L1 budget an account of probable future income and expenditure during a stated,period,usu. A year used as a guide in making financial arrangements. the gain from an investment, either as income or yield or as profit on the sale of the investment. the entire collection of investments in the form of stocks, bonds, or certificate of deposits for purposes other than controlling money paid to the owner of a copyright for permission to publish copy right material and to the owner of a patent for permission to use a patented design, usu. At an a greed percentage of the selling price of the product.
expertise licensor
expert knowledge or skill,esp. in a particular field; know-how a person or company granting a licence a special right to an inventor to be the only person to make and sell, or to authorize others to make and sell a newly-invented machine or process all forms of man-made obstructions to international trade other than tariffs, including prohibitions and quotas, etc. one in which one of the parties agrees to supply, at the contract price, a complete product ready for use, such as a new home, factory, ship, etc. an arrangement by which a monopoly producer or owner gives another permission for the exclusive grigh to manufacture or sell the products in a certain area.
non-tariff barrier
turnkey contract
L2 purchasing power assess spur average productive of persons,the public, having the money to buy goods and services to judge an amount or value producing in high efficiency or in large quantity of an ordinary, common or usual knind in quality or amount producing in high efficiency or in large quantity
to take what is needed from, to exploit large-scale public services, such as water and power supplies, road, rail and radio communications,etc. needed to support economic activity,esp. industry, trade and commerce. a person or an organization etc. that receives something considerable desire to make purchase for consumption purchasing power parity
recipient consumerism PPP L3 liberalization integration tariff
of trade, the act of government in lifting controls over imports and exports combing into a whole tax levied by the customs any action by a government to limit or prevent the free flow of goods in and out of its country capacity that can move or be moved easily and quickly from place to place route that avoids a blocked road;deviation printed paper money issued by a bank, usu. The country's central bank wear away, eat into picture (an event, action,etc) in the mind as a future possibility; imagine right to reject or forbid something
barrier to trade
mobility detour banknote erode envisage veto L4 affiliate assets world company
a subsidiary company controlled by another total resources of a business, as cash, accounts receivable, real estates etc. a multinaitonal whose national identity has been blurred
something designed, built or installed to serve a specific function or perform a particular service the total annual income of a state distribute the administrative powers over a less concentrated area to bring under the control or ownership of a nation well-being organiztion structure something that is put in business operation
revenue decentralize nationalize welfare framework input L5 service abundant specialization
something done to help or benefit others plentiful, more than enough to restrict one's economic activites to certain particular fields those commodities not processed, or only slightly processed, usually farm produce or raw materials that which incites, rouses or encourages a person that may be had, used etc. in place oth sth. else relating to the power of the immediate understanding of something without reasoning or study producing a desired or satisfactory result; able to perform duties well a natural gift or ability relating to the power of the immediate understanding of something without reasoning or study
primary commodities
incentive alternative
efficient endowment
L6 drawback duties paid on imported goods that are refunded when reexported
highlight bulky perishable tariff specific duties ad valorem duties unilaterally maritime remittance L7 law suit dispute remedy amendment incoterms present premises heading classification carriage L8 business line voluntary offer
taking a lot of space, and often of a shape difficult to handle to make prominent; to draw special attention easily to go bad duties levied on the basis of quantity, weight,size etc. Of the goods duties imposed on goods imported and exported duties levied on the basis of the price of the goods done by one side or party only connected with the sea or navigation money sent by post
legal prosecution argument or controversy method of putting right something that is wrong changes made to something a set of international rules for the interpretation of trade terms submit a tract of land including its building category the arrangement of things by groups the price or cost of transportation
goods dealt in by a company an offer made on the initiative of the offerer
contract indispensable contract proper contracting parties
an agreement setting forth the binding obligations of the relevant parties absolutely necessary the main body of a contract signatories of an agreement social or natural calamities that take place beyond the control of a contracting party a contract made by the buyer an offer whose terms and conditions are binding on the offerer the party to whom an offer is made
force majeure
purchase contract firm offer offeree L9 popular hyperinflation
liked and amired soaring of prices beyond control rise in prices brought about by the excess demand, expansion of money supply, credit etc. the theory of the system of developing home industries through duties and other means imposed on competitive imports of two sides the exchanges of goods or services are tied together expert skill or knowledge a person to whom one owns money possible to be handed over authentic materials
bilateral bundling expertise creditors transferable verified data L10 debtor
a person to whom a draft is drawn
default dubious draft remittance fluctuation drawer sound ban drawee L11 credit-worthiness substantial constitute applicant of an L/C
fail to carry out an obligation doubtful, uncertain, questionable an unconditional order to someone to pay a sum of money the sending of money or the money sent irregular movement of (prices, exchange rate etc.) the person who issues a draft, usually the exporter financially satisfactory prohibit, forbid the person to whom a draft is drawn
being believed or accepted by others as reliable in making payment large; great; considerable make up; amount to; form the importer that goes to a bank for the establishment of an L/C
beneficiary discrepancy confirming bank
the company that can make use of an L/C to get paid for its export. difference; absence of agreement the bank that adds its own commitment to an L/C written order drawn by the beneficiary on the bank for the purpose of payment forming the basis of pay back to somebody for the expenses he has spent
bill of exchange
underlying reimburse L12 clean credit
a credit that does not require shipping documents for payment
cancel leading bank impeccable insolvent sight credit maturity after sight middleman sustain L13 documentation consignee
not to do something that has been aranged or decided upon major bank, most important bank faultless unable to pay debts a credit by which payment can be made upon presentation of the draft becoming due after presentation of draft trader through whom goods pass between the producer and the consumer suffer
the preparationand use of shipping documents the party in the bill of lading to whom the goods are shipped what is printed on the outer packing of goods as symbol for identification in the course of transpoetation absence of agreement what one is responsible for according to law according to appearance; seeming a document used for covering possible risks amount of money that may be taken off the full amount right to the possession of a position or property a document for the general description of the goods and the price
shipping marks
discrepancy liability apparent insurance policy discount title invoice L14 alternative
a choice from two or more posibilities
modes fundamental ownership intermediate products commercial intercourse unload package distribution destination L15 insured premium potential loss viability claim margin underwriter consumption compensation pooling L16 field
combination of related parts or elements accepted or rejected as a single unit very important legal right of possession semi-manufactures Business dealings between individuals or firms getting goods off a carrier different forms of transportation the marketing, transporting, merchandising, and seling of any item the terminal to which goods are sent
a person covered by an insurance the amount paid by an insured for coverage under the contract loss which is possible to incur ability to succeed in operation a payment demanded in accordance with an insurance policy amount abouve what is estimated as necessary a person who carries on insurance as a business the using up of goods and services having an exchangeable value something given or received as an equivalent for loss a combination of funds formed for common advantage
a sphere of activity
incidence multi-model transportation diminish indemnity subrogate legal action leader deposit compulsory L17 peg
occurrence transport that combines road, rail, sea and air the right to collect from an endorser a payment of loss compensation for loss to substitute a claim against on person for a claim against another person an action taken against someone in accordance with the law an insurer who is well-known in a particular class of business money paid as part payment that in owed that must be done
to keep fixed or unchanged to repay or pay off, esp. loan stock, debentureds and preference shares or stock the act of paying a bill, debt, charge, etc. the price at which one currency can be exchanged for another currency upward and downward movements in the economic system the stock of gold coin and bullion(gold bars) held by a note-issuing bank in a country on the gold standard money in the hands of the public and being used to pay ofr goods and services the act of a government in reducing by law the exchange value of its currency in units of gold or as compared with other currencies to set one value against another or as equal to another equal in value, on the same level
settlement exchange rate fluctuations
gold reserves
money circulation
offset par
L18 affiliate a business concern owned or controlled in whole or in part by another concern an organization or establishment devoted to the promotion of a particular object power of being productive something lent on condition of being returned, especially a sum of money lent at interest required as a condition for something else recurring in cycles the time when a note or bill of exchange or a loan becomes due money held aside to meet future demand the act of putting money to use in something offering profitable returns strict, that must be obeyed
prerequisite cyclical maturity reserve investment stringent L19 quota
a limit placed by a government on the amount of imports or commodity an agreement by a country's exporters or government to limit their exports to another country company expansion through the purchase of other business benefits from combining different business, normally claimed by the pjromoters of mergers reduce certain non-tangible assets held, principally covering the areas of patent protection, registered trade marks and designs, and copy-right a period of time during which tax is not levied
intellectual property
tax holiday
the gain form an ivestment, either as income or yield or as profit on the sale of the investment a way by which a place, esp. property can be reached or entered or used a business where the provision of risk capital is shared between two more firms
joint venture
L20 market place securities gilts
a place in which securities are sold and bought stocks and bonds stocks issued by government knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance competence the state of being a member of a certain organization a person engaged in the practice of a profession or occupation producing optimum results for the expenditure deficiency company stocks
qualifications membership practitioner cost-effective shortfall equities L21 ratify controversy biennial clout
make an agreement or a treaty officially valid by signing it public argument about sth. Which many people disagree with happening every alternate year influence one form of action which may be taken by a government to protect industries from unfair competition by which goods are sold at a price lower than in the country where they are manufactured
mandate stillborn contracting party akin to optimal L22 terms of trade preference export earnings provisions tariffs invisibles board permanent counterpart
authority given to perform a duty (of a child) dead at birth; (of an idea or a pla



   全国国际商务英语培训认证考试 考生报名须知 一、登陆报名 第一步:点击顶部菜单中的“网上报名”连接。如下 图: 第二步:选择报名的考试项目:如下图所示:点击“在线报名” 第三步:阅读在线报名协议,选择“同意”按钮,进入报名界面 第四步:填写登陆报名信息: 如果是第二次登陆的,需要填写报名序号,所以请广大的报名考生 一定要记注您的报名序号。 二、填写报名信息 第一步:阅读报名须知 第二步:在线添表 注 意:提交之后还可以继续 修改已经填写的信息,如果考 生到考点确认报名信息之后就 无法修改报名 ...

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