10.5 一,语音题(每空1分,共10分) 语音题(每空 分 分 01,notice , A. stomachs B. houses C. mouths D. reasonable D. interesting
02,winkle A. windy , 03,shook A. shoot , 04,occasionally , 05,pressure ,
B. drink C. footprint B. food C. shoe
D. wood C. question D. television
A. population
B. Russian
A. directly
B. oxygen
C. absence D. camera
06,float A. flower B. brown C. hometown D. bellows , 07,bulletin A. bury , 08,breach A. break , 09,opposite , B. Prussian C. bullet D. punishment D. least D. historic
B. theatre C. meadow
A. companion B. balloon C. stroll B. separate
10,scatter A. laboratory , 11,essay , A. holiday
C. gravity D. various
B. says C. away D. mayor B. tongue C. eager D. single
12,singer A. anger ,
13,splendid A. watched B. refused C. wretched D. impressed , 14,owner A. powerful , 15,latent , A. squirrel B. brown C. narrow B. centigrade C. level D. power D. mend
16,flood A. loose B. blood , 17,mud , A. music
C. moon D. noon D. lung D. belief D. captain
B. human C. huge B. energy
18,creature ,
A. effect
C. reduce
19,mountain A. explain B. remain , 20,cookie A. frog , 21, period , A. request 22,geography , A. regret 23,replied , A. entered B. asked B. envy B. perseverance
C. campaign D. obvious
B. oxygen C. wolf
C. recognize
D. require
C. remark
D. deck
C. stepped
D. added
24,counter , A. country 25,eyebrow , A. town B. follow C. slow D. fellow B. south C. tough D. enough
26,schoolyard , A. coo 27,master , A. Alsace C. impress B. tiresome D. unable B. cook C. poor D. childhood
  1.5分,共30分) 单选题(每空 分 分 01,Since your supervisor has the time for a talk, you must make sure that you will be , there on time. A. predicted B. specified C. yielded D. classified 02,My friend was full of for the way in which I had so quickly learned to drive a car. , A. pride B. surprise C. admiration D. jealousy
03,It has been a long time I saw you last time. , A. since B. for C. before D. after because she had had a. D. sweet dream
04,The little girl woke up screaming , A. daydream B. nightmare
C. fantasy
05,She talked to him for a long time and him from doing that dangerous job. , A. persuaded B. dissuaded C. overcame D. conquered
06,They decided to chase the cow away it did more damage. , A. unless B. until C. before D. what
07,The manufacturers carried out one of the Chairman's proposals, but they didn't. , A. must have B. couldn't have C. ought to have 08,You ought not to him the news that day. , A. tell B. be telling C. have told D. had told D. shouldn't have
09,Your little girl is becoming very rude. You scold her. , A. may B. can C. ought D. ought to
10,Please listen to me. It's inappropriate for you to persist in this. , A. to do B. do C. doing D. having done
11,I know you're planning to travel this summer, but do you know? , A. how much cost it will be B. how much has it cost C. how much will it cost D. how much it will cost 12,You are lucky since you've never anything in your life. , A. lost B. got C. stolen D. found
13,Would you please help me to up the present for the old gentleman? , A. wrap B. tie C. cover D. send
14,His handwriting resulted from haste and carelessness rather than from the , inability to form the letters correctly. A. unreadable B. beautiful C. careful D. undecided 15,What time does my flight leave Tuesday? , A. at B. in C. by D. on
16,What are you doing? I'm the bedroom for my wallet. , A. looking B. finding C. searching D. searching for
17,The manager that the new employees go through professional training before they , started working. A. persisted B. insisted C. resisted D. assisted 18,The textile industry greatly to the economy of Hong Kong. , A. adds B. amounts C. contributes D. leads
19,All is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life. , A. what is needed B. for our needs C. the thing needed D. that is needed
20,They are believed in their experiment. , A. to have already succeeded B. to succeed already
C. to be succeeded D. to be succeed 21,I'd like to the lessons once more before we take the exam tomorrow. , A. go for B. go over C. go round D. go about
22,He used to have a of stamp-collection, but he has given it up. , A. habit B. hobby C. custom D. like
23,Depending on, Mary led us through an unknown part of the forest. ,
A. intuition B. sense
C. vision D. image
24,It was difficult to guess what her to the news would be. , A. impression B. reaction C. comment D. opinion
25,The hunter on his back with his eyes half closed. , A. laid B. lied C. lay D. lain
26,The leaves are down to the ground when autumn comes. , A. dropping B. following C. putting D. falling
27,I didn't ask him, but he to help me with my homework. , A. gave B. offered C. took D. got 28,Do you think she has any to refuse John's invitation? , A. reason B. cause C. motive D. point
29,He just couldn't what in the world she had been talking about all the time. , A. figure out B. catch on C. set out D. work on
30,His parents , the orphan is now taken care of by her uncle. , A. have died B. dying C. dead D. having died
31, to the moon some day, I should see the surface of the moon with my own eyes. , A. Would I go B. Were I to go C. If I go D. If I had gone
32,The old lady felt very when her daughter forgot her birthday. , A. deceived B. deserted C. unfortunate D. disappointed
33,Neither Larry's father nor his mother at home. , A. are B. were C. was D. am
34,The famous Yong Le Bell is three times. , A. as tall as a man B. taller as a man C. tallest than a man D. more tall than a man we both hope very much . 35,In spite of your living so far away, , A. your coming C. you to come
B. that you come D. that you have come
36,Excuse me, sir. I've lost my watch. Do you have time? , A. the B. a C. an D. bland what has happened.
37,It is because he is too young he does not understand , A. that B. so C. so that D. therefore
38,He had difficulties making himself understood, but we didn't impatience. , A. show no sign of C. show any sign of B. make an exhibition of D. make any exhibition of
39,Two old friends meet chance in the street. , A. by B. on C. at D. for
40,He is one of the students who always on time. , A. is B. are C. was D. be
41,It has been a long time I saw you last time. , A. since B. for C. before D. after
42,Children who are over-protected by their parents may become , A. hurt C. spoiled B. damaged D. harmed
43,The bridge was named the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people. , A. after C. by B. with D. from
44,My camera can be to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions. , A. treated C. adopted B. adjusted D. remedied
45,Many new will be opened up in the future for those with a university education. , A. opportunities C. realities B. necessities D. probabilities
46,The rain was heavy and the land was flooded. , A. consequently C. constantly B. continuously D. consistently
47,There were no tickets for Friday's performance. , A. preferable C. possible B. considerable D. available
48,It wasn't such a good dinner she had promised us. , A. that C. as B. which D. what
49,He must have had an accident, or he then. ,
A. would have been here C. should be here
B. had to be here D. would be here
50,We our breakfast when an old man came to the door. , A. just have had C. just had B. have just had D. had just had
51,She never laughed, lose her temper , A. or she ever did C. or did she ever B. nor did she ever D. nor the ever did
52, with the size of the whole earth , the highest mountain does not seem high at all. , A. When compared C. While comparing B. Compare D. Comparing
53,The manager promised to keep me of how our business was going on . , A. to be informed C. informed B. on informing D. informing
54,Some old people don't like pop songs because they can't so much noise. , A. resist C. tolerate B. sustain D. undergo
55,When Mr. Jones gets old, he will over his business to his son. , A. take C. think B. hand D. get
56, student with a little common sense should be able to answer the question. , A. Each C. either B. Any D. one
57,It was essential that the application forms back before the deadline. , A. must be sent C. be sent B. would be sent D. were sent
三,词形变换(每空1分,共5分) 词形变换(每空 分 分 01,(promote) He looks happy today. I guess he has got a _promotion. , 02,(add)They need_additional__ help to get the work done as planed. , 03,(explode) Did you hear the terrible _explosionlast night? ,
04,(disappoint) To his great _disappointment, Mrs. White won't be able to join , the party this weekend. 05,(economic)I am a college student now. My major is__economics. , 06,(lie) No one would like to make friends with him, for he has been found a _liar. , 07,(purity)It's hard to find any totally _purewater because of the water pollution. , 08,(boy) He was born in China, spent his _boyhoodin England, and now he is an , American citizen.
us in
09, , (surprised) To our great _surprise__, Mrs. White won't be able to join us in the party this weekend. 10,(able)Airplanes _enable people to travel great distances rapidly. , 11,(patience)Judy is certainly unfit for the teaching profession, for he is too _impatient__ , with slow learners. 12,(thirst)Do you have any water? I am _thirstyto death. , 13,(wonder) Don't you think that's a _wonderfulstory? , 14,(children) She was born in China, spent her _childhoodin England, and now she is an , American citizen. 15,(silent) She gave her husband a sharp look to __silencehim. , 四,完形填空(每空1分,共20分) 完形填空(每空 分 分 It was the night before the composition was due. As I looked at the list of topics (题目 , "The 题目) 题目 Art of Eating Spaghetti (意大利面条) " caught my eye. The word "spaghetti" brought back the 意大利面条 意大利面条 36 of an evening at Uncle Alien' s in Belleville 38 37 all of us were seated around the table treat in 39 days. Never it. What
and Aunt Pat
spaghetti for supper. Spaghetti was an exotic 40
had I eaten spaghetti, and laughing mouth. 42
of the grown-ups had enough experience to be 41
we had about the 43
respectable method for moving spaghetti from plate to 45 it down simply for my own 46 ,
44 , I wanted to write about that, but I wanted to 47
not for Mr. Fleagle, my composition teacher.
, I would write something else. 48 49 left to write a proper my work. Two days
When I finished it the night was half gone and there was no
composition for Mr. Fleagle. There was no choice next morning but to passed before Mr. Fleagle returned the 50
papers. He said, "Now, class, I want to read you a 51 to
composition, "The Art of Eating Spaghetti'. "My words! He was reading my words out
the whole class.
laughed, then the whole class was laughing with open-hearted enjoyment. 53 , but what I was feeling was pure happiness, 54 my words
I did my best not to show
had the power to make people 55 . 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 A. memory A. when A. cooked A. their A. none B. thought B. where B. served B. past B. one C. knowledge D. after D. made D. those D. neither C. fond of D. interested in D. experience
C. since C. got C. last C. earns
A. careful about A. speeches A. nearly
B. good at
B. lessons B. naturally
C. sayings C. officially
D. arguments D. socially D. Fortunately
A. Especially A. settle A. work A. However A. time A. give up A. written A. loud A. People A. shock A. if
B. Probably C. bite C. luck
C. Suddenly D. let D. joy C. As for him D. idea
B. put B. story
B. Therefore B. excuse C. way
D. Except for that
B. continue B. graded B. fast
C. hand in C. collected
D. delay D. calmly
C. publicly
D. calmly D. I
B. Nobody B. wonder
C. Somebody C. worry
D. pleasure
B. for
C. while
D. although C. think D. laugh
A. excited
B. satisfied
Don't Take the Fun Out of Youth Sports When I joined a private football league a few years ago, the sport meant everything to me. My coach said that I had lots of potential, and I became captain of my before all the fun was taken out of 37 . 38 playing time. Then the team moved up to the 39 started. Some parents, who had paid the one-on-one training, got angry when she 36 . That was
At first, everyone on the team got
top division after winning all its games, and the
coach extra money so their daughters could have 40 didn't give them more playing time in our 41
. The coach was replaced.
The new coach, however, took all the fun out of the game: All we did during practice was 42 . I always wished to God that it would rain so we would not have the 43 . Of course,
all teams run drills; they are 45
. But we ran so much that, afterwards, we had trouble 46 for 18-year-olds.
. Younger people shouldn't be doing exercises I was very thin 47
I started football, but as a member of this team I wouldn't eat 48 to run. I feared making mistakes, and the added 49 . up leaving the football team. Four other girls 51 52 , because they from the
much, because I was afraid of being too
pressure caused me



   工商管理专业学位外语考试模拟试题 一、语音题(每空1分,共10分) 语音题(每空 分 分 2010.10 01、notice A. stomachs B. houses C. mouths D. reasonable 14、owner A. powerful B. brown C. narrow D. power ['YunY] ['pauYful] [braun] ['n?Yu] [pauY] 15、latent A. squirrel B. centigrade C. level D. ...


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