1】curious 【点拨】curious adj. 意为"好奇的"。常与介词 about 搭配,也可跟不定式。如: The cat felt curious when she saw her own reflection in the mirror. I am very curious about the traditional customs of other countries. Many children are curious to know who are living in the moon. 【拓展】curious 还可意为"爱打听的;稀奇的,奇特的"。如: The old woman is curious about other people’s business. It was a curious feeling, as though we were floating in the air. 【词条
  2】disturb 【点拨】disturb vt. 意为"打扰"。如: Sorry to disturb you, but can you show me the way to the stadium? In order not to be disturbed, I spent three hours locked alone in my study. 【拓展】disturb 作动词,还可意为"使烦恼,使心神不安;扰乱,弄乱"。如: Whether he could obtain his diploma or not greatly disturbed him. A soft breeze gently disturbed the surface of the pool. It must be admitted that the price war will disturb the normal order of the market. 【辨析】bother, trouble&disturb 这组词均含有"麻烦,打扰,烦恼"的意思。但用法有所区别: bother 指不停地"打扰,麻烦",使人不能安宁。 trouble 使用范围很广,指给人行动带来不便或身心上带来痛苦。 disturb 语气最强,指使正常秩序或一时的安定受到破坏,也可指较为强烈、 持久的干扰,甚 至可以指精神失常。如: The problem has been bothering me for weeks. He is always troubling me with one complaint or another. She opened the door quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping child.
经典短语透视 【短语
  1】have connection with 【点拨】have connection with 意为"与……有联系",connection 前可用 no, some, little 等 词来修饰,表示联系的程度。如: It is said that his lateness has no connection with the traffic jam. His failure in the experiment has some connection with the hot weather. 【拓展】相关短语: (
  1) in connection with 与……有关系;关于。如: Two men in connection with the robbery are being questioned by the police. He asked me many questions in connection with my school life in America. (
  2) be connected with \ to 与……有关。如: The success of this new product is closely connected with the future of the company. I was very surprised to find that the famous painter was connected to our family. 【短语
  2】make up 【点拨】make up 意为"编造"。如:
He didn’t want to attend her birthday party, so he made up an excuse. 【拓展】make up 常用的意思还有"组成,占;补偿,弥补;化妆,打扮;调停,和解"。如: As we know, peasants make up the majority of the population of our country. Pay increase will not always make up for poor working conditions. There is an old saying that it’s much easier to make up than to break up. The girl made up her face carefully before going to meet James.
热点语法聚焦 非谓语动词包括动词不定式、 动名词和分词三种形式。 其中,分词分为现在分词和过去分词。 学好非谓语动词,掌握其功能是关键。 (
  1) 非谓语动词作主语: 不定式通常表示具体的、一次性的动作,特别是将来的动作。动名词通常表示一般的、经常 性的动作或用在 use, good, harm 等抽象名词后面。如: Swimming is one of the best all-round exercises. It keeps me in good shape. It is not easy to learn English well but if you hang on, you will succeed in the end. It’s no use arguing with him. You might as well argue with a stone wall. (
  2) 非谓语动词作表语: 动名词表示抽象的、经常性的动作;不定式表示某一具体的、将来的动作。现在分词表示 主语的特征,通常表示"令人……的"; 过去分词表示主语所处的状态,通常表示"感到……的"。 如: The speech given by Mr. Smith was very moving and we were moved to tears. (
  3) 非谓语动词作宾语: 有些动词后面只能跟不定式作宾语,如:want, wish, hope, manage, promise, refuse, pretend, plan, offer, decide, agree, expect 等。 有些动词后只跟动名词作宾语,如:admit, advise, advocate, avoid, consider, delay, deny, finish, imagine, mind, practice, miss, resist, appreciate 等。 有些动词既可跟不定式又可跟动名词作宾语:有些动词后既可以跟不定式又可以跟动名词, 意义上无太大区别,如:love, like, hate, prefer, intend, start, continue 等;有些意义有 区别,如:remember, forget, regret, try, mean, stop, can’t help, go on 等。如: Have you remembered buying a ruler for me? Please remember to return it to her tomorrow. (
  4) 非谓语动词作定语: 不定式作后置定语,用主动形式表示被动意义,表示"将要"发生;现在分词表示主动、正在 进行的动作,过去分词表示被动、已经完成;动名词作定语表示被修饰名词的用途。如: I must stop writing now, as I have rather a lot of work to do. The man standing over there is the very man that we have been talking about. Only those invited to the interview will receive a reply to their application. (
  5) 非谓语动词作状语: 动词不定式作状语表示原因、目的和结果,分词作状语表示时间、原因、条件、方式、伴随 状况和结果。作结果状语时,不定式表示预料之外的结果,而分词常表示预料之中的结果。如: He ran all the way up to the station only to find that the train had left fifteen minutes before. The hurricane brought down a great number of houses, making thousands of people homeless.
  6) 非谓语动词作补足语: 不定式和分词可以作宾语补足语和主语补足语。有些动词后只跟不定式作宾语补足语或主 语补足语,如:ask, tell, order, want, wish, warn, allow, advise, permit, forbid 等。 有些动词后既可以跟不定式又可以跟分词作补足语,但意义不同: (
  1) 在 see, hear, watch, feel, observe, listen to, notice 等动词后,用现在分词表示动作 正在发生(即处于发生的过程中),用不定式表示动作发生了(即动作全过程),注意主动句中不定 式不带 to,但在被动结构中必须带 to。如: When she saw him coming, she turned around and walked quickly toward the corner. The thief was seen to slip into the house just now. (
  2) have sb. do 表示主体使客体干什么事;have sb. \ sth. doing 表示主体使客体处于某种 状态; have sth. done 表示动作是别人做的或与主体意志无关。如: At first she wasn’t willing to have her daughter-in-law go out to work. They had to have all the lights burning all day long because of poor light in the room. We must have the machine repaired as soon as possible.


高中英语知识点讲解 (2)

   【词条 1】refuse 【点拨】refuse 为动词,意为"拒绝"。常用于结构: ① refuse to do sth. ② refuse + n. / pron. ③ refuse sb. sth.。 如: What annoyed us was that Mary refused to talk about this matter. He refused his friend’s invitation to go on an adventure. She is so ...


   小学英语知识点归纳 1、话题 、 (1) 字母 字母:(大小)辨认、书写顺序 : Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm N n Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz. 元音字母:A a , Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu 半元音字母: Yy 书写容易错误的字母:E , F , G, M, N, d, i, p, q, x, y. (2) 数字 数字:基数词和序数词的运用,如计算、购物等. 基数词: One, two, t ...


   四年级上册 Unit 1 my classroom This is my classroom. It’s big. 这是我的教室。它很大。 The door is green. The windows are yellow. 门是绿色的,窗户是黄色的。 Let’s go and have a look. 让我们去看看吧! We have 6 new lights. 我们有六盏新灯。 Where’s your seat? It’s near the door. 你的座位在哪里?在门附近。 Le ...


   中考英语知识点总结 中考英语知识点总结 初一年级(上) 【知识梳理】 I. 重点短语 1. Sit down 2. on duty 3. in English 4. have a seat 5. at home 6. look like 7. look at 8. have a look 9. come on 10. at work 11. at school 12. put on 13. look after 14. get up 15. go shopping II. 重要句型 1. h ...


   英语作文常用谚语、 英语作文常用谚语、俗语 1、A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. 、 说谎者即使讲真话也没人相信。 说谎者即使讲真话也没人相信。 2、A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 一知半 、 自欺欺人。 解,自欺欺人。 3、All rivers run into sea. 海纳百川。 、 海纳百川。 4、All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。 、 条条 ...


   初中英语知识点集大全 Unit 1. My name’s Gina (1)特殊疑问句 ?What’s your name? 及回答 ?My name’s Jenny. 或?I’m Jenny. 或?Jenny. 肯定句变特殊疑问句:疑问词置换掉要提问部分并前提,首字母大写,结尾变问号。 (2)主系表结构,系动词 be 的人称及数的对应,am, is , are. Be 在缩写时的规则: 1.常和其前面的词缩写,一般不与后面的词缩写:What’s this? 但在否定回答中则与后面的词缩写:N ...


   初一年级(上) 【知识梳理】 I. 重点短语 1. Sit down 2. on duty 3. in English 4. have a seat 5. at home 6. look like 7. look at 8. have a look 9. come on 10. at work 11. at school 12. put on 13. look after 14. get up 15. go shopping II. 重要句型 1. help sb. do sth. 2. W ...


   六年级下册英语知识点 Unit 1 How tall are you ? 知识目标 (1)能听、说、读、写单词及短语:taller stronger older younger shorter heaiver thinner longer bigger smaller 句型:How tall are you ?I’m 164cm.You’re shorter than me. You’re 4cm taller than me .How heavy are you ?I’m 48 kg. I ...


   新课标七年级总复习资料 Unit 1 Where's your pen pal from? 一,词组 be from= come form 来自... pen pal=pen friend 笔友 like and dislike 好恶;爱憎 live in +地点 在...居住 speak +语言 讲某种语言 play sports 做体育运动 a little French 一些法语 go to the movies 去看电影 write to sb 给某人写信 an action mov ...


   初二上 初二上 Unit1?Unit3 重点短语: 一.重点短语: 1.on weekends 2.on weekdays 3.as for 4.my eating habits 5.have a healthy lifestyle 6.the same as 7.the result of 8.junk food 9.get good grades 10.see a dentist 11.have a healthy habit 12.be stressed out 3.a balance ...



   准备资料 白浜のシンボルとして??筏蓼欷皮い??月\觥 正式には「高\觥工趣いぁ?韬F证文虾I悉烁??帜媳 130m、 HOME > ??る0Jぶ> 白浜の名R荩 Q?月\ 写真をもっと??る 熊野速玉大社 内[??蚀笊?? 宇治jK(内[?稳肟冢 内[??}殿 外[??J受大神[? ...

电大英语I(1) 0607

   试卷代号:24 20 中 播电视大学20-20 学年度第二学期“ 放专科” 央广 05 06 开 期末考试 各专业 英语 I ) 试题 ( 1 zo o s年 7月 注 意 事 项 一、      将你的学号、 姓名及分校( 工作站) 名称填写在答题纸的规定栏 内。 考试结束后, 把试卷和答题纸放在桌上。试卷和答题纸均不得带 出考场。监考人收完考卷和答题纸后才可离开考场。 二、 读懂 的      题目 说明, 题目 仔细 并按 要求答题。 答案一定 在答 要写 题纸的指定位置上, 写在试卷 ...


   2011年高三第一轮复习资料英语 参考答案 Unit1 Junior7A&7B 词汇篇 一、重点词汇回顾 课标内重点单词: 1.musical;music;musician 2.advertise 3.a fterwards 4.appearance 5.celebrate;celeb ration 6.congratulate;congratulation 7.design 8.favourite 9.straight 10.helpful 11.par tner 12.raise 13. ...


   An introduction to an Academic magazine in My Research Area Name: <Water, Air, and Soil Pollution> ISSN: 1567-7230 (print version) ISSN: 1573-2940 (electronic version) Issue: Journal no. 11267 Brief introduction: Water, Air, & Soil Pollut ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高中英语课文经典句子背诵 1.I hate hiking and I'm not into classical music. 2.I surf the Internet all the time and I like playing computer games. 3.Rock music is OK, and so is skiing. 4.Chuck is a businessma ...