初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷
(学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: If you want to live to be 100 years old. You need healthy food and lots of exercise. In the morning, cereal and congee are good for breakfast. They give you energy. For lunch and dinner, you can have rice and vegetables. Healthy people seldom eat lots of snacks. Sweet snacks give you energy but they are not healthy. You can have an orange or an apple after each meal. You need lots of exercise too. You can exercise for about 30 minutes every day. You will feel healthier in a month. You can swim. You can run. You can play basketball. However, do not play computer games or chat with friends on the Internet for many hours every day. That is not exercise. Get up from your chair, everyone! Change your diet and lifestyle today! You can live to be 100 years old. You can always feel young with the right food and right exercise. 二,根据实际情况回答下列问题:
初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷
(学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: The man in the advertisement on the right is wearing an orange T-shirt and blue trousers. This is interesting because these two colours have different meanings. Orange represents success and can cheer you up if you are feeling sad about something. Blue represents sadness and calm. I think success is important to him, but he also looks like he needs to calm down. His shoes are white, which represents calm and peace, but his glasses are black. Black represents power and passion. I think this man has trouble making decisions. He seems to be moving very fast and doing many things at the same time. I do not think this is a good advertisement because most people would rather relax and feel calm than be very busy, like the man in the picture. However, red is a good colour for the phone because red represents power and strength. People who enjoy being busy also like to feel strong and powerful. 二,根据实际情况回答下列问题:
三,根据所给提示用英语进行交谈: 三,根据所给提示用英语进行交谈: 提示: 假如有人问你附近有没有旅馆,你说附近没有,最近的旅馆离这儿约两公里, 最好乘 20 路或 35 路公共汽车前往,车站就在街道右边. 提示: 假如有人询问有关扎龙的情况,你回答说,扎龙在东北黑龙江省,它是一个 自然保护区,每年有许多旅游者去那里观鸟.扎龙给各种不同鸟类提供食物和 栖息地,其中还包括一些濒临灭绝的鸟类.鸟儿在那里以蠕虫,小鱼,植物为 食. 四,根据所给话题和内容要点介绍情况: 要点: 为了健康,我改变了饮食;2,以前,很少吃水果,蔬菜,却吃许多甜的零食, 喜欢糕点,糖果,可乐;3,我知道甜的零食对我没有好处;现在,早餐时总吃 个苹果,常喝牛奶;正餐时,通常吃肉和蔬菜;不再吃甜的零食.4,身体越来 越健康,学习情况也大大改变了.
四,根据所给话题和内容要点介绍情况: 要点: 李雷是初中七年级学生,数学很好;喜欢玩计算机游戏,喜欢游泳;今夏毕 业;2,礼貌,乐于助人,老师,同学都喜欢他;3,1991 年出生于上海,全家 现在住在南京.
初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷
(学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: Many teenagers suffer from stress. Although their problems can make them worry, there are some simple ways to deal with stress. Firstly, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercising are very important. How can we be happy if we are not fit? For school work, planning ahead can help. Making a list of the things they need to do and planning to do them can help students organize their time. If they are weak in a subject, studying hard and asking a teacher for advice can help. Students should pay no attention to people who laugh at them. Instead, they should think about the things they are good at. Finally, students should also make enough time for their hobbies. Playing sport, reading and watching films can help them relax. 二,根据实际情况回答下列问题:
初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷
(学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: Tom got along with all of his neighbours except the man who lived next door. The man never spoke to anyone and no one knew what he did for a living. One day, when Tom came home from work, he found a diamond necklace outside his door. Tom wondered where it came from. Tom thought that perhaps someone had dropped the necklace, so he planned to take it to the police station the next day. He thought the police would be able to find the owner. Just then, the police came to Tom's home and saw the necklace in his hand. Tom was very shocked when he was charged with robbery. A policeman told him that a jewellery shop had been robbed. A witness said that she had seen someone run from the jewellery shop into Tom's building right after the robbery. Tom was not guilty, but how could he prove it ? 二,根据实际情况回答下列问题:
三,根据所给提示用英语进行交谈: 三,根据所给提示用英语进行交谈: 提示: 假如你的朋友问你们在谈论什么,你回答说在谈论即将在下星期六举行的运 动会.你准备参加跳高,能跳
  1.5 米左右;你还准备参加接力赛跑. 四,根据所给话题和内容要点介绍情况: 要点: 人们都喜欢大熊猫,它们只生活在中国;大熊猫黑白相间,貌似熊,平静而 安详,吃竹笋,竹叶;2,现仅存一千只左右,数目越来越少;3,熊猫生活的 地方正在变为农田,人们在为取其毛皮而猎捕它们;如此下去,世界上很快将 再无熊猫. 提示: 假如你的朋友和你在谈论宠物,你说你最喜欢扇尾金鱼,因为这种金鱼易于 照料,价格不贵.你还说,与一般金鱼稍有区别是扇尾金鱼都长着长而漂亮的 鳍.你也喜欢鹦鹦,但不喜欢狗,因为狗发出吠声,养狗需要悉心照料. 四,根据所给话题和内容要点介绍情况: 要点: 凯特是我最好的朋友,她住我家隔壁,我们做朋友已经快 10 年了;2,她高 而苗条,一头长发;非常聪明,乐于助人;有幽默感,常讲笑话逗我笑;3,长 大后想当个歌手,周游世界;我们可能不会经常见面,但我们将永远是最好的 朋友.
B2 2007 年江苏省初中学生口语等级测试模拟试卷 年江苏省初中学生口语等级测试模拟试卷
(学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: Hi everybody My name is Lucy. I am in Year 9 at Woodland School near London. It is a mixed school. Boys and girls have lessons together. My favourite subject is Home Economics. I like learning how to cook and sew. I did not know how to do things for myself before I came to this school. Now, I know how to cook healthy and tasty meals. Our school has a reading week every year. My classmates and I love it. We can read any books from the school library. We can even bring in books and magazines from home but we have to tell our English teacher what we are reading. Near the end of each class we can talk to our friends about our books. The reading week is always too short because we want to read all our friends' books as well. 二,根据实际情况回答下列问题:
B3 2007 年江苏省初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 年江苏省初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷
(学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: Giant pandas are beautiful black-and-white animals. They look like bears. They live in China. They are very quiet and peaceful. They eat bamboo shoots and leaves. They never eat meat. Baby giant pandas spend a lot of time drinking their mums' milkup to fourteen hours a day! Mother giant pandas have only one or two babies at a time. When the babies are born, they look like little white mice. There are only about a thousand giant pandas in the world now. Their number is getting smaller and smaller because their living areas are becoming farmlands. If farmers keep taking the land, giant pandas will have nowhere to live. Also, people hunt them for their fur. If this continues, then there will be no giant pandas in the world. So, what action can the club take? We should write to newspapers and magazines about the giant pandas in China. We should tell them about the problems for giant pandas. If more people know about these problems, then maybe they will do something to help. 二,根据实际情况回答下列问题:
三,根据所给提示用英语进行交谈: 提示: 假如海伦打来找你的同学李明,李明不在.你在电话中询问对方是谁,并告 诉对方李明刚去书店买书,不知他何时返回,只知道他中午肯定回校吃饭,有 事可代为转告. 四,根据所给话题和内容要点介绍情况: 要求: 一些颜色使我们感到平静和安宁;蓝色便是其一;穿蓝色的衣服或住在蓝色 的房间里,对身心有益;蓝色产生和谐的感觉;蓝色也表示难过;感到难过的 人可以说: "我感到忧伤" ;2,使人感到平静和安宁的另一种颜色是白色;白色 代表纯洁;你感到压力大的时候,就应该穿白色的衣服.
三,根据所给提示用英语进行交谈: 提示: 假如你的朋友询问你们今天下午的活动安排,你说你们将在少年宫与五中的 一支球队进行篮球比赛,球赛将于三点半开始,哪支球队获胜难以预料. 四,根据所给话题和内容要点介绍情况: 要点: 我是 9 年级学生,有个问题不知怎样解决;2,我有许多爱好,喜欢阅读,写 诗,散步和购物,最喜欢的是绘画;3,但是,每天我有很多课外作业;我花很 多时间来完成,以至不能为我的爱好找到时间了;对此我感到遗憾;我应当集 中精力做课外作业而放弃爱好吗?这个问题使我很发愁.
初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷
(学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: Dear Mr Wu Our class held a meeting to talk about holding a charity show. We decided to call the show "Sunshine For All ". The show will be held on the 29th of April at
  7.30 p.m. It will finish at
  9. 30 p. m. We want to raise money for a charity called Project Hope. We think it does a very important job so we hope to raise a lot of money for it. The tickets will cost ¥20 each. Many classmates have volunteered to do some work for the show. Kitty and I will design the poster. Millie will be the hostess of the show. She will also help Simon organize a play. Amy and I have volunteered to set up the stage. Daniel and Kitty will sing a song. We will ask all our friends and families to come. We hope to see you there! Sandy 二,根据实际情况回答下列问题:
初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷
(学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: In most places in the U.S. children must attend school until sixteen, or until they finish high school, usually at the age of seventeen or eighteen. Some children who are not good students drop out of school at sixteen. This is a growing problem, for it is harder and harder for people to find work when they haven't finished their high school education. Public schools are free to all boys and girls, but some parents prefer to send their children to private schools. Usually private schools have small classes and very good teachers, so parents think their children will get a better education there than in public schools. The government doesn't give any money to these private schools, so most of them ask the students to pay several thousand dollars a year to pay for the cost of the school. Boys and girls go to the public schools together, but many private schools are for girls only or boys only. 二,根据实际情况回答下列问题: 三,根据所给提示用英语进行交谈:
三,根据所给提示用英语进行交谈: 提示: 假如你是一位外国学生,你告诉你的朋友,你来自澳大利亚,去年二月来到南 京,生活十分愉快.你没去过深圳,准备下星期五去那儿游览一周时间. 四,根据所给话题和内容要点介绍情况: 要点: 不同的学生对不同的电视节目感兴趣;阿尼塔是 7 年级的学生,最喜欢看的 电视节目是《观看老虎》 ,通常每天花 2 小时看电视;2,汤姆是 8 年级的学生, 最喜欢的电视节目是《体育城》 ,每天看 1 小时左右的电视;3,萨姆是 9 年级 的学生,最喜欢看的节目是《音乐世界》 ,每天看 3 小时左右的电视. 提示: 假如一位外国朋友和你谈论季节,你说你家乡最好的季节是春天,还说你最 喜欢夏天,因为在夏天你可以去游泳.你也喜欢秋天,因为秋天天气既不大热 也不太冷. 四,根据所给话题和内容要点介绍情况: 要点: 火星上的生活在许多方面比地球上的生活要好;人们将有更大的空间;火星 上可能将没有学校,每个学生家里都有一台计算机,将他/她与行星间因特网联 结;学生将有网上教师;2,然而,在某些方面,火星上的生活可能不会好于今 天地球上的生活,食物



   初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 初中英语口语等级测试模拟试卷 (学生卷 学生卷) 学生卷 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: If you want to live to be 100 years old. You need healthy food and lots of exercise. In the morning, cereal and congee are good for breakfast. They give you energy. For lunch and dinner ...


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   初三英语口语测试卷 A 一,朗读下面文字 Food is very important. It makes us strong and healthy. In most countries, people have three or four meals every day. The first important meal is breakfast. Doctors say that if you don't have a good breakfast, you can't work we ...


   2007 年江苏省初中学生英语口语等级测试试卷一 (学生用卷) 提示:第三大题情景对话由主考或副主考开始. 一,用正确的语音语调朗读下面的短文: A dozen of years ago, mobile phones were rather expensive. Only important people and people with a lot of money had them. These days, the prices have been greatly reduced, and ...


   职称英语等级考试模拟试题(-) 职称英语等级考试模拟试题(-) 部分:词汇选项(第 1~15 题,每题 1 分,共 15 分) 第 1 部分:词汇选项 下面共有 15 个句子,每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有底横线,请从每个句子后面所给的 4 个选项 中选择 1 个与划线部分意义最相近的词或短语。答案一律涂在答题卡相应的位置上。 1. The local authorities will take measures to deal with noise pollution in the a ...


   初中英语口语教学现状分析以及解决策略 作者:许秀芳 来源: 发布时间:2007-04-21 点击量:872 【摘要】2005 年佛山市初中英语口语考试工作在 3 月中旬结束,结果反映出教学中仍然存 在一定的问题。 本文主要通过教与学的过程中存在的一些问题, 探索初中英语口语训练的方 法与策略。 【关键词】初中英语 口语现状 训练策略 一、存在问题分析 1、教学方面 近几年来,较发达城市的小学都开设了英语课程,在游戏中学、在活动中学,在以听说 为主的教学模式下,培养了一大批"英语小天 ...


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   讲一口漂亮流利的外贸英语,外贸英语口语资料集锦 English spoken language material artistic collection 好不容易找到的,不顶的朋友真的说不过去了 这些都是本人收集的一些英语口语方面的的资料,希望对一些正在学习英语的朋友有帮助! 以下给出下载地址,全都是免费的,尽管下载都可以了,希望下载的朋友能够回复一下,也 就不枉我费尽心思去收集资料了! 1,20 句销售必备英语 http://www.xingkoo.com/view_info/view_i ...


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