副词 *I ...



   焦作市 2010-2011 学年(上)必修模块(1)水平测试 英语试卷 命题人 秦 锐 本试题分第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分。第Ⅰ卷第 1 至 8 页。第Ⅱ卷 第 9 至 10 页。本试卷满分 100 分,另有附加题 20 分,考试时间 100 分钟。 第Ⅰ卷(三部分,共 80 分) 三部分, 注意事项: 1.答题前,考生在答题卡上务必将自己的姓名、准考证号等信息填涂清楚。 2.每小题选出答案后,用铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。如需改动,用橡皮擦干 净后,再选涂其他答案 ...


   年中考三轮复习英语专题(十二) 2011 年中考三轮复习英语专题(十二) 一. 冠词: 冠词用在名词的前面,有定冠词“the”与不定冠词“a;an”之分。定冠词 表示“确指”,译作“这(那)个”;不定冠词表示“泛指”,译作“一个”。 例题解析: ( ) lady over there is university teacher. A) A, the B) The, an C) The, a D) The, the “over there”意为“那边的”,是后置定语,它表示前面名词“lady” ...


   电教媒体在英语教学中的作用 随着现代科学技术的发展, 教育将不再是我们大多数人了解的传统的教 育,教育需要被再发明。而今天多媒体技术迅速兴起、蓬勃发展, 计 算机已进入我国的教育领域,并得到迅速的发展。势不可挡的发展速度 要求我们教师彻底地重新考虑我们的教学方法。 计算机在教育上能发挥 巨大的作用,使得教学手段、教学方法、教学观念与形式、课堂教学结 构、以至教学思想与教学理论都发生了一场革命,这场革命正在改变着 我们的教学世界。多媒体技术之所以对教育领域有如此重大的意义,是 由于多媒体技术本 ...


   北美学习、生活的几年,既学到了很多东西,也因中西方文化冲突,长了不少教训。现在贡献出来,与国 内的朋友们分享。希望各位今后在和外国人(英语是母语)交往中更富有 成效;也使那些为学好英语而苦 恼的朋友少走一些弯路,更快、更好的学好、用好英语。 中国人在学习英语上花的时间最长,效果也最差。这和学习和应用英语方面存在重大误区 有关,一 是长期的“填鸭式的”教育方法,使很多人认为学英语是为了考试,其英语实际水 平可想而知;二是误认为 英语不过是由“发音、语法、句子和词汇”组成的。认为只要学习 “发音 ...


   英语四级复习计划 一、基础阶段:(8月??9月20日) 1、背单词买一本单词书 每天100个单词把中文意思一定要背过 会拼写 争取在一个月内把袭击的约4500个单词全部过一遍有个大体印象 2、看课本新视野大学生英语 每天读两篇 把结构比较好的句子画下来多看几遍 能背则背 语法不需要背 如果实在不懂就不用看语法了 3、练听力在基础阶段时不需要练习考试听力 可以从网上下载一些VOA的慢速英语因为四级的听力语速很慢 每天只需要听一篇 但是一定要一边听一遍写 知道能把英语都写下来 无论听多少遍 4、写 ...