(一)常用词汇(中英) 常用词汇(中英) 证 badge 护照 passport 注册,报到 register 采购代表 purchasing agent 邀请函 invitation 身份证 ID card 驾照 driving license 办证 make the badge 补办证 re-apply a new IC card (re-application) 个人有效证件 personal document 个人近照 most recent photo 电子请帖 E-invitation 重要通知单 Important Notice 网 上 预 申 请 回 执 Pre-registered Notice for 采 购 商 报 到 表 ( 即 蓝 表 ) Buyer registration form 行李寄放处 Luggage office 穿梭巴士 Shuttle bus 柜台 Counter 易通卡 E-Pass 卡 易通卡持有者 E-Pass holders 填 写 采 购 商 表 格 fill the buyer’s registration form 港澳身份证/回乡证 H.K./Macao ID Card /Home-Return Permit 台 胞 Taiwan Compatriot Travel 证 Certificate 有一年以上境外有效工作签证的中国 护照 A Chinese passport with overseas employment visa valid for over one year 由广交会发出的邀请函 Invitation issued by CIEF /sent by Canton Fair /from Canton Fair
名片 Business card / name card 采购商号码 Buyer NO.
(二)验证组常用英语 1,麻烦出示护照 Hello,passport,please 2,请问您是否第一次来吗 Is this your first time to come here? 3,您是丢了采购商证吗? Do you lose your IC card/badge? 4,您需要补办吗 You need to re-register 5,您有身份证和护照复印件吗 Do you have an ID card and copy of your passport? 6,请去咨询台,让我们的同事向您的酒店确认您的护照号 Please go to the “information desk” and then our colleague will confirm with your hotel about your passport number.
(三)咨询台常用语句 Is it the first time for you to come here? 这是您第一次来广交会吗? Do you have invitation? 请问您有邀请函吗? Has your company registered here before? 您的公司之前在这里注册过吗? May I have your business card?/ can you show me your card? 你可以出示你的名片吗? Did you pre-register on line before? 您之前有网上预注册吗? please make sure that you bring your passport and photo 请确认你带上了您的护照及照片 I’d like to contact the hotel that you stay in and confirm your passport number! 我需要联络您所在的酒店及确认您的护照号码。 It's our pleasure to help you. 为您服务是我们的荣幸! We will forward your kind advice to the department concerned, and do our best to improve the service. Thank you for your support to our work.我们会将您的宝 贵意见反映给相关部门,并努力改善服务。谢谢您对我们工作的支持。
(邀请函中英译文) 邀请函中英译文) 广交会邀请函三期都可以使用。 The Buyer entry badge (IC Card) which surely saves your time with an easy access is valid for future sessions of the Canton Fair. If you forgot to bring it or lost it, the new buyer entry badge (IC Card) will cost you 200RMB/card as service fee. 此证可多届使用,请在广交会期间持卡直接进馆,便捷省时,如忘记携带或 遗失补办,须缴费 200 元人民币/卡。
Registration Documents For getting IC Card, please present the Invitation (Paper Invitation, E-invitation, important notice), your most recent Passport Photo, your personal valid documents (Overseas Passport, or Hong Kong or Macao Identity Card/ Home-return Permit, or Taiwan Compatriot Travel Certificate, or Chinese passport with an overseas employment visa valid for over one year), and your Business Card. 与会报到时请提供下列材料: 广交会邀请函(如纸质邀请函、电子邀请函、 与会通知单、重要通知单) 、个人近期证件照一张、个人有效证件(国外护照、 港澳永久身份证/回乡证、台胞证或有一年以上境外有效工作签证的中国护照原 件)及名片。
Registration for Interpreter With the foreign buyers’ accompany, the interpreter takes the ID card & Copy of it, Business Card, A most recent passport photo (5cm x 4cm), and related Certificates of Diploma to make the entry card at Buyer’s Registration Office, with fee: 300 RMB/person/day. One overseas company can only be accompanied with one Chinese.
在外商的陪同下,翻译请带上个人身份证原件及复印件、名片,相片(5 厘 米×4 厘米的个人彩色近期证件照) 及相关学历证书,到采购商报到处交费办 , 理进馆证(费用为 300 元/人/天) 。一个境外公司只能带一名翻译进馆协助采购。 The Fair provides interpreters of different languages, including English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian.
(各大酒店英文译称) 各大酒店英文译称) you can get the entry badge in the following appointed hotels, such as Garden Hotel,China Hotel,Dong Fang Hotel,White Swan Hotel,Shangri-La Hotel Guangzhou,Hotel Landmark Canton,Best Western GZ Baiyun Hotel,New Mainland Hotel, Guangzhou Hotel, Star Hotel, The Phoenix City Hotel Guangzhou,Ocean Hotel Guangzhou,Rosedale Hotel & Suites Guangzhou, Guangdong Victory Hotel, Ramada Pearl Hotel Guangzhou, Asia International Hotel,Jianguo Hotel Guangzhou,Grand International Hotel,Grand Royal Hotel,Ramada Plaza Guangzhou,Riverside Hotel,Royal Mediterranean Hotel,The Westin Guangzhou,Holiday Inn City Center Guangzhou,The
Ritz-Carlton Hotel Guangzhou, Panyu Hotel, Chateau Star River, Chime Long Hotel,Foshan Crowne Plaza,Regal Palace Hotel. Please refer to our official website: www.cantonfair.org.cn for detailed addresses and the office hours. 指定酒店办理报到手续, 如花园酒店、 中国大酒店、 东方宾馆、 白天鹅宾馆、 广州香格里拉大酒店、华厦大酒店、白云宾馆、新大地宾馆、广州宾馆、景星酒 店、广州凤凰城酒店、广州远洋宾馆、广州珀丽酒店、广东胜利宾馆、广州凯旋 华美达大酒店、亚洲国际大酒店、广州建国酒店、广州嘉逸国际酒店、广州嘉逸 皇冠酒店、广州嘉鸿华美达广场酒店、广信江湾新城大酒店、地中海国际酒店、 广州海航威斯汀酒店、 广州文化假日酒店、 广州富力丽思卡尔顿酒店、 番禺宾馆、 星河湾酒店、广州长隆酒店、佛山皇冠假日酒店、东莞嘉华大酒店。
(四)等候 A,B,C 区常用英语
  1. Excuse me, /Good morning/Good afternoon,Sir/Madam,what can I do for you?
  4. Please fill in the form before your registration. Is it the first time that you come to Canton Fair? Do you have the invitation issued by Chinese Import and Fair /?E-invitation/
  6. Notice for Pre-registered? Export
Does your company used to come to Canton Fair? You can go to Information to check/get the buyer number of your company .

If all of you are from the same company and it’s your first visit to Canton Fair, you can share the same buy number to register an IC card for free.

If you have a business card, you just need to write down your passport number.

If you don’t bring your passport with you now,we can dial the hotel where you stay to comfirm your information with your ID Card or driving license,or you can ask your friend to fax the copy of your passport.

If you have no photo now, you can go to the Snapshot to take a photo. I’m afraid that the photo which is scanned is not clear enough..

Have you already registered an IC card before? If you forget to bring your last IC card or lose it, it will cost you 200RMB for restration as sevice fee.

You should pay 200RMB for your registration because your losing the IC card will add to the management cost of our system.

Even though you have the invitation, you still have to pay for your re-application.

It says in the invitation that it will cost you 200RMB to re-apply for a new IC card.

I do appologize for this, but it’s the regulation here. Please present your personal documents for checking and being stamped before your registration.

Every counter is available . Thank you very much for your suggestion. The IC card can be used for many running sessions,and please keep it safe.

Have a nice day.
Is it the first time for you to come here?
YES! Has your company registered here before? (may I have your business card?) 查找电脑系统是否该有公 司的 buyer number
NO! Did you have the blue IC card before? (may I have your business card?) 查找电脑系统是否有该公 司信息并在 IC 查询中确认
  1. Is this your first time to come to the Canton Fair?您是第一次来广交会吗?
  2. Do you have invitations ?您有邀请函吗?
  3. Have your colleges been to the Canton Fair before?您公司(的同事)以前 有没有来过广交会?
  4. You have lost this badge/card? A blue one or a red one?/ how many years ago/when did you come to the Canton Fair? 的还是红色的卡?您什么时候来过啊?
  5. You should first fill in this form. 您得先填这份表.
  6. Do you have a business card? 您有名片吗?
  7. I f you have a business card, you don’t need to write this information, just write your passport number,and tick these items . 如果您有名片的话,只 需填您的护照号码,然后勾选这些项目就行了。
  8. If you don’t have one(business cards), write all this information please. 如果您没有名片的话,请填写所有的信息。
  9. your photo, please. One is enough. one photo, please) If don’t have one, ( you can take a photo over there?in the snapshot. 您的照片,一张就够了。 (请拿出一张照片)如果您没有照片的话,您可以去那 边?照相区照一张照片。
  10. If your colleges have been to the Canton Fair before/ if you have invitaions but you don’t take it with you, maybe you can go to the information desk to check your buyer No.如果您的同事曾来过广交会/如果您有邀请函但没有带 过来,或许您可以去咨询台查您的 buyer No.
  11. You need to pay 100RMB for the IC card. 办 IC 卡您需要支付 100 元人名 币。
  12. Since you have lost your IC card, you need to pay 200RMB for a new one. 由于您丢了您的 IC 卡,您需要支付 200RMB 补办一张新的 IC 卡。 您丢了这张卡?丢的是蓝色
  1,我之前来过,但我忘记带邀请函。 ?? i have ever been here before,but I forgot to bring my invitation, what should I do? ?? Could you show me your business card, we can search on the computer to find your buyer’s number, if we could find that ,you can apply the badge for free; if we couldn’t find any related information,please pay 100rmb to apply a new one.

  2,我丢了我的护照,怎么办呢? ?? I had lost my passport,what should I do ? ??You should go to the police station first and take the receipt ,then go to zone B with related documents ,it will cost you 200RMB one card.

  3,为什么我要付 200 元? ?? why I have to pay 200RMB? ?? Because every card has personal information ,we will make the badge for every regular customer for free,if you had lost it,you had to pay 200RMB in order to protect your personal information,maybe someone will pick up your card and use it ,it’s bad for you and our canton fair. If you had apply this badge successfully,you can use it for running session. So I suggest you’d better keep it well to save your time.

  4,我不想照相,就用护照上的照片可以吗? ?? can I use the passport photo to scan? ?? I suggest you’d better take the new photo, as it may be not clear to scan your document photo which will be troublesome for you.
5,我有易通卡,你可以在电脑上找到我的个人信息,为什么我还需要再次填表? ?? I have the E-pass card, you can search my information on the computer,why I have to fill the form again? ?? Actually,we are gonging to update the system, if you have the business card ,you don’t have to fill all the details except for the passport number,and then choose which products you want to purchase. Pleaase prepare your photo,passport and form.
(八)办证大厅常用英语 中英词汇 Useful expression:
  1,Canton Fair 广交会
  2、China Import and Export Fair 中国进出口商品交易会
  3、spring/autumn session 春秋两届
  4、personal information 个人信息
  5、details 细则、细节
  6、identification certificate 身份证明
  7、license 执照、许可
  8,input 输入
  9、get back 拿回、取回
  10、passport 护照
  11、information booth 咨询台
  12,Show me your passport,please.请出示你的护照。
  13、personal documents 个人证件
  14、confirm 确认
  15、registration form 报道表
  16、certificate photo 证件照
  17、a recent passport photo 近期护照照片
  18、business card 名片
  19、mistake/error 错误 20 old card should be returned to us. 21 put in 上交
  22,apply for 申请
  23,take…as a souvenir 留……作纪念
  24,pass security checkpoint/pass through security 过安检
  25,common seal 公章
  26、signature 签名、签字
  27、The IC card can be used for returning sessions.
  28、pay m



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