工业工程专业英语常用单词 2008-12-14 23:28
  1.AM{Agile Manufacturing} 敏捷制造
  2. anthropometric 人体测量学
  3.Assembly line 装配线
  4. batch production 批量生产
  5.Cell production 单元生产 5 . cellular layout 单元式布局
  6. central tendency 居中趋势
  7.gang process chart 联合程序分析 图
  8.confidence 置信度
  9.diligently and persistently 坚 持不懈地
  10.dispersion 离差, 平均值
  11.economic batch quantity 经济批 量
  16. gang process analysis 联合操作分析
  17.histograms 柱状图,直方图
  18.inventory 详细目录, 存货
  19.lead time 提前期, 生产周期
  22.management process 管理过程
  25.operations analysis 操作分析
  26.operation process chart 工艺程序图
  27.performance appraisal 绩效评价
  28.performance evaluation 绩效评估
  29.process analysis 程序分析
  30.process layout 工艺式布局
  31.product layout 品式布局
  32.production line 生产线,流水线
  33.production planning 生产计划
  34.strategic plan 战略计划
  35.work factors 工作因素 法
  36.work in process 在制品
  37.work location code 工作场 所代码
  38.work measurement 作业测定 39work sampling 工作抽样
  20.life cycle 寿命周期
  21.Management By Objectives (MBO) 目标管理法
  13.CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)计算机集成制造
  12.ergonomics 工效学
  14.FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) 柔性制造系统
  15.feedback 反 馈
  23.Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPⅡ)制造资料计划
  24.Material Requirements Planning 物料需求计划
The roles of IE
Industrial engineering is emerging as one of the classic and novel professions that will be counted for solving complex and systematic problems in the highly technological world of today. In particular, with the rapid development of China’s economy and its acting as a center of world manufacturing industries, the demand for IE will increase and widen continuously and urgently. A production system or service system includes inputs, transformation, and outputs. Through transformation, the added values are increase and the system efficiency and effectiveness are improved. Transformation processes rely on the technologies used and management sciences as well as their combination. Managing a production system or service system is a challenging and complex task ?one that requires the knowledge of fundamental sciences, engineering sciences,
behavioral sciences, computer and information sciences, economics, and a great number of topics concerning the basic principles and techniques of production and service systems.
The demand for IE Graduates
Industrial engineering curricula are designed to prepare the students to meet the challenges of the future for the construction of Chinese economic and harmonious society. Many IE graduates will, indeed, design and run modern manufacturing systems and facilities. Others will select to engage in service activities such as health-care delivery, finance, logistics, transportation, education, public administration, or consulting and so on.
IE 专业英语 2009-11-22 13:40 IE ???? BS Brain Storming ?力激? Facilities Design and Planning 设施规划与设计 Material Flow System Analysis 物流系统分析 Production Planning and Control 生产计划与控制 Human Engineering 人机工程(工效学) Cost Control 成本控制 Value Engineering 价值工程 Work Assessment 工作评价与考核 Engineering Economics Analysis 工程经济分析 Machine Interference ?器干? Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) 六十秒即时?模 Fool-Proof 防止??法 (防?法) Man 人 Machine 机 Material 料 Method 法 Environment ?境 Temperature(temp)?度 Humidity ?度 leaning curve ??曲? Time measurement ???量 Methods of time measurement ?准???量(MTM) Shop floor observation ???? Line Balancing ?平衡 Value 有?值 NO VALUE ??值 Incidental work(necessary)必要
Waste 浪?? Takt Time 生??拍 Transport Empty 伸手 Grasp 握取 Move 移物 Disassemble 折卸 Use ?用 Assemble ?配 Release Load 放手 Inspect ?查 Search ?找 Select ?? Play ?划 Pre-Position ?定位 Position 定位 Hold 持住 Rest 休息 Unavoidable Delay ?延 Avoidable Delay 故延 E: Elimination 剔除 C :Combination 合? R: Re-arrangement 重排 S :Simplification ?化 PRA-Probabilistic Risk ??率?估 Risk Priority Number (RPN) ????指? What 完成了什么 where 何?做 When 何?做 who 由?做 Why ?何??做 how 何?做 delay 等待 operation 操作 inspection ?查 transportation 搬? storage ?存 Color management ?色管理 Quality Control Circle 品管圈 (QCC) Activity-Base Management 作?制成本管理 (ABM) In-Process Quality Control ?程品?管制 (IPQC) Incoming Quality Control ?料品?管制 (IQC) International Organization for Standardization ?????? (ISO) Predetermined Motion Time Standard ?? PTS ?定?作????法 Methods-time-measurement 方法??衡量
Work factor system 工作因素法 (WF) Modolar arrangement of pre-determind time standard MOD 法 Leveling 平?化= westing 西屋法 objective rating 客??比 synthetic leveling 合成?比 Work Sampling 工作抽? Motion time analysis ?作??分析 Business Process Reengineering (BPR)企?流程再造 Enterprise Resource Planning ERP 企??源?? Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)基本????量 Flexible Manufacture System ?性?造系? (FMS) Finish or Final Quality Control 成品品?管制 (FQC) In-Process Quality Control ?程品?管制 (IPQC) Incoming Quality Control ?料品?管制 (IQC) Just In Time 即?管理 (JIT) Manufacturing Execution System ?造?行系? (MES) Master Production Scheduling 主生?排程 (MPS) Master Production Planning 主生??划 Material Requirement Planning 物料需求?? (MRP) Manufacturing Resource Planning ?造?源?? (MRPII) Operation Scheduling 作??划 Flow shop 流水?? Optimized Production Technology 最佳生?技? Supply Chain Management 供??管理 (SCM) Statistic Process Control ???程管制 (SPC) Total Production Management 全面生?管理 (TPM) Total Quality Management 全面品?管理 (TQM) Zero Defect Quality Control 零缺陷?量管理: PDCA Cycle PDCA 循?: continue Improvement 持?改善: Project ?目 Project Manager ?目?理 Project Management ?目管理 Project Plan ?目?划 Process Improvement ??改善 WORK IN PROCESS 半成品 President 董事? Visual management 目?管理 bottleneck 瓶? Layout 布置? quality engineering 品?工程人?(QE) first article inspection 新品首件?查(FAI) first article assurance 首件??(FAA) capability index 能力指?(CP)
Quality Improvement Team 品?改善小?(QIT) Classification 整理(sorting, organization)-seiri Regulation 整?(arrangement, tidiness)-seiton Cleanliness 清?(sweeping, purity)-seiso Conservation 清洁(cleaning, cleanliness)-seiktsu Culture 教?(discipline)-shitsuke Save ?? Safety 安全 Make-to-stock ??型生?(MTS) Make-to-order ??型生?(MTO) Assemble-to-order 按???配 (ATO) Flexible manufacturing system 柔性制造系? Group technology 成?技?(GT) Concurrent engineering 并行工程(CE) Time compression technology ????技?(TCT) Business process reengineering ???程重? (BPR) Agile manufacturing 敏捷制造(AM) Leap production 精?生? (LP) Intelligent manufacturing 智能制造(IM) Computer-aided-manufacturing ?算机?助制造(CAM) Computer-aided-design ?算机?助??(CAD) Computer-aided-engineering ?算机?助工程 (CAE) Computer-aided-process planning ?算机?助工??制 ( CAPP) overall cost leadership 成本优先 differentiation ?具一格 Market focus 集中一? cost efficiency 成本效率 quality ?量 Dependability 可靠性 Flexibility 柔性 product date management ?品?据管理(PDM) Facility location ?施?址 Fixed position layout 固定式布置 process layout 工??程布置 layout based on group technology 成?制造?元布置 Job design 工作?? work measurement 工作?量 Time study ??研究 Basic motion study 基本?作世界研究法(BMS) Modolar arrangement of predetermind time standard 模特法 Human factor engineering 人因工程 business plan ???划 Fixed capacity 固定能力 Adjustable capacity 可?整能力
production rate 生?率 Inventory ?存 Job-shop production ??小批生? Bill of materials (BOM)物料清?文件 Lead time 提前期 modular bill of materials 模?物料清? Maximum part-period gain 最大周期收益 (MPG) distribution requirements planning 分配需求?划 scheduling ?制作??划 sequencing 排序 Dispatching 派工 controlling 控制 expediting ?工 supply chain 供?? Purchasing Management 采?管理 Quick Response 快速用?反? JIT Purchasing 准?采? physical distribution 物流 Materials handling 物料搬? project ?目 critical path method ??路?法 optimistic time 最???? Most likely time 最可能?? pessimistic time 最悲??? Mean time between failure 平均故障期 (MTBF) Mean time to repair 平均?修期(MTTR) plan ?划 do ?行 check ?查 action ?理 level production 生?平?化 optimized production technology 最优生?技?(OPT) Overall Equipment Effectiveness 整体设备效能 Operation Research ??? Service Sector 服?? Operation Management ?作管理 Operation System ?作系? World Class Manufacturing 世界?制造 Time-based Competition 基于??的?? Operation Flexibility ?作?略 Product Development ?品?? Dependent Demand ?立需求 Economic Order Lot ????批量: Safety Stock 安全?存
Shortage Costs 缺?成本 ABC Classing Method A BC 分?法 Reorder Point ??? Holding Costs 存?成本 Productivity Improvement Team 生?力提升小?(PIT) Productivity Improvement Center 生?力提升中心(PIC) 工厂常用?? Assembly& Loading Clips ?合上耳? Break PAD 折 PAD Break PIN 折? Paste Base 沾 BASE approved by: 核? Apr.(April) 四月 assembly(ass’y)?合 Aug.(August) 八月 Base 底座 bifilar ???? Bobbin(BBN) ??管 bottom 底部 Brush Epoxy On Core ?芯刷? Brush Epoxy On Loop ?圈刷? checked by: ?核 Choke ?感 clip 耳? close winding 密? component 元件 condition ?件 condition ?件 copper ?箔 立式 core ?芯 Curing 烘烤 current ?流 CUT WIRE 裁? Dec.(December) 十二月 defective product box 不良品箱 deficient manufacturing procedure 制程不良 description: ?明 Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis DFMEA ?? Desk Top dip 浸入 Direction 方向 ECN Engineering Change Notice 工程?更通知 Electronic Magnetic In EMI 抗?磁干?
Enameled copper wire 漆包? Engineering Change Request 工程?更要求 epoxy ? equipment/instrument ?? Failure Mode and Effect Analysis FMEA 失效模式?效?分析 Feb.(February) 二月 fixture 治具 flow chart 流程表? flux 助焊? FN: Factory Notice 工厂通知 FN: Immediated change 立即?更 Function test ?? gap ?隙,?隙 HI-POT 安??? IE?Industrial Engineering 工?工程 impregnation 浸泡 inductance ?感 ink 油墨 inspection(INSP)?查 Insulating Tape ???布 issued date: ?行日期 item ?料 Jan.(January) 一月 Joint Quality Engineering (JQE) Jul.(July) 七月 Jun.(June) 六月 Kapton Tape 高??布 layer ? line ? Magnetic Components 磁性元件 magnetic 磁性的 Mar.(March) 三月 Margin Tape 安? marking 印章 materials 物料 May 五月 ME: Mechanical Engineering ?械工程 measurement ?? mechanical dimension 外?尺寸 MFG: manufacturing ?造 Mini-Tower Model: ?? Not Deviate Measure 量平整度 Nov.(November) 十一月
O/I Operation Instruction 作?指?? Oct.(October) 十月 OEM:委?代工 (Original Equipment Manufacture) oven 烤箱 P/n: part number 品名 P/R Pilot-Run ?作?? pad ?片 PE Production/Process Engineering 制造工程/制程工程 pin adjustment ?? PIN BENDING& WIRE TRIMMING 折??片 pin ? plastic 塑料,塑? poor processing 制程不良 Pre-soldering ?焊 primary(pri)初? process 流程 production capacity 生?力 ?式 production control (PC)生管 purchasing ?? QCC:品管圈 (Quality Control Circle) QE:品?工程(Quality Engineering) remark: ?注 Reported by: 草? Revision(REV?): 版本 sample ?品 schematic ??? second(sec)次? Sept.(September) 九月 solder bar ?棒 solder iron 烙? solder wire ?? soldering 焊? solvent 稀?? space winding 疏? Specification (Spec) 生??格 stand-off 凸? station 站? step 步序 straighten 弄直,使?直 tape ?? TE: Test Engineering ??工程 terminal ?,端子 Time (? ?) timer 定?器
top ?部,上? transformer ??器 trifler 三??? tube 套管 turn ratio 圈?比 turn 圈? twist ?? Unloading The Clips 下耳? vacuum 抽真空 varnish dipping 泡凡立水 varnish 凡立水 warehouse ?? winding direction ??方向 winding ?? wire trimming 理? IE 专业英语 1 2007-09-01 20:44
IE 专业英语 Facilities Design and Planning 设施规划与设计 Material



   BS Brain Storming 脑力激荡 Facilities Design and Planning 设施规划与设计 Material Flow System Analysis 物流系统分析 Production Planning and Control 生产计划与控制 Human Engineering 人机工程(工效学) Cost Control 成本控制 Value Engineering 价值工程 Work Assessment 工作评价与考核 Engineering Econ ...


   第一课 土木工程学 土木工程学作为最老的工程技术学科,是指规划,设计,施工及对建筑环境的管理。此处的环境包括建筑 符合科学规范的所有结构,从灌溉和排水系统到火箭发射设施。 土木工程师建造道路,桥梁,管道,大坝,海港,发电厂,给排水系统,医院,学校,公共交通和其他现 代社会和大量人口集中地区的基础公共设施。他们也建造私有设施,比如飞机场,铁路,管线,摩天大楼, 以及其他设计用作工业,商业和住宅途径的大型结构。此外,土木工程师还规划设计及建造完整的城市和 乡镇,并且最近一直在规划设计容纳设施齐全 ...


   本文由天使之恋002贡献 pdf文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 教育教学 土木工程专业英语翻译 杨 敏 (安徽交通职业技术学院土木工程系, 安徽合肥 230051) [ 要 从介绍土木工程的概念入手,提出了土木工程专业英语的重要性,接着对其特点进行分析,并总结翻译的技巧和方法. 摘 ] [ 关键词 土木工程;基本特点;方法和技巧 ] 土木工程是建造各种工程设施的科学技术的总称. 它既指所使用 的材料, 设备和进 ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   As technological processes increase in complexity,and the required peformance specifications become more severe,analytical design procedures assume great importance. It has become essential for engineers to have an understanding of the nature of the ...


   (1)Concrete and reinforced concrete are used as building materials in every country. In many, including Canada and the United States, reinforced concrete is a dominant structural material in engineered construction. (1)混凝土和钢筋混凝土在每个国家都被用作建筑材料。在许多国家, ...


   Environmental Engineering 环境工程 What is this book about?这本书是关于什么的? 这本书是关于什么的? 这本书是关于什么的 The objective of this book is to introduce engineering and science students to the interdisciplinary study of environment problems;their cause,why they are of co ...


   岩土工程专业英语词汇 在线土木专业词典查询地址为: http://www.tumuren.com/word.asp 目前已经收录近 10000 条词汇 一. 综合类 1.geotechnical engineering 岩土工程 2.foundation engineering 基础工程 3.soil, earth 土 4.soil mechanics 土力学 cyclic loading 周期荷载 unloading 卸载 reloading 再加载 viscoelastic founda ...


   英语专业四级作文常用单词、 英语专业四级作文常用单词、短语 (一) 常用的形容词和副词: absurd 荒唐的 addictive 上瘾的 affectionate 有感情的 aggressive 有上进心的 alert 敏锐的;警惕的 arduous 费劲的 artistic 艺术的 authoritative 权威性的 awkward 尴尬的 balanced 平衡的 cogent 使人信服的 cold-blooded 冷血的 cold-hearted 无情的 compassionate ...


   Chapter 1 General Principles 1.1 What is Translation? It can be roughly defined as a reproduction or recreation in one language of what is written or said in another language. As a very complicated human activity, its whole picture is never easy to ...



   郑景婷:首先我给大家讲一下完型填空这一部分,这一次在难易程度上较以往没有增加也没有下降,语法、阅读理解和词汇题和2005年基本持平。这一篇文章的第一和第五道题是关于衔接副词的考察,考察句之间的逻辑关系,十四和十六是对于连词和副词的考察,第三考的是介词,除此以外接下来都是名词、动词、形容词和副词。在考察过程中涉及到语言点的知识比2005年这一篇文章在考察的线索稍微领会了一点,通过文章间接得到答案的可能性稍微高一些,得到答案的几率比原来少一点。 第一道题考的是衔接副词,衔接副词主要考的是句子之间的 ...


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