1. My date of birth is 15th of May, 1983
  2. My seaman's book number is L123456
  3. I am from Fujian province
  4. He is a Chinese
  5. I think it is safety first
  6. Xiamen port , Quanzhou port, Fuzhou port…..
  7. Sport program
  8. www.yahoo.com.cn
  9. It's Sunday. So I have time to play basketball with my classmates
  10. Action film
  11. Pop/Jazz/Rock…. Music
  12. Sports magazine
  13. There are thirty thousand people in my hometown
  14. There are
  1.3 billion people in our country
  15. The best thing in my hometown is the weather . It is neither hot in summer nor cold in winter
  16. The worst thing living price I s to high , especially house price.
  17. My hometown is Quan gang , it lay on the southeast of China. It's a beautiful city. Here have Mountains , Blue sea and kind peoples. I love my hometown very much.
  18. There are many disasters, such as earthquake, glooding, typhoon and so on
  19. Football games basketball games
  20. Football game basketball 第三章
  1.Yes I can. They are the head line, the stern line, the forward spring.
  2. The pilot ladder should be rigged on the leeside, and prepare for a heaving line, a lifebuoy with igniting light and lifeline and an over side light.
  3. Generally speaking, 1 knot not be exceeded.
  4. The signal flag "G"
  5. By telex or VHF
  6. Ship's name, call sign , LOA, draft and so on
  7. Ship's name , call sign, draft, LOA and ETA at pilot station
  8. Where and when the pilot will board , on which side the pilot ladder should rigged
  9. Ship's name , call sign , Present course, present speed , present position , last port of call and next port of call.
  10. Crossing anchor
  11. "Stand by both engine" and after carrying out this order, report: "Both engines stand by"
  13. Stand by on channel 16
  14. Say "mistake "followed by corresponding part of the message
  15. Say "mistake "followed by corresponding part of the message
  16. Abandon ship means that to evacuate crew and passengers from a vessel following a distress.
  17. Estimated time of departure
  18. Dredging an anchor means the moving of an anchor over the sea bottom to control the
movement of the vessel.
  19. Underway means a vessel is not at anchor , or make fast to the shore , or ground
  20. Dragging of an anchor means the moving of an anchor over the sea bottom involuntarily because it is no longer preventing the movement of the vessel
  21. Radar beacon actively transmits special radio signal for identification and radar reflector equipped on wooden hull ship is used to assist reflecting radar beams passively.
  22.At least three objects which are not passing through the same circle with the vessel are needed to get a horizontal sextant angles position.
  23.A magnetic compass is kept on board ,not only because its relatively simplicity in construction and its reliability in service, but also because the need to meet the requirement of SOLAS convention.
  24.We will report anchor is aweigh or anchor is clear of the bottom for the exact time point.
  25.many preparations should be done before releasing the bow stoppers for the ground trackle for sea and for the awareness of oceanographic, meteorological condition, sea rooms in the immediate vicinity of the vessel.
  26.No,when the water depth is over 25 meters, deep water anchoring procedures should be observed .i.e , anchor should be lowered by windlass from 0 to 5 meters to bottom before letting go.
  27.iIf the anchor is accidentally dropped after releasing the bow stopper, the risk of breaking of the anchor chain with ship's speed may exist and lost of the anchor with deep water depth may sometimes occurs.
  28.Life buoy, life line, heaving line and if necessary lighting equipment must always be brought and placed close to the pilot ladder before the pilot's embarkation.
  29.Because it may cause the vessel and anchor chain to be fasted in the ice.
  30.Flag "H" should be hoisted when the pilot has arrived on board. 第五章
  1. It can help vessels attract the attention of another vessel in restricted visibility and take proper action to avoid collision
  2. When emergency accidents take place on board
  3. When the vessel appears to be standing into danger and in various other complicated navigation situations, the OOW must immediately notify the master at any time for ship-handling for example: Any time the OOW is in doubt of the vessel's position or action to be taken When sighting any hazard to navigation not marked on the charted Loss of gyrocompass or breakdown of any equipment which affects the speed, maneuvering or safety of the ship. Any visual or voice distress call The weather, sea state and visibility become worse.
  4. According to the compass bearing and distance of another vessel
  5. He should check ship's surroundings, ship's position, course, speed and keep a proper lookout to assistance
  6. LOA, breadth , gross tonnage, draft and so on
  7. I should ensure the vessel navigate on course of advance

  8. Look through sailing direction or guide to port entry
  9. The ship's position, course, speed and any other information about navigation.
  10. The duty officer or third officer and a sailor
  11. In the evening, in restricted visibility, in restricted waters and so on
  12. Warn the crew that there is emergency accident on board
  13. Because the record may be requested to produce evidences in case of official inquires about accidents.
  14. Prevent from fire and pirate
  15. We can use landmarks to check the compass error
  16. Ship's name : Blue Whale , call sign : BOLX
  17. China
  18. Three zero degrees north, one two three degrees east
  19. My present course in one tow zero , speed is 15 knots
  20. My ETA at the pilot station is 1100 UTC
  21. My ETD from the port is 1100UTC
  22. My fore draft is ten meters and aft is eleven meters
  23. My freeboard is four meters
  24. My air draft is fifteen meters
  25. Yes, I am underway
  26. My full speed is fifteen knots
  27. No, I do not carry any dangerous cargo
  28. Yes, I have two degrees list to port
  29. Yes I am on even keel
  30. By GPS
  31. Yes, my radar is in operation
  1. Course directed by OSC to be steered at the beginning of a search
  2. To throw overboard in order to lighten the vessel or improve its stability
  3. Heel means an inclination to port or to starboard due to outside reason such as strong wind, current and so on. List means an inclination to port or to starboard due to inside reasons such as loading, discharging and so on
  4. Emergency position indicating radio beacon.
  5. Search and Rescue
  6. International maritime satellite
  7. Universal time coordinated
  8. Rescue coordination center
  9. Search and rescue radar transponder
  10. Square search pattern, sector search pattern , parallel search pattern , ship/aircraft coordinate search pattern
  11. A vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver by the nature of her work
  12. Maritime Mobile service identity
  13. A emergency plan including both abandoning vessel and fire fighting

  14. On scene coordinator
  15. Very high frequency
  16. Result of search negative
  17. No, I will not abandon vessel
  18. Two lifeboat
  19. Ten people
  20. Yes, I can
  21. My ETA at distress position is one one zero zero UTC
  22. Tug assistance



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