[公共英语] 2011 年河南专升本英语作文真题试卷 1 公共英语]
第一篇: 金钱是一切吗?In Money Everything? I don‘t think money is everything, but we can’t do without it. Fox example, money can‘t buy us happiness and a good education. And for another example, money can’t buy us good health and a long life. But we can not live without money. We need it for our daily necessities such as food, clothes and transportation. What‘s more, we need it to live a better life. In short, we should learn the value of money and make the most of its advantages. 第二篇:
  3.我认为,…… Where to live ?in the City or in the Country Some people like living in the city because city life has many advantages. They think there are more job opportunities in cities, life there is more colorful and meaningful than that in the country, and there are more modern conveniences in cities for people to enjoy. But some other people prefer to live in the countryside. They say life in the countryside is closer to nature and better for their health, life there is quieter and that country people are more honest than city people. I would like to live in a city when I am young to earn enough money and I live in the countryside when I am old for having a quite life. 第三篇: 你叫李平,是英语系学生会主席。写一封信给王教授,请他做一个有关中国历史的报 告。注意信中要包括目的、时间、日期和地点。 Ⅴ。 Writing May
  19,2002 Dear Professor Wang: On behalf of the Student Union of the English Department, I am writing to invite you to give a lecture on Chinese history. We have planned to have such a lecture at
  2:30 p. m. in Lecture Hall 4
  19, on May
  25. Looking forward to your lecture. Inform us in advance if you can not come. Sincerely yours,
Li Ping 第四篇: 男女应该平等吗?(Should Men and Women Be Equal?) Should Men and Women Be Equal? People have different ideas about this issue, Some people say that men are superior to women in ability because men are physically stronger, do most of the hard labor in the world and hold most important positions. Other people believe that women have the ability to compete with men. There have been many famous women state leaders and great scientists in the world. We should fully carry out the principle “to each according to his work” so that the enthusiasm of both men and women for work can be fully aroused.
  3.自行车的未来…… The Bicycle in China The bicycle is the most popular means of transportation in China. China is a country “on bicycle wheels”。 People ride them for various purposes such as going to and from school and work. Bicycles are very cheap and easy to buy in China. There are many advantages to riding a bicycle. First, using a bicycle can greatly help reduce the air pollution in many big cities. Second, people can improve their health by riding a bicycle. The future of bicycle will be bright. In some European countries, city governments have arranged pedestrians to use “public bicycles” to travel round the city center free of charge. 第六篇: 你是 Helen,要写一封信给 Julie,对她和她的丈夫昨日请你和你丈夫吃饭表示感谢, 表示要回请他们,以答谢他们的盛情款待。 Dear Julie: Thank you very much for the dinner that you invited my husband and I to yesterday. The food not only looked and smelled fabulous but tasted great, and my husband and I enjoyed it very much. Therefore, we would like to invite you to dinner at 7 p.m. this Friday at the Northwest Chinese restaurant to return your kindness and hospitality.
Please do come. Yours, Helen 第七篇:
  3.为了扫除假冒伪劣商品,…… Fake Commodities Fake and poor quality commodities are a serious problem. Many things can be faked such as soybean sauce, vinegar, bicycles, and many other things. The interests of consumers are affected, and many enterprises keep losing money because of cheap fake commodities. There are some reasons for such a phenomenon. The major one is the desire of some people to “make easy money”。 These people think nothing of the law of the protection of intellectual property rights. To get rid of fake and poor quality commodities, the government should educate people to obey the law of the protection of individual intellectual property rights and not to sell any fake goods. The government should punish severely and close down all the factories producing fake goods. 第八篇: 你是 Alice.你的朋友 Bonnie 很快就要到你的乡间小屋拜访,但你却要出去一会儿。留 一张便条给她,告诉她食品在哪儿,告诉她一个人在屋里时应注意些什么。 May
  18, 2002 Dear Bonnie: I will be away for a while. The key to the cottage is under the doormat, and the food is in the refrigerator. After entering the house, lock the door from inside at once. The cottage is far away from the nearest town, and the area is not quite safe from burglars. So I think the saying is right “Where there is precaution, there is no danger”。 Have a nice stay here. Yours, Alice Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 miniutes to write a composition on the title:make our city greener,your composition should be based on the following outline:

范文: Recent efforts toward the greening of our cities have achieved much, although the results are still far from satisfactory. In recent years many trees have been planted in the cities and much care has been taken of the planted trees. In spite of all this, the greening process is relatively slow compared with cities in many other countries. For example, the green space available on average to each Shanghai citizen is only
  0.4 Mu while every Londoner has more than 20 Mu. We can benefit much from making our cities greener by planting trees. First, trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen which is essential to the health of human beings. Second, trees and other greenery make our cities more beautiful. Third, trees can also improve the climate of the cities. Since we can get so much from making our cities greener, we should spare no effort to do that. We should plant more trees and take better care of them. We also should not cut down the trees. In a word, we should do everything to add to the greening of our cities.
Directions: For this part, you are allowed30 minutes to write a composition based on, the following two questions:
  2.你是如何克服这些困难的? Your composition should be no less than 100 words. Write this composition on the Answer Sheet. Remember to write it clearly.
范文: To a Chinese, the task of learning English well is not easy. So I, like many other English learners, have met with difficulties in learning English during the past seven years. But I managed to overcome them and made much progress.
The spelling and meaning of words can be said to be the first difficulty I met as a beginner. But I found our my own way to deal with them. As to spelling, I never copied a new work again and again to remember it, but tried to find its relevance to the sound. In fact, as long as I can read the word out, I can write it out. As to the meaning, I rarely recite its Chinese translation but often put the word into the sentence to learn its meaning. Moreover, if you use a word quite often, its spelling and meaning will be no problem. After all, we are learning English in order to use it. Grammar and idioms may be another difficulty. But I have also got over it. I have not read lots of grammar books. But I spent much time reading the articles written by native speakers or specialists in English. By doing so, I came to gain “a sense of English language”. I began to gain a feel for which sentences are “good English” and which are not. Finally, I want to say that overcoming all these difficulties requires perseverance. In the past seven years I spent at least an hour on English each day. I believe this is an important reason why I am able to make progress in learning English.
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Positive and Negative Aspects of Sport. You should write no less than 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:
  1. 运动的积极因素;
  2. 运动的消极因素;
  3. 你的体会
范文: Sports benefit us in many respects. When taking part in sports, we get the chance to train almost all parts of our body. There is no doubt that properly balanced physical activities keep us physically fit. Furthermore, sports can enrich our life and maintain our psychological health. Through participation, everyone can learn that on the playing field he not only competes for himself but also for his team. Sports teach us about consideration, cooperation and optimism, and how to cope with difficulties. But sports can do harm to those people who cannot balance their activities properly. Training too hard may hurt their body, exhaust their energy and even make them disabled. Personally, I love sports. I enjoy participating in sports. I feel that I not only gain a well-balanced
life through sports, but also get more chances to move closer to nature. Sports have really added happiness to my daily life.
Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Getting to Know the World Outside the Campus. You should write at least 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:
  1. 大学生了解社会的必要性。
  2. 了解社会的途径(大众媒介、社会服务等)
  3. 我打算怎么做。
Getting to Know the World Outside the Campus
范文: With the rapid development of society, it is essential for college students to get to know the world outside the campus. There are a variety of reasons why we should do that. The primary one is that we can expand our horizons. Nowadays, as students, our knowledge is mostly derived from books, which is really limited. Only through contact with society will we learn more practical things. Second, it will enable us to be more sophisticated after graduation. Finally, knowing the world outside the campus may awaken in us a high sense of duty and help us make greater achievements in the future. As is known to all, there are many ways we can know the society, such as through community service or keeping informed through TV, radio or newspapers. As a university student, I will read newspapers and magazines to enrich my knowledge and do some volunteer work for the community or take up a part-time job in my spare time so that I can learn from my experience and prepare for my future work.
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Online Games. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

【思路点拨】 本题属于提纲式文字命题。 提纲第 1 点指出对于某问题的一种反面看法, 提纲第 2 点指 出对于该问题的正面看法,提纲第 3 点要求谈谈“我”对该问题的看法,由此可判断本文应为 对比选择型作文。
根据所给提纲,本文应包含如下内容:指出大学生沉迷于网络游戏的问题,阐述家长和 老师对该问题的否定态度和他们的担忧; 指出一些人对待网络游戏的肯定态度, 并阐述网络 游戏的好处;表明“我”对网络游戏的看法。
Online Games
As a product of modern computer and the Internet, online games have become very popular among college students. Many students have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction from these games. But as we see, some students lacking self-discipline are too much indulged in these games so that their health and academic performances are affected. This phenomenon has caused much worry from the teachers and parents。
However, some others argue that online games are not always harmful. They can train the ability of youngsters to respond to things quickly. Moreover, they can stimulate their imagination and their interest in computer science. More importantly, it does bring college students much pleasure and release their pressure greatly。
From my point of view, online games are a wonderful entertainment if you play them in a clever way. When they interfere too much with your study, it is better for you to give them up at once. But if you have enough self-control over them, you can certainly obtain real pleasure and benefit a lot from them。
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Certificate Craze on Campus. You should write at


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