ial gauge, depth micrometer, wire gage, radius gage, thread pitch gage) is a kind of common measuring tool. 直尺(角尺,游标卡尺,内径和外径千分尺,钢卷尺,塞尺,千分表,深度千分尺,线规,半径规, 螺距规)是一种常用量具. 342,The precision of this fitter level (cross-test level) is
  0.02mm/M. 这个钳工水平仪(框架式水平仪)的精度为
  0.02 毫米/米. 343, have got the instrument (pressure gauge, thermometer, tachometer, current meter, universal We meter) ready for the experiment (test). 我们已经准备好做实验(试验)的仪器(压力表,温度计,转速计,电流表,万用表) . 344,That is an air (electric) powered grinder (portable grinder, angle grinder, straight grinder, drill, impact wrench, riveting hammer, hammer drill).那是一个气(电)动砂轮机(手持砂轮 机,角型砂轮,直型砂轮,钻机,冲击扳手,铆钉锤,锤钻机) . 345,Our electrical tools are double insulated and approved to international safety standards. 我们的电动工具都是双重绝缘的,并符合国际安全标准. 346,Hydraulic pump is the power unit of the hydraulic puller (hydraulic press, hydraulic pipe bender, hydraulic jack).油压泵是油压拉出器(油压机,油压弯管机,油压千斤顶)的动力装置. 347,A welder's kit contains electrode holder, welding torch, helmet shield, portable electrode heating box and temperature measuring pen.一名焊工的成套工具包括焊钳,焊炬,面罩,手提 式焊条加热箱和测温笔. 348,The diameter of this wire rope (hemp rope, sling) is three-fourth inches (3/4"). 这钢丝绳(麻绳,吊索)的直径为 3/4 英寸. 349,The lifting capacity of this chain hoist (hydraulic jack, screw jack) is 5tons. 这个吊链(油压千斤顶,螺旋千斤顶)的起重能力为 5 吨. 350,The vise (parallel-jaw vice) is available to all of the bench work.所有的钳工工作都可使 用台钳(平口钳) . 351,Grease gun and oiler are the lubrication service tools for machinery.油枪和注油器都是机
工程建设现场英语五百句 械润滑维护工具. 352,Torque wrenches offer the precision measurement needed to tighten fasteners. 力矩扳手可以提供禁锢螺栓所需的精确力矩计量. 353,The measuring unit of torque wrench is pound-inch or kilogram-centimeter. 力矩扳手的计量单位为镑-寸或者公斤-厘米. 354,Is the machine accompanied with some tools (spare parts, accessories)? 这台机器随机带有一些工具(备件,附件)吗? 355,Shall we use a special tool for this job?我们干这活要使用专用工具吗? 356,Could you tell us how to use (operate, repair, maintain, clean, adjust) this new tool? 你能告诉我们如何使用(操作,修理,维护,清理,调整)这个新工具吗? 357,The tool gets out of order, we must remedy its trouble.这工具有毛病,我们必须排除它的故 障.358,The tool is out of repair, it needs an overhaul.这工具失修,需要拆修. 359,From your explanation I shall easily handle it.听了你的说明,我将易于操纵它. 360,The tools must be well kept. 工具必须妥善保管. 十五,工程材料 ENGINEERING MATERIALS 361 There are some material warehouses(store yards)on the construction site. 362 Our store officer is responsible for the warehousing and issuing of materials. 363 We use Scientific-management system for material shortage and its control. 我们应用科学管理体系处理材料短缺及其调节. 364 These materials are imported from abroad(supplied by the Seller).这些材料是从国外进 口的(卖方供应的) .What is the feature about it? 这些材料的特性是什么? 365 The construction material answers our purpose satisfactorily. 这种建筑材料能满足我们的需要. 366 The average traffic fuel (gasoline) consumption of this lorry is
  0.3 liter per kilometer (l/km).这台货车的平均行车柴油(汽油)耗量为每公里
  0.3 公升. 367 Hydraulic oil (lubrication oil )which having a viscosity of about
  4.5°Eat 50℃ can be used for this vehicle (machine).具有恩氏粘度
  4.5°E( 50℃)的液压油(润滑油)可用于此 车辆(机器) . 368 This special oil comes from the "SHELL" company (CALTEX, MOCBIL,GULF, ESSO, CASTROL, BP).这种特种油来自"壳牌"公司(加德士,飞马,海湾,埃索,卡斯特罗,英国石油公司) . 369 Cement steel and timber are the most important construction materials used in civil engineering.水泥,钢材和木材是土建工程中最重要的建筑材料. 370 Typical structural steel shapes include beams, channels, angles and tees. 典型的结构型钢包括工字钢,槽钢,角钢和丁字钢. 371 There are four broad classifications of steel : carbon steels, alloy steels, high-strength low-alloy steels and stainless steels.钢材大致辞可分为四类,即:碳素钢, 合金钢,高强度低合金钢和不锈钢. 372 Copper, zinc, lead, aluminium, bronze and brass are nonferrous metals or alloys. 铜,锌,铅,铝,青铜和黄铜都是有色金属或合金. 373 This alloy is mainly composed of element chromium and nickel ( titanium, vanadium, manganese).这种合金主要由元素铬和镍(钛,钡,锰)组成. 374 The standards "GB" and "YB" provide the method of testing for materials in our country just like the standard ASTM in America. 在我们 GB(国标)和 YB(冶标)规定材料的试验方法,正如美国的 ASTM 标准一样. 375 We have asbestos (rubber, plastic, glass, paint) products of all kinds. 我们有各种石棉(橡胶,塑料,玻璃,油漆)制品.
工程建设现场英语五百句 376 Bolt (screw, nut, stud, spring washer, pin, ball bearing, roller bearing) is the most commonly used machine part. 螺栓(螺钉,螺帽,双头螺栓,弹簧垫圈,销,滚珠轴承,滚柱轴承)是最常用的机械零件. Cast iron cannot compare with steel in tensile strength.铸铁在抗拉强度上比不上钢. 设备安装( 十六 设备安装(24 句)erection of the equipment Erection of the equipment will be carried out according to the specifications and drawings. 设备安装将按照说明书和图纸进行. All site erection works will be performed by the Buyer under the technical instruction of the Seller.所有的现场安装工作都应在卖方的技术指导下由买方完成. The construction company is fully in charge of the administration of all erection work. 建设公司完全负责全部安装工程的行政管理. Our company cover all construction activities, that is : piling , civil engineering, mechanical erection, piping, electrical, instrumentation, painting and insulation work. 我们公司涉及所有施工活动,包括:打桩,土建工程,机械安装,配管,电气,仪表,油漆和保 温绝缘工作. What is the feature of this cracker (cracking furnace, heating furnace, reactor, mixer, centrifuger, belt-conveyer) ? 这台裂解器(裂解炉,加热炉,反应器,搅拌器,离心机,皮带输送机)的特点是什么? The spherical tank (gas holder , container) will be shipped in the condition of edge prepared and bent plates.球罐(气柜,容器)将以板加工和弯板的条件发货. I think that the on-site training will be necessary for the tank. 我想槽罐焊接工作的现场培训是必要的. The cooler (condenser, separator, boiler, generator, scrubber, stripper, heat exchanger )is a pressure vessel. It is subject to the pressure vessel code.这台冷却 器是一个压力容器,它必须服从压力容器法规. (冷凝器,分离器,锅炉,发生器,洗涤器,汽 提器,热交换器) The pressure vessel must be inspected by our authoritative organization-Administration of Labour.压力容器必须接受我们的权威机构劳动总局的监察. The new reciprocating (centrifugal, opposed-balanced) compressor will be installed next week.\下周将安装这台新的往复式(离心式,对置平衡式)压缩机. The distilling column( absorber, column evaporator, regenerator, column washer) is a kind of equipment for outdoor installation.蒸馏塔(吸收塔,蒸发柱,再生塔,洗涤塔) 是一种室外安装的设备. The TG70 steam turbine has a operation speed of 9600 rotations per minute( RPM). TG70 型蒸汽透平的运转速度为每分钟 9600 转. What do you think of this erection work?你看这项安装工作如何? This low (middle, high ) pressure blower (pump) will be assembled in the No.3 workshop. 这台低(中,高)压鼓风机(泵)将在三号车间里予以装配. We are adjusting (installing, checking, aligning , leveling, purging )the equipment. 我们正在调整(安装,检查,找正,找平,清洗)这台设备. The working team will finish the job next week. 工作班组将在下周干完这活. We can adjust the levelness of the machine by means of shim and screw jack. 我们可以利用垫铁和螺丝千斤顶来调整机器的水平度. After seven days , the grouted mortar will have concreted, then we shall tighten the anchor bolts. 灌浆在七天以后凝固,我们就将拧紧地脚螺栓. The alignment of the coupling should be performed by two dial gauges.
377 378 379 380 381
383 384 385
386 387 388
389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396
工程建设现场英语五百句 397 398 399 400 401 靠背轮的找正对准应用两只千分表来进行. The maximum allowable misalignment of the coupling is
  0.02mm. 靠背轮找正的最大允许偏差为
  0.02 毫米. How many radial (axial ) clearnance are there in this bush (journal bearing , thrust bearing) ?这个轴套(轴颈轴承,止推轴承)的径向(轴向)间隙是多少? Does the bolt fit the nut? 螺栓与螺母不配. We prefer welding to riveting. 我们认为焊接比铆接好. Do you know how to assemble (adjust )this new machine?你知道如何装配(调整)这台新机 器吗? 十七,工艺管道 PROCESS PIPING The design of the process piping is performed directly on a model of the project. 工艺配管的设计是直接按照工程项目的一个模型完成的. The model is an actual working tool for piping. 模型是配管用的实际工具. Piping erection work include: prefabrication, placing, aligning, welding and bolting. 管道安装工作包括:预制加工,安置,对准,焊接和连接. 2 Our piping prefabrication workshop covers a total area of 1000m . 我们的管道预制加工厂拥有一千平方米的面积. We can perform the pipe by following operations: cutting and mechanical chamfering, manual and automatic welding.我们可以对管子进行下列预制加工:切割和机械加工坡口,手 工和自动焊接等. The computer generates isometric drawings and prints out bill of materials. 计算机绘出管道空视图,并打印出材料明细表. We shall complete the manhour requirements for the site fabrication (site erection ) of this drawing.我们将制订这张图纸现场制作(现场安装)所需的工时条件. Seamless steel tube is made in sizes for 1/8 to 24 inches. 无缝钢管制作的尺寸从八分之一寸到二十四寸. Spiral-welded steel pipe is available in sizes from 6 to 36 inches. 螺旋焊接钢管的尺寸从六寸到三十六寸. Two types of end are standard on steel pipes and fittings, that is flanged and screwed. 钢管和管件有两种标准端部型式,即:法兰和丝扣. This pipe is made of carbon steel (stainless steel ,cast iron, plastic). 这管子是碳素钢(不锈钢,铸铁,塑料)制成的. We usually use elbow (bend, flange, tee, reducer ) as a kind of pipe fitting. 我们常用弯头(弯管,法兰,三通,大小关)作为一种管件. What is the installation elevation of this pipeline?这条管线的安装标高是多少? This pipeline will be installed on the No.8 pipe rack .这条管线将安装于八号管廊架上. The transfer medium in this pipeline is liquid ammonia (process air , soft water, alkali liquor, acidic gas).这条管线的输送介质为液氨(工艺空气,软水,碱液,酸性气体) . This is a gate valve (check valve, butterfly valve, cut-off valve, magnetic valve, remote valve, relief valve, throttle valve, cock). 这是一个闸阀(止回阀,蝶阀,切断阀,电磁阀,遥控阀,安全阀,节流阀,旋塞) . Please explain the method of field test and flushing (blowing off )of the pipelines. 请说明管线的现场试验和冲洗(吹净)方法. We shall conduct the clean water for the hydrostatic test of the austenitic stainless steel pipe.我们将为奥氏体不锈钢管的水压试验引进净水. We need a piping material list (list of piping support, bill of welding rod ).
402 403 404 405 406
407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417
418 419 420
工程建设现场英语五百句 421 422 我们需要一份配管材料表(管架一览表,焊条明细表) . The welding (heat treatment )of pipes have been carried out with incorporated programming. 管子的焊接(热处理)现已按照编写的程序完成. We can carry out various treatment for the inner surface of pipes, such as sanding , chemical pickling, purging and passivation.我们可以进行管子内壁的各种处理,诸如:喷 砂,化学酸洗,冲洗和钝化. The outer surface of this pipeline will be painted in green (red, yellow, blue, white, black ,grey, brown ) colour.这条管线的外表面将涂刷绿(红,黄,蓝,白,黑,灰,棕)色. 十八,质量管理 QUALITY CONTROL Total Quality Control(TQC) is a better quality control system. 全面质量管理(简称 TQC)是一种较好的质量管理体系. TQC over the project will be strengthened.对于这个工程的全面质量管理将要加强. To maintain t



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