二、单项选择(本题共 15 分,每小题 1 分)选择最佳答案。 ( )
  21. Every one of you is looking forward getting a good result. Better think carefully before writing down your
answers.Wish you success! A.on ( B.in C.to
  22.A low-carbon(低碳)lifestyle has effect on our daily life.People are paying more and more attention to
saving these days. A.the;energies ( B.a;energy C.an;energy
  23. Two places of interest in Beijing nee well-known to people from home and abroad. One is the Great Wall,
is the Summer Palace. A.the other ( B.another C.other
  24.一 There are always many volunteers in great events, ? 一 Yes.Many hands make light work! A.aren’t there B.are there C.area’t they
  25.The FWA World Cup is fantastic that a lot of people in the world aye crazy(疯狂的) about it. A.such B.so C.very
  26.Great changes have taken place since we E?Times.And the computer is widely used throughout the
world. A.entered ( B.will enter C.have entered
  27.To make our dreams come true,we aye supposed to set goals then try our best to achieve them. A.or B.and C.but
  28.Enough sleep is good for health.If you for your favorite TV programs,you will feel sleepy. A.stay up B.set up C.pick up
  29.一 What do you usually do in your leisure time? 一 I enjoy reading in the library I lose myself in a world of good books. A.which B.that C.where
  30. teenagers, As we’re old enough with housework. can help set the table, We wash the dishes and clean our
own rooms. A.to help ( B.helping C.helped
  31.一 You speak good English.Could you tell me ? 一 You’d better communicate with others in English as much as possible. A.how can I improve my English B.how I Can improve my English C.how could I improve my English
  32. British celebrate , The which is one of their traditional festivals. Kids are excited about the presents hidden
in the stockings(长统袜). A.the Spring Festival ( B.New Year’S Day C.Christmas
  33.Safety comes first.We should to keep safe on the road. ① obey the tragic(交通) rules ② be careful of passing cars and buses ③ run fast after others ④ not read the messages on our mobile phones ⑤ play basketball with our friends A.①②④ B.①③⑤ C.②④⑤
  34.Breakfast is the most important meal of a day.The picture shows how
often 200 students in a school eat breakfast. From the information. know the We number of the students who usually eat breakfast is . A.20 ( B.24 C.40
  35.Which word of the following has a different stress from the others? A.Expect. B.Dentist. C.Theater.
三、完形填空(本题共 10 分,每小题 1 分)根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 When you step into a new environment.you must have a strong wish to fit in.Fitting in means making more friends, 36 more influence(影响) on others and getting more chances to live a happier life.Here is some Call help you. Be confident.Confidence attracts most people.Everyone is special and there is only one person like you in this world.Spend 38 thinking about your strong points.If so,you will be able to build up confidence step by step.You 37 that
won’t have much difficulty fitting in. they will return Be kind to everyone. Kindness is the bridge to your own happiness. 39 people notice your kindness, it one day.Always give more than you receive,and think more of others than of 40 .A person who cares for others is popular everywhere. Be active in group activities. Various activities like playing football 41 help you to be known to others. may add You more friends to your circle.At the same time,you’ll be amazed to see how much they like you. 42 alone,go out to dance and sing together with others to develop friendship. Be optimistic(乐观的).Optimism makes both you and others feel pleased.It makes a good first impression(印象).A pleasant smile costs the 43 making them live 44 . and does the most.Humor(幽默) catches others’attention as well.People win like you for wasting time being
If you follow what is mentioned above, you your new life. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  36.A.had )
  37.A.advice )
  38.A.sometimes )
  39.A.Though )
  40.A.you )
  41.A.can )
  42.A.Instead of )
  43.A.1ittle )
  44.A.friendly )
  45.A.will accept B.to have B.advices B.some times B.When B.your B.have to B.As well as B.less B.happily B.won’t accept
45 by people around you. a result, will fit in very well and enjoy As you
C.having C.suggestions C.sometime C.Until C.yourself C.needn’t C.As long as C.1east C.clearly C.will be accepted
四、阅读理解(本题共 20 分,每小题 1 分) (A) When we have small cuts in the skin(皮肤),something strange may happen.The cuts are able to heal(痊愈) themselves in a couple of days.How does this happen? Read on,and you will find out the secret. Every living thing on the earth is made up of cells(细胞).Cells grow and make new cells.Most cells are very tiny and we can’t see them with our eyes.Different cells have different uses.Our skin cells are special ones.The cells on the surface(表面) of our skin are old dead cells. New skin cells are right under the surface. These ale the living skin cells. They do work for our bodies.They help protect our bodies and heal cuts. Our bodies make skin cells all the time.As the old cells fall off, new cells grow in the same place.Each person makes about 1 8 kg of skin cells during his or her life.Surface skin cells fit together closely with no gaps between them.When you cut or bum yourself, you can harm your skin cells.A small cut will not do much harm.Your skin will quickly heal itself by making new skin cells.How do skin cells work? First,the cells near the cut get bigger and move into the gap. Next, these bigger cells meet in the middle. They form a new layer(层)of skin cells. Finally, new cells will grow until the gap disappears completely.In this way,your skin Can grow and get well itself. How amazing the tiny cells ale! Next time you have a cut,don’t worry about it.Maybe in a few days,you will be surprised to find it healed. 根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 ( )
  46.The underlined word “gaps” in the passage means “” in Chinese. A.突起 ( B.条纹 C.缝隙
  47.From the passage,we know that cells . A.are large and we Call see them with our eyes B.can grow and make new cells
C.aren’t in most living things ( )
  48.Skin cells heal cuts in three steps. is the right order.
A.a→b→c B.b→c→a C.a→c→b ( )
  49.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.Each person Can make 18 kg of skin cells every day. B.Different cells have different uses in our bodies. C.The skin cells have little work to do in the body. ( )
  50.The best title for this passage should be . A.HOW SKIN CELLS HEAL CUTS B.THE IMPORTANCE OF SKIN C.HOW TO PROTECT OUR FINGERS (B) Hot Movies in 2010
word box:release 发行 animation 动画制作 extension 延伸 original 原始的 根据表格所提供的信息选择最佳答案。 ( )
  51.If you are a fan of Harry Potter movies,you will see the first part of the final movie on at the earliest. A.March 5 ( B.May21 C.November 19
  52.The film made by Disney?Pixar is according to the table above.
A.Toy Story 3 (
B.Harry Potter
C.Shrek Forever After
  53. directed Alice in Wonderland. A.David Yates B.Mike Mitchell C.Tim Burton
  54.From the table above, movies have been released so far. A.2 B.3 C.4
  55.Which of the following is NOT true according to the information above? A.Alice in Wonderland is an extension of Lewis Carroll’s original story. B.Shrek Forever After was made by Walt Disney Pictures. C.We Can watch Part Two of the final Harry Potter movie in 20
  11. (C) How many times have you told yourself that you can’t do something? Well,probably you can do it. Mary was eleven years old and she had something seriously wrong with her nervous system(神经系统). Was not able She
to walk. fact, could hardly move. In she Though she believed that she had a good chance to get well again, doctor said the that few people could come back to normal after getting this disease. little girl didn’t give up after she heard this. The When she Was lying in her hospital bed, believed that no matter what the doctors said, going back to school was possible. she her She Was sent to a health center. Every method Was tried and none worked. However, would not give up. seemed she It that nothing could beat her.The doctors all admired her and taught her to imagine that she could make it.Every day Mary would lie there,doing her mental(心理的) exercise carefully. One day, she Was imagining her legs moving again, seemed as if a miracle(奇迹) happened: bed began to move! as it the “Look.What I’m doing! Look! I can do it! I moved!” she cried.At this moment everyone else in the hospital was frightened.They were crying,rushing for safety.And everything was falling.It was an earthquake.But Mary believed that she did it,just as she had never doubted that she would get well.And now only a few years later,she’s back in sch0
  01.You see,to such a person who can shake the earth,such a disease is a small problem,isn’t it? 根据短文内容判断正、误。 (注意:考生将答题卡相应位置涂黑。正确的涂“A”,错误的涂“B”) ( ( ( ( ( )
  56.Mary Was a 12-year-old girl who was not able to move. )
  57.Though the girl was seriously ill,she believed that she would go back to school. )
  58.When Mary cried,other people in the hospital cheered for her. )
  59.The girl was strong,so she shook the earth by herself. )
  60.The story tells us that a strong belief(信念) can make a difference and that we should never give up.
word box:junior 初级的 senior 高级的 diploma 文凭 percentage 百分比 根据图示所提供的信息选择最佳答案。 ( )
  61.Of the
  1,000 students, students plan to go to senior high school. A.380 ( B.500 C.120
  62.Ways of thinking comes among the students’ main purposes of going to senior high sch0
  01. A.first B.third C.fifth
  63.The number of the students who want to get study skills is the same as that of those who want to get from
senior high school. A.diplomas ( B.friends C.ways of thinking
  64. students who want to get knowledge from senior high school are more than those who want diplomas. The A.
  10% B.
  20% C.
  65.Which of the following is TRUE from the information above? A.
  12%of the
  1,000 students have other plans after Junior middle school. B.150 students want to make friends most in senior high school. C.The number of the students who want to get study skills in senior high school is the smallest.
五、任务性阅读(本题共 10 分,每空 1 分) (A) Regent’s Park is the largest grass area for sports in London. also the second largest park in the city. opens at 5:00 a.m. It’s It all the year round, but the closing time 66 , depending on the season.Regent’s Park has a lake,several public gardens, some sports grounds and three 67 playgrounds.Queen Mary’s Garden inside it is famous for 68 roses.In the north of Regent’s Park is the London Zoo.It’s 69 of beautiful
than any other zoo in the world.People can play many
sports in Regent’s Park,including tennis and 70 People call go boating on the main lake and enjoy a picnic in the park, too.There will be some sports events of the London Olympic Games in Regent’s Park in 20
(B) Both the British and Americans speak English.However,there are several differences between American English and British English.For example,the words they use in daily life are not the same.The British call the first floor of a building the ground floor. floor above the ground floor is the first floor, The which Americans call the second floor. Once you go to Britain and America, may notice other differences. British usually hide their feelings. you The They don’t often start a talk with strangers. the train the British often spend their time reading newspapers or books. Americans are more active On But and easier to talk with. 任务 l:用方框中所给词的适当形式填空,使文章通顺,连贯,合理。(每空一词,每词限用一次)
  70. 任务
  71.a at or to a higher point
  72.h to stop somebody or something from being seen 任务
  3:同义句转换,每空一词。 However,there are several differences between American English and British English. However,American English is
  74. British Engl



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