7.When he was small child, Edison was always trying out new ideas. A.a B.an C.the D./

  8.It was raining so hard that of her feet were wet. A.all B.every C.either D.both
  9.?It's Lucy's birthday the day after tomorrow. ?Oh yes.I will buy a big cake. A.him B.his C.her D.hers

  10.?Would you like some tea with sugar or milk, sir? ?No, I'd most like tea with in it. A.anything B.nothing C.something D.everything

  11.?Carl, are you interested in swimming? ?Yes, I'm not good at it at all. A.so B.and C.or D.but

  12.You have a good room, but I don't think it's as big as . A.I B.me C.mine D.my

  13.?Hello, Rik.I'd like to ask you to my party.Would you like to come? ?Yes, I'd love to.I will come Saturday afternoon. A.at B.to C.in D.on

  14.Sara said we would meet at in front of the museum. A.one thirty B.half an hour C.one and thirty D.one past half
  15.It's for your health to eat less food and take more exercise. A.good B.nice C.well D.fine

  16.If you are not careful in the street, a car hit you. 1
A.can B.may C.would D.must
  17.?Who can reach the book on the top shelf? ?Jackie can.He is boy of us all. A.taller B.a tall C.the tallest D.much taller

  18.Huifang, here's my phone number.You can me if you like. A.call B.help C.tell D.visit

  19.? Alice come to our bicycle trip? ?Well, I'm not sure if she will. A.Does B.Will C.Has D.Did

  20.?Excuse me.What's the today? ?March 7th.Tomorrow is Women's Day, you know. A.day B.time C.date D.weather

  21. beautiful picture it is! Who drew it, Larry? A.How B.What C.How an D.What a

  22.Today they're going to have real English food, ? A.isn't it B.aren't they C.doesn't it D.don't they

  23.There an eraser under the desk.Is it yours? A.is B.has C.was D.had

  24.?Hi, Allen. are you leaving for Japan? ?Next Thursday evening. A.Why B.What C.How D.When

  25.What were the twins talking about when you them? A.had seen B.were seeing C.saw D.see

  26.?Are we going to West Hill Farm by bike? 2
?No.By bus, it is quite far from here. A.if B.when C.though D.because

  27.Don't you think his radio is too loud? Tell him to a little. A.turn it off B.turn it down C.turn it on D.turn it up
  28.Please buy some stamps for me if you the post office. A.pass B.will pass C.have passed D.passed

  29.I want to see Mrs Wang, but I don't know . A.she lives where B.she where lives C.where she lives D.where does she live

  30.Many kinds of new bicycles in Number One Machine Factory now. A.are making B.are made C.have made D.will make

  31.?It's Sunday tomorrow.Let's go to that place of interest. ?Good idea.Shall I ask Dick together? A.goes B.going C.will go D.to go
I had a quick breakfast and then went to school.I found it 32 to work in class because I kept on thinking about the 33 in the afternoon. School ended a little earlier.My team all went to the football field, 34 very soon the game 35 .My team was playing 36 the team from No.64 Middle School.It was very big and strong, and my team felt a little 37 of them.But I was sure we were a 38 team and we could 39 the other team because we could 40 together very well.The other team had some very good 41 , but they didn't have very good teamwork.
  32.A.happy B.easy C.interesting D.difficult
  33.A.exam B.class
  34.A.but B.and C.match D.meeting
C.for D.so C.started D.lost

  35.A.missed B.ended
  36.A.against B.to
C.for D.over C.afraid D.sorry

  37.A.pleased B.worried
  38.A.big B.good
C.small D.weak 3

  39.A.win B.kick
  40.A.play B.rush
C.hit D.beat C.live D.fight C.players D.goalkeepers

  41.A.friends B.teachers

  51.Miss Brown taught (他们) English last term.
  52.Lily (喜欢) red best, so she usually wears a red blouse.
  53.Shall we meet at half past (八) at the bus stop?
  54.We don't think their classroom is (干净) than ours.
  55.He still doesn't know how to (使用) a computer.
  56.We went to the farm, because the farmers needed some (帮助).
  57.Betty said she hadn't heard from Tod since he (离开) London.
  58.The accident happened in the very early hours of this (早晨).
  59.Is it the best one of the (照片) in your family?
  60.I spent an hour (写) the passage last night. Ⅷ.句型转换(10 分) 句型转换
  76.Li Lei went to school by bike yesterday.(改为一般凝问句) Li Lei to school by bike yesterday?
  77.Mike has finished his homework already.(改为否定句) Mike his homework yet.
  78.Mary doesn't like the film.(改为反意疑问句) Mary doesn't like the film, ?
  79.The lake is very beautiful.(改为感叹句) the lake is!
  80.The students are planting trees.(就划线部分提问) are the students ? 4

  11. ?Are you
Chinese or Japanese? B. 不填
?Chinese. But I was born in Japan. A. an
  12. Work hard, A. or
  13. ?By the way, C. the D. one
you will pass the driving test. B. but C. because D. and
you come across the word "brunch"?
?Not yet. What does it mean? A. have B. do C. would D. will !

  14. ?Well, I can't decide which one to buy? ? A. No hurry C. Let me help
  15. A. is B. Take your time D. You decide
It seems to me that Lucy and Lily B. are C. has ? B. leaves the train
your classmates. D. have

  16. Do you know what time A. does the train leave
C. the train leave
D. the train leaves it to me this evening?

  17. ?Will you please write a short passage on "Meteor Garden" and -?What about tomorrow? My computer doesn't work okay now. A. give B. e-mail C, take D. bring

  18. If you don't believe (相信) it's snowing now, come here and see A. about B. for C. on D. with

  19. ?I don't know
Mr Green will come to see us?
?He will help us with our English. A. why
  20. Shall we turn A. back B. when C. how D. where
? The rain is getting heavier. B. round C. away D. over

  21. ?Tell the truth, I became a college student (大学生) at fifteen. ? ! B. Thank goodness D. It doesn't matter repeat their work many times a day during the dust-storm season. C. might D. have to in our city. D. built Chinese people's interest.
A. You must be C. You don't say so
  22. The city cleaners A. may B. can

  23. The radio says a wild animal zoo is to A. be building B. build C. be built

  24. Fan Zhiyi's transfer to Dundee Football Club at the end of last year aroused (激起) A. thousand of C. thousands of
  25. , young man! B. thousand D. thousands If you're late for work again, you'll lose your job. B. Take it easy D. Have a look
A. Watch your step C. Use your head
IV.完形填空(共 15 小题,计 15 分) Ballpoint pens have made life easier for millions of people. At one time Perhaps it was too easy. Pens can leak (漏) and it is 28 them. Ladislao Biro 29 for a newspaper in Budapest. He spent all day 30 his desk. Day in and day out, he corrected 31 26 did not like their students to 27 with them.
to spill (溢出) the ink. And it is hard to write on thin or cheap paper with
of thin, cheap paper with a pen and ink. He often had to stop to his brother George 34 little ball at the end?
his pen and it did not write 33 on the thin paper. He and 35 a
some experiments. They wanted a pen that did not leak, with ink that did not spill. Why not
Two Englishmen, Henry Martin and Frederick Miles, liked the 36 (空军) 38 a non-leak, non-spill pen for the men to write with in 39
. It was the 37 of the Second World War. The Air Force . Martin and Miles made and 40 many thousands of Biro
"writing-sticks" to the Air Force.
  26. A. factories
  27. A. play
  28. A. easy
  29. A. left
  30. A. on
  31. A. mistakes
  32. A. mend
  33. A. well
  34. A. kept
  35. A. find
  36. A. matter
  37. A. day
  38. A. bought
  39. A. planes
  40. A. sold B. schools B. write B. hard B. waited B. near B. books B. fill B. down B. finished B. wear B. result B. time B. took B. ships B. lent C. began C. grow C. meaning C. break C. needed C. trains C. moved C. chops C. come C. free C. looked C. at C. pages C. brush D. diaries D. change C. out D. studied D. use D. idea D. year D. preferred D. buses D. passed D. up D. meet D. popular D. worked D. in D. restaurants
VI.词语填空(共 15 小题,计 15 分) America, week, ask, be, happy, and, get, for, they, of, but , do , day , teacher , friend Students in the United States are still enjoying their holidays. Christmas is over, but school 56 not begin again for another 57 Before they return, these is still another important holiday?the first 58 of the New Year. It is the last night of the old year, however, that people celebrate the most. Almost everyone is 59 to a party. It is nice to be with 60 when you say goodbye to the old year. The people at the parties 61 dancing and singing. Most of them look 62 . They are wearing paper hats 63 making noise. It is 64 close to midnight now and everyone is stopping to watch the clock. At exactly midnight everyone cheers. A new year is beginning. Everyone is hoping 65 a very good new Year. For many young 66 , like my English 67 son and daughter, this is a time of the year to think about the future. They make a list 68 things that they hope to do. They promise to stop smoking, to lose weight, to save 69 money or to do something else that is good. They call these promises resolutions (决心做的事). Some people remember their resolutions all year long, 70 many others forget them. VII.短文改错(共 10 小题,计 10 分) Jim Green, is our English teacher, has been in China for more than two year. He has been to many interesting places in Beijing, and he has not yet been to many other parts of China. Last week he goes to Mount Emei in Sichuan Province with his family. Many people like travel by air, but Jim family think that travelling by train is the best. It is much cheap and far more enjoyable than a rushed trip by air. He had a wonderful
train ride to Chengde after they went on to Mount Emei by bus.
  11. - Do you enjoy your stay in Hangzhou? - Yes. I've had wonderful time. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填


  12. - This digital camera is really cheap! - The the better. I'm short of money, you see. A. cheap B. cheaper C. expensive D. more expensive

  13. - It's a nice car. have you been in it? - Just to Shanghai. A. How much B. How long C. How soon D. How far

  14. - What is a writing brush, do you know? -It's used writing and drawing. A. with B. to C. for D. by

  15. - Where is Jack, please ? - He be in the reading room. A. can B. need C. would D. must

  16. - Did you see Tom at the party? - No, he by the time I got there. A. left B. was leaving C. had left D. has left

  17. - Alice, you on the phone. - I'm coming. Thanks. A. want B. are wanted C. are wanting D. have wanted

  18.Tracy can't play the match now. Please instead. A. have Lily do it C. make Lily to do it B. have Lily to do it D. let Lily to do it

  19.My school is about twenty walk from here? A. minute B. minutes' C. minute's D. minutes

  20.It is said that SARS has killed more than people worldwide. A. two hundreds C. two hundred's B. two hundreds' D. two hundred

  21.George Mallory was an English school teacher loved climbing. A. who B. whom C. he D. which

  22. - I'm waiting for the mail. Do you know it will arrive? - Usually it comes by 4:
  00. A. how B. where C. when D. what

  23.- This dress was last year's style. - I think it still looks perfect it has gone out this year. A. so that B. even though C. as if D. ever since

  24. - I've got an offer in New York. - Oh, ! But I'm going to miss you. A. that's too bad C. I beg your pardon B. I'm sorry D. that's great

  25. My work is done. I'll be right with you. A. hour after hour B. now and then
C. more or less
D. more and more
四、完形填空(共 15 小题,计 15 分) People like artists and writers usually work on their own, with no one else around. Most of my friends all work 26 other people in shops and so on, and they tell me that they would never get things done if they worked alone. I'm not 27 that all artists and writers do, either. I was born in a small village in the country where everyone knew 28 else: that is, they knew everyone except a writer who 29 himself to himself. By the time I was 30 enough to learn people's names, he had been living in the village for at least twenty years, but the villagers still regarded him as a 31 ! Every morning he would walk down to the local shops to do his 32 , and although he had to greet everyone he met, only two or three would 33 his greeting. Just occasionally, someone would ask him 34 he was doing, and every time his answer would be the same: "I'm still writing the book." And that was all we 35 learned about him. Because no one had ever visited his house, I 36 onc



   知识点 1:单词拼写 1.(2009甘肃兰州) 读句子,根据汉语或首字母提示补全单词. 1. The policeman told that man to give a (描述) of the accident. 2. W is the third day of a week. 3. We are often told not to be (紧张) in the examinations. 4. The weather in South China is d from that in Nor ...


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   2009 年全国各地中考英语试题分类汇编??代词 1. College students are old enough to teach.(09 安顺市) A. them B. their C. themselves D. they 答案:C 2. David talked with a friend of on the internet for a long time yesterday. (09 安顺市) A. he 答案:B B. his C. him D. himself 3. Do ...


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   知识点 8:连词 : ( ) 1. (2009甘肃兰州) 甘肃兰州) . ( 甘肃兰州 Tom Mary speaks good Chinese, so they can communicate with these Chinese students very well. A. Neither, nor B. Not only, but also 答案】 【答案】 B ( ) 2.(2009甘肃兰州) ( 甘肃兰州) 甘肃兰州 C. Both, and D. Either, or You s ...


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   专题十、 专题十、书面表达 考点一、 考点一、话题作文 (2010 福建三明. VII 书面表达.,15 分) 为参与我市当前开展的“与祖国共成长,争当四好少年”活动,你校英语报 “School Times ”举办 “How to be a good student?”英语征文比赛,请你用英语写一篇小短文。 要求:1、根据以下提示,适当发挥 2、文中不得出现真实的地名、校名、人名。 3、词数 80 左右(开关部分已给出,不计入总词数) How to be a good student? Ev ...


   知识点: 知识点:动词的语态 ( ) 1.(2009?广州) 广州) ( 广州 by the nurses. B. take good care of D. take good care Don't worry. All the children A. are well taken care of C. are taken good care 答案】 【答案】 C ( ) 2.(2009?山东淄博) ( 山东淄博) 山东淄博 ?Hi, Jack. Did you go to Jim’s bi ...


   中考英语写作字数要求为:60 至 80 词. 忌讳超出字数.评分情况:通常情况下,若没有任何错误,作文措词一般的,作文也得扣两 分,英语满分的中考作文不是很多的.写作的时候,要避免语法和结构的错误,写自己有把 握的句子和词语,一般说来,写作是没什么问题的. 以下是中考水平"现象"作文模板: (体现中考水平的句子:一个从句,有形式主语的句子,一个比较级句子) Nowadays, with the development of technology and economy, ...



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   1.I won’t think of him because of his shortcomings.He is a good boy after all. A. much B little C. any less D. any more 2.Which share is meant for me? You can take half. They are exactly the same. A. this B. any C. each D. either 3.This book is wri ...


   大学英语四级阅读理解命题规律应试技巧 大学英语四六级考试阅读理解部分是众多考生最为担心的部分. 此部分得分高低, 对整个考 试的成功与否起着决定性作用.阅读理解不仅考查学生的词汇量,语法知识,阅读速度等基 本功,而且还考查学生判断,推理,归纳,总结等综合能力.阅读理解题虽说对考生要求较 高, 但我们在深入研究历届四六级阅读理解真题后发现, 阅读理解的命题考点和测试题型均 有一定的内在规律. 考生只要基本功尚可, 然后掌握了这些规律, 其应试技巧必将大大提高, 从而在众多强手中脱颖而出. 命题 ...


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