公共英语(pets)五级考试真题 公共英语(pets)五级考试真题 (pets)
Section I Listening ComprehensionThis section is designed to test your ability to understand spoken English.You will hear a selection of recorded materials and you must answer the questions that accompany them.There are three parts in this section, Part A , Part B and Part C.Remember, while you are doing the test, you should first answer the questions in your test booklet, not on the ANSWER SHEET.At the end of the listening comprehension section, you will have 5 minutes to transfer your answers from your test booklet onto ANSWER SHEET
  1.If you have any questions, you may raise your hand NOW as you will not be allowed to speak once the test has started.68 英语论坛: http://bbs.YeeYi.Net Part A You will hear a conversation between a student, Mr.Wang, and his tutor, Dr.Wilson.As you listen, answer Questions 1 to 10 by circling TrueorFalse.You will hear the conversation ONLY ONCE.You now have 60 seconds to read Questions 1-
  1.Dr.Wilson and Mr.Wang have met before.TRUE/FALSE
  2.Wang prefers to live with an English family.TRUE/FALSE
  3.Wang intends to study how computer is used for language translation.TRUE/FALSE
  4.Back in his own country Mr.Wang studied C-language and chemistry.TRUE/FALSE
  5.Wang has some experience in CAD.TRUE/FALSE
  6.Dr.Wilson is satisfied with Wang’s past experience.TRUE/FALSE
  7.Wang has little knowledge of the phonetic processing system.TRUE/FALSE
  8.Wang decides to take courses and pass exams.TRUE/FALSE
  9.Dr.Wilson suggests that Wang should extend his stay at the university.TRUE/FALSE
  10.Dr.Wilson asks Wang to do a little more research before deciding on his project.TRUE/FALSE Tapescript:考试大论坛 Hearing a knock on the door] Come in please.Good morning Dr.Wilson.Good morning Wang.So nice to see you again.Take a seat...why don’t you, please.When did you get to the university?mwmi arrived yesterday.Well...Are you living in the college?No, I am with an English family...actually...because I want to improve my speaking.WmwOh, fine.Right, did you take a language proficiency test before you came?Yes.Uhh...my Overall Band is 6, but...unfortunately my speaking is only
  5.OK, you know, here in this university, you have to take our own English test before you attend any lectures.So, first of all, what we’ve got to do is, we have to make an arrangement for the test date.Umm...will tomorrow be all right for you?mw Yeah, I have time tomorrow morning.Good, then.Tomorrow at ten.I don’t think the test will be any problem for you.Now, let’s make sure you make full use of your time here.Let’s put it like this.What exactly do you want to accomplish in the next 12 months?mi’m interested in computer language translation, I mean, from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.I’ll try, if possible, to produce a softwareora device which can serve as an interpreter.WMYes, could you be a bit more specific about...er...the device?For instance, when, you talk to the device in English it will translate your words into Chinese and vice versa.WmwmwUhuh...do you mean it’ll be as competent as...er...a human interpreter?Yes...well, I’ll let it deal with general situations, at least.Fascinating...and how big will the device itself be, do you think?The size of a cigarette pack, I think.So people can put it in their pocket.Really.Well, that could be a Ph.D project.Tell me what you have done so far.In my four years of undergraduate study, I studied electronics, advancedMmathematics, hardware designing, some computer languages and program writing.Yes, but have you done anypractical jobs? I mean, have you written anyWprograms for practical use?I was
involved in a project for CAD in a shipyard.mwThe computer aided design.That was probably a good experience, but, unfortunately, it may not help your present project much.Are you familiar with C-language?No.mwUhuh...the phonetic processing system, do you know how such a system works?What do you mean by "phonetic processing system?"mwWell, you know, English is spoken by different people with different accents.Your English accent is different from mine, and of course mine is not the same as my colleagues’.So as I see it, your device would have to be able to recognise and understand different accents.Oh, I see.I think I can learn C-language and a phonetic processing systemMhere.Well, that’s probably true, but you’ve got only 12 months and you want aWdegree, don’t you?Yes.mwOK, so there’re two ways of studying for a degree here.You either take six courses, pass their exams and have your dissertation acceptedorthe other way is you do some research work and submit your project report.mwmwI think I’ll take the second way.Fine, but are you sure you can finish your project in 12 months?I don’t know, but I can work 12 hours a day and 7 days a week.Well, I’d suggest you spend some time in our library, trying to find out what other students have done before and perhaps re-consider your own project, to some extent.You might narrow your research area, concentrating on solving oneortwo major problems.And, it’d be a good idea to talk to your colleagues in the lab, first.Anyway, I’m sure we can work out something good.Shall I see you again in three days’ time?All right.I’ll go away and do some thinking.Then I’ll talk to you about myMnew plan.Good.See you then.WMThank you.Bye-bye You now have 20 seconds to check your answers to Questions 1 -
  10.That is the end of Part A,Part B:You will hear 3 conversationsortalks and you must answer the questions by choosing A, B, CorD.You will hear the recording ONLY ONCE.Questions 1 - 3 are based on the following talk.You now have 15 seconds to read Questions 1 -
  3. SECTION IV: Writing
You have read an article in a magazine with the following statement in it. Write an article for the same magazine. You should use your own ideas, knowledge or experience to generate support for your argument and include an example. You should write about 250 words. Write your article on ANSWER SHEET
  2. Economic development will inevitably generate industrial waste which in turn will cause pollution to the living environment. Economic prosperity and a clean environment can not coexist. You have to make a choice between the two." To what extent do you agree with the statement? 今天拿到了 PETS5 级的证书,笔试
  5,总的来说还可以接受,下面讲讲我的一些 体会,希望对大家有用。我是 4 月决定报考的,主要是因为参加工作 2 年,英语都忘得差不多了,想借此 给自己一点压力和动力。四月底去到广外考试中心(现在从 4 教搬到丰收山庄国际学院了),交了 160 元, 五一后再去拿到了准考证。 复习过程我选择上外的大学英语精读这套教材,虽然有人对它指手画脚,实际上作为一套教材,它可 以说是非常经典的。由于报 5 级,所以我直接从第四册开始学习。
首先我把单词读一遍,一是掌握单词的发音,因为我有些音调拿不准,二是有些单词的意思和常用意 思不一致,所以要先过一遍。词汇是外语的基础,5 级的词汇量应该在 6000 以上,如果阅读过程中生词率 高于
  30%,考试就没法考了。 然后我习惯大声读一遍课文,为的是增强语感,“文章硬如铁,读来满口血”,文章不读一次,就感 觉嘴巴都硬了。读完之后,就借助参考书,逐字逐句的啃课文。主要包括词汇的意思和用法,句子的语法 和逻辑结构(这是最重要的!),以及一些时代背景,名人名言等等。为什么要强调语法和逻辑结构呢? 我们以第五册第一课第一句话为例: is probably easier for teachers than for students to appreciate it the reasons why learning “English seems to become incresingly difficult once the basic st ructures and patterns of the language have been understood. 一句话就占据了 3 行,而且结构复杂冗长,没有过硬的分析能力,考试时就会手忙脚乱了。所以这一 步虽然很烦也很枯燥,但却是必不可少的。我在复习过程中在这一步耗时最多,基本上一天看一课,课后 的练习因为时间关系基本没有做,精力都在阅读上了。3 册课本共 30 篇,去掉几篇小说还剩 20 多篇,一 个月基本能看完。这是复习的第一阶段。 第二阶段主要是巩固和提高,每天我固定抽出半个小时读课文,先大声读一遍,培养语感和锻炼发音, 读的过程基本不知道课文在说什么,看到的只是一个个的单词,见树不见林。第二遍是默读,读完一句话, 仔细地分析它的结构,搞清楚每个成分之间的内在联系,既见树又见林。这一阶段还要进入实战练习,市 面上关于 pets 的辅导书多如牛毛, 可惜质量实在不敢恭维。 见过一本王长喜主编的模拟书, 里面错误百出, 可谓误人子弟。我一直认为,最好的辅导书就是历年真题,可惜 pets 5 的真题概不流出,所以那些所谓的 辅导书就不必太当真了,他们唯一的用处就是让你熟悉考试会有哪些题型。如果真的想做练习,可以拿 6 级或考研的历年真题来做。 考试前一天睡的不好,八点来到考场,结果几乎到九点半才开考。 第一部分是听力,又分 3 part. part1 是对话,part2 是段子,都是听完后选一个答案。part3 是填空, 一段话放 3 遍,要求填补文中抽去的词或短语。个人觉得难度和 6 级差不多,有些地方稍微快一些。 第二部分是语法填空,一篇文章里面抽掉了若干个词,要求补完(没有选项,不像完型填空!)。这 部分一半靠语感,1/3 靠语法逻辑,其余靠上下文语境。为什么要强调语感呢
其实靠逻辑也可以做出来,但需要时间,而考试最缺的就是时间,所以要靠平时多读,凭借语感当机立断。 这部分每空只有
  0.5 分,所以千万不要花太多时间,做不出的就放弃,当然也不要乱选,毕竟
  0.5 分也是 分,要做到又快又准。 第三部分是大头:阅读,5 篇文章,每篇约 800 词。对阅读的难度一定要有充分认识:把你能想象的 最大难度放大十倍,就差不多了(当然对于牛人这句话不适用)。每篇只能看一遍文章就去做题(做的过 程可以回头寻找文中的细节)。我就在这方面犯错误了,有一篇文章看了两遍才做,最后就不够时间了。 第四部分是排序,一篇长文章抽去了几段,要从选项中把正确的段落补回去。这种题型对大家比较陌 生,而且做到这里,脑子也比较混乱或者转不动了,我也提不出什么好办法,虽然每题有 2 分。
最后是快速阅读,有 3 篇文章,每篇 800 词,10 道选择题,都是考文章的细节,难度很小,关键是阅 读速度要快。 以上是第一卷,到时间后监考人员收卷,再发第二卷作文,这次的作文题目是“多设立职业高中还是 普通高中?”,个人觉得 pets 的作文题目都怪怪的,似乎与
  4,6 级差得比较大,不好写。 中午在广外休息一下,回来教室干坐着等考官叫名。也可以利用这段时间和 partner 练习一下口语。 我和中大附属 3 院的一个外科 gg 医生一起考,该 gg 已经考过一次了,他说口语一般不为难人,关键还是 笔试。事实证明了他的话。笔试时先自我介绍,然后各取一个 topic 进行讨论,再就某个话题共同讨论, 我觉得自己发挥很差,能拿到满分 5 分实在是出乎意料之外,可能是我的发音比较好吧。 最后提出总结几点吧:
  1.对 pets 难度要有充分认识。
  3.考试时间非常紧张,想回头检查基本是不可能的,所以懂的就要在尽可能短的时间里完成,不懂的 要学会放弃。 考试前一天晚上要休息好,考试那天中午也要尽可能休息好。
SECTION II: Use of English
Read the following text and fill each of the numbered spaces with ONE suitable word. Write your answers on ANSWER SHEET
Children who grip their pens too close to the writing point are likely to be at a disadvant age in examinations,
  1) to the first serious investigation into the way in which writing technique can dr amatically affect educational achievement. The survey of 643 children and adults, aged from pr e-school to 40-plus, also suggests
  2) pen-holding techniques have deteriorated sharply over one generation, with teach ers now paying far
  3) attention to correct pen grip and handwriting style. Stephanie Thomas, a learni ng support teacher
  4) findings have been published, was inspired to investigate this area
  5) she noticed that those pupils who had the most trouble with spelling
  6) had a poor pen grip. While Ms. Thomas could not establish a significant stati stical link
  7) pen-holding style and accuracy in spelling, she
  8) find huge differences in technique between the young children and the mature adults, and a definite
  9) between near-point gr



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