A Visit to My Uncle
I spent the winter vacation at my home town last year. I went to visit my uncle on the following afternoon of my arrival, accompanied by my brother. The weather was bitterly cold. Drifts of snow were frozen up by the strong north wind. We wore fur gowns and walked closely together, but still shivered from time to time. My uncle's house was at the other side of the hill, near the city wall. It is a shorter way to go across the hill and down straight to his door. We went by that way to his house. When we got on the top of the hill, his house was already within our sight. Then we quickened our paces, excited with a sort of passion which was very dear to us from years past. We forgot the cold already. My uncle was still the same as I remember him. His laugh, his voice and his gesture, were all as familiar to me as if we had not parted even one day. He was still very healthy. He treated us very kind. He asked to prepare tiff for us in spite of our protest. We said that we could eat only a little, since we had already taken much food, but his warm entreaties made us empty all the dishes. I spent the whole afternoon with our cousins in the country. I was very happy to enjoy the fine scenery in the country, and to breathe some fresh air. When it was growing dark, we started for home. On the way back, we talked about the pleasure of the country people and the pain of the farmers.
Pet Raising
范文一: Nowadays, with the improvement of the people’s living standard, some people form a habit of raising small or domestic animals as pets. Some raise small dogs or cats as their pets while others raise various birds or fishes as their pets. However, some people object to the idea of raising animals as pets. To them, animals have their own right to live a natural life like human beings. On the other hand, the way people raise animals as pets have a negative influence on the surroundings ,for example, dogs’ chasing people on the street and so on. What’s more, some animals will transmit some diseases. In my opinion, I do not like the idea to raise animals at pets. We should not deprive them of their natural right. In this way, we will live in a peaceful world in harmony with the other living creatures. 范文二: There is no denying the fact that keeping pets is a hotly debated topic today. Some people claim that keeping pets is a good thing to do. They believe that
pets, like cats and dogs, can help relieve the loneliness suffered by senior citizens and other social members who are confined to their homes for this reason or that. They also argue that keeping pets helps mankind understand animals' world and develop positive feelings toward them. Others, however, hold the opposite view. They regard keeping pets as a useless but harmful thing to do. First, pets can transmit diseases. Secondly, the noises and dung of pets are sources of pollution. Last but not least, as many rare birds and animals are kept as pets, they will surely be hunted on a large scale, which means a threat to the balance of the ecosystem. Weighing the arguments of both sides, I am inclined to agree with the latter. Anyway, we can lessen our loneliness and express our love toward animals in other ways. And it is my belief that only by placing man and other species on an equal basis can we expect to have a lively and colorful world.
The Positive and Negative Aspects of Sports
To a Chinese, the task of learning English well is not easy. So I, like many other English learners, have met with difficulties in learning English during the past seven years. But I managed to overcome them and made much progress. The spelling and meaning of words can be said to be the first difficulty I met as a beginner. But I found our my own way to deal with them. As to spelling, I never copied a new work again and again to remember it, but tried to find its relevance to the sound. In fact, as long as I can read the word out, I can write it out. As to the meaning, I rarely recite its Chinese translation but often put the word into the sentence to learn its meaning. Moreover, if you use a word quite often, its spelling and meaning will be no problem. After all, we are learning English in order to use it. Grammar and idioms may be another difficulty. But I have also got over it. I have not read lots of grammar books. But I spent much time reading the articles written by native speakers or specialists in English. By doing so, I came to gain “a sense of English language”. I began to gain a feel for which sentences are “good English” and which are not. Finally, I want to say that overcoming all these difficulties requires perseverance. In the past seven years I spent at least an hour on English each day. I believe this is an important reason why I am able to make progress in learning English.
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Sports benefit us in many respects. When taking par
t in sports, we get the chance to train almost all parts of our body. Ther e is no doubt that properly balanced physical activities keep us physicall y fit. Furthermore,cheap women sandals, sports can enrich our life and maintain our psychological health. Through participation,air max nike, eve ryone can learn that on the playing field he not only competes for himse lf but also for his team. Sports teach us about consideration, cooperation and optimism,hardy shirt, and how to cope with difficulties. But sports can do harm to those people who cannot balance their a ctivities properly. Training too hard may hurt their body, exhaust their en ergy and even make them disabled. Personally,air jordans 6, I love sports. I enjoy participating in sports. I feel that I not only gain a well-balanced life through sports, but also g et more chances to move closer to nature. Sports have really added ha ppiness to my daily life.
my view on opportunity
different people have their different views on opportunity.some people suggest that opportunities are rare,and only the luckiest persons can obtain them,while some other people argue that in a sense everyone has opportunities from time to time. as far as i am concerned,i agree with the latter opinion to some extent.i think that various kinds of opportunities are around us all the time.however,the opportunity will not run into you voluntarily.you must try your best to find them and make full use of them. in conclusion,i believe that opportunities are everywhere in our society and everyone is equal for them.we can acquire them only if we are prepared and qualified.just as a proverb says,"opportunities are only for the prepared minds."
My View on Opportunity
A common concept among some people is that opportunities are few. They always complain that opportunities never occur to them. They only admire those people who make a hit or succeed by seizing some opportunities, and always wonder why they are never given a good opportunity to show their talent. Another common notion is that there are opportunities everywhere. Opportunity may occur to anybody at any time and under any circumstances as long as he/she keeps making constant efforts. As a student, you can get to the top through your hard work. As a businessman, you can succeed through accurate calculation and with a complete certainty that you can make a profit. In my opinion, opportunity favors only those who keep trying and who are ready for it. As the saying goes "God helps those who help themselves", So no matter whether there's opportunity or not, what we should do is to study, to learn and become learned people, Only in this way can you seize your opportunity when it occurs. So never say there's no opportunity again.
My View On Opportunity
When it comes to opportunity, people’s opinions differ. Some people think that there are few opportunities in the world, while others argue that everybody will have some kind of opportunity along his life route As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter opinion. For one thing, I firmly believe opportunities are everywhere around us. No person will be unlucky enough to have no opportunities all the time, because“every dog has his day”. For another, since opportunities are transient, we have to make good preparations and improve ourselves. Just think of Newton, who discovered the Law of Gravitation when many people had watched an apple falling ahead of them. From what has been discussed above, we may reasonably draw the conclusion that there are quite a few opportunities around us. Only through we
get prepared can we seize the opportunities instead of letting them slip by. As an old saying goes,“opportunities are only for the prepared minds”.
My View on Opportunity
There is no consensus of opinion among people as to the view opportunity. Some people suggest that opportunities are rare, and only the luckiest people can obtain then, while others argue that in a sense everyone has opportunity from time to time. As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter opinion to some extent. I think that various kinds of opportunities are around us all the time. However, opportunity will not run into you voluntarily. you must try your best to find them and make full use of them. For example, when I was studying in high school there was a national chemistry competition. Most of my classmates thought that we had virtually no chance of winning the competition since we were studying in high school. But I felt that it was a good chance and I must grasp it. So I prepared for it thoroughly and finally I won the first prize. In conclusion, I believe that opportunities are abundant (abandon) in our society and everyone is equal with them. We can acquire them only if we are prepared and qualified. Just as a proverb says “Opportunities are only for the prepared minds.”
Media and Shopping
With numerous technological advances, various kinds of media have been well developed. As a result, an increasing number of people are fond of purchasing goods with the help of media, such as newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and the Internet. As we know, every coin has two sides and shopping via media is no exception. On the one hand, it saves much time, money and effort to purchase goods through media since you do not have to go to the shops in person. Besides, you can choose what you want from an enormous variety of goods on display. On the other hand, you may be cheated sometimes by the false information and suffer a considerable loss.
As far as I am concerned, shopping via media brings great benefit to our life and our economy on the whole. At the same time, we need strengthened supervision over the information released via media. In this way, we can reap more benefits from shopping via media and reduce the possible harm to a minimum.
changes of people’s diet
The period of 1986?1990 saw great changes in the diet of the Chinese. Grain, which used to be the main food of most people in China, is now playing a less important role. On the other hand, the meat and fish has increased rapidly. The changes in diet can be accounted for by a number of factors. First, people are much wealthier than before. With higher income,they can afford to buy good foods. Another factor is that people have realized the importance of a balanced diet to their health. Lack of certain amount of meat or milk,for example, will result in poor health. Finally, owing to the eeonomic reform, meat, chicken, fish and milk, which were scarce in the past, are produced in large quantities. For all these reasons, what was formerly called "the basket of vegetables" has. To sum up, insignificant as those changes may seem, they are the signs of the improved economic condition in China. We believe that as long as the effort continuous in reform and opening to the outside world, there will be greater changes in people's diet in the future.
Dear zhang li,
I am writing to convey my warm congratulations on your appointment to the Board of Asia Industries Ltd. My colleagues and I are delighted that the years of service your have given to your company should at last have been rewarded in this way and we join in sending you our very best wishes for the future. Yours sincerely
Dear Susan,
I am very sorry that I broke my promise to meet you at 4:15pm last Saturday. You are my best friend, I beg your forgiveness.
Last Saturday morning, my sister Kate sufferred a traffic accident on the way to school. She was hurt terribly. I was very afraid that I stayed around her in the hospital to take care of her all the day. You see that my parents were always out for business.I couldn't leave her alone when she was sike.I am self-condemned that I forgot to call you and tell you the truth that day. You are my best friend,I don't want to lose you.
Kate is better now. When she gets well,I shall date you and apologize to you face to face. I wish that you can forgive my fault. Thank you very much. Best wishes
Yours faithfully David
  3、我的看法。 In recent years, people are developing an inseparable relationship with Internet. As is known to all, it is convenient for us to click the mouse when surfing on line, either to entertain ourselves or to meet the work’s needs. On the one hand, no one denies that Internet is currently one of the most useful me



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