"advancement, payment on account" "bottleneck" restrictions 瓶颈制约 "fair, meeting" 洽谈会 等外品 "off-grade goods, rejects"
"subunderwriting, distribution" IPRs
(产品)分销 买一送一 优势互补 知识产权
"two-for-one offer, buy one get one free" (Intellectual property rights) 闭关政策 八折
(of two countries or companies) have complementary advantages “closed-door” policy 20% off / 20% discount
AAMA (Administrative Aspects of Market Access) ABAC: APEC Business Advisory Council above target profit 超目标利润
市场准人的行政管理措施 亚太经合组织工商咨询理事会会议 重合同,守信用
ABAC Meeting (APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting)
abide by contracts and keep one's words; honor credit and promise accept guarantee provided by foreign shareholders ACDS:APEC Communications and Database System 接受外方股东担保
亚太通讯与数据系统 报复行为 亚
ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific Group) 非洲、加勒比和太平洋国家集团(洛美协定) act of reprisals; reprisals;retaliatory act;vindictive action 太中小企业技术交流与培训中心 actionable subsidy 可诉补贴 国际收支顺差 actionable subsidy(补贴协议)可诉补贴 active balance of payments;balance of payments surplus ad valorem duty 从价税 亚洲开发银行 ADB: Asian Development Bank ACTETSME:APEC Center for Technology Exchange and Training for Small and Medium Enterprises
Adequate remuneration 适当的报酬 Adequate technical competence 适当技术资格 adjustment mechanism of balance of payments administered price 内定价 支付前通知 Administrative sanction 行政处罚 advance notification of payment advance shipment notice adverse balance 逆差 贸易逆差 装运前通知 国际收支调节机制
adverse balance of trade; trade deficit; trade gap Adverse inference 反向推断 AELM (APEC Economic Leaders Meeting) AFTA:ASEAN Free Trade Area after-sale service agent's commission 售后服务 代理人 代理费
agreement among underwriters agreement among underwriters agreement tariff 协定关税
承销协议 承销商协议
airport construction fee 机场建设费 All region and sectors are open up. AMM (APEC MinisteriaI Meeting) amount of fund raised Andean Summit 筹资额 出资额 amount of subscribed capital Animal-derived food anti-dumping duty 实行全方位开放 亚太经合组织部长级会议
安第斯集团峰会(拉美国家) 动物源食品 反稀释条款 反倾销措施 反倾销措施 反倾销税
antidilution provision anti-dumping measure anti-dumping 反倾销
anti-dumping measures against anti-fake label anti-smuggling 防伪标志 缉私 反补贴税
anti-inflationary measure 反通货膨胀措施 anti-subsidy duty 定 APB-Net:Asia-Pacific Business Network APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) APEC Business Forum 亚太商业论坛 ABF 亚太能源研究中心 亚太信息基础设施 亚太实验室认可合作 APERC:Asia Pacific Energy Research Center 亚太商业网络 亚太经济合作组织
ANZCERTA:Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement
APII:Asia-Pacific Information Infrastructure APLMF:Asia Pacific Legal Metrology Forum APMP:Asia Pacific Metrology Program appeal body 上诉机构 随意性的规定 到岸品质 日用百货 工艺品 海关加封物品 应申报物品 Apportionment 分摊 arbitrary rules arrival quality
APLAC:Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation 亚太计量程序
articles of daily use articles to be declared
articles of handicraft art articles under customs seal ASEAN Free Trade Area
ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) 东盟自由贸易区 来样加工 价格公道 ASEM:Asia-Europe Meeting 亚欧会议 assembling supplies components assistance in kind 实物援助 at fair price / reasonable price
ATC:Agricultural Technical Cooperation
attract foreign capital
吸引外资 对外招商 招商引资
attract foreign investment autarchy 闭关自守 身份认证
attract/bid for/invite investments (from overseas) authentication
authority of agency;power of agency;proxy automated clearing houses 自动交换中心 automated teller machine (ATM) award of contract backing support 定标 担保储备 自动取款机
Availability of intellectual property 知识产权的效力
balance of international payments/ balance of payment balance of international trade balance of payments account 国际贸易差额
国际收支 国际收支差额
balance of international payments;balance of payments(BOP) 国际收支账户
balance of payments deficit;unfavorable balance of international payment balance of payments disequilibrium;disequilibrium of balance of payments 国际收支不平衡 balance of payments year book 国际收支平衡表 balance of trade banker's order 贸易差额 定期付款指令 国际收支年鉴
balance of payments(BOP) ;international balance of payment;payments balance
Banking exchange system 银行结售汇体系 bar code 商品条码 bar coding bargain chip bargain 侃价 bargain-priced goods base tariff level bazaar 市集 代售 特价商品 篱笆墙 barriers/ blockage to inter-regional trading 基础税率 条形码 谈判的筹码
be cleared by the customs 通关 be commissioned to sell be on sale 上市
be on the sale / selling 行销 be reluctant to sell out 惜售 bean product bid bond 豆制品 投标 标价 投标保函 开标 投标报价书
bid for; tender for bid opening bid proposals bidder 投标人 bid price /quotation
bidding evaluation big offering 大贱卖 Bill of Lading 提单
bill purchased; port bill of exchange;outward documentary bills Blanket coverage 统一承保 blended type cigarette blind signature bond note bonded area 伪签名 混合型卷烟
海关保税输出证 保税区 保税工厂 保税货物 保税仓库 国际收支条款 保税仓库
bonded factory bonded warehouse
bonded goods/ goods in bond
bonded warehouse;customs warehouse BOP (Balance of Payments) Provisions border free trade zone border trade 边境贸易 边贸点 border trade point bound level brand effect brandnames
边境自由贸易 区
bought deal;underwrite;underwrite on a solo agency basis 约束水平 品牌效应 名牌货 违反合同 保本分析 布雷顿森林体系 保本点
breach of contrac break-even analysis break-even point bridal market brisk trading bucket shop
Bretton Woods system
新婚市场(指买卖兴旺的市场) 交投活跃 投机商号 既定日程 哄抬价格 公告板服务 举证责任 营业时间 营业厅 工商登记证 工商登记
Budget contributions 预算分摊额 built-in agenda bull operation Burden of proof business hours business lobby
Bulletin Board Service (BBS) Business flourishes 生意兴隆
business registration certificate business registration buyer’s market buyer's market 买方市场 by-product / sideline product capacity of the market capital export 资本输出 买方市场
副产品 招标
call for bid / tender invitation 市场容量
capital preservation product Carrier 承运人
保本产品 货运监管
cargo / supervision and central over freight transport cash concentration and disbursement cash price catalogue 现金价 收款机 最高限价 中央商务区 正品 认证机构 产品目录 cash register ceiling price 资金集中与支付
central business district (CBD) certification authority charges checking 费用划分 大路货 查对
certified goods / up-to standard goods cheap goods
choice goods / collection 精品 chose in action; intangible assets chronic depression circumvention clearance paper clearance price 规避 保留条款 进出港许可证 清仓价 清算所银行间支付系统 慢性萧条 无形资产
clause of reservation/ proviso clause / saving clause
clearance sale; be on sale 甩卖 clearing house interbank payments system clipper chip 审查芯片 暴跌
Coercive package licensing 强制性一揽子许可 collapse / crash/ heavy decline / slump/ nose-dive /plunge collection of duty 征收关税 补税 工商联营 东部和南部非洲共同市场 合业经营 collection of duty short-paid combined operation/ management commerce net 商务网 工商法规
combined management of industry and commerce
COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) commercial and industrial law and regulations Commercial presence 商业存在 commercial service commercialization commission agent 商业服务 商业炒作 公房商品化 商品化 代销店 内销商品 商品流通 商品检验 商品检验局 商检局 commercial speculation
commercialization of public housing commodities for the home market commodity circulation commodity inspection
commodity inspection and testing bureau Commodity Inspection Bureau
commodity network
商业网点 (欧盟)共同农业政策 通用海关用语
Common Agriculture Policy common tariff nomenclature comparable price 可比价格 Comparable price 可比价格
Compelling reason 无法控制的原因 compensation trade compensatory tariff competitive bidding 补偿贸易 出口波动补偿资助 补偿性关税 竞投 完全关税同盟 进口商品结构 compensatory financing facility
competitive bidding 竟价投标 complete customs union Completely Knocked-down kit 成套散件 composition of exports and imports compound duties compound tariff concluded price Condemned Goods 复合关税 复合关税税率 成交价 有问题的货物 对违禁品的没收 建筑工程服务
conditional sale; tie-in sale 搭售 confiscation for contraband Constructed export price 推定出口价格 construction engineering service consumer EDI 消费者电子数据交换 消费物价指数 消费者协会 consumer price index (CPI) consumers' association consumption abroad contract for sales contract sale 境外消费 包销 合营期限 投资协议金额 对外承包工程
continuous replenishment 永续更新 合同销售
contract term of a joint venture
contracted foreign direct investment contracted projects in other countries contracting party contracting party 合同当事人 合约方
contracts of carriage and insurance contractual joint venture contractual obligation contractual obtigation contractual right copycat packaging 合作经营 合约责任 合同义务
contractual provision;contractual terms 合同权利 外商控股 controlling foreign equity
corporate trade exchange 公司交易汇兑 corporate trade payments 公司交易支付
cost and freight cost price costs of EDI
成本加运费 到岸价格
cost insurance and freight(CIF);freight 成本价;原价 到岸价格 电子数据交换成本 反诉 cost, insurance and freight (CIF) countercharge;counterclaim countervailing duty course of dealing credit card 信用卡 cross border supply cross retaliation cross-subsidies currency server 跨境交付(服务贸易) 交叉报复 交叉补贴 反补贴税 习惯做法 打假
counterfeit and shoddy products
crack down on counterfeit goods
Cross-border supply 跨境交付 currency fluctuation;currency movement 货币服务器 current period inventory 即期库存量 customs barrier; tariff wall 关税壁垒 customs bond 海关保税 海关证明书 结关 清关 出口报关手续 海关合作理事会 customs certificate customs clearance customs clearance 汇率变动
customs clearing procedure for export Customs Co-operation Council customs decision customs declaration customs detention customs draw back customs entry customs fine 报关 验关 海关手续 报关行 海关检查验关 海关检查员 海关发票 清关 海关罚款 关税国境 customs examination customs formalities customs frontier customs inspection customs inspector customs invoice Customs Law customs house broker 报关 海关处分通知单
customs declaration for goods 海关拘留 海关退税
《海关法》 海关规章制度及法令
Customs Liquidation customs seal
customs rules and regulations 海关关封 海关查扣 customs seizure
customs tariff customs union customs value cut red tape
海关税率 关税同盟 海关估价 闭关自守 日用口 海关完税价值 简化手续 数据编码加密标准
customs valuation
cut oneself off form the outside world
daily necessities / articles of daily use data encryption standard dealer 经销商 退税凭单 记帐卡 debenture debit cards deduct 提成 超前消费 边境交货 完税后交货 未完税交货 目的港船上交货
decision on a smuggling case deficit spending delivered duty paid delivered duty unpaid delivered ex ship delivery 交货
delivered at frontier
deposit account system for processing trade detention of cargo differential duty Digital Business digital globe 货物扣留 差别关税 数字化商业
designated Chinese bank dealing in foreign exchange 中国外汇



   国际商务英语教学模 式 能飞英语( 能飞英语(www.langfly.com)提供。 )提供。 Chapter 3 Food & Drinks (第二部分:提升阶段) 第二部分:提升阶段) 能力目标 能听懂 能自主判断 能交际 知识目标 听力技巧总结 学生活动 自主分析 对比讨论 情景互动训练 自我测评 饮食词汇、 饮食词汇、表达 以“听”为主 步骤一 听力任务的下发及解决 (70 mins) 听力技巧展示 A 重点听段落大意的 技巧: 审题→关键词→思路重点放在理 解朗读材料上→关 ...


   1、国际贸易一般指不同国家的当事人进行的交易,它涉及到许多因素,因而此国内贸易要复杂得多。 International business refers to transaction between parties from different countries. It involves more factors and thus is more complicated than, domestic business. 2、有形贸易是指将在一国生产或制造的商品,出口或进口到另一国消费或转售。 ...


   商贸电子 "advancement, payment on account" "bottleneck" restrictions 瓶颈制约 "fair, meeting" 洽谈会 等外品 "off-grade goods, rejects" 垫付 "subunderwriting, distribution" IPRs (产品)分销 买一送一 优势互补 知识产权 "two-for-o ...


   杭州电子工业学院学报   20 卷第 2 期 第   2000 年 4 月 J OU RNAL OF HAN GZHOU INSTITU TE OF EL ECTRON IC EN GIN EERIN G Vol. 20 ,No. 2   Apr. 2000   国际商务英语教程与教法探讨 孙优萍 ,校玉萍 ( 浙江工业大学之江校区英语教研组 ,浙江 杭州 310024) 摘要 : 目前 ,各大专院校已将商务英语列为经贸专业核心课程之一 。但是各校所采用的教材不仅 相同 ,而且各位教学工作者 ...


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   Unit 1 希望与要求 Part 1 1. We'd like to express our desire to establish business relationship with you o n the basis of quality, mutually benefit and exchange of needed goods. 我们希望在保证质量、 互惠互利以及交易彼此需要的货物的基础上和你们建立业 务关系。 2 .In order to extend our export b ...


   习惯包装 Usual packing/ customary packing 分批装船 partial shipment 装船单据 shipping document 水渍险 with average or with particular average ( W.A. or W.P.A) 保险单 insurance policy 承兑交单 documents against acceptance 虚盘 non-firm offer 执行订单 to carry out/execute/fulfi ...


   abtement n.减(免)税,打折扣;冲销 absorb vt.吸收;吸引…的注意;吞并;兼并 accept vt.接受;认可;承认;承兑 acceptance n.接受,接纳;承认;(票据等的)承兑 accommodation n.住宿,膳宿;通融;贷款 account n.叙述,说明;帐目,帐户 vi.说明,解释(原因等) accounting n.会计,会计学;借贷对照表 acquire v. 兼并, 并进 actuals ...


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   1.一般过去时的定义 1.一般过去时的定义 一般过去时表示过去某一时候或某一段时间所发生了的事情或存在的状态。 常与过去时 间 yesterday,this morning,just now,a moment ago,in May,last night / year / week, once upon a time,the other day,before …,when clause,in the past 连用。如: What did you do yesterday? 昨天你干了什么? ...


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