One more try and you’ll reach the sky!
牛津英语 9A 新课标同步调查测试一
Unit 1
一、用括号内所给词的适当形式填空: 10%) 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空: ( )

  1. Sun Er’niang is a patient woman. She can wait without (feel) tired.
  2. Kitty is confident and she believes her own (able).
  3. It is (think) of you to bring me an umbrella.
  4. Sandy is attractive and graceful in (appear).
  5. You’ll (give) some more money for your excellent work.
  6. I hear she will have a ( 混合 )of good luck and bad luck next month.
  7. We are sure he will be an (优秀的 monitor because he has many good personal 优秀的) 优秀的 (特性、品质). 特性、品质 特性
  8. He would like do extra work for the (学生会 学生会) 学生会
  9. It is (典型的 of Sam to make such a mess. 典型的) 典型的
  10. Are you (熟悉 ) with the star signs? 熟悉
二、句型转换: 5%) 句型转换: ( )

  1. We should speak to the old politely.(同义句 同义句) The old should politely. 同义句
  2. Linda is a curious girl.(提问 (提问 Linda
  3. He didn’t know how he could do it. 改为简单句) e didn’t know how it. (改为简单句)
  4. You can drink a lot of water. You’ll not get fat.(合并为一句) (合并为一句) You can drink a lot of water fat.
  5.She seldom bought clothes last year, ?(反意疑问句 反意疑问句) 反意疑问句
三、短文填词(10%)根据内容及首字母提示,填入所缺单词 短文填词( )根据内容及首字母提示,
When you go to the seaside, maybe you will find that wind very often c from the sea to the land in the early part of the day, but in the evening the wind b in the opposite direction( 方向 Why does this h 方向). ?In the morning, when the sun r , it begins to warm the land and the sea. The land g warm faster than the sea. So while the air a the sea is cool, the air over the land grows w .The air over the land rises and the cool air from the sea moves t the land. When evening comes, both the sea and the land become cool, but the land cools more q than the sea. The wind now c its direction
四、单项选择(15%) 单项选择( )
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

  1. He’s never seen the play, he? A. isn’t B. is C. hasn’t D. has
  2. It’s known to us all that some of the signs are represented creatures. A. for B. by C. with D. of
  3. I can’t decide . A. to buy which one B. which one to buy C. to buy which D. which to buy one
  4.Tommy is go for a walk alone.
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One more try and you’ll reach the sky! A. enough old B. enough old to C. old enough D. old enough to
  5. Would you mind the book to us? A. explain B. explaining C. to explaining D. to explain
  6. Look at the sign! It “No smoking!” A. write B. writes C. say D. says
  7. When you write to your close friend, you can use as the ending. A. Sincerely B. Cheers C. Yours Faithfully D. Your truly
  8. It’s polite you to say hello to your neighbours every day. A. of B. to C. for D. at
  9. You can the cake ten pieces. A. divided, into B. be divided, into C. divide, into D. be divide, into
  10. I hope you can me. A. agree with B. agree about C. agree to D. agree on
  11. The scientist is very modest. He never . A. show off B. shown on C. shows off D. show on
  12. If you are a powerful person with lots of energy, your star sign may be . A. Aquarius B. Libra C. Pisces D. Scorpio
  13. Don’t eat meat. If you do so, you’ll get fat. A.much too; too much B.too much; much too C.much too; much too D.too much; too much
  14. Half of the class done most of the work. The left rather difficult. A. have; is B. has; is C. have; are D. has ; are
  15. Would you please tell us ? A. what it was about B. what was it about C. how it was about D. how was it about
五、完形填空(10%) 完形填空( )
Almost everyone enjoys music. There are 1 many kinds of music to 2 that you are sure to 3 something very interesting. People can get all kinds of feelings from hearing music. Music can 4 you happy or sad. That’s why music is loved by all.Every country has 5 kind of music. Many people like the music of their nation, but with the 6 of television, radio and Internet people can get in touch with different kinds of music all over the world, and many people enjoy foreign music. There are great 7 between the music of the east and 8 of the west. But certainly people of the east can understand the 9 of the west and also the other way round. It seems that it’s 10 to understand music than to understand a language, but it is up to you to decide whether it is true. ( )
  1. A too B. so C. such D. very ( )
  2. A. feel B. hear C. listen D. play ( )
  3. A. guess B. touch C. find D. sing ( )
  4. A. make B. send C. keep D. pay ( )
  5. A. one’s B. some other C. one or two D. its own ( )
  6. A. watch B. result C. report D. help ( )
  7. A. problem B. matters C. difficulties D. differences ( )
  8. A. that B. it C. this D. what ( )
  9. A. language B. sound C. music D. voice
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One more try and you’ll reach the sky! ( )
  10. A. harder B. easier C. lighter D. earlier
六、阅读理解(20%) 阅读理解( )
A Once there was something wrong with a machine in a factory. The workers could do nothing but turn to a German engineer for help, who drew a line on it and then said, “ Take off the part where the line is and change it for a new one.” The machine with a new line on, began running well again. The engineer then asked for $30,000 for what he had done. The following were what he wrote on a bill. “ The new part only costs one dollar, and knowing where the problem with the machine costs $29,9
  99.” One dollar for changing a new part sounds reasonable (有道理的 but the $29,999 is 有道理的) 有道理的 exactly the value(价值)of wisdom(智慧)and knowledge. (价值) (智慧) ( )
  1. The factory turned to the German engineer because . A. he had nothing to do in the factory B. there were no other people in the factory C. the workers could not repair the machine D. the workers asked for too much money for repairing the machine ( )
  2.The problem of the machine. A. was caused by the German engineer B. was found and solved by the workers C. took the engineer a long time to find D. was just a line ( )
  3. According to the engineer, the finding of the problem cost . A. only one dollar B. $29,999 C. nothing D. less than the new part ( )
  4. The writer wants to tell us that . A. the engineer asked for too much money B.the workers should pay the money C.the knowledge is worth money D.the new part could cost more ( )
  5. The best title for the passage should be . A. The Value of Knowledge B. Helpless Workers C. The Expensive Machine D. The Lucky Factory B Years ago, many zoos kept all kinds of animals in small cages. Small cages made it easy for people to see the animals, but a small cage is not a good place for an animal to live in. Today zoos keep animals in different kinds of cages. The cages are very big and open. They usually have plants and a little lake. The cages look like the animals’ habitats(栖息地) (栖息地) 。 Zoos help to protect all kinds of animals. They protect animals in the zoo and they protect animals in the wild. How do they do this? Zoos teach people how animals live in the wild. Zoos want people to help protect the animals’ wild habitats.Many plants and animals are going extinct(灭绝的) 。You can’t find mammoths in the world today. Scientists say that (灭绝的) 。 seventy-four different kinds of living things extinct every day! Zoos are working together to stop animals from going extinct. ( )
  6. Zoos kept animals in small cages years ago so that people could . A. protect them B. see them better C. feed them D. save them ( )
  7. Today, zoos keep animals . A. in bigger cages B. in the wild C. in smaller cages D. in the field ( )
  8. To protect animals, zoos .
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One more try and you’ll reach the sky! A. are trying to keep all kinds of animals B.are trying to free the animals C.teach people more about animals D.want people to feed the animals )
  9. A mammoth is a kind of that had gone extinct. A. plant B. bird C. animal D. tree )
  10. An animal or a plant that is going extinct . A. no longer exists(存在)in the world B.comes into this world soon (存在) C.becomes very dangerous D.has fewer and fewer living members
( (
七、中译英: 20%) 中译英: ( )

  1.彼得热爱生活,有幽默感。 彼得热爱生活,有幽默感。 我想推荐西蒙担任学生会主席。
  2. 我想推荐西蒙担任学生会主席。
  3. 王菲已经打了几个小时的电话了. 王菲已经打了几个小时的电话了.
  4.唐僧是个谦虚的人但有时过于担心 唐僧是个谦虚的人但有时过于担心. 唐僧是个谦虚的人但有时过于担心
  5.吴用很务实并总能注意到每个细节. 吴用很务实并总能注意到每个细节
  6.诸葛亮做事有条不紊并善于谋划事物. 诸葛亮做事有条不紊并善于谋划事物. 做事有条不紊并善于谋划事物
  7.米莉和艾米一样有创造力,但米莉更积极。 米莉和艾米一样有创造力,但米莉更积极。 米莉和艾米一样有创造力
  8.胡锦涛具备作为一位优秀的主席的各项素质. 胡锦涛具备作为一位优秀的主席的各项素质 经常讨厌从众并为与众不同而尝试一切.
  9.Snoopy 经常讨厌从众并为与众不同而尝试一切.
  10.阿杜很自信 他认为如果他尽了力就没什么事情办不到 阿杜很自信,他认为如果他尽了力就没什么事情办不到. 阿杜很自信 他认为如果他尽了力就没什么事情办不到
(10%) 八、写作: 写作: ( )
假如你叫李逵,是个中学生,想应聘学生会主席一职。请你用英语写一篇短文, 假如你叫李逵,是个中学生,想应聘学生会主席一职。请你用英语写一篇短文,介绍自己 的基本情况。短文应包括下表所列全部内容。 字数: 左右) (字数 的基本情况。短文应包括下表所列全部内容。 字数:80 左右) ( 1988 年 3 月 姓名 李逵 出生年月 出生地 江苏苏州 江苏苏州 特长 英文,电脑学习 英文, 随和有丰富想象力, 特点 随和有丰富想象力, 相关经历 有三年班长经历 有条不紊的
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