? 九种状语从句 九种状语从句:

  1.时间状语从句: 时间状语从句 时间状语从句
  2.地点状语从句 地点状语从句 地点状语从句:
  3.原因状语从句 原因状语从句 原因状语从句:
  4.条件状语从句 条件状语从句 条件状语从句:
  5.方式状语从句 方式状语从句 方式状语从句:
  6.目的状语从句 目的状语从句 目的状语从句:
  7.比较状语从句 比较状语从句 比较状语从句:
  8.结果状语从句 结果状语从句 结果状语从句:
  9.让步状语从句 让步状语从句 让步状语从句:
(一)时间状语从句 大考点 一 时间状语从句 大考点) 时间状语从句:(6大考点

  1. when / while / as “当….时候” 时候” 当 时候 1>. he broke in, we were when having an English class. 2>. we When / While / As were having an English class, a stranger broke in. 3>.The little children sang happily they walked along. as 高考热点: ★ 高考热点 1>.<2004北京春 We were 北京春> 北京春 swimming in the lake the when storm started.
2>. was about to tell me was just telling He (正要告诉我 正要告诉我) 正要告诉我 was on the point of telling the secret someone when 上海> patted him on the shoulder.<2002 上海 3>.<1998NMET>Why do you want a new job you have got such when a good one already? 4>.<1996NMET> They were surprised that a child should work out the problem they themselves while couldn’t.
5>.<2004江苏卷 While I accept that he 江苏卷> 江苏卷 is not perfect, I do actually like the person. while 6>.Strike the iron is hot. As 7>. time goes by, we have gained more and more knowledge. 小结: 小结
当….的时候 的时候 when ★这时 正在这时 这时,正在这时 ★既然 当…的时候 的时候 while ★而,然而 然而 趁着…时候 趁着 时候
当….的时候 的时候 一边….一边 一边…. 一边 一边 随着…. ★随着

  2.一…就…引导的时间状语从句 一 就 引导的时间状语从句 引导的时间状语从句: 1>.Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her? Yes. I gave it to her as soon as the moment the minute (一….就…) 一 就 the instant immediately directly I saw her.<2000高考 高考> 高考
2>.--Did Linda see the traffic accident? than had she goneit occurred. No sooner (= had she gone whenit happened.) Hardly

  3.till / until “直到 为止” 直到….为止 直到 为止” 1>.Mother waited for Tom till/ until far into the night. ( 持续性动词 持续性动词) 2>.Tom didn’t get back till / until everything was all right.(短暂性动词 短暂性动词) 短暂性动词 Not until ★= everything was all right . did Tom get back ★= everything It was not until was all right Tom got back. that

  4.since “ 自从” 自从” 1>.How long the shop has been open? Since 19
  92. (=Since 15 years ago) 2>.Since when the country has open to international trade? been 1978, I suppose. <2007陕西卷 陕西卷> 陕西卷 3>. 5 years he It is since graduated from college. 2 years he smoked. It is since
  5.观察下列句子 观察下列句子: 观察下列句子 1>.He was impressed the first time he attended Professor’s lecture.
2>.Every time I went to see him, he was lost in playing computer games. 3>.I will pay a visit to you next time I go to Shanghai on business. 4>.By the time he was 14 years old, he had learned advance mathematics. before 的考点
  6. 的考点: 1>.<2004 福建卷> Scientists say it may be 福建卷> before five or six years it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. 2>.<2007江西卷 He was told that it would 江西卷> 江西卷 before be at least three months he could recover and return to work.
3>.<2000NMET>Someone called me in the middle of the night, but they hung up I could answer before the phone.
小结: 小结
常见句型: 常见句型 It will be + 一段时间 + before……. It was + 一段时间 + before……. It won’t be long before …… It wasn’t long before……
(二).地点状语从句: (where/ wherever) 1>.Where there is a will, there is a way. 2>.<1997NMET> After the war, a new school building was put up where there had once been a theatre. 3>.<2006四川卷 The doctor advised me 四川卷> 四川卷 to live where the air is fresher. 4>.<2006江西卷 The Red Cross is 江西卷> 江西卷 expected to send help wherever there is human suffering. (三).条件状语从句 1>.<2006重庆卷 In time of serious 重庆卷> 重庆卷 accidents, we know some if basic things about first aid, we can save lives.
2>.<2001春招 春招>The man will have to 春招 wait all day the doctor unless works faster. 3>.<2007宁夏卷 I won’t call you 宁夏卷> 宁夏卷 something unexpected unless happens. 4>.<2006北京卷 you have 北京卷> 北京卷 Unless tried it, you can’t imagine how pleasant it is. 5>.<2006江苏卷 environ江苏卷> Once 江苏卷 mental damage is done, it takes many years for the ecosystem to recover.
as long as so long as You can go climbing on condition that providing/ provided
(只要 you promise to be back before 5 p.m. 只要) 只要
(四).原因状语从句: (because ; as ;since; for) 1>.<1994NMET>Mother is worried because little Alice is ill, especially as Father was away in France. 2>.<1999上海 everybody 上海> 上海 Since knows about it, I don’t want to talk any more. Now that 3>.It must have rained last night, the ground is wet. for
(五). 方式状语从句:as “按照,如同” 方式状语从句: 按照, 按照 如同” _____“ as if _____= as though 似乎,好象” _____“似乎,好象” 1>.Which one should I take? Do as you like. 2>.Why didn’t you do it as told to? 3>.She treats the poor child as if he her own son. were had been to 4>.He talks as though he Europe. 5>.The dark clouds are gathering. is going to rain It looks as if it .
(六).结果状语从句: 六 结果状语从句 结果状语从句: so / such … that … “如此 以致于 如此…以致于 如此 以致于…” so that “结果” 结果” 结果 1>.<2007陕西卷 Her business was 陕西卷> 陕西卷 so successful that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere. So successful was her business (= that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere.) such 2>.He had made rapid progress that he was praised by the teacher. Such rapid progress had he made (= that he was praised by the teacher.)
3>.He made a wrong decision, so that his whole life was changed. (七).目的状语从句: 目的状语从句: 1>.<2003春招 春招>Sally worked late in 春招 the evening to finish her report so that in order that / her boss could read it first thing next morning.
2>.<2002NMET> John shut everybody out of the kitchen / so that in order that he could prepare his great surprise for the party.
? 注意: 注意: so that / in order that 以便,为了” “以便,为了”
引导目的状语从句,从句中经常用: 引导目的状语从句,从句中经常用: can / could ; may / might + 动词原形
3>.<2000NMET> John may phone tonight. I don’t want to go out he in case phones. 4>.<2005NMET> I always take something to read when I go to the doctor’s in case I have to wait. 5>.<2007NMET> Leave your key with in case a neighbour you lock yourself out one day.
总结: 总结 状语从句
in case “ 以防 以免”,引导目的 以防, 以免”
(八).比较状语从句: 连接词: 连接词 as….as….; so…. as…. the more…. the more….
as as 1>.John plays football well , if not better than, David. as / so 2>.Mary is not hard-working as Lucy. 3>.<2002上海卷 As far as I am concerned, 上海卷> 上海卷 education is about learning and the more you learn, . A.the more for life you are equipped B.the more equipped for life you are C.the more life you are equipped for D.you are equipped the more for life
(九).让步状语从句 九 让步状语从句 让步状语从句: <A>.although; though; as “尽管” 尽管” 尽管 1>.Although / Though he has limited technical knowledge, the old worker has a lot of experience. 2>. as 当“尽管” 讲时 必须用倒装语 尽管” 讲时, 序. 结构为: 结构为 n. (名词前不能加 a/an) / adj. 名词前不能加 / adv. / v. 原形 + as + 主语 + 谓语
链接高考: 链接高考 1>.<2004重庆卷 , he talks a lot 重庆卷> 重庆卷 about his favorite songs after class. A.A quiet student as he may be B.Quiet student as he may be C.Be a quiet student as he may D.Quiet student as may be he 2>.<2005广东卷 , Caroline 广东卷> 广东卷 couldn’t get the door open. A.Try as she might B.She might as try C.Might as she try D.As she might try
3>.<2001上海 , I haven’t seen 上海> 上海 anyone who was as capable as John. A.Now that I have travelled much B.As long as I have travelled ★ C.Much as I have travelled D.As I have travelled much (B). 1>.<2005 湖南卷 Allow children the 湖南卷> space to voice their opinions, / even though they even if are different from your own.
(C). however + adj. / adv. + 主语 + 谓语 无论怎样……” (= no matter how…) “无论怎样 1>.<2006陕西 This is a very interesting 陕西> 陕西 book. I will buy it, . A.how much it may cost B.no matter how it may cost ★ C.however much it may cost D.how may it cost
However late it is 无论多晚), 2>.(无论多晚 无论多晚 Mother will wait for him to have supper.
(D).疑问词 ever (whatever, whoever…) 疑问词+ 疑问词 既可以引导 名词性从句 又可以引导 让步状语从句 no matter + 疑问词 只能引导 让步状语从句 1>. Whoever leaves the classroom last ought to turn off the lights. Whoever / No matter who 2>. breaks the law, he will be punished.



   1.There is a virtual limit on how long we can hope to remain alive,however lucky and robust we are。 [参考译文] 不管我们多么幸运,多么健壮,我们所希望的长寿年龄实际上是 有限度的。 [结构分析] 该句分为两部分: (There is a virtual limit on how long we can hope to remain alive, ) (however lucky and ro ...


   The Attributive Clause(一) 一 (定语从句 定语从句) The Attributive Clause (定语从句) 定义:在复合句中, 定义:在复合句中,修饰前面某一名词或代词的 从句叫定语从句。 从句叫定语从句。 结构: 结构: 先行词 + 关系词 关系词 + 句子 关系代词: that,which, who,whom,whose 关系代词 关系副词: 关系副词 when, where, why 指物: 指物:that which 指人: 宾格) 宾格) 指人:wh ...


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   The Object Clause (Revision) Li Xiaoping 宾语从句是主从复合句的一种.主从复合句是 由一个主句和一个或一个以上的从句构成的. 主句是复合句的主体,从句仅仅是主句的一个 成分,它从属于主句,不能独立.从句在全句中 充当什么成分,就叫什么从句.宾语从句当中的 从句在全句中作宾语. 一,教学任务 复习宾语从句 二,重点和难点 1,由不同引导词引导的宾语从句 2,直接引语和间接引语 3,宾语从句中时态的变化 由从属连词that引导的宾语从句 由从属连词that ...


   1.The teacher said that she was happy. 2.The teacher asked if/whether we were ready for class. Noun Clauses-Clauses-Object Clause Simple Sentence Pattern +O(宾语) +O(宾语) S + Vt. +O(宾语 宾语)+C(宾补 宾补) 宾语 宾补 InDO(间宾 间宾)+DO(直宾 直宾) 间宾 直宾 Compare the objects ...


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