Unit 4 He said I was hard-人教版八年级英语下册课件
Direct speech Reported speech (1)人称作相应的变化 I he/she we they (2)时态作相应的变化
一般现在时 现在进行时 一般将来时 一般过去时 过去进行时 过去将来时

  1) I will have a surprise party for Lana on Friday night. Marcia said…
  2) Lana thinks she is coming to my house to study. Marcia told Ben…
  3) I am not mad at Marcia anymore. Lana told Ben…
  4) I am not going to have the party. Marcia told everyone…
  5) I will bring some drinks and snacks to your house. Lana told Marcia…
一般疑问句时 (4)Direct speech 是一般疑问句时, 变为Reported speech要用if或whether引导 要用if 引导, 变为Reported speech要用if或whether引导,从句 再改成陈述句语序 时态随主句的时态而变化. 陈述句语序, 再改成陈述句语序,时态随主句的时态而变化. 特殊疑问句时 (5) Direct speech 是特殊疑问句时, 变为Reported speech,从句要改成陈述句语序 陈述句语序, 变为Reported speech,从句要改成陈述句语序, 时态随主句的时态而变化. 时态随主句的时态而变化.

  1) Can I borrow money from you?
She asked me if/ whether she could borrow money from me.

  2) Are we friends?
Jim asked Mary if they were friends.

  3) When and where shall we meet?
He asked her when and where they should meet.
soap opera
work on
对…生气 说三种语言 首先 first of all
be mad at be angry with speak three languages 传递 pass on
把信息传递给… pass the message to… be supposed to
be good at (doing) 在…做得好 do well in (doing)
have a big fight 大吵一架 have an argument 抄别人的作业 copy others’ homework 忘记去做某事 forget to do sth. 养成坏习惯 start a bad habit not…anymore 不再 成绩单 report card 克服 get over 身体健康 be well be healthy be in good health
“Young Lives” this week
对连续剧“年轻的生命”中的剧中人而 言,这是令人激动的一周。首先,Marcia告 诉Ben,她打算给Lana开个惊喜舞会。而 Lana认为她是去她家学习的。然后Lana告诉 Ben,她对Marcia很生气,她周五不会去她 家的。所以Ben告诉Lana,Marcia打算为她 开个舞会。Lana告诉Ben,她不再生Marcia 的气了,她周五晚上将去Marcia的家。然而, Marcia打电话给每个人,告诉他们她不准备 开舞会了。
1.小吃 2.再;还 3.曾经 4.努力工作的 5.信封 6.不安的 7.真实的 8.自己的 10. 11. 12. 9.学期 10.幸运的 11.疯狂的 12.复制 13. 14. 15. 13.最坏的 14.令人失望的 15.幸运地 16. 17.她的(名词性物主代词)18. 16.爷爷 17.她的(名词性物主代词)18.假定
1.传递 2.被期望 3.首先 4.在…方面做得更好 5.成绩单 6.身体健康 7.间接引语 8.克服 9.直接引语
end-of-year exam
get nervous
做…很惊讶 很惊讶
be surprised to do sth.
be lucky
relatives and friends
学…很吃力 很吃力
have a difficult/hard time with …
this semester/ term
as a volunteer
China’s rural areas
above sea level
experience different things
without borders

  1.开一个惊喜的聚会:have a surprise party 开一个惊喜的聚会
  2.首先 首先:
  2.首先: first of all
  3.对...非常恼怒 be mad at 非常恼怒:
  3.对...非常恼怒: 身体健康: be in good health
  4. 身体健康:
  5.勤勉的妇女 hard-working woman 勤勉的妇女:
  5.勤勉的妇女: 擅长听读: be good at listening
  6. 擅长听读: and reading
  7.观看一幕肥皂剧 watch a soap opera 观看一幕肥皂剧:
  8.一块肥皂 一块肥皂: a cake of soap
  9.年终考试 end- of- year exam 年终考试:
  10.成绩报告单 成绩报告单: report card
  11.变得紧张 变得紧张: get/feel nervous
  12.直接引语 direct speech 直接引语:

  14.间接引语: reported speech
  14.间接引语: 间接引语
  15.传递 传递:
  15.传递: pass on
  16.在某方面做得更好 do better in 在某方面做得更好:
  17.身体健康 be in good health 身体健康:
  18.变疯 变疯: get mad
  19.打开 open up 打开:
  20.克服 恢复: over
  21.照顾 克服; 照顾/ care for
  21.照顾/料: get
  22.我的家乡 my hometown 我的家乡:
  23.对影响 对影响: be an influence in
  23.对影响: 空气稀薄
  24.海平面 sea level 海平面:
  25.thin air:
  26.不再 not anymore
  26.不再 : 联合国儿童基金
  27.UNICEF United Nations International Children’s Fund = 世界野生动物基金
  28.WWF = World Wildlife Fund
Grammar focus Direct speech Reported speech
?I am mad at Marcia.
?She said she was mad at Marcia.
I am having a party for Lana.
She said she was having a party for Lana.
I go to the beach every Saturday.
He said he went to the beach every Saturday.
I will call you tomorrow
He told me he would call me tomorrow./the next day. ?She said she could speak ?three languages.
I can speak three languages.

  1.”I’m going home now.”she said. She said she was going home then.
  2. “I will call you tomorrow morning.”Alice said to Tom. Alice Tom told she would call him.
  3. “We are having a surprise party for Linda now.”
they were having a …for …then. Marcia said

  4. “You can do better.”His father said to him.
told he could do better. His father him

  5. “I should try my best next time.” Jack thought. Jack thought he should try his best the next time.
  6. “We’re not going to have lessons this afternoon.”
they were not going The boy said to his father to →told have lessons that afternoon.
  1.The building is very high.(改为感叹句 改为感叹句) 改为感叹句 the building is! How high
  2.I was doing my homework. My father came back from work.(合并为一句 合并为一句) 合并为一句 I was doing my homework my father when came back home. I was doing my homework , my While father came back home.
  3.I was sleeping when he called me.(划线提问 划线提问) 划线提问 doing What were you when he called you?
  4.He finished his homework last night.(同上) (同上) What did do he last night?

  5.They swam in the river.( at this time yesterday) They in the river at this were swimming time yesterday.
  6.When my mother came in, I was watching TV. I TV,my mother came in. While was watching
  7.The boy was reading a novel when the UFO landed. What was the boy doing when the UFO ….
  8.My mother was cooking when I got home yesterday afternoon.(改为一般疑问句 ) 改为一般疑问句 Was cooking your mother when you got … ? Yes she was , .
时 间 状 now this
then that that day the next day the day before that afternoon
语 → today 及 其 tomorrow 它 yesterday this afternoon


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