国内外儿童英语教材常用字汇 本字汇表之制定系参考多种字汇来源, 包括民国八十三年教育部发布之 「国 民中学课程标准」参考字汇表、韩国小学课程纲要参考字汇、上海九年制课程纲 要词汇表、日本初中英语教材常用字汇、数种国内外儿童英语教材常用字汇,以 及民国八十四、九十、九十一年大学入学考试中心公布之高中英文参考词汇表中 之最常用词汇,和 Collins COBUILD 最新字典所制定之最常用英文字汇表(该字 典是根据 The Bank of English 语料库编制的),综合汇整,输进计算机,建立一词 库及字频表后,并参考美国、英国、南非、及日本等国最常用英文字汇,最后再 依我国中小学阶段学生之生活经验,及其学习英语之目标,与外语学习环境等因 素加以筛选调整完成。
a (an), a few, a little, a lot, able, about, above, afraid, after,
afternoon, again, age, ago, agree, air, airplane (plane), airport, all, almost, along, already, also, always, a.m., America, American, and, angry, animal, another, answer, any, anyone (anybody), anything, apartment, appear, apple, April, arm, around, arrive, art, as, ask, at, August, aunt, autumn (fall), away
B─79 baby, back, bad, bag, bakery, ball, banana, band, bank, baseball,
basket, basketball, bath, bathroom, be (am, are, is, was, were, been), beach, bear, beautiful, because, become, bed, bedroom, bee, beef, before, begin, behind, believe, bell, belong, below, belt, beside, between, bicycle (bike), big, bird, birthday, bite, black, blackboard, blind, block, blow, blue, boat, body, book, bookstore, bored, boring, born, borrow, boss, both, bottle,
bottom, bowl, box, boy, bread, break, breakfast, bridge, bright, bring, brother, brown, brush, build, burn, bus, business, businessman, busy, but, butter, buy, by
C─79 cake, call, camera, camp, can (could), candy, cap, car, card, care,
careful, carry, case, cat, catch, celebrate, cell phone, cent, center, chair, chalk, chance, change, cheap, cheat, check, cheer, cheese, chicken, child, China, Chinese, chocolate, chopsticks, Christmas, church, circle, city, class, classmate, classroom, clean, clear, climb, clock, close, clothes, cloudy, club, coat, coffee, Coke, cold, collect, color, come, comfortable, comic, common, computer, convenient, cook, cookie, cool, copy, correct, cost, couch, count, country, cousin, cover, cow, crazy, cross, cry, cup, cut, cute
D─39dance, dangerous, dark, date, daughter, day, dead, dear, December,
decide, delicious, department store, desk, dictionary, die, different, difficult, dig, dining room, dinner, dirty, dish, do (does, did, done), doctor (Dr.), dog, doll, dollar, door, down, dozen, draw, dream, dress, drink, drive, driver, drop, dry, during
E─41 each, ear, early, earth, east, easy, eat, egg, eight, eighteen, eighth,
eighty, either, elementary school, elephant, eleven, else, e-mail, end, English, enjoy, enough, enter, eraser, eve, even, evening, ever, every, everyone (everybody), everything, example, excellent, except, excited, exciting, excuse, exercise, expensive, experience, eye
F─59 face, fact, factory, fall, family, famous, fan, farm, farmer, fast, fat,
father (dad, daddy), favorite, February, feel, festival, few, fifteen, fifth, fifty, fill, finally, find, fine, finger, finish, fire, first, fish, fisherman, five,
fix, floor, flower, fly, follow, food, foot, for, foreign, foreigner, forget, fork, forty, four, fourteen, fourth, free, fresh, Friday, friend, friendly, from, front, fruit, full, fun, funny, future
G─26game, garbage, garden, gas, get, gift, girl, give, glad, glass, glove,
go, goat, good, good-bye (goodbye, bye), grade, grandfather (grandpa), grandmother (grandma), grass, gray, great, green, ground, group, grow, guess
H─54habit, hair, half, ham, hamburger, hand, handsome, happen, happy,
hard, hard-working, hat, hate, have (has, had), he (him, his, himself), head, headache, health, healthy, hear, heart, heat, heavy, hello, help, helpful, here, hi, hide, high, hill, history, hit, hobby, hold, holiday, home, homework, honest, hope, horse, hospital, hot, hot dog, hotel, hour, house, how, however, hundred, hungry, hurry, hurt, husband
I (me my mine myself), ice, ice cream, idea, if, important, in,
inside, interest, interested, interesting, Internet, into, island, it (its, itself)
J─13 jacket, January, jeans, job, jog, join, joy, juice, July, jump, June,
junior high school, just
K─16 keep, key, kick, kid, kill, kilogram, kind, king, kiss, kitchen, kite,
knee, knife, knock, know, knowledge
lake, lamp, land, language, large, last, late, later, laugh, lazy, lead,
leader, learn, least, leave, left, leg, lemon, lend, less, lesson, let, letter,
library, lie, life, light, like, line, lion, lip, list, listen, little, live, living room, lonely, long, look, lose, loud, love, low, lucky, lunch
machine, magic, mail, mailman (mail carrier), make, man,
many, map, March, mark, market, married, math, matter, may (might), May, maybe, meal, mean, meat, medicine, medium, meet, meeting, menu, mile, milk, million, mind, minute, Miss, miss, mistake, modern, moment, Monday, money, monkey, month, moon, more, morning, most, mother (mom, mommy), motorcycle, mountain, mouse, mouth, move, movie, Mr., Mrs., Ms., much, museum, music, must
N─31name, national, near, neck, need, never, new, news, next, nice,
night, nine, nineteen, ninety, ninth, no, nobody, nod, noise, noodle, noon, north, nose, not, notebook, nothing, notice, November, now, number, nurse
O─23o'clock, October, of, off, office, officer, often, oil, OK, old, on,
once, one, only, open, or, orange, order, other, out, outside, over, own
P─61 pack, package, page, paint, pair, pants, paper, parent, park, part,
party, pass, past, pay, PE, pen, pencil, people, perhaps, person, pet, piano, pick, picnic, picture, pie, piece, pig, pink, pizza, place, plan, play, player, playground, please, p.m., point, police, polite, poor, popcorn, popular, pork, possible, post office, postcard, pound, practice, prepare, present, pretty, price, problem, program, proud, public, pull, purple, push, put
Q ─5
queen, question, quick, quiet, quite
R─31 rabbit, radio, railway, rain, rainbow, rainy, read, ready, real, really,
red, refrigerator, remember, repeat, rest, restaurant, restroom, rice, rich, ride, right, ring, river, road, ROC, room, rose, round, rule, ruler, run
S─125 sad, safe, salad, sale, salt, same, sandwich, Saturday, save, say,
school, sea, season, seat, second, see, seldom, sell, send, senior high school, sentence, September, serious, seven, seventeen, seventh, seventy, several, shall, shape, share, she (her, hers, herself), sheep, ship, shirt, shoe(s), shop, shopkeeper, short, should, shoulder, show, shy, sick, side, sidewalk, simple, since, sing, singer, sir, sister, sit, six, sixteen, sixth, sixty, size, skirt, sky, sleep, slow, small, smart, smell, smile, smoke, snack, snake, snow, so, socks, sofa, some, someone (somebody), something, sometimes, somewhere, son, song, soon, sorry, sound, soup, south, space, speak,
special, spell, spend, spoon, sports, spring, square, stand, star, start, station, stay, steak, still, stomach, stop, store, story, strange, stranger, street, strong, student, study, stupid, successful, sugar, summer, sun, Sunday, sunny, supermarket, sure, surprise, surprised, sweater, sweet, swim
T─72 table, Taiwan, take, talk, tall, tape, taste, taxi, tea, teach, teacher,
team, teenager, telephone (phone), television (TV), tell, ten, tennis, tenth, test, than, thank, that, the, theater, then, there, these, they (them, their, theirs, themselves), thin, thing, think, third, thirsty, thirteen, thirty, this, those, though (although), thousand, three, Thursday, ticket, tiger, time, tired, to, today, together, tomato, tomorrow, tonight, too, tooth, touch, towel, town, toy, traffic, train, tree, trip, trouble, truck, true, try, Tuesday, turn, twelve, twenty, two, typhoon
U─12umbrella, uncle, under, understand, unhappy, uniform, until, up,
USA, use, useful, usually
V─6 vacation, vegetable, very, video, visit, voice W─54
wait, waiter, waitress, wake, walk, wall, want, warm, wash,
watch, water, way, we (us, our, ours, ourselves), weak, wear, weather, Wednesday, week, weekend, welcome, well, west, wet, what, when, where, whether, which, white, who, whose, why, wife, will (would), win, wind, window, windy, winter, wise, wish, with, without, woman, wonderful, word, work, workbook, worker, world, worry, write, writer, wrong
Y ─7
year, yellow, yes (yeah), yesterday, yet, you (your, yours, yourself,
yourselves), young
1 zoo
字汇编列原则 除了这份依字母排序之字汇表外,课程纲要内还有依主题及词性分类之 字汇表。


字汇表字数之计算不包含括号内之字词。 Be 动词和助动词 do, have, can, will, may 只列原形,其相关衍生词均列在 其后括号内,如 be (am, are, is, was, were, been)。

代名词:I, you, he, she, it, we, they 只列主格,其受格、所有格、所有格代 名词和反身代名词均列在其后括号内,如 I (me, my, mine, myself)。

  4)项之情形外?其余括号内之字词为其前字词 之同义字,如 yes (yeah), anyone (anybody)。


形容词均以原形出现,比较级及最高级不个别列出。 名词除了少数常以复数形式出现者(如 pants)之外,均以单数形式出现。 本字汇表以主题及词性分类表列出时,有些跨类的字词会同时出现于不 同类组(如 chicken 分别列于动物及食物类)。

  10. 词组 (phrase),如 get up, as soon as 等不在此字汇表列出。
  11. 国名、地名、及语文名称等专有名词为数众多,除了 America, China, ROC, Taiwan, USA, Chinese, American, English 外,其余不个别列出。
  12. 以复合名词出现的节庆名称(如 Chinese New Year)只在主题及词性分类 表列出。字母排序字汇表中则仅列复合名词之个别单字。


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