1、One two three four 、 one two three four ,clap your hands (1 2 3
  4,拍拍手) two two three four,stomp your feet(2 2 3
  4,跺跺脚) three two three four,nod your head,(3 2 3
  4,点点头) four two three four,hands on knees.(4 2 3
  2、Let’s count 、 one two ,tie your shoe(伸出手指数数,作系鞋带状) Three four ,touch the floor(伸出手指,蹲下摸地面) Five six ,stir and mix(伸出另一只手数数,作搅拌状) Nine ten ,count again(双手反过来再数一遍) One two three four five six seven eight nine ten (一只手指,一只手指的再数一遍)
  3、Clap stomp snap bump 、 clap clap clap(拍拍手) Stomp stomp stomp(跺跺脚) Snap snap snap(打响指) Bump bump bump (打击膝盖)
  4、Shake your body(
  1) 、 ( ) shake your shoulders,shua shua shua (上下抖动肩膀) Shake your hands ,clap clap clap(甩甩手,拍三下) Shake your hip ,pia pia pia(扭扭屁股,打三下) Shake your feet ,dong dong dong(抖抖脚,跺三下)
  5.Shake your body(
  2) ( ) Shake shake up (胳膊和手全部向上摇摆) Shake shake down(胳膊和手全部向下摇摆) Shake shake shake shake(摇一摇,摇一摇) Let’s turn around(转一圈) Shake shake up (胳膊和手全部向上摇摆) Shake shake down(胳膊和手全部向下摇摆) Shake shake shake shake(摇一摇,摇一摇) Let’s sing a song(做出唱歌的样子)
  6、Finger play 、 one finger ,one finger ,turn turn turn ,turn to a toothbrush ,shua shua shua (两只手各出示一只手指,变成一个牙刷的样子,在嘴边上下刷动)
Two finger, two finger ,turn turn turn ,turn to a rabbit ,jump jump jump (两只手各出示两只手指,转一下,变成一个兔子的样子,上下跳) Three finger ,three finger,turn turn turn ,turn to a fork ,cha cha cha (两只手各出示三只手指,转一下,变成一个叉子的样子,上下叉动) Four finger ,four finger ,turn turn turn ,turn to a cat ,meow meow meow (两只手各出示四只手指,转一下,变成一个猫的样子,在嘴边划动) Five finger ,five finger ,turn turn turn ,turn to a tiger ,aw aw aw (两只手各出示五只手指,转一下,变成一个老虎的样子,两只手举起来假装扑 向孩子)
  7、Hello 、 Hello ,hello ,how are you (左摆手,右摆手,双手头上打开) Fine ,fine,thank thank you(依次伸左右大拇指,拱手感谢) Hello ,hello ,how are you
  8、Oh rabbit 、 Oh rabbit ,oh rabbit(双手做兔耳朵学兔跳两下) red red eyes(双手 OK 眼前晃三下) Oh shua ,oh shua ,oh shua shua shua (双手向前开合五次) Oh rabbit ,oh rabbit(同上) long long ears(双手兔耳朵往上伸三次) Oh wu ,oh wu ,oh wu wu wu(左右手交换做聆听状) Oh rabbit ,oh rabbit(同上) Short short tail(右手放臀后) Oh pia, oh pia, oh pia pia pia(轻拍屁股五下)
  9、Wolf 、 Knock konck knock(敲门三下) Who is it(手放耳边听) It’s mummy(捏鼻子装妈妈的声音) Open the door(双手打开门) Come in please(招手) Oh ,no(双手胸前摆手) Big bad wolf(打狼) Go out(双手推狼出去) Big bad wolf (打狼) (左摆手,右摆手,双手头上打开) No no ,just so so(双手胸前摆手后体前交叉低头摇晃身体做不好意思状)

  10、daddy mummy (曲调同 对面的女还看过来 、 曲调同‘对面的女还看过来 曲调同 对面的女还看过来’) Daddy mummy ,look at me((左摆手,右摆手,双手 OK 眼前晃一下) Look at me ,good baby(双手 OK 眼前晃一下,依次伸左右手大拇指) Daddy mummy look at me(同上) Clap your hands, follow me(拍手,指自己)
  11、follow me 、 Follow follow follow me (双手从左往右拍手四下) Hands up ,hands down(双手头上举晃腕,向下晃腕) Follow follow follow me (双手从左往右拍手四下) Stand up sit down(起立,坐下) Follow follow follow me (双手从左往右拍手四下) Let’ s turn around(转一圈) Follow follow follow me (双手从左往右拍手四下) Let’s sing a song(手拿话筒做唱歌状) Oh lei ,oh lei ,oh lei(双手头上晃两下) Go go go(左手叉腰,右手握拳上举三次,同时跺脚三下)
  12、one two three four five 、 Point up point down (双手食指上指,下指) Show me one(双手半握拳胸前绕动后出示
  1) Jump up jump down(学兔上下跳) Show me two(双手半握拳胸前绕动后出示
  2) Look up look down(双手 OK 在眼前上下看) Show me three(双手半握拳胸前绕动后出示
  3) Stand up sit down(起立坐下) Show me four(双手半握拳胸前绕动后出示
  4) Hands up hands down(双手上举放下) Show me five(双手半握拳胸前绕动后出示
  5) One two three four five(依次出手指表示
  13、up and down 、 Up up touch your head(单手依次上举然后摸头) Down down touch your toes (单手依次向下摸脚) Up and down (双手齐上下) Touch your hips(摸屁股) Turn around(转一圈)
Touch the ground(摸地) Yeah !(双手上举欢呼)
  14、come on 、 Come on ,come on(单手依次招手) Join me join me(单手依次半握拳于胸前) Let’s play a ball(左手拍球状) Let’s play a ball(右手拍球状) Ok ? ok ?(双手 OK 晃) Yeah ! yeah ! yeah !(双手上举欢呼)
  15、Nod your head 、 Nod your head ,yes yes yes(点三下头) Shake your head , no no no(摇头) Raise youe hand ,one two three(举右手伸手指示
  3) Put down your hand, one two three(放下右手伸手指示
  3) Look at me ,look at him ,chua chua chua(双手 OK 指自己,指任一男小朋友,前 伸手三下) Look at her ,chua chua chua(指任一女小朋友) Clap your hands pia pia pia(拍手三下) Very good ,ha ha ha(双手胸前绕圈,放嘴边大笑) Two big eyes chua chua chua(双手做望远镜状前伸手三下) Two big ears wu wu wu ,wu wu wu(双手放耳边倾听) One small nose ,eng eng eng (单手指鼻子,学小猪拱三下) One little mouth , bo bo bo (指嘴,啵三下)
  1、Five fingers (先伸出大拇指)Thumb is father, (伸出食指)mother next to father; (伸出中指)grandpa is the tallest one, (伸出无名指)grandma next to grandpa;
(伸出小拇指)And the little finger is me, We are happy family.
  2、catch open Catch open touch your head, Catch open touch your face, Catch open touch your shoulder Catch open touch your knee, Catch open hide your hand behind you,
  3、the finger family Daddy finger, daddy finger 把拇指藏在拳头中间 Here I am, here I am 伸出拇指 How are you today? 一只拇指向另一只拇指弯腰鞠躬 Very well, thank you.另一个拇指鞠躬还礼 Run away, run away. 两只拇指一起消失
  4、wiggle Wiggle wiggle wiggle 伸出双手,十指快速弯曲伸直跳动 Shake shake shake 甩甩双手
Roll roll roll 双拳在胸前扰动 Finger run away 抖动手指,然后双手藏到背后
  5、Little Fox Little fox little fox,双手做成狐狸爪子的样子放在腮下,眼神做出贼头贼脑的样子 laying fire ,双手做出火苗的样子 Fire fire fire,双手做出火苗升高的样子 Oh!my tail!迅速捂住屁股,从小椅子上弹跳起来
  6、Jack and Jill Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after.
  1、The Wheels on the Bus (
  1)The wheels on the bus go, Round and round, Round and round, round and round, The wheels on the bus go, Round and round, All through the town.(画圈圈) (
  2)The driver(握方向盘)…… turn turn turn(两边倒)…… (
  3)The door ……open and shut(手合上、张开)…… (
  4)The people ……up and down(站起来和蹲下去)……
  5)The baby…… wee wee wee(握拳,在眼睛两边做哭的样子)…… (
  6)The mother ……shh shh shh(食指放嘴唇前)…… (
  7)The wheels…… round and round(两只手握拳,在胸前绕圈圈)……
  2、One, Two, Buckle My Shoes One, two, buckle my shoes,(系鞋带) Three ,four, open the door,(开门) Five, six, pick up the sticks,(捡棍子) Seven, eight, lay them straight,(把棍子放笔直) Nine, ten, do it again.
  3、There Is Thunder(两只老虎的调) There Is Thunder ,There Is Thunder(指指天) Hear it roar. Hear it roar,(拍拍地) Pitter patter, raindrops,(两只手在膝盖上拍) Pitter patter, raindrops, I’m all wet, I’m all wet.(抱抱胸,甩甩手)
  4、Mulberry Bush(桑树游戏,The Wheels on the Bus 的调) Here we go round the mulberry bush,(拍手两边晃) The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, Here we go round the mulberry bush, So early in the morning, (
  1)This is the way I wash my face,(洗脸) Wash my face, wash my face, This is the way I wash my face, So early in the morning. (
  2)……I brush my teeth……(刷牙) (
  3)……I comb my hair……(梳头) (
  4)……I put on my clothes……(穿衣服)
  5、A-Tu-Li-Ta A-tu-li-ta,a-tu-li-ta,a-tu-li-ta,ta A-tu-li-ta,a-tu-ti-ta, a-tu-li-ta,ta (
  1)Thumbs up, Thumbs up, Thumbs up, Thumbs up,(大拇指翘起来) (
  2)Elbows back ……(肘部回来)
  3)Knees together……(膝盖并拢) (
  4)Turn around……(转圈)
  6、Head and Shoulders(可以节奏越来越快) Head and shoulders, knees and toes, Knees and toes, knees and toes. Head and shoulders, knees and toes. Eyes and ears , mouth and nose. FingerPlays.16-Hickory dicory dock(幼儿英语) Hickory Dickory Dock 滴答滴答钟声响 (
  1)Hickory dickouy dock, 滴答滴答钟声响 The mouse ran up the clock,老鼠爬到钟上面 The clock struck one, 钟敲了一下 The mouse ran down, 老鼠逃了下去 Hickory dickory dock. 滴答滴答钟声响 (
  2)……Two ……the mouse said:boo! 挂钟敲二下(当当)老鼠说“不”,滴答滴答 滴。 (
  3)……Three ……the mouse said:whee! 挂钟敲三下(当当当)老鼠说“呦”,滴答 滴答滴。 (
  4)……Four ……the mouse said:no more! 挂钟敲三下(当当)老鼠说“不要再响 了”,滴答滴答滴 重点词语:mouse, run up, clock, run down FingerPlays.17-Where is thumkin(幼儿英语) Where Is Thumbkin? (两只老虎的音调)拇指人在哪里? Where Is Thumbkin?拇指人在哪里? Where Is Thumbkin? 拇指人在哪里? Here is am, here is am,我在这里 How are you today,sir?你今天怎么样 Very well I thank you.非常好 谢谢 Run away. Run away.走了 (
  2)……pointer……食指 (
  3)……tall man……中指 (
  4)……ring man……无名指
  5)……pinky……小指 重点词语:where is Thumbkin? Here I am. How are you? Very well. Thank you. FingerPlays.18-You are my sunshine(幼儿英语) You’re My Sunshine 双手架人字放到头上,左右移动 You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine, You make me happy, when skies are gray,手指指在脸上以为 happy,手指在胸前挥 舞以为 grey You never know dear,挥手意为不知道 How much I love you,双手交叉放胸口 So please don’t take my sunshine away.请别把我的阳光带走,挥手后把手拿开 重点词语:sunshine, happy, I love you FingerPlays.19-Skidamarink(幼儿英语) Skidamarink Skidamarink a dinga ding,作举手状,左右交换 Skidamarink a doo, I love you.双手做我爱你的动作 Skidamarink a dinga ding, Skidamarink a doo, I love you. I love you in the morning,双手左中右挥舞,代表早上午下午晚上 And in the afternoon, I love you in the evening, And underneath the moon, Oh, Skidamarink a dinga ding, Skidamarink a doo, I love you. 重点词语:I love you, morning, afternoon, evening, moon FingerPlays.20-Clap your hands(幼儿英语) Clap Your Hands (
  1)Clap, clap, clap your hands as slowly as you can.拍手,慢慢拍手 Clap, clap clap your hands as quickly as you can.拍手,快快拍手 (
  2)Shake……摇手,慢慢摇手,摇手,快快摇手 (
  3)Roll……转手,慢慢转手,转手,快快转手 (
  4)Rub……搓手 (
  5)Wiggle your fingers ……挥舞手指
  6)Pound your fists……拍拳头 重点词语:clap your hands, shake your hands, roll your hands, FingerPlays.21-Gobble Gobble(幼儿英语) Gobble Gobble 母鸡的叫声,咯咯咯,双手外翘放臀部扮母鸡叫 Gobble, gobble, gobble, Quack, quack, quack,鸭子的叫声,嘎嘎嘎,双手半张开扮鸭子的叫声 A turkey says gobble,火鸡咯咯咯叫 A duck says quack.鸭子嘎嘎嘎叫 重点词语: turkey, duck

  1.Jack and Jill Jack and Jill went up the hill Jack 和 Jill 到山上去。 To fetch a pail of water, 去提一桶水。 Jack 摔倒了,撞到他的头。
Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after.
  2.The Chimney Here is the chimney Here is the top. Open the lid, 一手握拳。
Jill 也跟着摔跤了。
另一只手盖在拳上。 打开一只手。 竖起大拇指。 小蜘蛛 小蜘蛛,
Out Santa will pop.

  3.Eentsy Weentsy Spider The eentsy weentsy spider
Went up the water spout,
爬上出水管, 下雨了,把蜘蛛从水管上冲了下
Down came the rain and washed the spider out; 来。
Out came the sun and Dried up all the rain;
雨停了,太阳出来了 小蜘蛛再次爬上了水
And the eentsy weentsy spider went



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   英语课前的热身小 chant: Warm-up: 1、 One two three four One two three four, clap your hands (1 2 3 4, Two two three four, stomp your feet (2 2 3 4, Three two three four, nod your head (3 2 3 4, Four two three four, hands on knees (4 2 3 4, 拍拍手) 跺跺脚) 点点头) 小手 ...


   游戏总结 游戏名称:抢凳子(萝卜蹲变体) 1. 游戏名称:抢凳子(萝卜蹲变体) 年龄段:2-3 年级 人数: 6 人 步骤:1. 准备 5 张凳子 2. T 模拟声音或者 TPR 单词或短语,Ss 马上说出单词或短语并抢凳子 3. 没抢到凳子或者没拼读出单词的要回答一个问题 备注:适宜教授动物,动作类。 2. 游戏名称:拔河赛 游戏名称: 年龄段:2-3 年级 人数: 适合所有班型 步骤:1. 在黑板画拔河绳,绳上标出刻度拿磁石做中线,Ss 分两组 2. T 抛出一个问题,Ss 抢答 3. ...


   小学英语课堂常用游戏 1.抢读单词 抢读单词 这是训练学生从认读单词能力的游戏,教师将全班分成若干小组,然后逐个出示一些单词卡片或图 片,学生们举手抢答,教师让最先举手的学生读出该单词并说出其中的意思,或将图片上的单词读出来 拼出来,读对说对拼对的给该组记 10 分,得分最多的组为优胜。 2.看图猜词 看图猜词 以每一纵行为一组进行竞赛, 教师先出示一些单词的图片, 然后收起来, 再从中抽出一张放在身后, 由每组的第一名学生轮流猜,可以问:“Is it a plane (bus, bike) ...


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   2011 届?高考名校模拟分类汇编之书面表达篇(附答案) 高考名校模拟分类汇编之书面表达篇(附答案) 1.2011 1.2011 届南昌市七所重点中学高三联考试卷 第二节:短文写作(25 分) 假如你是一名高三学生,经常为看电视的事跟妈妈闹意见,今天你跟妈妈达成 一致。请根据以下表格的内容,以 An Argument 为题为《英语广场》写一篇 100 字左右的英语短文: 母亲 儿子 高三学生学习任务重,看电视浪费 学业习一天很疲劳,看电视可以放松一 时间 儿子自制力差,看电视会影响视力 下 ...


   少儿英语游戏 (2009-03-14 14:16:57) 标签: 杂谈 1, 弹钢琴 绝对经典的课堂游戏,找几个同学拿着单词卡,教师说哪个单词,哪个拿着 那个单词的学生就蹦一下,并且读一下那个单词,既让孩子读了又练了反映能力,经久不衰 的课堂游戏. 2,萝卜蹲坑 和弹钢琴的玩法一样,不过是由向上蹦改为向下蹲,同样的游戏,变一下玩 法就会有不同的效果. 3,拍卡片 把几个单词写在黑板上,找几个同学上黑板上,教师说哪个单词,学生就去拍 并且读出来,比比看谁快. 4,鸵鸟游戏 两个同学背对背,教师 ...


   一、 教材分析 今天我说课的内容是外研社小学英语新标准三年级起始第一册 Module 6 School, Unit 2 What’s this? 我采用多样化的教学手段将听、说、玩、唱溶于一体,激发学生学习英 语的兴趣和愿望,使学生通过合作学习体验荣誉感和成就感,从而树立自信心,发展自主学 习的能力,形成初步用英语进行简单日常交际的能力。 二、学情分析 三年级的学生于本期刚接触英语, 对学习英语充满了好奇和兴趣, 渴望获得更多的英语信息 和知识。经过本模块第一单元的学习,学生已经初步掌握了询 ...



   为您服务教育网 http://www.wsbedu.com/ 2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编??动词和词组 年高考英语试题分类汇编??动词和词组 ??动词和 福建) (10 福建) 27. More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities B. in place of 考点: 考点:短语辨析 解析: 解析:A. 寻找 B. 代替; C. 因缺乏 D. 生怕,以免.句子的完整意思应该是:大城市建起越 来越多的高楼大 ...


   全册教学内容 Unit 1 My home Unit 3 My favourite things Unit 5 Revision Unit 7 Weather Unit 9 Christmas 全册教学要求 Asking Wh-questions; Using the prepositions ‘in’ and ‘at’; Using the verbs ‘to live’, ‘to have’ and ‘to play’; Using the pronoun ‘it’; Using plu ...


   1. What’s your name? 2. Does your name have any special meaning? 3. Where do you come from? 4. What kind of landscape surrounds your hometown? 5. What is the main crop in your hometown? 6. What is the difference between Beijing and your hometown? 7 ...


   “玩”时可得小心。 玩 时可得小心。 时可得小心 我们知道,“放焰火”是 play with fireworks;但是,play with fire 可就危险了,有句古话“玩火者必自焚”你应该知 道吧?!那可不是闹着玩儿的。 你也许会问,那我和朋友们出去玩,总不会有问题罢。当然,汉语中我们常说“跟谁出去玩”,这句话完全正确。 但是,你知道用英语怎么表达类似的含义吗? 比如说,“她上个星期天和他一块出去,玩得很开心。”该怎么把它翻译成英语?假如你把它译成:Last Sunday she wen ...

2007广东高考英语新题型 语法填空题的解题方法

   广东高考英语新题型: 2007 广东高考英语新题型:语法填空题的解题方法 “语法填空”是 2007 年高考英语科广东卷中的一个新题型。从样题的命题形式来看, “语 法填空”题仍属于国外一直使用的一种完形填空题,在国内的传统练习和测试中也很常见。 一般认为,这种不提供选择项的“语法填空”题比这些年来高考采用的提供选择项的完形填 空题的难度略大。但也有人认为,这种无选择项“语法填空”题由于没有干扰项反倒有利于 考生更好地发挥其英语水平。 语法填空”题的一般步骤是: 解“语法填空”题的一般步骤是: ...