Module 4 Wild Animals 单元测试卷(A) 一,写出下面单词的比较级和最高级形式 Fast tall Thin fat Hot big Early late Beautiful delicious Good many Boring slowly Friendly 二,选择正确答案。 1, Lucy is than other pupils in her class. A, short B, shorter C, shortest 2, Wang Dong gets up in his family. A, early B, earlier C, earliest 3, The girl in white is of the three. A, more beautiful B, most beautiful C the most beautiful 4, run fastest in the world. A, Leopards B, Cheetah C, Cheetahs 5, A blue whale can be 30 metres long. A, over B, more C, much 6, Which is ., a pig, an elephant or a cow ? A, bigger B, biggest C, the biggest 7, Mary, quickly, we are going to the park today. A, get dressed B, gets dressed C, getting dressed 8, How water do you drink everyday? A, many B, much C, often 9, My father plays football every week. A, a lot of B, plenty of C, a lot 10, Don’t eat too sweets A, many B, much C, big 三,翻译下面的句子。 1, 我的头发比你的长。
  2, 小云在我们班上学习最努力。
  3, 你爸爸看上去比你叔叔年轻。
  4, 三人当中小华最漂亮。
  5, 你们的学校比我们的大很多。
  6, 李老师比我大四岁。 四,用括号里单词的适当形式填空。
  1, Janet works (hard) in her class.
  2, (shark) swim very fast in the sea.
  3, A cheetah (look like) a leopard.
  4, I think pizza is (delicious) food in the world.
  5, (They) English teacher is more beautiful than (we).
  6, Lucy and Lily’s mother (have) a stomachache today. She (have) to go to the (doctor.)
  7, Where your uncle (live) ? He in Japan.
  8, Don’t (wash ) the clothes . Let’s (put) them on the bed.
Module 4 Wild Animals 单元测试卷 单元测试卷(B) 一,在横线上填上适当的介词。
  1,Thursday 2, Thursday morning 3, the afternoon 4, night 5, holiday 6, the second term rd 7, August 8, August 3 9, a photo the girl 10, winter 11, 7:15 12, the weekend 13, weekdays 14, the left 15, plenty water 16, the start the year 17, home 18, books plants 19, be late work 20, work hands 21, my sister’s 22, last 3 hours 23, catch up him 24, three kinds books 25, the world 26, land 27, time 28, hand 29, be worried 30, a lot water. 二,选择正确答案 1,I think my mother is beautiful than his. A, much B, more much C, much more 2, I’m sure you can catch up with . A, she B, his C, them D, ours 3, His house is small, but is very big A, she B, her C, hers D, me 4, Is there any in the fridge? A, hamburger B, noodles C, beef D, potato 5, I love my mother. I love my father. A, too B, either C, also D, doesn’t 6, Tomorrow will be colder than today. A, more B, much C, most D, many 7, Miss Li late in the morning A, get up B, does get up C, doesn’t get up D, isn’t get up 8, the children’s mother often clean the house? Yes, she . A, Are, are B, Is, is C, Do, do D, Does, does 三,请根据提示用最高级写出班上同学的特点。 Example: I am the oldest in my class. (old)
  1, (study) 2, (run) 3, (go to school) 4, (hair) 5, (young) 6, (tall) 三,下面每个句子中有一个错误,请把它划出来,并在横线上改正。 1, Jiamin is funniest in his family. 2, She practices the piano for a hour in the evening. 3, He’d better goes to school on time every day. 4, His eyes are much bigger than her. 5, Next weekend my parents and I are going to playing badminton in the park 6, There aren’t some tomatoes in the bag. 7, There is many coffee in the bottle. 8, This is the more important thing for us to do.


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