M2 u5
Saving the broken tree
Use the new words to make sentences:
There is a shop by the road. A boy crashed into me. Let’s save the poor cat. My book is broken. He is so surprised to see me.
Last year, they road.
a young tree by the into the tree.
Last night, a car It broken.
Today, they
the tree.
They moved it into their garden, then Janet dug a hole in the garden,
Ben dug the tree out. They put it into the hole and filled the hole with earth. Then they watered the tree.
The ending of the story: They watered the tree everyday, after a week, some shoots came out on the top of the tree. When they saw it, they were very happy. They took good care of it. The tree grew taller and taller, the trunk and the branches were stronger and stronger, the leaves were green. Half a year later, some small pink flowers appeared. But there weren’t any fruit on the tree. They hope they can pick some litchi next year.
区分过去时与将来时:last上一个(过去时), next下一个(将来时) I played tennis yesterday.
I am going to play it again the day after tomorrow.
I cleaned the house the day before yesterday.
I am going to clean it again
next Sunday.
I read the book yesterday morning.
I am going to read it again
this evening.
I lived there last month.
I am going to live there again
next month.



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