五年级下期中测试卷 五年级下期中测试卷(A) 测试卷 一,写出三个或三个以上的同类词。
  1, headache 2, theirs 3, worried 4, seldom 5, my 6, better 二,读一读下面的词,找出每组词中划线部分与其他词发音不同的词。 B, near C, here
  1,A, wear B, shirt C, uniform 2, A, turtle 3, A, floor B, more C, road 4, A, worry B, piano C, other 5, A, thousand B, than C,thank 6, A, ill B, feel C, hi ll B, could C, country 7, A, should 8, A, hour B, colour C, ours 三,请把下面的中文翻译成英文,把英文翻译成中文。 中译英
  1, 我的头发比我妈妈的长。
  2, 我叔叔很少打电脑。
  3, Ben 感冒了。 他觉得很冷。
  4, 桌子上的书比书包里的书多。 英译中
  1, Tom can’t hand in his homework on time.
  2, He practices the piano for two and a half hours everyday.
  3, We shouldn’t watch TV too much.
  4, My room is tidier than my sister’s. 四,用括号内动词的适当形式填空。
  1, Look at the monkey. What it (do)? It (climb) up the tree.
  2, Miss White often (practice) the piano? No, but she often (sing) songs.
  3, My parents (watch) a new movie tomorrow.
  4, Janet never (visit) the museum, but her brothers Ben and Mike (visit) the museum every week.
  5, Whose books (be) thoes? They’re my (cousin)
  6, What your uncles (do)? They (be) doctors.
  7, Miss Green (speak) Chinese? Yes, she (speak) a little Chinese. Listen! She (sing) a Chinese song. 8, Sarah (enjoy) (sing) songs. Sometimes she (sing) in the bathroom. 9, Look, the children’s mother (run) fast. 10, Everyone in my class (like) to (have) the P.E. class. 11, Look, one of the men (fall) down from the horse. 12, It’s time to (listen) to the radio. 五,选择正确的答案,把字母编号写在括号里。 、
  1, My mother often plays piano and my father often plays basketball. A, the ,the B, the ,/ C, /, / 2, She often reads books for hour before she goes to bed. A, a B, an C, the
3, Is there orange juice in the bottle? Yes, there is A, some , any B, any, any C, any, some 4, Your father is a doctor. My father is a doctor. A, too B, also C, both 5, My sisters go to school earlier me. A, then B, than C, them 6, What’s wrong your grandmother? She has a toothache. A, of B, in C, with 7, Does your mother go to bed earlier later than your father? A, and B, or C, of 8, David from South America. A, come B, is C, lives 六,根据实际回答问题。
  1, Are you taller than your father? 2, Does your mother go to bed earlier than you ? 3, How often do you play computer games.? 4, How long do you do your homework everyday.? 5, Is a pig fatter than a monkey? 6, Which is more delicious, an ice cream or a hot dog?
五年级下期中测试卷 五年级下期中测试卷(B) 测试卷 一,用括号里单词的适当形式填空。 1, The (child) are playing basketball on the playground. 2, The (boys) mother is a famer. 3, There are two (library) in our school. 4, My little sister likes (monkey) very much. 5, I can see some (sheep) and (cow) on the hill. 6, The (shelf) are in the study. There are many books on them. 7, I have two (hero) . One is Zhou Enlai, the other is Liu Xiang. 8, We are going to take some (photo) this weekend. 9, My favorite fruit is (peach). I have many (peach) everyday. 10, How many (tooth) do you have? I have twenty-four. 11, Look at the (deer). They’re very cute. 12, Are there any (mouse) in this room? No, there aren’t. 二,选择正确的答案填空。 、 1, Jim’s mother and Jim playing badminton on the playground. A, is B, are C, can
2, The children’s mother medicine everyday. A, take B, takes C, is taking 3, Do you often practice table tennis with your father? Yes, I do. A, play B, playing C, plays 4, There are many cows and sheep my uncle’s farm. A, in B, on C, at 5, The workers usually work at the factory 10 hours everyday. A, for B, to C, of 6, Miss White looks today. A, headache B, pain C, pale 7, Those are my brother’s shoes. are on the shelf. A, My B, Me C, Mine 8, Lily does very well in and A, sing, dance B, singing, dance C, singing, dancing. 三,请写出下面句子的否定句形式。 1, There is some tea in the cup. 2, My mother watches TV everyday. 3, He likes playing football.
  4,They are reading books in the classroom. 5, He has a fever today. 6, It’s time for school now. 7, Open your books. 8, You’d better go to sleep now. 9, They practice the piano every evening. 四,请在横线上填上恰当的介词。 1, We usually have bread and milk breakfast. 2, What’s wrong Ben? 3, I want to take some photos my school. 4, The first term is September January. 5, It’s time lunch now. 6, It’s time listen to the music now. 7, The movie begins eight o’clock. 8, They often go shopping the weekend. 五,根据回答提成问题。 1, ? Today’s February the thirtieth. 2, ? The boy goes to school on foot. 3, ? The children play computer games every weekend. 4, ? My mother has a bad fever. 5, ? This pair of trousers is 200 yuan.
6, ? Wang Ping emails his pen friend in the evening. 7, ? It’s a quarter to ten now. 8, ? I like autumn best.



   五年级下期中测试卷 五年级下期中测试卷(A) 测试卷 一,写出三个或三个以上的同类词。 1, headache 2, theirs 3, worried 4, seldom 5, my 6, better 二,读一读下面的词,找出每组词中划线部分与其他词发音不同的词。 B, near C, here 1,A, wear B, shirt C, uniform 2, A, turtle 3, A, floor B, more C, road 4, A, worry B, piano C, ot ...


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   总课时 :1 Lesson 1 May I speak to Mary? 教学内容: Let's talk。 教学目标: 会认读单词 speak,message,question,tell,number,learn,roll,spread,job, pull,pizza,bake。 学习元音字母 a 在非重读音节中读[i]。 学习 Let's talk,能听懂,会说,并能用来进行会话。 教学重、难点: 会认读单词 speak,message,question,tell,number,lear ...



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