1,I feel nervous 2,You are

(一想到)the coming exam . (被要求)finsih it this Saturday.

  8、 开始喜欢(某人) ;对(某人)产生好感

  17、 (某人)随身携带(某物)
  1、An e of opinions is helpful.
  2、Please write and let me have your t on the matter. chance
  3、This is your f
  4、The celebration of Christmas is a c face at the door.
  5、I saw an u
  6、We tried to make our guests c
  7、They have o views on the question.
  8、I'm sorry to d you so early. with his neighbor.
  9、He got into c
  10、Who first d America? ①although 和 though 同义,在一般情况下,可以互换使用。只是 though 较普遍,常用于非 正式的口语或书面语中,而 although 则较为正式。另外 although 语气比 though 重,常用以 强调让步概念。 e.g. Though/Although my car is very old, I don't want to buy a new one. 虽然我的汽车很旧,但我不想买一辆新的。 He insisted on doing it although I warned him not to. 虽然我警告他不要做,但他仍然坚持要做。 ②even 能和 though 组合表示强调 但 even 不能和 although 组合。 合表示强调, 因此, 不能说 even although, 在这里 even though=even if(no matter if; though 即使……也……) e.g. Even if/Even though we could afford it, we wouldn't go abroad for our vocation. 即使我们付得起这笔钱,也不出国度假。 ③当让步状语从句指某种假设情况时,通常用 though,而不用 although。 当让步状语从句指某种假设情况时, 当让步状语从句指某种假设情况时 e.g. Though all the world were against me, I should still hold to my opinion. 就算全世界都反对我,我还是坚持我的立场。 Though everybody deserts you, I will not. 即使所有人都抛弃你,我也不会的。 ④though 可以独立用作副词,常放在句末 可以独立用作副词,常放在句末,意为 all the same (还是;仍然)或 however(可是; 然而),而 although 无此用法。 e.g. She didn't tell me what she had done, but I know it though. 她没有告诉我她所做的事情,但我还是知道了。 It's hard work. I enjoy it, though. 工作很苦,可是我喜欢。
⑤though 引导让步状语从句时可以倒装 引导让步状语从句时可以倒装,而 although 从句则不能。 e.g. Bravely though they fought, they had no chance of winning. 虽然他们打得很勇敢,但还是没有机会获胜。 相同点: ①在 although 和 though 引导的让步状语从句中,主句里不可用 but,若要强调前后两部分的 对比意义,可在主句前加 yet 或 still。 e.g. Although/Though he has a lot of money, yet/still he is unhappy. 他虽然有很多钱,但并不幸福。 ②although 和 though 引导让步状语从句时,常采用省略形式。 e.g. Although tired (=Although he was tired), he kept on working..虽然很疲劳,但他继续工作。 Maybe 与 may be 的区别
  1、maybe 是副词,意思是“也许、可能”,在句中作状语,相当于 perhaps,常位于句首。
Maybe she’ll come this afternoon. 她可能今天下午来。 Maybe you put the letter in your pockets. 大概你把信放在衣袋里了。
  2、在 may be 中,may 是情态动词,be 是动词原形,两者构成完整的谓语形式,与主语形成系表结构, 意为“也许是、可能是”。 I can’t find my watch. It may be in your pocket. 我找不到我的手表了,它可能在你的口袋里。 He may be a soldier. 他可能是军人。
  1)allow sb. to do sb.允许某人去做某事, The doctor allowed him to smoke. 医生允许他吸烟.
  2)allow sb doing sth.允许某人做某事,可以表示当前可允许做的事或习惯性动作。根据上下文有时 sb 可以 省略。如: Is not allow (anyone)smoking in this meeting room. 这间会议室里是不允许吸烟的. 类似的词还有:advise,forbid, permit, encourage 等,如:
  3) We advised him to have a good rest. 我们劝他好好休息.
  4) He advised going to Beijing for the holiday. 他建议到北京去度假.


广州 牛津英语 初二 下学期 第四单元

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