UNIT 1 Blouses and jeans
A. Shop assistant: Good morning. Can I help you? Woman: Yes, please. I’d like to buy that blouse. How much is it? Shop assistant: It’s ninety Yuan. Woman: OK. I’ll take it. B. Shop assistant: Good morning. Can I help you? Man: Yes, please. I’d like to buy that pair of jeans. How much is it? Shop assistant: It’s forty-nine yuan. Man: OK. I’ll take it. My feet are cold. I want some socks and shoes. I’m putting on my socks and my shoes. My feet are warmer now. My arms are cold. I want some a coat. I’m putting on my coat. My arms are warmer now. My head is cold. I want a cap. I’m putting on a cap. My head is warmer now.
a pair of shoes a shirt C
a pair of trousers a blouse
a pair of jeans
a pair of shorts
Chen Jiaming is wearing a blue T-shirt, a pair of white socks and a pair of grey sport shoes.
UNIT 2 Shirts, Dresses and Trousers
1 Shop assistant: Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you? Man: I‘d like to buy that blue shirt. Shop assistant: Yes, sir. Here you are. Man: How much is it? Shop assistant: Forty-five Yuan. Man: All right. I’ll take it. Shop assistant: Here you are. Thank you. Man: Bye.
Woman: I’d like to buy a black dress. Do you have any? Shop assistant: Yes, madam. Here you are. Woman: How much is it?
Shop assistant: Ninety-five pounds. Woman: How much are the blue trousers? Shop assistant: They’re thirty pounds. Woman: That’s all right. I will take them. Shop assistant: Here you are. Woman: Thanks. Bye!
  2.词组 词组 a man’s blue shirt a girl’s bed skirt a woman’s blue skirt a woman’s yellow blouse
a pair of men’s blue jeans a pair of girl’s long white socks a pair of red an white sport shoes
UNIT 3Friends
Tomoko: Who’s that? Mr. Chen: Which one? Tomoko: The boy over there. Mr. Chen: You mean that short boy with a black cap? Tomoko: No, he is wearing a yellow T-shirt and a brown hat. And he’s wearing a pair of black-and-white sport shoes.
Mr. Chen: Oh, that’s an America boy. His name’s Mike. He’s my friend.
Tomoko: Who’s that? Mr. Chen: Which one? Tomoko: The girl with long hair over there. Mr. Chen: You mean the tall girl in a red coat. Tomoko: No, she’s wearing a green dress and a pair of brown shoes. Mr. Chen: Oh, that’s Jean, an Australian girl. She’s my friend.

The woman is very thin. The man is a little heavy. The woman is very young. The man is old. The woman is wearing a cap. The man is wearing a hat.
UNIT 4Our Heroes and Heroines
Miss White: Today, let’s talk about heroes and heroines.
Children: All right. Yongxian: Who is your hero, Miss White? Miss White: My hero is my father. He is kind and hardworking. Jiaming: Who is your heroine, Miss White? Miss White: My heroine is my mother. She’s patient and she’s kind too. Janet: My hero is my uncle. He is tall and handsome and he is a movie star! Everyone: Wow! 反义词 The tiger is big. The cat is small. He is fat. She is thin. He is tall. She is short. He is old. She is young. The football is black and white. His father is handsome and his mother is beautiful, but he is ugly. The boy is strong. The little girl is weak.
UNIT 5Our Future Jobs
Jiamin: Hello, Janet. What do you want to be when you
grow up? Janet: I want to be a nurse. What about you? Jiamin: I want to be a cook. Jiamin: Hi, Sally. What do you want to be when you grow up? Sally: I want to be a doctor. Jiamin: That’s a good job. What about you, Yongxian? Yongxian: I want to be teacher.

  2.你长大后想做什么 你长大后想做什么? 你长大后想做什么 grow up? A postman A nurse
What do you want to be when you
a bus drive a doctor
a cook a bank manager a policeman a soldier a scientist
A shop assistant A farmer A teacher a fireman a dentist
UNIT6 UNIT6My Parents’ Jobs
Miss White: Sally. What is your father’s name? Sally: John. Miss White: What does he do?
Sally: He’s a policeman. Miss White: Lily, what does your father do? Lily: He’s a postman. Miss White: Rose, what does your mother do? Rose: She’s a doctor.
UNIT7 UNIT7My New Neighbours
Jiamin: Hello. I’m Chen Jiamin. Bill: Hi. I’m Bill. Jiamin: Are you moving in? Bill: Yes, because my dad has got a new job.
Jiamin: What does your dad do? Bill: He’s a fireman. What’s your dad’s job? Jiamin: He’s a doctor. Who don’t you come to my apartment after school? Bill: Thank you. See you after school.
Jiamin: What does your mum do? Bill: She’s a nurse. Jiamin: Do you have a brother or a sister?
Bill: No, I have no brothers or sisters. I am the only child in my family.
UNIT 8The Fireman Can Help
Jiamin: Hey, can you see that cat? Bill: Where? Jiamin: At the top of the house. Bill: Is it OK? Jiamin: No! It can’t get down. Bill: Whose cat is it? Jiamin: I think it’s Mrs. Lin’s. Bill: Is she at home? Jiamin: No. What can we do? Bill: Let’s help the cat. Jiamin: That’s dangerous. Hey, isn’t your father a fireman? Bill: Yes, he is. Jiamin: Could he help? Bill: Of course! Let’s go and ask him.
UNIT 9Time to Eat
Ben: What time do you have breakfast, Jean?
Jean: At about eight o’clock. Ben: What about lunch? Jean: At one o’clock. Ben: Then what time do you have dinner? Jean: Usually at about seven thirty. Ben: I’m hungry now. It’s eight fifteen. Let’s go and have breakfast.
At 8:00 At 8:06 At 8:15 At 8:30 At 8:45
at eight o’clock at six past eight at a quarter past eight at half past eight at a quarter to eight
10Time UNIT 10Time For School
Mum: Get up, Jean! Get up, Jean! Jean: What time is it, mum? Mum: Look at the clock. It’s 8:
  40. It’s time to go to school. Jean: Oh dear! It’s too late. Mum: Here’s your breakfast, Jean.
Jean: Oh, there’s bread, milk and eggs! But I’ve no time for breakfast. I must go to school now. Goodbye!
get up go to work have dinner
have breakfast have lunch go to bed
go to school go back home
11 UNIT 11Games We Play
Lily: What day is it today? Mike: It’s Monday. Lily: What do you usually do after school on Monday, Mike? Mike: I often play football with my friends. Lily: Do you often play foot ball after school? Sally: No. Sometimes we play chess, and sometimes we play cards. Rose: Sometimes we play basketball, and sometimes we play badminton. Lily: Do you swim? Tomoko: Yes, we do. Lily: No, I don’t.
play table tennis play football play cards skip swim run
play badminton play basketball play chess climb hills
12 UNIT 12Housework
Billy: Do you go to school every day, Lucy? Lucy: No, I go to school from Monday to Friday. Billy: Do you do housework after school? Lucy: Yes, I do. I sweep the floor. Billy, this is my mother. Mother: Hello, Billy. Billy: Nice to meet you. What housework do you do, Mrs. Lin? Mother: I clean the house and wash the clothes. And I cook for my family. Billy: Lucy, what does your dad do at home? Lucy: He washes his car on Tuesday and Sunday. And he helps my mum with the housework. Billy: Do your grandfather and your grandmother do
housework too? Lucy: Yes, they feed our pets. And they garden on Monday and Friday. Billy: Then what do you do on Saturday and Sunday? Lucy: We go out and we have a good rest.
Sweep the floor Wash clothes Cook a meal
clean the house feed the pet do gardening
Unit13 Unit13Dim’s Age
Dim:Hi, Jiamin. What are these? : Jiamin:Oh, these are my holiday photos. : Dim:Look at this photo. Is this your dad? : Jiamin:Yes. Dim:Are you playing ball games with him? : : Jiamin:Yes, I am. : Dim:Who’s that? : Jiamin:It’s my mum. : Dim:She looks beautiful. How old is she? : ? Jiamin:She’s
  40. : Dim:She’s 40 years old? She looks so young! :
Dim:Who’s that? : Jiamin:He’s my grandpa. : Dim:How old is he? : Jiamin:He’s very old. He’s
  85. : Dim:To tell you the truth, I’m two hundred years old. : Jiamin:Wow! :
Unit14My Unit14My Birthday 14
Yongxian: Hurry! Today’s my birthday. I’m so excited. Mum: Happy birthday, Yongxian! Dad: Happy birthday, Yongxian! Grandpa: Happy birthday, Yongxian! Mum: Here you are. This is from your dad and me. Yongxian: Thank you. Yongxian: Wow! It’s a new computer game. Thank you so much. Dad: You’re forgetting something, Yongxian. Yongxian: Oh! Today’s grandpa’s birthday too. Happy birthday, grandpa! How old are you today? Grandpa: I’m two hundred years old. Yongxian: Wow! Really? You’re very old.
Grandpa: Only joking. I’m really 75 today.

  2.How do you celebrate
(庆祝)your birthday? 庆祝)
wearing a birthday hat 戴生日帽 giving her a birthday present 给她一件生日礼物 giving her a birthday card 给她一张生日贺卡 singing a birthday song 唱生日歌 blowing out the birthday candles 吹生日蜡烛 cutting the birthday cake 切生日蛋糕 eating the birthday cake 吃生日蛋糕 playing party games 作聚会游戏
Unit 15 Hobbies
Janet: That’s nice music. Are you listening to the radio? Ben: No, I’m not. I’m playing my guitar. Janet: That’s really good. Ben: what are you doing? Are you still painting your picture?
Janet: No. I’m reading a story-book. Mrs Webb: Are you still there, dear? What are you doing? Mr Webb: Yes, I am. I’m working on the computer. What are you doing? Mrs Webb: I’m cooking the dinner. Mr Webb: That’s good.
U16 What The Aliens Enjoy Doing
Look at these pictures and guess what the aliens are doing. Then read and act out the dialogue. Dim: Hi, kids. Are you having fun? What are you all doing out there? Aki: Hi, Dim. I’m painting a picture. I’m really having fun. Eki: Hi, I’m having great fun. I’m fishing in the sea. Oki and Iki: We’re having great fun too. We’re playing table tennis.
Uki: We’re having fun too. We’re playing music.
U17 School Sports Day
Xiaoling: Look, Ben is running slowly. Janet :Ben! Go! Go ! Sally: Look! Yongxian is getting the baton. Wow ,he’s fast! Janet: Yongxian is catching up mow. Xiaoling: It’s now Jiamin! Janet: Go! Go! Go for it! He’s running slowly now. Janet: Oh? Who’s that? It’s Jiamin’s mother! She’s waving a lunch box. Xiaoling: Wow, Jiamin is running fast now. Xiaoling: Look! Dim and Jim are running across the field! Janet: Oh, no! Sally: Some children are falling over! Xiaoling: Look! Mike’s still running. Everyone: Hurray! Our team is the winner!!
U18 Sport Stars
Yongxian and Xiaoling are watching a TV interview programme on Chinese sports stars. Look and listen to the interview, then read and act out the dialogues. Reporter: Hello, Team. Which sports are you good at? Team: We’re good at playing table tennis. Reporter: Do you have medals? Team: Yes. China has seven gold medals from the 36th World Table Tennis Championships. We also have seven gold medals from the 43rd World Championships. Reporter: Well done! Reporter: Mr Zhan, which sport are you good at? Zhan Xugang: I’m good at weight-lifting. Reporter: Are you a setter of world record. Zhan Xugang: Yes, I am. Chinese women athletes are very good at weight-lifting too. They have many gold medals. Reporter: That’s great! Yongxian: Wow, our Chinese team is great! Xiaoling: Olympic Games 2008, here we come!!!
U19 School Play
Miss White: Boys and girls, I’m sure your mums and dads will all like the play this evening. Slly: I don’t like the play. It’s boring. Jiamin: It’s not boring. It’s fun. Miss White: What’s wrong, Sally? Your part is very important. It’s very interesting for the parents. Yongxian: sally likes telling stories, but she doesn’t like wearing the school uniform to tell the story. I have an idea. Miss Mhite: What’s your idea, Yongxian? Yongxian: I think she can be a fairy. Miss White: That’s a good idea. Sally, what do you think? Sally: Great! It’s fun now. Miss White: You need a white dress. I’ll go to the shop. See you, children. Children: See you, Miss White. Sally: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our school play… Miss White: Well done, children. And thank you, Sally. Sally: Thank you, Yongxian. Thank you, Miss White.
U20Radio and Television 20Radio
Sally: Do you often watch TV, Xiaoling? Xiaoling: Yes, I do. My mother likes watching TV too. Sally: What programmes do you like? Xiaoling : We like TV plays. Sally: What about your father? Xiaoling: He likes watching TV too. He likes sport programmes. And he likes listening to the radio. Sally: What programmes does he usually listen to? Xiaoling: He listens to music programmes and news. Sally: What time is it now? Xiaoling: It’s nine thirty. Sally: There’s a cartoon on TV. Turn on the TV, please. Xiaoling: What is it? Sally: Micky Mouse And Donald Duck. Xiaoling: Oh, I see. Sally: Do you like it? Xiaoling: Yes, I do.
UNIT2 UNIT21 The Food and Drink We like
Ben: Jiamin, would you like some orange juice? Jiamin: No, thanks. I don’t like orange juice. Janet: Would you like some coffee? Jiamin: No, thanks. I don’t like coffee. Janet: What about milk? Jiamin: No, thanks. I don’t like milk. Ben: Jiamin doesn’t like coffee or milk. He likes coke. Mrs Webb: Oh. OK. I think we have some coke. Jiamin: thanks. Mrs Webb: Do you like toast? Jiamin: No, I don’t. Mrs Webb: What do you usually have for breakfast? Jiamin: I usually have porridge, noodles, rice noodles, bread or buns for breakfast. And I like rice noodles best. Mrs Webb: Oh.
UNIT23 UNIT23 School Lunch
Sally: What do you want for starters. Xiaoling? Xiaoling: I don’t know.



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