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(09 安徽)
  1. project. A. It has C. It remains 【答案】D 答案】
a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the
B. They have D. There remains
(09 湖南)
  2.She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do her life. A. whichever B. however C. whatever
it takes to save
D. whoever
【答案】C 名词性从句的引导词.句意为:她对我们来说是非常宝贵,我们已经准备 答案】 好做一切来拯救她的生命. (09 江西) The fact has worried many scientists the earth is becoming warmer and
  3. warmer these years. A. what B. which C. that D. though
【答案 答案】C 间隔式同位语从句的用法.即先行词是 the fact 和 that 引导的同位语从句中 答案 间隔了谓语部分. (09 海南)
  4. Could I speak to A. who C. whoever is in charge of International Sales please? B. what D. whatever
【答案】C whoever 既作了 to 的宾语,又作 is in charge of International Sales please?的主 答案】 语. "whoever"作代词, /any person who/the person who/"任何人", "无论谁", "……的人". (09 陕西)
  5. The how to book can be of help to A. who wants to do the job.
B. whomever C. no matter who D. whoever
【答案】D 此处从做介词 to 的宾语,是名词性从句,引导词做从句的主语,指人,意 答案】 思是:无论是谁,选 D (09 海南)
  6. One of the most important questions they had to consider was health A. what C. that B. this D. which of public
【答案】C 句意为:他们必须考虑其中最重要的问题是公共卫生.考查 that 作代词, 答案】 that 作代词,往往用于特指,相当于"that+名词",它也只能代替事情不能代替人.
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Ks5u Ks5u
(09 上海) As a new diplomat, he often thinks of
  7. on such occasions. A. what 【答案】B 答案】 B. which C. that
he can react more appropriately
D. how
(09 四川)
  8. News came from the school office Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University. A. which B. what C. that D. where
【答案】C 在该题中 that 引导了一个同位语从句来解释说明 news 的内容,由于该题把 答案】 同位语从句后置了,所以很多考生由于不能正确分析句子结构而错误选择了 D 项. (09 天津)
  9. It is obvious to the students they should get well prepared for their future. A. as B. which C. whether D. that
【答案】D 答案】 (09 浙江)
  10.-Is there any possibility you could pick me up at the airport? -No problem. A. When B. that C. whether D. what
【答案】B 答案】 (09 重庆)11 We should consider the students' request the school library provide more books on popular science. A. that C. which 【答案】A 答案】 (09 江苏)
  12.Many young people in the West are expected to leave __ most important decision?marriage?almost entirely up to luck. A. as 【答案】D 答案】 (09 山东)
  13. The little girl who got lost decided to remain she was and wait tor her mother. A. where B. what C. how D. who B. that C. which D. what could be life's B. when D. where
【答案】 remain 是系动词,后加表语从句,由句意可知,从句缺地点状语,所以选 A. 答案】A
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高一英语 名词性从句

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