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Unit 5 Theme parks 能力演练
一、语法填空 White pollution refers to plastic pollution.It is pollution family, 2 1 new member of 3
it grows fast.Plastic lunch boxes line
railroads.Plastic shopping bags dance in the wind.When leaders are busy 4 (map)out blueprints for the future,one colour WHITE from white
pollution becomes their headache.Everything in the lifecircledeserves its place on earth.If we continue 5 (use)plastic lunch boxes,shopping bags and other plastic
products,what would happen?One day they might bury us in an ocean of white rubbish.Then the earth,our common home,may be a dustbin.To prevent this nightmare closely 7 6 coming true,governments need to work
each other and back up their verbal commitment by is not enough only to ask 9 10 governments what we as
actions.However, 8
can do to get rid of white pollution,we must ask
individuals can do to colour the earth green instead of white.? 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? Several years ago, I worked in a company as a driver. One day in the
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company when I was cleaning my 1 which was getting dirty from running outside, I noticed the owner,s elderly father making his 2 to
his grandson. The old man was fond of fishing all his life. He usually stayed at home because of his old age, but this time he 3 to ask the kid
to take him fishing. The grandson said, “I,m not taking you! It,s 4 than taking a kid.”? His answer broke my heart. I 5 working immediately and headed back
home. I took everything I needed and then returned. On the way I stopped at a 6 and bought a bobber(钓鱼用的浮子). When I got to the 7 the old man to go fishing near the river.? , cast(抛)
company, I
When we got there, I put him in the chair at the edge of the 8
the line, and handed him the fishing pole(鱼竿). It wasn,t long before the bobber started to 9 ; he handed the pole to me. I took the fish off, cast, and 10 handed the pole to him. This went on, one fish after another, for over an hour until he told me he was 11 and needed to go home.? When I got him home, I gave the fish to his daughter in law with instructions to make sure he got them for dinner and then I 12 weeks later, the old man 13 . Two
. His family told me later that all he talked
about during that time was his last fishing trip.? Whenever you get the 14 , don,t forget to stay with your grandpa.
Someday, you may be in the same place and you,ll want your family to ? 15 you too.?
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  1.A.chair C.bag
  2.A.point C.way
  3.A.went away C.came out
  4.A.safer C.quicker
  5.A.regretted C.started
  6.A.school C.store
  7.A.taught C.ordered
  8.A.street C.sea
  9.A.dance C.attack
  10.A.suddenly C.again
  11.A.disappointed C.worried B.car ? D.yard ? B.decision ? D.mind B.moved ahead ? D.stood up B.easier ? D.worse B.stopped ? D.remained B.hospital ? D.restaurant B.persuaded ? D.invited ? B.water ? D.hill B.close ? D.burn B.therefore ? D.lately B.excited ? D.tired
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  12.A.played C.left
  13.A.failed C.retired
  14.A.chance C.information
  15.A.look for C.turn into 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解 专题训练( 专题训练(四) 如何推断文章结构 B.exercised ? D.slept B.died ? D.prayed B.experience ? D.choice B.stare at ? D.care about
要求考生推断文章的结构是近几年高考阅读试题的一个新考点, 考查 考生对文章中句与句、段与段之间的逻辑关系、文章的前因后果、文 章的发展脉络的理解。设题方式主要有:? (
  1)This passage is developed mainly by.? (
  2)Which of the following best shows the structure of the passage?? 了解文章的布局方法是做好推断文章结构题的有效方法。 文章的结构 大体有以下几种:? (
  1)时空顺序:作者按时间、空间顺序组织文章;? (
  2)总分顺序:第一段先下结论或总括,后面再分段从不同方面进行 论述;? (
  3)分总顺序:先分段说明,最后一段总结;? (
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◆活学活用? 阅读下列短文,按要求完成读写任务。? “Old wives tales” are beliefs passed down from one generation to another,For example,most of us remember our parents ? telling us to eat more of certain foods or not to do certain things.Is there any truth in these teachings?Some of them agree with present medical thinking,but others have not passed the test of time.? Did your mother ever tell you to eat your carrots because they are good for your eyes?Scientists now report that eating carrots can help prevent a serious eye disease called macular degeneration.Eating just one carrot a day can reduce the possibility of getting this disease by 40%.Garlic(蒜) is good for you,too.It can kill the type of virus that causes colds.? Unfortunately,not all of Mom ? s advice passed the test of medical studies.For example,generations of children have been told not to go swimming within an hour after eating.But research suggests that there is no danger in doing so.Do sweets cause tooth problems?Well,yes and no.Sticky sweets made with grains tend to cause more problems than sweets made with simple sugars.? Even though science can tell us that some of our traditional beliefs don,t hold water,there is still a lot of truth in the old wives ? tales,After all,much of this knowledge has been accumulated(积累) from thousands of our traditional beliefs.Even if they don,t hold water,we should respect
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this body of knowledge even as research for clear scientific support to prove it true or false.? Ⅰ.以约 30 词概括文章大意。? Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择最佳答案。?
  1.Which of the following is TRUE according to the text?? A.Eating garlic is good for our eyes.? B.Sticky sweets are damaging to our teeth.? C.Swimming after a meal is dangerous.? D.Carrots prevent people from catching colds.?
  2.The author develops the third paragraph mainly.? A.by cause and effects ? B.by order in space ? C.by order in time ? D.by examples ?
  3.The phrase “hold water” in the last paragraph most probably means “”.? A.to be believable C.to be admirable B.to be valuable ? D.to be stable ?

  4.What is the author,s attitude toward “old wives ? tales” in the text?
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? A.So objective C.Dissatisfied B.Objective ? D.Curious ?
  1.解析:不定冠词表泛指,一个新成员。? 答案:a
  2.but ?
  3.along ?
  4.解析:be busy doing sth.是固定搭配,忙于做某事,此处指领导们忙 于描绘未来的蓝图时。? 答案:mapping
  5.to use/using ?
  6.from ?
  7.with ?
  8.it ?
  9.解析:what 引导宾语从句,在从句中做 do 的宾语。? 答案:what
  10.解析:ourselves 我们应该问问自己能为消除白色污染做些什么。 答案:ourselves 二、?
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  11.D 三、? Ⅰ.? While not all of the “oldwives tales” can pass the test of time or science,we should respect this body of knowledge because they are passed down for many years.(30 words)? Ⅱ.?
  1.解析:事实细节题。从 Sticky sweets made with grains tend to cause more problems than sweets made with simple sugars 得知答案。? 答案:B
  2.解析:推断文章结构题。第三段是典型的总分式结构。在第一句中 作者就点明本段观点 not all of Mom ? s advice passed the test of medical studies,然后再分别举例说明这个观点,如饭后一小时不能 游泳、吃糖对牙齿有害等说法就经不起医学的检验。? 答案:D
  3.解析:综合上下文信息,可知 hold water 与 truth 对应,表达同样的 意思,所以选 A。? 答案:A
  4.B ?
  15.D ?


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