at no time a total of at least
任何情况下都不 总共 至少 现在,此刻 根据 对…上瘾 适应… 承认,准许进入 建议某人做某事 大量的
at the bottom of 在…的底部
at the edge of 在…的边缘 at the moment according to addict to adapt to admit to
advise do sth. a large amount of apply for as you see be close to be heavy with 申请 以你的看法
back and forth
来来回回 接近,靠近 有大量的…
be caught in 突然遭遇(风暴等) be connected to/with 与…相连/与…有联系 be/get stuck in be likely be on fire be related to to do that 在燃烧 与…有关 被困在… 有可能
be willing to do 愿意做 be up to sth. 捣鼓 by accident = by chance 偶然地 break out break up bring about bring in bring out bring up but for carry on carry out catch fire 爆发(战争) 分解 引发 引入,引进 使…清楚 教育,抚育,呕吐 倘若不是 继续 贯彻实行 着火
bring an end to 结束,终止
caught fire (be) caught in come on
着火 把…困在…里 谈正题,开门见山
come straight to the point come to power 掌权 come up with 想出 cover an area of crash into clear it up cut down date from divide into die out dig up due to either or end up 撞到 清理干净 砍倒 起源于 把…划分 灭绝 挖出,翻出 由于 谋生 要么...要么… 以…结束,结果为… 占…面积
earn one’s living
equal to 等于,相当于 even if/though 即使 except do 除了做… fall down forbid for sure for a start 跌倒,失败 doing… sb. to do 肯定地 首先 暂时 禁止… find out(about) 查明,弄清
for the time being free of charge 免费
from a distance 从远的地方… get a kick out of get rid of get around go for go through give away give in 从…中得到乐趣 消灭,摆脱 逛,四处走动;传播;回避避开 从事,选择,想要得到 经历 暴露(自己的情况) ;捐赠;分发 屈服让步,投降
give an example of 举例
give out happen to
释放 发生 控制着 和…无关
get through with 完成 have comtrol over have nothing to do hold back hold up in conclusion increase to/by in all 总共 简言之,概括地讲 为了交换… 坚持该… ;坚持做… 从某一方面来说 在…的建设中 in a nutshell in exchange for insist that in terms of 举起;阻挡 总之 增长到/增长了
in the costruction of in the distance 遥远的 in one’s opinion in process in silence in theory in no time if so
正在进行 处于寂静状态 理论上 不一会,马上
如果这样的话 把…放在…
keep cool 保持冷静 leave…where it is look out lift up 举起 一点点地,逐渐地 做出了突破 小心当心
little by little
manage to do sth. 设法做成某事 make a breakthrough make a deal make a fire make effort make sense make sure make use of mean to do mean doing 生火 努力 有意义,有道理 确保 利用 满足需求 想要打算做… 意味着… 达成协议;做成交易
meet one’s need
middle-class mind reader now that on average of all time on guard pass away pick up
中产阶级 能看透别人心思的人 脱贫 既然 平均起来 有史以来 (保持)警惕 去世
move out of poverty
on the way out 即将被淘汰;即将过时
收听/学会/用车接/掀起/拾起 假装做… 阻止某人做某事
pretend to/with place order 订购
prevent sb. from doing sth. put down 写下,放下 put out put up 灭火 张贴
put up with 忍受 quite something 了不起的 rattle off reach for refer to rip off (物)run out 物 (人)run out of(物) 人 物 say hello to school-leaver set fire to sth. spread rumors switch on/off take effort take place take off take out take in take up 用完;不多了;没有了 毕业生 放火烧 散布谣言 打开/关上(电灯、电视等) ;接/断(电源) 努力 发生 起飞/脱外套/去掉 拿出 吸收 占地方,占领 报时 …的方法 向…问好 不假思索地/随口说 伸手够 提到,指的是,涉及 把…看做 敲竹杠,敲诈
tell the time the key to doing
throw light on turn over up and done up a place up to use up 用完
帮助弄清楚,阐明某事 正在建设之中
撞翻,翻(页) 一上一下地 沿着某个地方
under construction
(be well)worth doing 值得做… (be)worthy of doing 值得做…



   初中英语重点词组 1. 初中英语教材中共出现近 500 个词组,其中 有一部分为常用词组,要求能熟练运用。 2. 在学习中,要注意词组的积累,特别要注意 介词词组和短语动词的积累。 9) be born 出生 10) be on 在进行,在上演, (灯)亮着 11) be able to do sth. 能够做…… 12) be afraid of (to do sth. that …) 害怕……(不敢 做……,恐怕……) 3. 对固定词组的意义,切不可望文生义。例如, 13) be ang ...


   京翰教育中心 Unit 1 Phrases 1.练习描写人 practise describing people 2.有所作为 make a difference 3.来自 be from 4.因…而闻名 be known for 5.使一位科学家成功 make a scientist successful 6.想象远比知识更重要 Imagination is more important than knowledge 7. 生 活 中 没 什 么 ...


   高中英语重点词汇、词组辨析 1. above all, after all, at all, in all above all表示“最重要,首先”,常置于句首或句中,作插入语,起强调作用。 Above all, we have won the game. after all表示“毕竟,终究,终归,到底”,在句中位置较灵活。 Jessica has turned out to be a nice girl after all. at all表示“根本”。 I don’t like Mexic ...


   高中英语重点词汇、词组辨析(1) 1.above all, after all, at all, in all above all表示“最重要,首先”,常置于句首或句中,作插入语,起强调作用。 Above all, we have won the game. after all表示“毕竟,终究,终归,到底”,在句中位置较灵活。 Jessica has turned out to be a nice girl after all. at all表示“根本”。 I don’t like Mexic ...


   新目标七年级英语下期重点词组与句型 Unit 11 What time do you go to school? 1.time: a . 可数名词 (次数) b.不可数名词 (时间) 2.对时间提问用:a.When (何时) b.What time (几点) <只能用于几点几分> 3.go to……(去…...) get to…..(到达…..) <后接地点副词 here,there,home 等词时,省略介词 to> 4.usually(通常) = always ( ...


   资料有大小学习网收集 Unit 1 How do you study for a test ? 1 not at all =not in the slightest 2 end up 3 make mistakes in sth 4 later on 5 be afraid to do sth be afraid of sth/sb 6 laugh at sb 7 take notes=write down the notes 8 make up 9 deal ...


   2007 高考必背英语词汇讲座 字头 高考必背英语词汇讲座-I 1、if only, only if 、 由这两个词组引导的条件从句虽然都可以用来表示主句所需要的 "条件",但是两者在 表示说话人的语义意图方面却有差异。 only if 引起的条件状语从句, 1. 是一个对“条件”限制 更严的“限制性条件状语从句”, 表示“只有...(才); 只有在...的时候, 唯一的条件是...”的意思; 与 if 引起的一般条件句相比,它有一种增强主句语势的作用。 例如:He wi ...


   2007 高考必背英语词汇讲座 字头 高考必背英语词汇讲座-F 1、fairly, quite, rather 、 这三个副词都可用来说明形容词和副词的程度,十分容易混淆。 1).fairly 意为“相当,还算”,是这一组词中语气最轻的一个。quite 为“相当,或多或少地, 在某种程度 上”,语气比 fairly 稍强。rather 为“相当,有点,颇”,在这三个副词中语气最 强。试比较下列各句: This film is fairly good.这部电影还可以看看。 Your compo ...


   英语四六级常考重点词组 abide by,conform to , comply with 遵守 (be) abundant in(be rich in) 富于,富有 of one’s own accord(willingly)自愿地 ,主动地 in accordance with (according to) 依照,根据 in terms of 根据 take…into account(take into consideration)把..。考虑进去 on no account(=in n ...


   英语四六级常考重点词组 abide by, conform to , comply with 遵 守 (be) abundant in(be rich in) 富于,富 有 of one’s own accord(willingly)自愿地 , 主动地 in accordance with (according to) 依 照,根据 in terms of 根据 take…into account(take into consideration)把..。考虑进去 on no account( ...



   Unit One 希望与要求 1 We'd like to express our desire to establish business relations with you on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. 2 In order to extend our export business to your country, we wish to enter into dir ...


   一、简称写全称: DFI(国外直接投资) :Direct Foreign Investment MNC(跨国公司) :multinational corporation EEC(欧洲经济共同体) :European economic community PPI(生产者价格指数) :producer price index CPI(消费者价格指数) :consumer price index CIF(成本、保险费、运费) :Cost,Insurance and Freight CIP(运费、保 ...


   牛津英语( 牛津英语(7A7B)重要语法项目专项练习 续) )重要语法项目专项练习(续 名词综合练习 名词综合练习 四、选择 1. Would you have some ? Here you are. A. eggs and milk B. egg and milk C. eggs and milks D. egg and milks 2. There are twenty-eight days in . A. week B. month C. year D. February 3. We ...


   定语从句 the Attributive Clause Revision(复习名词性从句 复习名词性从句): 复习名词性从句 Fill in the blanks with proper words: What matters in 1.(2007NMET) learning English is enough practice. 2.(2006安徽) A warm thought that suddenly came to me I might use the pocket money t ...


   语单词发音规则 一、元音字母在重读音节中的读音 元音字母 读 音 例 词 a 在开音节中 [ei] name plane Jane baby cake 在闭音节中 [? bag dad hat map black back e 在开音节中 [i:] he these me Chinese 在闭音节中 [e] bed let pen desk yes egg i 在开音节中 [ai] bike fly drive time nice kite 在闭音节中 fish big drink sit ...