English songs on the impact of the investigation to learn English
First, the role of listening to English songs

  1. Sense of Language
  2. On the pronunciation help
  3. With the help of memory
Second, the subject of the inquiry results
□ Our research study group through the questionnaire survey, the questionnaire survey and analyzed based on the results, the following conclusions:
  1. Most people are very interested in English songs, I enjoy listening to English songs.
  2. To learn English by listening to English songs larger proportion of people, can be clearly aware of its validity and importance.
  3. By listening to English songs by learning to improve the proportion of people more.
  4. Can feel the English language in real life, the penetration and influence.
Third, after the proposed research study
  1. We, as contemporary high school students should not only English as a discipline, only to learn in the school classroom use, but should be applied to real life will be in English to get improve progress.
  2. Learning English is not a difficult thing, we can use other methods, such as listening to English songs is a very effective way, but also to learn English as a pleasure.
  3. Learning to relax at the same time not forget and do their own ability to convert it to be improved to make their own way.
□ Light music (LIGHT MUSIC) refers to the range between classical music and pop music as a form of popular music. Light music by way of interpretation of popular music, its source can be original, it can be classical music, pop music or folk songs were adapted from. Be generally light music band playing a small, simple structure, fast-paced, melodic. Soft music can create a warm and romantic atmosphere, with casual nature, it is also the name "mood music" (Mood Music). Light music originated in a post-war England, reached its peak in the late 20th century, a new era in the twentieth century were gradually replaced by music, but now there is a certain influence.
? Having said that, I believe many people like light music of the name of the following are no strangers, they are, that is, Bandari. Some people say that Bandari is spotless notes from Switzerland; It was also said, BANDARI wash for the soul music with the dust, the effectiveness of light for the night light, the embodiment of that energy for the diamond particles of the Swiss sun, carries a fine paragraph by paragraph stack phrase, keep hitting the long-silent spirituality. "Bandari" from Switzerland, it is by a group of young composers, musicians and audio samples of a band composed of engineers, in 1990 popular in Europe.
Rock Music Category: Heavy metal, alternative metal, indie rock, industrial metal, after the garage, progressive metal, black metal, gothic metal, punk, blues rock, anarchist punk, Britpop, Celtic rock, gorgeous rock, punk revival, mountain rock, art rock, psychedelic rock, East Rock and so on.
Entertainment Music with other art, are entertaining. The characteristics of light music entertainment is more prominent, can be said that light music is the use of its unique light, easy, light, light, and light characteristics to give full play to its entertainment function. Popularity Length of light music works generally small, simple structure, nothing complicated dramatic plot. It's popular, Simple, easy to understand. So, enjoy the light music is much easier than the appreciation of the symphony. Daily life Light music, not only in content, mostly familiar, and its appreciation of the process is also more casual and formal occasions in the theater that can also be in the park, restaurants, parties, cafes, shops enjoy. As for the home, it would be more relaxed. It has the flavor of the rhythm of modern life, rhythm and tone characteristics, is with you all the leisure, travel, meal, dream of very good friends.
Source of early rock music is very extensive, including major blues, R & B, and country music, there are other gospel music, traditional pop, jazz, and folk music. All these effects together constitute a simple blues-based song structures, it is fast, suitable for dancing, and easy to remember.
Michael Joseph Jackson
? 1958 年 8 月 29 日 -2009 on June
  25), is a highly influential in the world of popular music singer, composer, lyricist, dancer, actor , director, record producer, philanthropist, fashion leader, known as the King of Pop (King of Pop). His music genre perfectly combines black and white rock blues MJ unique musical styles. Magic of dance he is so many stars to follow.



   English songs on the impact of the investigation to learn English First, the role of listening to English songs 1. Sense of Language 2. On the pronunciation help 3. With the help of memory Second, the subject of the inquiry results □ Our research s ...


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