选修 6
Unit 2 Poems 能力演练
一、语法填空 When you treat people and things in a kind, 1 (consider),and polite way,you are being respectful.Respect 2 very important 3 home,at school,and everywhere you go.When you show 4 care 5 other people,s feelings or ,you show that you you care for
belongings,buildings,streets and nature.? To show how much respect you have for people and things,try 6
(write)a fun respect poem.The easiest way to do this is to make a simple list of 7 it means to be respectful at school.? First start by making 8 quick list of how you can show respect at school.List poems seem to work best when they are written with a parallel structure; that is,when 9 line begins the same way and follows the same pattern.? Next,take the best lines and put them together in a poem.Remember to keep the parallel structure 10 following the same sentence pattern.? 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? One of my father,s favorite sayings as I was growing up was “Try it!”I
couldn,t say I didn,t like something,whatever it might be,? 1 it.Over the years I,ve come to my 3
I tried
2 how much of my success I owe to
of those words as one of my values.My first job was just one I what I wanted to do as a
decided to try for a couple of years until I 4
career(职业).Actually I believed I would work for a few years,get married,stay home and raise a family,so I didn ? t think the job I took 5 that much.I couldn ? t have been more 6 .I mastered the skills of that
beginning level position and I was given the opportunity(机会) to 7 through the company into different positions.I accepted each new opportunity with the 8 “Well,I,ll try it;if I don,t like it I can always go , back to my 9 position.”But I was with the same company for the past 28 years,and I,ve ? discovered I 10 every career change I,ve made.I,ve
11 a large number of different talents(才能)and skills
that I never would have thought were within me had it not been for my being 12 trying new opportunities.I,ve also discovered that if I 13 what I,m doing and work hard at achieving my succeed.That,s why I am so 14 .I will
15 to be a part of CareerFables.com.I
think time has come and I am determined to make it a success.?
  1.A.until after C.so that
  2.A.consider C.include B.ever since ? D.long before ? B.argue ? D.realize ?

  3.A.suggestion C.acceptance
  4.A.determined C.experienced
  5.A.helped C.expressed
  6.A.careful C.interested
  7.A.look up C.move up
  8.A.thought C.action
  9.A.easier C.earlier
  10.A.permitted C.organized
  11.A.show C.need
  12.A.lucky for C.open to
  13.A.think of C.believe in
B.explanation ? D.discussion ? B.examined ? D.introduced ? B.required ? D.mattered ? B.mistaken ? D.prepared ? B.take up ? D.put up ? B.reply ? D.advice ? B.newer ? D.higher ? B.counted ? D.enjoyed ? B.possess ? D.gather ? B.slow at ? D.afraid of ? B.give away ? D.turn into ?

  14.A.business C.fortune
  15.A.excited C.surprised 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解? 专题训练(五 专题训练 五) ◆技巧点拨
B.goal ? D.growth ? B.curious ? D.helpful ?
细节理解( ) 细节理解(
在文章中,代词 that,one,they,them,it 常用来指代前面出现的内容或问 题,this,these 常指下文将出现的内容。? ◆活学活用 阅读下列几个小段落,选择正确答案。? (
  1) The scientisits next research job was clear:Find out what in the fish,s blood kept it from freezing.Their search led to some really strange thing made up of a protein never before seen in the blood of a fish.When it was removed,the blood froze at seawater temperature.When it was put back,the blood again had its antifreeze quality and a lowered freezing point.?
  1.What does the underlined word “it” refer to?? A.A type of ice ? salt mixture.? B.A newly found protein.? C.Fish blood.?
D.Sugar molecule.? (
  2)? While the changes in the tail wagging were not easily noticed without the aid of video,it was thought that the findings could help people judge the mood(心情)of dogs.Computer and video systems,for example,could be used by professional dog trainers to determine the mood of dogs that they were required to approach.?
  2.The underlined word “they” refers to . A.the dogs C.the systems (
  3)? The president has started using look alikes during some public appearances.Dave is offered a chance to “serve his country” by becoming one.?
  3.The underlined word “one” refers to .? A.the President C.an actor (
  4)? I regret that there are so few comfortable meeting places.You,re forced to live indoors.In Paris,I go out much more,to restaurants and nightclubs.To meet friends here it usually has to be in a pub,and it can be difficult to go there alone as a woman.The cafes are not terribly nice.? B.the director ? D.a look ? alike ? B.the trainers ? D.the researchers ?
As a woman,I feel unsafe here.I spend a bomb on taxis because I will not take public transport after 10 p.m..I used to use it,but now I,m afraid.?
  4.The underlined word “it” refers to.? A.a taxi C.a bomb B.the money ? D.public transport ?
  1.解析:considerate 与 kind,polite 一起作定语,修饰 way。? 答案:considerate
  2.is ?
  3.at ?
  4.respect ?
  5.for ?
  6.解析:try doing 尝试做某事。? 答案:writing
  7.解析:what 引导宾语从句,在从句中作 means 的宾语。? 答案:what
  8.a ?
  9.each ?
  10.by ? 二、?
  1.解析:一直到我试过之后(才能说是否喜欢) 。? 答案:A
  2.解析:多年来,我逐渐意识到……come to realize...逐渐意识到…… 答案:D
  3. 解 析 : 我 的 成 功 很 大 程 度 上 是 由 于 我 接 受 了 父 亲 的 那 些 话 。
suggestion 建议;explanation 解释;acceptance 接受;discussion 讨论。 答案:C
  4.解析:一直到(until)尝试后,我再确定是否要以此为职业。? 答案:A
  5.解析:因此,我并不认为我选择的这份工作有多么重要。? 答案:D
  6.解析:I couldn ? t have been more mistaken.我完全错了。? 答案:B
  7.解析:由于我掌握了技术,所以我有机会晋级。look up 尊敬;take up 占据;move up 升迁,晋级;put up 建立。? 答案:C
  8.解析:带着试试看的想法,我接受了这些新的岗位。? 答案:A
  9.解析: 尝试后, 如果不喜欢, 我还可以返回原来的工作岗位。 back go to sth.重新开始;重操旧业。? 答案:C
  10.解析:我已经充分体验到了每一次职业变更的乐趣。? 答案:D
  11.解析:我发现自己已经掌握了许多不同的技术和才能。possess 拥 有,具有。? 答案:B
  12.解析:open to sth.?willing to receive sth.乐于接受某事物。?
  13.解析:believe in sth.相信某事(的存在) 。? 答案:C
  14.解析:achieve one ? s goal 达到某人的目的,实现某人的目标。? 答案:B
  15.解析: 我因成为 CareerFables.com 的一名成员而兴奋。 excited 激动 的,兴奋的;courious 好奇的;surprised 吃惊的,惊讶的;helpful 有 用的,有益的。? 答案:A 〖HJ1mm〗三、?
  1.解析:从 a protein never before seen 可知答案为 B。? 答案:B
  2.解析:从 by professional dog trainers to determine the mood of dogs that they were required to approach.可知答案为 B。? 答案:B
  3. 解析: 总统利用与他外貌相像的人代替自己在某些场合露面, Dave 通过美容使自己与总统外貌相似而得到一次代替总统露面的机会。 所 以答案为 D。? 答案:D
  4.解析:it 代替前面的 public transport,所以答案为 D。? 答案:D


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