1.单词 A advance, bend, besides, except, content, continue, invite, marry, prove, puzzle, receive, accept, respect, support, when, while B connect, dozen, mention, personally, question
  2.短语 A as a result of, ask for, be fond of, by the time, go on with, how much, lead to, learn…by heart, stick to, work out. B as far as, carry out, in space, look into, not only…but also, with the help of, with+object+prepositional phrase
  2. see sb. doing sth.看见某人做某事
  3. It + appears/seems + that ? clause.
  4. I feel like doing sth.
  5. I'd like to do sth.
  6.I want/intend/wish/plan to do sth
  7.It is+adj.+(for sb.)to do sth. 考点精析与拓展 I.单词和词组
  1.stick (
  1)vt.;vi.粘住;离不开;坚持 Einstein stuck to his theories and went on with his work.爱因斯坦坚持他 的理论并继续工作下去. (
  2)n.枝条;棍,手杖. Professor Zhang walks with a stick.张教授拄着手杖走路.
  2.prove vt.;vi.证明;结果是;证明是. ①Again history proved them wrong.历史再次证明他们错了. ②I can prove that he never tells a lie.我能证明他从不说谎. ③The method proved(to be)highly effective.这个方法证明是非常
  3.content (
  1)n.内容;目录 He always reads the contents of a book first of all.他读书总 是先从目录看起. (
  2)adj.满足的;甘心的 Are you content with your work?你对你的工作满意吗? (
  3)vt.使(某人)满足. The little boy contented himself with a new toy.那男孩有了新 玩具就满足了.
  4.respect (
  1)vt.尊重;重视;遵守. ①You should respect the teachers.你们应尊敬老师. ②Everyone must respect the law.人人都应守法 (
  2)n.尊敬;请安;问候. ①We have been told to show respect for our elder.父母教导我 们必须尊敬长辈. ②My father sends his respects to your parents.我父亲向你父母 问好.
  5.lend to 引导;导致. ①Labour leads to happiness.劳动使人幸福. ②Where does this road lead to?这条路通向哪里? ③His carelessness led to his failre.他的粗心导致失败.
  6.be full of…→be filled with…充满… ①The classroom was full of students.教室里挤满了学生. ②Her eyes were full of tears.她眼泪汪汪的.
  7.work out 算出;解决. ①Can you work out how much money it will need?你能算出需多少 钱吗? ②I've worked out the problem.我已解决了这个问题.
  8.take sides(in)袒护;站在……一边. ①They took the side of their child.他们袒护自己的孩子. ②She has taken sides in the quarrel.她参与了争吵.
  9.question (
  1)n.问题. ①Let me ask you a question.让我问你个问题. ②He has decided tha question.他解决了这个问题.
  2)vt.质问;询问. ①He was questioned by the teacher.他受到老师的质问. ②I question the truth of the story.我怀疑这个故事的真实性.
  10.connect vt.; vi.连接;联系. ①He connected the two speakers to (with)the recorder.他把两 个喇叭同录音机相连. ②Many people connect China with the Great Wall.许多人把中国 与长城联系在一起.
  11. attempt (
  1)n.尝试;企图. ①He made an attempt to learn to ski.他尝试着学滑雪. ②He failed in attempt at climbing up the mountain.他企图爬上 这座山,却失败了. (
  2)vt.尝试;企图. ①She attempted to learn Japanese.她试图学习日语. ②The prisoner attempted an escape.那犯人企图逃走.
  12.keep out of = keep sth.(sb.)out of 不使入内;不牵涉进去. ①Warm clothing will keep the cold out.保暖的衣服可御寒. ②Keep out of their quarrels.不要参与他们争吵.
  13.tell A from B →tell difference between A and B. ①Can you tell the difference between the two words?你能辨别 这两个单词间的不同吗? ②It's hard to tell one twin from the other.双胞胎很难分辨.
  14.dozens of 几十;许多. ①She bought dozens of dresses.她买了许多衣服. ②I've borrowed dozens of books for my daughter.我为女儿借了 许多书. II.句型
  1.Einstein lived the rest of his life quietly in the USA.爱因斯坦在美国安 静地度过了他的余生. live…life 过着……生活 live a hard life 过着艰苦的生活 live a happy life 过着愉快的生活 live a quiet life 过着安静的生活 live a miserable life 过着悲惨的生活 The working people are living a happy life now.劳动人民过着幸福的生 活.

  2.As a result, it appered to scientists on earth that the stars had moved.因 此,地球上的科学家看来,恒星好像是移动了. 句型:It appears/seems(to sb.) +that?clause.看来/似乎是…… ①It appears to me that something is wrong.我看好像有点不大对 头. ②It appears that he will the prize.看来他会得笑.
  3.Einstein.who was a Jew, found it impossible to continue living in Germany. 爱因斯坦是一个犹太人,他发现他不可能在德国继续生活下去了. 句型:主语+动词+it+形容词或名词+不定式短语 此句型中, 作形式宾语, it 常用于句型中的动词有 find,feel, think, consider, make 等. ①I found it quite pleasant to work with him.我发现和他一起工 作很愉快. ②He feels it his duty to help others.他感到帮助别人是他的责 任.
  4.I feel like going to a museum.我想去博物馆. feel like…想(做某事) ;愿意. I feel like a drink. Have you got any beer?我想喝点东西,你俩有啤酒 吗?
  5.First, it must be very light, the lighter,…首先,它必须很轻,越轻越 好,…… 句型: the + 形容词 或副词比较级 , the + 形容词或副词 比较级 (越……,就越……) ①The more, the better.越多越好. ②The more they talked, the more encouraged they felt.他们越 说,就越感到鼓舞. ③The more he thought about it, the less he liked.他对这个考 虑越多,就越不喜欢.
  6.The problem with looking into space from the earth is that there is a lot of dust in the earth air.从地球上观察太空存在一个 问题,这就是地球的大气中有着大量的尘埃. with 在句中的含意:就……来说. ①With many of the poor, hunger is a constant problem.食不果 腹是许多穷人经常存在的问题. ②The problem with these men was that they had no knowledge. 这些人的主要问题是他们没有知识.
三,精典名题导解 题 1 (MET 19
  92) It worried her a bit her hair was turning grey. A.while B. if C.that D.for 分析:C.该题考查主语从句的连接词,句中 it 指主语从句,因意义完整, 所以只需要起连接作用的连接词 that. 题 2 (NMET 19
  96) we can't get seems better than we have. A.What; what B.What; that C.That; that D.That; what 分析:A.get 和 have 之后都无宾语,故都应填 what. 题 3 (NMET 19
  96) we'll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. A.If B.Whether C.That D.Where 分析:B.主语从句表示的是不肯定的意义,故不能选择 C.从意义上看, D 不合句意,又因 whether 能引导主语从句,而 if 不能. 题 4 (上海 20
  02) ?Will yo go skiing with me this winter vacation? ?It . A.all depend B.all depends C.is all depended D.is all depending 分析:B.本题是固定用法.It all depends."看情况而定" . 题 5 (高考改错题) Who can walk in the space? 分析:去掉 the. space 作"空间,太空"讲,不与 the 连用.space 表示具体的空白处,空地等时(即有修饰语修饰 space 时) ,它应与冠词连 用. 题 6 (上海 20
  02) One may to understand thousands of new words is to gain good knowledge of basic word formation. A./ B.the C.a D.one 分析: 知识为不可数名词, C. 但当在 knowledge 前加上修饰语时, "a" 需用 .


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