请以"Why are Bicycles so Popular in China?"为题,根据下列要点用英语写一篇 120 词左右的短文。
  1. 大多数中国人居住的地方离上班或上学的地点不远,骑自行车很方便。而 且,骑自行车是锻炼身体的好方法。
  2. 自行车是一种很方便的交通工具(means of transportation),骑自行车做短途 旅行,想到哪都可以。
  3. 骑自行车可以节省能源,减少空气污染。 Why are Bicycles so Popular in China? Bicycles are a convenient means of transportation. People can go wherever they like by bike on a short trip. It is easy to go to work or school by bike because most of the Chinese live not far away from where they work or study. Riding bicycles is also good exercise, which can help build people's bodies. What's more, riding bicycles can save energy. China has a population of more than 1,300 million. As bicycles are not expensive, almost every family has one. Now each family in China has at least a bike instead of a car. Thus a great deal of energy is saved and serious air pollution is reduced. That's why bicycles are so popular in China.
假如你是 Amy, 请你给你的网友 Joan 发一封电子邮件告诉她你在老师的帮助下学习英语 的一些变化和取得的进步。
  1.过去:认为学英语就是背语法规则和英语单词:不喜欢读英语,更不愿意和同学练习对 话。
  2.现在:意识到英语是说出来的,开始喜欢讲英语并和同学用英语交流;经常上网阅读一 些新的英语文章并查阅一些英语资料,对英语越学越感兴趣并且取得了很大的进步。 注意:词数 100 左右,开头已给出,不记入词数。 生词:互联网 internet 软件 software Dear Joan, Hello! I’ m glad to send you an e-mail to tell you that I ‘m getting more and more interested in English. However, in the past I thought learning English meant learning grammar rules and words by heart. I didn’t like to read or speak English, nor was I willing to practice dialogues with my classmates. Now with my English teacher’s help, I came to realize we learn to speak English by speaking as we learn to sing by singing. I began to enjoy speaking English and communicate with my classmates. I often read some fresh English news or articles and look up some information on the internet. As a result, I have made great progress in English. Yours sincerely, Amy
假如你的朋友李明应邀去参加美国朋友的家庭宴会,他不懂如何应付。请你给他 提些建议,告诉他如何去做以便给人留下好印象。根据以下提示写一篇 100 词左 右的短文。 ;
  5.走前再次感谢主人。 If you want to make a good impression at an American dinner party, you may do as follows: First of all, you should buy a small gift, such as a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate for your host or hostess. Second, arrive on time. You may arrive about ten minutes earlier. Third, during the dinner, don’t forget to say that the food is delicious. After you finish eating, you shouldn’t stay too long. Finally, thank your host or hostess for the good dinner when you leave.
你于“五一”前夕??4 月 28 日上午 9 点钟,与全班同学一起到学校附近的公园参加了一次 公益劳动(voluntary labour) 。全班分成了三组。你在第三组。请你用日记的形式写一篇短 文。 劳动任务安排 第一组 第二组 第三组 种树浇花 拣拾游人丢弃的果皮纸屑,清洁座椅 擦拭儿童游乐场的设施
参考词汇:果皮纸屑等废弃物 注意:
  1. 短文必须包括提示及表格所列的全部内容;
  2. 词数 100 左右。
  3. 日记格式。
April 28th
It was Saturday, just before May Day. My classmates and I went to the park nearby. We didn’t go there for amusement but took part in voluntary labor. When we got there at 9:00, we were divided into 3 groups and then began working. The students in Group One planted trees and watered flowers. The task for Group Two was collecting litter left about by tourists and cleaning the benches. The group I was in got to the children’s playground and wiped all the equipment clean. We worked very hard. At 11:00, when all the work was finished up, everyone was in sweat. Yet, we felt happy because we had done a good job.
描述一位你的好朋友。 要求:性格鲜明,人物形象生动(题目自拟) ,不少于 80 词。 [Sample]范文 My Best Friend Li Ming is my best friend. He looks handsome. He is tall and strong. He is good at sports such as running, football, basketball, table tennis and so on. In the match
of last term, he won the first prize in running and second prize in high jump. We have much in common regarding our education, interests and hobbies. We spend a lot of time together reading, talking, singing and laughing. When we are together we feel very happy. We often help each other and learn from each other. True friendship lasts a long time. I believe the friendship between Li Ming and I will last forever. 某英文报社准备刊发一篇题为“Living in the City”的有关城市生活利和弊的文章,根 据下面提示,写一篇词数 100 左右的短文,可做适当发挥。 Advantages 找工作容易 交通便利 有公园、饭店等休闲场所 生活消费高 人口多,拥挤 空气污染,居住环境差 Disadvantages
Living in the City Living in the city has both advantages and disadvantages. It is often easier to find jobs. There are always many choices of public transport. Besides, there are a lot of interesting things to do and places to see. You can eat in good restaurants, visit museums, go to cinemas and go to parks whenever you want to relax. However, living in the city is often very expensive. You must find a well-paid job; otherwise, you will not be able to afford the things you will do. What’s more, the city is always crowded, noisy and dirty. It is very difficult to find a good place where people can enjoy peace and fresh air as in the countryside. 以“Smoking”为题目写一篇短文,词数 100 左右,内容要求包括:
  1、 现状:中国吸烟者约占总人口的一半,吸烟者越来越年轻,甚至有少数中 学生也在抽烟。
  2、 原因:有的人认为是时髦(a kind of fashion) ,有的人认为是乐趣,有的人 认为可以提神(refresh oneself) 。
  3、 害处:吸烟有害健康,可导致多种疾病,是一种金钱的浪费。
  4、 劝告大家不要吸烟。 范文 Smoking Smoking is bad for people’s health. There are more than half people smoking in China. Even though smoking is very bad, the number of smokers keeps growing, and the average age of the smokers is getting younger. Even some students smoke, too. Why do so many people smoke today? Because some people think smoking is a kind of fashion or something interesting. Most people are so busy with their work that they smoke to fresh themselves; however, I don’t think smoking is good. If you smoke too much, you will get diseases. It also costs a lot of money. In order to keep healthy, we should not smoke.



   作文专项练习 请以"Why are Bicycles so Popular in China?"为题,根据下列要点用英语写一篇 120 词左右的短文。 1. 大多数中国人居住的地方离上班或上学的地点不远,骑自行车很方便。而 且,骑自行车是锻炼身体的好方法。 2. 自行车是一种很方便的交通工具(means of transportation),骑自行车做短途 旅行,想到哪都可以。 3. 骑自行车可以节省能源,减少空气污染。 Why are Bicycles so Popul ...


   英语四级考试新题型翻译专项练习答案 1:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes) 1: not what he said, but the way he spoke 2: hammered in/repeatedly strengthened 3: that the program is currently/at the time being not practical/feasible 4: How long will it take 5: it’s useless ...


   高考作文(共八篇) 高考作文(共八篇) 假设你是李明,你的网友 Peter 来信,他想充当 2008 年北京奥运会的志愿者,但他 不知道志愿者要干些什么.请你根据下列要点,给他回信,欢迎他到北京充当 2008 年奥运会志愿者.信的开头已为你写好. 主要内容: 1)充当来自世界各地的运动员及官员的向导兼服务员. 2)为各客房配送毛巾,香皂,牙刷,笔,纸巾等日用品. 3)帮助运动员们提东西. 4)每天工作 8 小时 注意: 1)不能逐条翻译上述要点; 2)词数:120 词左右 参考词汇: 配送 ...


   高三英语二轮复习专项系列训练(三) 典型考题再现 A) 以下提示,以“节约”……从身边做起(Save in everyday life)为题写一篇关于创建节约 型社会的短文。要求:100 词左右。 Why 资源有限:水,石油,森林等…… 水土流失等…… How 节约:事物,水,纸,电…… terrible accidents to us and to our property. The other 10 have never thought about it or don’t care a ...


   高三英语二轮复习专项系列训练(六) 假如你是李华。你将代表学校参加国际中学生论坛,就你所在城市的教育状况发表演讲。 请根据以下两幅图表,介绍你市高中学生构成情况及毕业去向的选择,并针对两幅图表中的 任何一个数据所反映的情况发表你自己的看法。 (A possible version) A recent survey shows what the students of our school like to do in their spare time. From the pie chat, w ...


   七年级上册英语作文七年级英语作文 1. (1) 描述你一件快乐的事。 包括事件, (2) 发生时间 词。 这些是条件!就写过生日一事吧,比较符合要求: 天气 地点 具体经过 (3) 50~60 Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part i ...


   English composition YangLiuQing No.4 Middle School WangZhenbao Hi, everyone. I likes travelling very much. Where did I go? Listening Practice A B C D Chinatown Greenwich Maritime Museum London IMAX cinema E Round-house composition My trip Where did ...


   英语作文的文章的开头 来源:网络 作者:佚名 点击: 197 次 写作素材:英语作文的文章的开头 一篇文章通常可分为三个部分,即开头、正文和结尾。这三个部分安排 是否得体,直接影响到文章的质量。 文章的开头一般来说应尽量做到开门见山, 用简单明白的叙述引出文章 的话题,使读者了解文章要谈论什么,一下于引起读者的兴趣。 作文常见的开头形式大致有以下几种: 1.开门见山,揭示主题 文章一开头,,就交待清楚文章的主题是什么。如“How I Spent My Vacation”(我怎样度假)的开头是 ...


   热点作文10 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Choices after Graduation. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the table and the outline (given in Chinese) below: 1)根据下图描 ...


   英语作文的模板 比较模式 1 运用比较的手法阐明自己定的取舍,对于赞成的事物,其优点要详细写,对于其缺点要 少写。对于反对的事物,其优点要少写,缺点有多写。 Part1 S1 主题 the subjects to be compared S2 总论点 your preference for B over A Part2 S3 承认 A 的优点 S4 A disadvantages1 S5 A disadvantages2 S6 A disadvantages3 S7 B advantages ...



   2004 Text 1   去年年末,甘特?雷德曼律师在找工作时偶然在网上发现职业资料库“职业建筑师”。他找来找去并没有找到什么工作,但被这个网址上的“个人搜索代理”所吸引。它的特点是互动,允许访问者自定求职要求诸如工作地点、职位和薪水,当资料库里出现与个人要求相匹配的工作岗位时它就会通过电子邮件通知求职者。雷德曼选择关键词“法律”、“知识产权”和“华盛顿特区”。过了三个星期,雷德曼接到第一份有职位空缺的通知。他说:“我掘到了金子。”他把个人简历用电子邮件寄给了雇主,接着就得到了一份驻公司顾问 ...


   English 1500 BASIC VOCABULARY n. (noun) - a name word v. (verb) - an action word ad. (adjective/adverb) - a describing word pre. (preposition) - a word used to show a relation pro. (pronoun) - a word used in place of a noun conj. (conjunction) - a ...


   1.The fact that there is no logcial or intrinsic connection between a sound and a meaning is called what design feature of language?(Arbitrariness ) 2.The actual use of language knowledge is called what by Chomsky? Performance 3. Any syllable can n ...


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   高考资源网(ks5u.com) 您身边的高考专家 广东省曾宪梓中学高一下学期期中考试 广东省曾宪梓中学高一下学期期中考试 学期 2010.5) 英语试题(2010.5) 注意事项: 注意事项: 1. 答卷前,考生务必用黑色字迹的钢笔或签字笔将自己的姓名和考生号,座位号填写在答题 卡上.用 2B 铅笔将试卷类型(A)填涂在答题卡相应位置上. 2. 选择题每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔把答题卡上对应题目选项的答案信息点涂黑,如需 改动,用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其他答案,答案不能答在试卷上. 3. ...