to an apartment in New York City. Momand looked around him and noticed that many people do things just to keep up with their neighbors. He saw the funny side of it and started to write a series of short stories. He called it “Keeping up with the Joneses”,because “Jones”is a very common name in the United States.“Keeping up with the Joneses”came to mean keeping up with the people around you. Momand's series appeared in different newspapers across the country for over 28 years. People never seem to get tired of keeping up with the Joneses. That is one reason why they read the “right” books, go to the “right” universities and eat in the right” “ restaurants. Every city has an area where people want to live because others will think better of them if they do. And there are “Joneses” every city of the world. But one must get tired of trying to keep up with the Joneses, because no in matter what one does, Mr Jones seems always to be ahead.
  45.The writer of the passage believes . A.anyone in the United States can become rich but might be poor soon B.anyone in the United States can become rich if he works hard and has good luck C.he can become rich in the future though he is not lucky enough
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D.anyone in the United States who works hard can become rich
  46.It can be inferred from the story that rich people to live outside New York City to live in apartments to live in New York City to have many neighbors

  47.Arthur Momand used the name“Jones”in his series of short stories because Jones is . important name C.his neighbor's name B.a popular name in the United States D.not a good name

  48.Some people want to keep up with the Joneses because . A.they want to be as rich as their neighbors B.they want others to know or to think that they are rich C.they don't want others to know they are rich D.they want to be happy E According to the dictionary definition of create,ordinary people are creative every day.To create means to bring into being,to cause to exist something each of us does daily. We are creative whenever we look at or think about something in a new way.First, this includes an awareness 意识) of our surroundings.It means using all of our senses to become aware of ( our world.This may be as simple as being aware of color and texture (质地) as well as taste, when we plan a meal.Above , all, is the ability to notice things that others might miss. A second part of creativity is an ability to see relationships among it things.If we believe the expression,There is nothing new under the sun,the creativity is remaking or recombining(重组) the old in new ways.For example,we might do this by finding a more effective way to study or a better way to arrange our furniture,or we might make a new combination of camera lenses and filters to create an unusual photograph. A third part of creativity is the courage and drive to make use of our new ideas,to ask for them to achieve some new results.To think up a new idea is one thing;to put the idea to work is another. These three parts of creativity are included in all the great works of geniuses,but they are also included in many of our day to day activities.
  49.Which of the following activities is NOT a creative one according to the passage? A. To prepare for a meal. C. To buy some books from a bookstore. B. To arrange the furniture in a special way. D. Towrite a letter with the computer.

  50.There is nothing new under the sunreally implies that . A. a new thing can only be created at the basis of earliest things
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B. a new thing is only a tale C. we can seldom create new things D. we can hardly see really new things in the world
  51.What does the author think about the relationship between a new thought and its being put into practice? A. It's more difficult to create a new thought than to use it in practice. B. To find a new thought will clearly lead to the production of a new thing. C. A man with an excellent ability of practice can easily become an inventor. D. One may come up with a new thought,but can not put it into practice. F Have you ever seen any students whose trousers hang so low you can see their underwear? What do you think of that? Fashionable? Some of today's teenagers are big fans of such a look. But recently this trend has been at the center of an argument in Italian middle schools. The headmaster of a school in central Italy has asked students to stop wearing low-rise jeans that expose underwear and parts of the body. His request came after a class trip, when he saw one boy's baggy trousers slide to his feet. He pointed out that this way of dressing is not suitable for school. But in Italy, a nation that takes fashion very seriously, the suggestion caused a debate among parents, teachers and students. The issue is whether the headmaster's request will limit students' freedom? or whether dress in Italian schools is too casual. A parents' group praised the move in favor of good taste, while others advised schools to stop worrying about fashion and fix up old school buildings.“We do not want to kick fashion out, the headmaster explained, “but extrems (极端) of fashion like this ” are not right in school.” Many other schools have now requested that their students also stop wearing such trousers. Most students have simply ignored the request. Ludovica Gaudio,
  14, wore extremely low trousers exposing orange underwear in class. It was cold, so she wore a matching orange scarf. Another 14-year-old said she would probably respect the request, simply for practical reasons. “I don't really feel comfortable in those sort of jeans,” said Sarah Lattanzi, “in winter, when dressed like that, it's quite cold and I am afraid my stomach will ache.”
  52. What led to the argument in Italian middle schools? A. Students' craze for fashions. B. Clothes that are too exposing.
C. Students' ignoring dress codes(着装规则) D. Students' underwear.
  53. Which of the following supports the headmaster's request? A. Fashion should be taken seriously. B. Fashion should not be followed in school.
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C. Students should have their freedom in choosing what they wear. D. Students should be encouraged to have good taste in clothes.
  54. The argument against the headmaster's request is that . A. schools should pay attention to things more important than students' clothes B. fashion should not be followed in school C. dress in Italian schools is too casual D. low-rise jeans can do harm to youngster's health
  55.The purpose of this story is to A. show Chinese students that wearing very fashionable clothes in school is under attack in other countries,too. B. show that dress code is necessary even in a country like Italy C. tell us that a debate started in Italian middle schools over the way students dress in school D. let us see that Italian students react differently to schools' requests.
答案与解析: 答案与解析:
  1. B.全文主要讲解两只绵羊共享绿草的感人故事。
  2. D. 分析最后一句可知,长时间不下雨,草干了,要找到绿草很难。
  3. C. 根据第四段可知,两只绵羊到河边喝了水。
  4. A.根据第五段“Go ahead and eat it. I am not very hungry.” said Big Sheep and he began to move away.可知,A 项符合。
  5. C. 分析最后一段,两只绵羊共享了绿草,当然很快乐。 B
  1. D.按照常识裁判的最大优点应该是“公正”,所以选 D.
  2. C.按照常识兔子的第一感觉应该是愤怒,对不公平竞争的愤怒。
  3. D.“兔子已经收买了高速公路巡逻警察鹿”。干扰项是 C“乌龟能够与时俱进”,而与时俱进是不能用来说 明非法行为的。
  4. B. 本文的重点是在讲述“又一次龟兔赛跑”。 参考答案: 参考答案:
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49??51 CAD 52??55 BDAC
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