How to develop our composition
Step I
? Read the following article and find out what strategy (way) is used to develop the article.
Eating and Reading As a creature, I eat; as a man, I read. Eating is to meet the primary need of my body while reading is to satisfy the intellectual need of my mind. To keep ourselves alive, we need all kinds of nutrition gained by eating. Similarly, to enrich our minds, we need information and knowledge, which can be obtained through reading.

  1. What strategy is used in it?
? Contrast It explains how persons/things are different. ? Comparison It explains how persons/things are similar.

  2. What connecting words or phrases can we use to develop contrast and comparison?
? Contrast: while however, but, be different from, unlike, on the contrary, just the opposite ? Comparison: similarly just like…, alike, likewise, equally, in the same way, both, also
Ex. Combine 2 sentences into 1
I wrote letters to my friends. I send emails to my friends.
I used to write letters to my friends, but now I send them e-mails. Unlike before when I wrote letters, I send e-mails to my friends now.

  3. Two ways to develop comparison and contrast (对比写作一般有两种方式 对比写作一般有两种方式) 对比写作一般有两种方式
? Topic by topic structure ? 集中比较或对比(集中说明一个对象的 集中比较或对比( 诸种特征) 诸种特征) ? Point by point structure ? 逐点比较或对比(一条一条地说明两者 逐点比较或对比( 的异同) 的异同)
Ex. 2 Explain the table in English.
children parents eat out at weekend western food eat out at weekend Chinese food

  1. Topic by topic Children like to eat out at weekend. They are usually interested in western food. In the same way, parents also eat out at weekend. But they usually go to a Chinese restaurant .
  2. Point by point Children and parents both like to eat out at weekend. But children are interested in western food while parents prefer Chinese food .
Step II
? 请你根据下列图片的内容,以“Education 请你根据下列图片的内容, in China”为主题,谈谈自己的感想。 为主题, 为主题 谈谈自己的感想。 ? 注意:
  1. 词数 注意: 词数120左右 左右
  2. 生词: 生词: 一捆: 一捆:a bundle of 稻草: 稻草:rice straw
??我要读书! ??我要读书! 我要读书
??我不要读书! ??我不要读书! 我不要读书

  1. Observing (观察图画,抓要点 观察图画, 观察图画 抓要点)
Who Where What happens
A In poor He is eager peasant country to go to -side boy school.
A school boy
In He doesn't modern want to go to school any city more.

  2. Comparing and contrasting
? Observe the two pictures again and find out the similarities and differences between the pictures. Then describe the pictures by the development of comparison and contrast .
Picture 1
Similarities Differences ● In poor countryside ● Carry a bundle of ●At the rice straw same age ● have no chance but is eager to attend ● Carrying school heavy things ● In modern city ● Tired ● Carry a heavy schoolbag full of books ● Unhappy ● Be tired of going to school

  3. Making a composition
? Combine the description and your own opinion together. Pay attention to the structure. Structure ? Opening: Background / General idea ? Body: Similarity and Difference ? Closing: Making comments and opinions
? State the background ? 以下是某中学对该校200名同学(男女各 名同学( 以下是某中学对该校 名同学 100名)的择业理想作出调查后绘制的图 名 请根据图表写一则英文报道。 表,请根据图表写一则英文报道。 ? We do a survey of 100 about their interests in the future jobs. According to the result, we find that middle school students have different ideas. ? Draw a general idea ? The two pictures show the problem of education in China.
Closing ? Making comments (评论,表达观点 评论, 评论 表达观点) ? The two boys are both unhappy, what should we do?

  4. Checking and improvement ? Share your composition with your partner and help each other to find out the mistakes and give some suggestions to each other.
The two pictures look so similar at one glance, but they are totally different. In the first picture, a peasant boy, carrying a heavy bundle of rice straw is out of breath under the great pressure. His hope is to have a school to attend. In the second picture, a student is on his way home from school, a heavy bag of books on his back. What he wishes is that he didn’t have to go to school any more. How can the two boys at the same age have such different ideas about attending school? In my opinion we should help more dropouts to attend school, for example, to build more “Hope Schools”. At the same time, some measures should be made to reduce the pressure on the students. The whole society should make efforts to make every child to be educated happily and benefit from our education.
Step III. Summing up
? ?
  3. Comparison and contrast Writing process Observing Similarity and difference Making a composition Opening: Background / General idea Body: Similarity and Difference Closing: Making comment and opinion
  4. Checking and improving
Step IV Homework
Direction: Write an English composition in over 120 words based on the picture.
简要描述图片内容,结合生活实际, 简要描述图片内容,结合生活实际,就图 片的主题谈谈自己的感想。 片的主题谈谈自己的感想。
a young, well-dressed girl Threw a banana peel onto to the ground
A disabled man Put the banana peel into a garbage bin
? ? ? ? ? ?
Key words skin deep beauty / outward beauty 外在美 Inner beauty / inner qualities 内在美 Comments: : Who do you think is more beautiful? No doubt beauty usually refers to what appeals to the eyes. However, beauty also refers to what appeals to the mind. ? True beauty comes from one's actions rather than one's appearance. ? While most of us enjoy pretty appearances, it is more important to cultivate a clean and beautiful soul.



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