In just a few years, computer games have become a huge attraction for children. Most are boys aged from eight to fourteen. Young girls can take or leave games. Boys may be drawn into them at a deep level. Many simply can't tear themselves away from the games. They either play in video game houses along the streets or enjoy playing at home. Sitting in front of the screen, they can be carried away for hours. Even grown-ups are attracted. Some have become regular customers in street video game houses. Parents complain that computer games take time away from homework. They also worry about health problem from long hours of play every day.
  1. Video games have becomefor children today. (A) a great interest (B) an out-door game (C) a great invention (D) a good sport

  2. Most can't resist the attraction of computer games. (A) people (B) grown-ups (C) boys (D) girls

  3. Children enjoy playing computer games. (A) in the streets (B) in computer game houses (C) along the streets (D) at school

  4. What are parents worrying about?
(A) Children will waste too much time and money (B) Children will have little time to finish their homework (C) Long hours of play will do no good to children's eyesight. (D) A, B and C

  5. People have come to know computer games areto students. (A) wonderful (B) harmful (C) useful (D) helpful
This is really a fast game, the fastest I have seen so far this year. Both sides are fighting for the ball all the time. The crowd are shouting at the top of their voices. Willis has the ball now. This is only his third game for Scotland, but he's playing so well that it won't be his last, I'm quite sure. Willis passes the ball to Cotton. Cotton kicks it over the heads of the waiting Frenchmen, towards the goals-mouth. But he is too far away. Dupont picks it up easily, and throws it to Patou, out on the left. France and Scotland still have one goal each, and there are only two minutes left of the game. But in that time, anything can happen. Patou kicks the ball across it to Crozat. It's a beautiful kick, but Stevens jumps and stops the ball with the side of his head. But Miunier is there, he passes it to Crozat, and Crozat without waiting a second, puts the balls into the back of the goal. It takes everybody by surprise. I've never seen a goal like it. And the game is over. France has won the cup.
  6. It will not be Willis' last game for Scotland because (A) he has played three games already (B) this is only his fourth game (C) he is playing so well (D) he has the ball for the third time .

  7. Cotton can't kick the ball into goal-mouth because. (A) the Frenchmen stop the ball with their heads (B) he is too far away (C) Dupont kicks the ball easily (D) Willis is too far away from him

  8. "In that time anything can happen" means. (A) nothing more will happen to change the game (B) there is still time left for another goal (C) the game is nearly over (D) anything can happen after the goal

  9. Stevens jumps and. (A) falls on the side of his head (B) kicks the ball beautifully (C) passes the ball to Crozat (D) stops the ball with his head

  10. Which of the members belong to the French team? (A) Willis, Stevens and Meunier (B) Dupton, Crozat and Patou (C) Stevens, Meunier and Dupton (D) Cotton, Patou and Meunier
One day Mozart saw an old blind street-performer playing the violin in a street corner. He recognized the old man was playing one of his composition. The old man played for some time but the hat in front of him was still empty--nobody had put any money in it. Mozart asked the old man, "Do you often play compositions by Mozart?" "Yes, sir," the old man replied, "Now, everybody knows Mozart and likes his music." "Do you make a living by playing the violin?"The old man said he did. Mozart took over the violin from the old man and began to play. He played so well that all the passers-by stopped to listen to the wonderful music and soon the old man's hat was full of money. The old man was full of admiration and felt surprised that a man could play so well. He asked Mozart, "Who are you, sir?" "Your colleague,a poor musician like you. "Then Mozart gave the violin to the old man and went away.
  11. What is the best title of the passage? (A) Mozart (B) Street-Performer (C) An Old Musician (D) Mozart and the Street-Performer
  12. According to this passage, Mozart is. (A) a musician (B) a violinist (C) a street-performer (D) an old man
  13. Mozart was well-known for. (A) his violin (B) his name (C) his compositions (D) his performance
  14. The old man's hat was full of money because.
(A) people knew the old man was poor (B) people knew Mozart was poor (C) the old man played the violin very well (D) Mozart played the violin very well
  15. This passage suggests that in those days most musicians. (A) were admired (B) were street-performers (C) were very poor (D) made a living by playing the violin
One of the first things that Jim discovered while living with the Greens was that there were different television channels(频道)in Britain. The BBC broadcasts on two channels :BBC1 and BBC
  2. There is a mixture of serious and light programmes on BBC1 ; there are mainly serious programmes on BBC
  2. ITV is an independent(独立的) channel which carries ads (广告). There are no ads on the BBC, so everyone must pay some money to the BBC each year. There are both serials and light programmes on ITV. Because of the different channels, it is not surprising that you often see each member in Mr. Green's house wants to choose his or her own favorite channel. This is the sort of thing you hear:"There's a sports programmmes on ITV." "What's that, children?""We were wondering if we could watch the sports programmmes on ITV." "But I was wondering whether to watch the other programmes on BBC
  1." and so on. The children like ITV; mother prefers BBC; father prefers BBC
  2. Jim hasn't made his mind.
  16. We can concluded(推论 that Jim. 推论) 推论 (A) is a member of the Greens (B) has no idea whether to watch TV (C) was once a guest in the Greens (D) prefers ITV to the BBC
  17. There are no ads on,
(A) ITV (B) BBC1 only (C) BBC2 only (D) BBC1, nor on BBC2
  18. What programme did the children want to watch? (A) Sports programme (B) Serious programme (C) Light programme (D) Ads
  19. Why do people have to pay some money each year? (A) Some of the TV channels are not free. (B) All of the TV channels are free. (C) None of the TV channels are free. (D) People are not free to choose their favorite programme
  20. How many persons are mentioned in the passage? (A) Three (B) Four (C) Five (D) At least five
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   认知策略在高中英语阅读教学中的研究 【摘要】 通过运用认知心理学的观点,阐述阅读理解的认知心理过程,分析高中英语阅读 教学中由于学生缺乏有效地阅读策略而存在的种种问题, 提出在教学过程中教师如何指导学 生运用元认知策略调节和监控自己的阅读行为,提高阅读理解能力。 【关键词】阅读,元认知策略,元认知调控 英语阅读理解能力的培养和提高一直是高中英语教学的核心环节。根据认知心理学的观点, 英语阅读过程不仅仅是对所读材料进行识别、记忆、加工和理解的认知过程,同时也是对此 进行监控和调节的过程,而后者 ...


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   初中英语阅读能力的培养与提高 勐罕镇中学 叶振新 阅读是积极主动的思考、理解和吸收书面信息的一种复杂的智力活动。阅读能力是和一 种语言综合能力, 是阅读理解和阅读速度之和。 阅读理解率是衡量阅读能力的最有决定意义 的因素,阅读速度是衡量阅读能力的重要标志。影响阅读能力的因素很多,归结起来大致可 分为语言因素和非语言因素。 语言因素是指语言基础知识和基本技能, 即词汇和基础语法知 识等,非语言因素是指阅读心理与习惯、社会文体化背景知识、阅读技巧等。 伴随着知识经济时代的到来,我国已进入了 WT ...


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   2011 高考英语书面表达 预测 环境保护 预测-环境保护 倡议书??环境保护 环境保护 倡议书 假如你是李华,现任你们学校的学生会主席。你将代表学生会起草一份倡议书,号召全 校同学行动起来,为环保运动做出自己的努力。同时下周六学校将组织同学 在全市进行环 保宣传活动,征召志愿者到校学生会报名。 注意: (1)短文应该包括以上所提供的主要信息,可适当发挥: (2)词数:120 左右; (3)倡议书格式以提供,不计入总词数; (4)参考词汇:征召(新人) recruit。 15 May, 20 ...


   加盟朗文成功英语 做成功人士 加盟朗文成功英语 开创培训事业新天地 关于我们 朗文成功英语中心是由中国国际教育产业投资 集团投资,作为终生领导管理学院的成员之一,我们 专注于英语教学、课程研发和语言文化交流,与世界 著名的语言课程研发机构和发行机构有着良好的长期 合作关系。 加盟代理级别 初级代理 代理金 4,800元/年 4,800元 中级代理 代理金 48,000元/年 48,000元 高级代理 代理金 98,000元/年 98,000元 初级代理商收益比例 12% 10% 9% 12% ...


   教你几招快速学习英语方法 想学好英语,首先要培养对英语的兴趣。“兴趣是最好的 老师”,兴趣是学习英语的巨大动力,有了兴趣,学习就会 事半功倍。我们都有这样的经验:喜欢的事,就容易坚持 下去;不喜欢的事,是很难坚持下去的。而兴趣不是与生 俱来的,需要培养。有的同学说:“我一看到英语就头疼, 怎么能培养对英语的兴趣呢?”还有的同学说:“英语单词 我今天记了明天忘,我太笨了,唉,我算没治了。”这都是 缺乏信心的表现。初学英语时,没有掌握正确的学习方法, 没有树立必胜的信心,缺乏了克服困难的勇气,丧 ...


   班级 姓名 六年级英语质量检测卷 装 订 2006.4 得分 I .听力部分 听力部分(20 分) 听力部分 一、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答案(10 分) ( )1 A.animal B.middle C. still ( )2 A.warm B.walk C.well ( )3 A.foggy B.jog C.shout ( )4 A.sunny B.rainy C.windy ( )5 A. contest B.concert C.centre ( )6 A.7:15 B.7:50 ...